Thursday, 7 January 2010

operation pussy's paw now the americans are threatening to invade any country seen to have played a walk-on role in the christmas day fireworks accident...any excuse goes now, it a white woman a look a little longer than the laws of lewdness allow will soon constitute grounds for justifiable genocide...under international law, naturally...better safe than sorry, hey mr president?

umar farouk abdulmutallab is a nigerian citizen, but given that the republic of nigeria is regarded by americans as no more than a crude black oil-oozing hole, it is unlikely that the other 150 million citizens of the commercial centre of non-aparteid africa will suffer the fate of, say, afghanistan or iraq...because a war would only disturb the old-time western petrol-thieves who are already in place, siphoning off the nation's assets with the all-expenses-paid approval of yar'adua's political elite...and anyway, the nigerian peoples have previously been colonized by the british, and therefore wouldn't take too kindly to being interfered-with, again.

well what about yemen? well what about it? well, those guys are fucked, i'm afraid. mr abdulmutallab visited the sole republic of the arabian peninsula (believed to be the historic exit-route taken by homo sapiens when flying the nest of africa in the quest for world colonization) and was allegedly 'encouraged' in his quest to blow his bollocks off with a roman candle...but in all probability it was due to the fact that:-

on orders from President Barack Obama, US warplanes fired cruise missiles at what officials in Washington claimed were Al Qaeda training camps in the provinces of Sana’a and Abyan on December 17, 2009. Other reports suggest that the airstrikes were carried out by Yemeni Mig-29 aircraft, probably helped by US intelligence, or that cruise missiles were launched from warships offshore. Officials in Yemen said that the attacks claimed the lives of more than 60 civilians, 28 of them children. Another airstrike was carried out on December 24.

from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 7th january 2010.

i daresay, umar farouk abdulmutallab was treated most hospitably by his friends in yemen, and, shunned by the americanized-society into which he was born, felt irretrievably provoked when american missiles gate-crashed those same dear friends' family homesteads. perhaps mr abdulmutallab was also flying high on qat when he sought to make his grand exit.

...and finally we come to the united kingdom of great britain & northern ireland - where, in the capital city of london, mr abdulmutallab is believed to have been recruited by the mythical al qaeda (less an actual organisation, more a label slapped by americans on any group or individual opposed to the western hegemony). indeed, many members of the united states' administration are currently expressing deep concerns over the islamo-fertility of british soil - yet the islamic fundamentalism which flourishes here is mainly due to the fact that, in keeping with obaman theology, we religiously shit on muslims and the communities in which they put down their roots.

one would expect, then, american marines to begin parachuting into hyde park at any moment? but they won't, of course - for the united states of america has been gradually taking executive-control of our green and gullible land for many years, and it's all over now, bar aretha franklin singing the star-spangled banner at the state opening of parliament.


how did i formulate this brash theory? here are some of my personal experiences - feel free to join the dots:

a few years back, after i had started to publish work on the internet, i was approached by a schoolmistress who, it transpires, had personal and political affiliations with david lammy, member of parliament for tottenham & minister of state for higher education & intellectual property. this woman enjoyed engaging me in political discussion, primarily on the subject of education and she later turned out to be an avid obama campaigner. after a couple of months our paths parted and we never met again.

from around the time i met the schoolteacher, my mobile telephone was bugged - with the result that my movements were tracked and all my conversations, both on and off the phone, were subject to surveillance. in addition, computers which i was in the habit of using were also hacked into.

also during this period, i telephoned an ex-colleague, who is a civil servant and who has links with tottenham - we had not met for many years, but she was able to quote excerpts from pieces which i had written on a blog. she gave no explanation for doing this.

i was next befriended by several different women, all of whom i am now certain to have been involved in this snooping and aware of exactly what i was writing on-line. one of these 'agents', a british nigerian, hinted that she wanted me to comment on the guido fawkes website - she must have been closely associated with jocelyn jee esien, since an idea of mine, which i sent to her in a text message, appeared in the second series of little miss jocelyn. jocelyn jee esien is a celebrity known to back president barack obama.

another woman, who had strong links stateside, was aware of my intimate behaviour patterns, my blogging and appeared to have relationships with obama campaigners on both sides of the atlantic.

paul staines (owner of the guido fawkes website) has well-documented connections to the central intelligence agency in the united states and was a keen supporter of the war in gaza, january 2009.

david lammy married into the british establishment (his portrait-artist wife, nicola green, daughter of professor malcolm green, former head of the national heart and lung institute, has had work commissioned by such illustrious names as hannah rothschild), he was educated at harvard university, is president obama's no.1 man in the united kingdom and is a fully signed-up member of the 'war on terror' - the chances of him not having cia connections are extremely small.

the people named above, or their close personal friends, have all had the opportunity to contact influential members of the conservative party via the guido fawkes website - those whom i have met have tried to inform my political opinions and distract me from writing on the internet. i have also received anonymous emails which aimed to communicate approval, or disapproval, of my actions.

the guido fawkes website and messagespace (a blog-advertizing agency with which paul staines is affiliated) are owned by the same shady offshore company, global and general nominees.

my conclusion: the cia have been covertly involved in british political blogging, and therefore in a position to manipulate british political thinking and policy, for some years.