Thursday, 9 October 2008


spark up! shock surge from downunder exposed for inspection!

what a stunner!


spark up! scored record bloghits this week! an absolutely cataclysmic clock-up!

and it's only wednesday!

despite the cruel injustice of a virtually opaque blog-blockade (administered by faceless authorities)

spark up!

with a phenomenal 9000% increase in individual page-visits

(as compared against all previous weeks put together!)

beat the odds and emerged proud!

and with head held high!

suck on that guido!!!


prickfast at stuffany's said...

permission to siphon your spunktank spark up?

spark up said...

oh if you must stuffany

an pisstorian said...

A word to the wise, spark up...

but I'd check that "prickfast" is not in fact a nom-de-spume for a gentleman in a funny hat who tops the bill at the annual festival of sleight celebrated throughout the British Isles on or around 5/11...

if I were you

spark up said...

good point pisstorian

it might not go down too well

nor go off at all

come to think of it

prickfest at stiffany's said...

oh bugger

i've blown it again