Wednesday, 10 December 2014

write to rant

tonight, spark up! is offering the write to rant to renowned, revered and racially retarded thespian, dame janita jaykloff:

right, it seems i've been maliciously misquoted and i'd like to clear-up this bloody awful mess without any further ado - so here is my final statement on the matter:
  • i am not, i repeat not, attempting to whitewash black history
  • wanky white bourgeois liberal theatre which totally fails to register fuck-all interest in the wider afro-caribbean community is not, apparently, a part of black culture
  • never-fuckin-ending white guilt is not a part of black culture
  • white racism is not a part of black culture (i don't think)
  • racism is a white invention - so there
is everybody happy now? good, i'm orff to drown my sorrows in a bucket of pink champagne with bob belldoff at a hideously white notting-hill wine-bar.  now, piss-orff the lorrt of you.

thank you for your intellectually considered contribution, dame janita.