Wednesday, 21 January 2009

his special day

and as black people devoted themselves to the temporary television screens rigged up in work-places around britain, the white colleagues felt conspicuously left out of the ritual - unless they could shore up some sheer facade of hopeful racial-suffering. and in primary schools, children, black and white alike, flew dreams of the day they would ascend to the most powerful chiefdom on earth - until skilfully shut down by the exclusion of non-miscegenation, by the realization that mr obama was no model of them, nor for them, nor even correctly coloured-in. whilst the half-mast children just glimpsed the similarity, but not the significance of growing into the man they took for granted - and just didn't get the deal. and nor would they, for a few years - maybe never, if this slim symbol slew the monster of experience which "miss" classified without ever having had the opportunity to examine face-to-face. these special kids had never known a different president and didn't know the different times he'd had to pass. this was the one silly thing their parents could not hope to teach them - but their education would. unlike their friends, they had a big lesson ahead. only the chinese really got it.

Friday, 16 January 2009

fantasist fawkes in furore over furry ferret fetish fixation

sticks and stones may break my bones, but hamsters...?

well. i've had many things thrown at me in my time time but never a cute little furball. still, there's always a first time. someone has recently been characterized as afore-mentioned rodent on the guido site, and subsequently, and somewhat obsessively, had the misfortune to be stuffed up another (dissenting) commentator's arse. now call me vain, but i believe fawkes or one of his prawns was referring to my good self...

so what, you may ask, is all this about?

it's about incandescently animose feelings aroused in the blog's right-minded readership over paul staines' flippant support of the israeli massacre of palestinians in gaza. in a fit of juvenile pique at old-socialist support for the anti-murder movement, he encouraged his fans to pay for moral-boosting kosher pizza to be delivered to IDF soldiers - although the infamous post could more accurately be described as a pressure-valve-excuse to vent his pre-existing islamophobic views. you see, the argument had been building up in the comments' section for a few days - with the yellow emperor brilliantly debunking anonymous and kicking the latter's snide sick-ass up-and-down every page of the site. since staines 'came out' he has posted more pro-death views and has continued to be knocked sensible (one might foolishly hope) by dalai lama ding dong - presumably the selfsame outraged outrider.

ah, but bloggers like to play games, wind people up, and provoke debate, don't they? yes, and the guido fawkes blog has proved itself a master of the art...with generally a high level of freetalk tolerated. it is also a satirically slanted page. so what's the problem? the problem is that this post was not spiced with deep-pan irony, but churlish reactionism which revealed paul staines' contempt for both arab and jewish humanity alike - after all, he only sided with one party because of his dislike for the other, apparently...although i noticed, in comments which he duly deleted, that accusations of opportunism, BNP sympathies, smothering of d-notices, and paid-for pro-zionism all bubbled to the surface during the intellectually imbalanced bout. there is also an element of hypocrisy involved here too - because, from personal experience, i know that extremely dry, cutting criticism, which pertains to subjects such as racism and establishment authorized exploitation of immigrants, is routinely and summarily excized from the record.

often comically portrayed as bit of a chump, could staines be altruistically setting up abhorrently decorative skittles for his superbly analytical commentator to scatter asunder in a moral bowling alley becrowded by gasping spectators? no, not from where i stand - that would entail the admission of his darkest that his visitors are more interested in the commentators' contributions than his own. this is totally true - he appears to have attracted one phenomenally intellectual writer to the site, whose depth of political, philosophical, psychycological and economical understanding is simply astonishing and, more importantly, rooted in a rigorous yet down-to-earth morality. why else do you think the blog is consumed by politicos of the highest rank? this man or woman seems to spatter words onto the screen with a brashly satirical virtuosity and prokofievan prolificism. probably the best blogger in the world. not i, i might add. is this all an imagination on my part? no - anyone who reads guido fawkes regularly would recognize the person of whom i speak. this integrally purposeful performer must hold down many thousands of readers a day - accounting for paul staines' marvellous viewing statistics. i assume that poetic and comedic cameo appearances from people like myself push the hits up even further.

staines is a cynical mercantilist who thinks nothing of profiting from the current bloody conflict by coldly and humourlessly backing the aggressor - the irony being that his inability to repress his own extremist feelings will ultimately cause the bread-and-butter of his freeloving-fanbase to desert him. hats off to his idealogical disintegrity. or perhaps, like both established parties, he's sniffed the financial wind and is looking to pick up the race-hate vote? short-termist. fuck, i'm just the prick who requested payment for posting satoiletry amongst the comments. in the light of events, thank god he ignored my proposal with the contempt with which he treats everyone else. please appreciate that i have never gone in for guido-bashing, mainly due to the fact that i was unaware of the true nastiness of his anonymously excremented opinions. a thank you here to tim ireland and others who have fastidiously documented staines' hypocrisy and his zealous crusade to impose liberty on us all. i do not agree with tim ireland's politics nor his antipathy towards the (almost) 'anything goes' rough 'n tumble of the guido fawkes' bar-room-brawl (i have rather enjoyed it), but appreciate that tim is is a decent, sincere and level-headed bloke. unfortunately, the landlord at the guido & fawkes is a stasi-snitch and his blog an ink blob which his blotting-paper will have great difficulty in absorbing.