Wednesday, 31 July 2013

barack bumps god

in assuming the divine might to kill whomsoever he chooses, to imprison whomsoever he chooses, and to stick his slimy snoop-a-holic nsa nose wherever he so chooses (when it's not browsing up the backside of neo-colonialist corporate america, that is), president barack obama has outscored the long line of powder-parasites who preceded him into the white house and risen on high, elevated in his own shimmering shaft of supreme slam-dunking arrogance, to supersede the most exalted administrative office of the great lord almighty himself.

through the power invested in him by his multi-national host of death-angels, military-intelligence minions, and their battalions of rogue-raiding private-investigators, who snuffle and root their way around the most intimate areas of our lives as they sow their sly seeds of wall-to-wall digital surveillance, this dubiously elected morality-monitor, perched atop the vicious x-factor tree of elite-ethics-evasion, can hear everything, and see everything, that we say, and that we do - he is everywhere, and by virtue of the progressively encroaching micro-technology which he plans to have implanted up every last one of our assholes in some mad mass celebration of holey communication, the great invader will doubtless also soon be in all of us... it now just remains to watch, wait, and wonder, in awestruck absolution, as our great american overlord augustly allows his only conscious son, sergeant bradley manning, a british auxiliary grounded in basic human principles, to be coolly crucified...

...of course, it could have been obama up there before the grand military judge at the fort meade show-trial in maryland, but it appears he bit off more from the big juicy apple of temptation than he cared to spit out again.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

how zimmerman got off

last year, in criticism of civil rights' abuses such as those to which barack obama is a nonchalantly unforced signatory, i posted, on another blog, a comment which fell just shy of describing trayvon martin's murder as an act of casual racism - but now the trial is finished and the available facts disclosed, i would like to state unequivocally that allegations of racism against george zimmerman are substantially irrelevant and must not cloud the way in which we view the actions of this acquitted, yet far from equitable, neighbourhood watchman.

throughout the whole trial, not one racist piece of papier-mâché putty has stuck to wannabe-policeman zimmerman, and none probably ever will, because the man was simply a dangerous busy-bully, with violent form, who psychopathically profiled all those of whom he did not like the look - namely, a group of unspecified individuals contained within a huge and multi-cultural subset in the seething seas of his subconscious; there was no clear intellectual rationale governing zimmerman's thought-processes as he stalked down and shot an unarmed teenager who boasted nothing more to his name than a couple of schoolboy misdemeanours - the hunter just needed a 'kill' to assuage the pangs pulsing from the achingly empty emotional pit deep within his soul.  the murder wasn't pre-meditated, nor in the end perhaps, particularly casual, but at the clinch, retaliation, whether physical or purely emotional, just could not be tolerated by the person whom the authorities had chosen (and deemed fit) to do the dirty work of the law.

all agents of the state have an unwritten licence to kill innocent members of the public, and this recent judgment in the criminal courts of florida savagely reinforces that politically and morally arrogant presumption.

why should we be surprised that members of the local police department made every effort to avoid arresting the killer, their own informer?

why should we be surprised that the state prosecution team spiked their own case by pursuing the impossible-to-prove claim of racial-profiling which was guaranteed to slam the majority white jury into a prejudicially defensive mode?

why should we be surprised that the state prosecution team patently failed in their duty to present the events leading up to the murder in a diligently researched manner such that the jury would be left with no room for ambiguous interpretation?

why should we be surprised that, to make its case, the state prosecution team relied heavily on a legally shaky, although feisty, young african-american witness whom it surely knew the defence lawyers would eventually reveal to have lied under oath, and whom under any circumstances the racially-biased jurors would inevitably have determined to be unreliable?

yes, the individuals leading the police investigation and directing the florida state attorney's legal process clearly were racially-prejudiced and guilty of finessing an unsuccessful prosecution.

yes, the zimmerman case does bear remarkable similarities to the unforgivably flawed judicial and police action mounted against stephen lawrence's killers.

my personal conclusion: let zimmerman go free within the confines of his own conscience, and force all state officials connected with this sophisticated and widespread whitewash to stand trial for the wilful abuse of the civil rights of a deceased crime victim and his family.

will barack obama support such a course of lawful remedy?  unlikely, the president allows his armed servants to kill and maim innocent men, women and children across the globe with absolute state-sanctioned impunity - why should mr obama wish to undermine the so-called 'authority' of his own military?

in truth, the president of political persecution's son would not look like drayvon martin, but like the common murderer who walked into liberty from the dock of the court.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

gove bans 'gay': spark up! playground poll special

in the wake of uk education secretary mr marigold glove's decision to ban the use of the word 'gay' in school-yards (where it can apparently have many mildly ironic meanings ranging from 'not full-on' to 'flaky', 'flouncy', 'naff', 'half-arsed', 'not-normal', 'effected', 'a flop' or whatever), spark up! has sampled a snapshot of british school-kids' opinions on this polarizing issue...

...when questioned as to what they thought of glove's latest diktat, students living in multi-cultural inner-london areas said they thought the policy was:

"a bit gay really"

...when the group was then asked how they viewed politicians in general, the same socially-conscious babes of political correctness reckoned that conservative government ministers were:

"all fucking gay, init?"

...when invited to spell the word 'gay', the pupils' unanimous answer was:

"don't fucking know, don't fucking care"

...although one clever-dick did have an alternative four-lettered spelling which seemed to prove quite popular judging by the covertly compulsive chuckling of his co-scholars...

encouraged by the success of his delexiconizing mission to wash-out children's gobs with establishmentally-friendly soap, mr glove is now planning to proscribe the word 'sick' in its sense as 'ace', the word 'bad' where it is used to mean 'wicked', and the word 'black' is to be expunged from the english dictionary altogether due to historically derogatory and corrupted connotations cultivated by snobby racist cunts like the secretary of state himself....

.... and finally, squirting the dainty pink icing-deco on the wedding-cake of his party's progressive education initiative, mr marigold glove has declared his preference for a commitment to cultural inclusivity and is providing political proof of this by pushing for the immediate release of funds directed towards the promotion and inception of spanking new 'gay academies'.