Monday, 10 October 2016

the art of democratic darkness

apple-cart tips now

roll up, roll up
for the gruesome grumble
in the morally deregulated jingo-jungle,
where blacked-out ewes in the news-boom's thrall
will flock to watch their white chiefs brawl.

the wethers will sway 'n chew the odd
but the wives will give that final nod.
oh she ain't no quaker an' she ain't no shaker:
clinton gonna send ya alls ta meet yo maker.

oh yeah, welcome to the greatest horror-show on greed's ghoulish earth, in which the obedient black american bourgeoisie will soon line up smoothly to sanction their own seamless enslavement, they - for the brief fifteen minutes it will take to parade pathetically to the polling-station, and defiantly design an 'educated' and 'informed' 'x' beside the titchy tyrannous title of their own precious pristine slave-mistress - proud power-drunk african kings and queens, psychopathically akin to those commercial-opportunists-in-chief, who - not-so-very-far-back, spiritually-speaking - summarily consigned the abject abductee ancestors of these officially discoloured voter-citizens to a long, slow, unafrican death-by-stewing, in a socially-anti-septic, cold-culture - soul-free - sauce.

well, if the living-dead black-democrats don't, i reckon the ape-shit ancestors are gonna rise up and revolt - that's for sure - especially when they clock how mad-hungry the african-american middle-classes are for their supersized-fat-slice of the death-rich blood-mineral gâteau, which sweet, shy, home-loving hillary just loves to bake at weekends, in the big ole clinton-foundation-oven, from traditional home-grown american ingredients - but mainly the monstrous ill-gotten profits of cia-co-ordinated congolese genocide.

fuck me, are the ancestors gonna be pissed, when they see their dozy emancipated descendants hand hillary the electoral ammunition to strap on a kong-sized cruise-missile and go rape mama-africa right-up-the-arse.

as if we hadn't all had enough of hearing about dear davy campervan's own fearless safari-trip up the tax-haven-infested thames into the heart of moral unaccountability, without a paddle...

as if we weren't all fucking sick to the fucking back-teeth of funding dave in-camera or his alter ego dave incompetent's own fucking socio-pathic haven from reality, and watching the clueless cunt get completely lost in the space between his own dumb-fucking-ear-'oles..., we're really fucking in trouble, we've got as a presence in the white house the neo-con nightmare on wall street, and she's coming straight to a screen bang-slap in your living-room, as per the perennial political poltergeist, every fucking day, and every fucking supper-time, perma-smiling like some surgically enhanced halloween pumpkin, for the next eight years, or until her crack-pot medical team runs outta state-of-the-art personality embalming psychiatric pharmaceuticals, and her chemically induced two-dimensional, two-faced artificial character implodes emotionally, then crashes irretrievably down a terminal black-identity-hole, without any possibility of re-boot.

as if bernard cia-sell-out-slag-supreme sanders weren't the god-damned communal cess-pits, a european socialist in washington, who betrayed his ardent young supporters and then, having considered his naff personal position, together with his numpty 'non-negotiable' principles, thought perhaps he'd back a psychotic serial war-criminal after all, and, for the sake of corrupt consistency, also back immoral neo-conservative military intervention in syria, why not...?

...and as if the patsy presidential candidate, donald trump, weren't bad enough, the alien, turned natural-born alienator, with the outta-this-world-hair-do, who slipped through a time-warp from a former era, because some thick twat on the boozy bridge of star-ship enterprise entered the wrong social values into the galactic teleporter when he was dematerialized...

...ooh-la-lordy, now, we're gonna get africa's number-one natural born predator, hillary rodham clinton, accompanied by a secret-op white-washington-wipout of any untoward squeaks about her own massacre-punctuated journey into the art of democratic darkness, up the congo, alongside holocaust-enabling hubby-from hell, waster and womanizer, willy-helmut the turd, who, in 1996, by deviously initiating a cia-orchestrated rwandan-backed coup against zaire's president mobutu - the ultra-kleptocratic dictator and disillusioned, disfavoured former cia-agent - slapped upon african tribes-people the biggest bloody bill known to that obsessively exploited continent since the apocalyptic atlantic slave-trade: nearly 6 million lives wasted as a result of ongoing conflict - according to obsolete nine-year-old, ultra-conservative, cia-massaged estimates by david miliband's international rescue committee - with the death-meater still ticking...

...just one of those 'political miscalculations', one might perhaps hypothesize?

no - not when the consequences of that cynical political calculation by the clinton administration to support the 1996-97 rwandan invasion of zaire - now the democratic republic of congo - ultimately channelled untold wealth into the pockets of clinton business-friends such as swedish oil and mining magnates, the lundin family - owners of lundin mining and the lundin group - which in 2007 pledged $100 million dollars to the clinton foundation, despite reports that in 1997 - directly after the pentagon-trained insurgency's military ousting of incumbent president mobutu in the first congo war - lundin mining had made a huge down-payment of $50 million to the leader of the rwandan-backed rebels, laurent-désiré kabila, in order to cut an eventual $250 million deal for future congolese mining rights; the first congo war acted as an ignition conflict which not only cost the lives of thousands of rwandan hutu refugees, but became the cruel catalyst for the cataclysmic second congo war, and further persistent regional conflicts, where so many millions of congolese civilians have been mercilessly murdered in the name of obscene western mineral wealth.

for carin' sharin' whiter-than-white democrats, it's most commodious, of course, that finalization of the swedish public prosecutor's investigation into lundin petroleum's complicity in the commission of war-crimes and crimes against humanity, between the years of 1997 and 2003, in block 5a oil concession in south sudan, will be delayed until after hillary clinton's expected inauguration in january 2017... see, apparently, a dutch ngo - the european coalition on oil in sudan - has definitively reported that lundin petroleum contributed material which was used in the local war fought for control of the area, and also co-operated with the military forces responsible for many of the crimes committed against humanity...

...and oh what a lovely coincidence it is that congo mine-owner and clinton buddy jean-raymond boulle is also suspected, pre-régime-change, of dropping links with former zairean president mobutu, and instead switching his pandering political allegiances to incoming congo-dictator, laurent-désiré kabila, upon whom he duly proceeded to lavish his financial attentions...

...similarly suspected of negotiating pre-régime-change deals with coup-leader, laurent-désiré kabila, is former head of american mineral fields - now adastra minerals - mr mike mcmurrough, a native of bill clinton's home town of hope, arkansas.

so to summarize the shameful historical time-line:-

  • next clinton backed the rwandan invasion of zaire, now called the democratic republic of congo - again via the assistance of uganda - he followed up by facilitating the removal of out-of-favour mobutu, and then finally this avaricious arsehole of an american president supported the creation of the new democratic republic of congo under laurent-désiré kabila, a congolese-born rwandan-puppet-dictator, who was, soon thereafter, promptly assassinated, and conveniently replaced by a fully rwandan-born joseph kabila - a man still masquerading today as an indigenous congolese president, and claiming to be the former head-of-state's son.
  • after the coup against mobutu in 1997, the consequent instability in congo allowed the armies of uganda, rwanda, and zimbabwe, under cover of the smoke-screen of the second congo war, to rip out congolese mineral resources, illegally, on a mega-industrial scale.
  • meanwhile, american and european mining companies, including several owned by friends of the clintons, were able reap immense profits, especially from deposits in the rwandan controlled areas of eastern congo.
  • meanwhile, millions of congolese have been expediently eradicated in the cause of neo-colonial mercantilism, or have died in penury from severe war-related malnutrition and disease.

is this what the buck-buffered black-american middle-classes truly, truly want in terms of a 'progressive' foreign policy?

do they actually want their conquistador-in-chief to hand out arms and ammo to her pet cia-trained psychos in the mother-continent, like kool-aid cluster-candy?

do they actually want to kick back in front of their glistening, glowing legal-cultural-destruction-screen or their oh-let-everyone-die-screen to enjoy the 'afro-combat-special' pay-per-view gladiatorial spectacle of one desperate african brother dementedly fighting another, to the commercially-acceptable death, over the equal opportunity to earn a rotten bug-infested crust fallen fortuitously from the high ethical table of american trade-protectionism?

is this what the black bought-off-classes of america deem to be a 'civilized' manner in which to do business, and a 'progression' from slave-trade-days, when politically favoured tribes were supplied - by efficiency-driven european merchants - with fire-arms, in order to enable bounty-hunters to maximize their gross human-catch at the expense of other unfortunate, unweaponized tribes?

has neo-liberalism so shaken off existing social, ethnic and spiritual shackles, amongst african-american democrats, that it is now perfectly culturally permissible for american-blacks to prey on african-blacks in pursuit of the sacred bottom-line on the account-sheet?

you know, what's certain is that donald "broad-talk" trump has been deliberately set up to fail by the cia-controlled washington establishment.

the fight is fixed folks...

donald's a sublimely choreographed fall-guy...

...and the hysterical tide of anti-trump vitriol is just one giant cia-psycho-propaganda-operation.

oh god knows, trump could be manipulated by the united states military industrial complex, and be taken hostage by corporate genocidal greed, just as easily as any presidential predecessor, for he's already signalled a distinct willingness to give the iron-american-horse its head, to pursue the immoral, self-defeating, terror-inciting 'war on terror', and - by grabbing islamist-controlled oil-wells in syria, for example - to intervene militarily overseas, where no intervention could ever be judged right or conscionable...

...and god knows, trump's inane acquiescence in washington's militaristic ambition, overseas, is totally wrong, since, in order to give peace a chance, all foreign powers must now quit the middle-eastern plunder-plot immediately, particularly america, britain, france and russia, whose conflated russo-western interference has so immeasurably aggravated the syrian civil-war, and the wider middle-eastern conflict...

...however, all this said, heaven-forbid we permit serial war-criminal hillary clinton to stick her evil oar back into the chaotic militant mix - thus bringing the curse of a far more extensive disaster down upon the middle-east, europe, and ultimately the whole world.

after all, the fundamental cause of the syrian civil-war - a cause disingenuously ignored by our entire cia-managed main-stream western media - is the purposeful creation, by rapacious neo-colonial western powers, of an ideologically extremist islamic-state insurgency, which, for purely strategic and economic reasons has, under obama and clinton's personal direction, been dangerously armed, with the sole and malicious intent of illegally overthrowing russia's regional ally, president assad - head of a repressive syrian administration, for so long wrongly propped up and encouraged by russian military aid.

in simple terms, hillary clinton's hatred of russians, and her mania for total-power, induced her, whilst president obama's secretary of state, to manufacture a bitter civil-war, in a country where she had no rightful business, without the slightest concern, or sympathy, for those millions of syrians whose lives she has so self-evidently, selfishly destroyed.

the sheer insane vanity of president obama and hillary clinton in fabricating an islamic state, which shamed and smeared all islam, solely in order to undermine a russian proxy-state - whose authorization had, irksomely, not been granted for the trans-national construction of a gas-pipeline from america's ally, qatar - is utterly bewildering...

...yet let's not be too shocked, for clinton and obama rolled out exactly the same sulky scam in libya, where the cia armed islamists to topple an uncooperative gaddafi, left his country in turmoil, and then shipped the same violent islamists, together with their black-market military hardware, over to syria, in order to continue this illicit liberal leitmotiv of complete neo-conservative carnage.

tragically, the united states ambassador to libya, john christopher stevens, rumbled hillary clinton's criminally subversive machinations, and had to be assassinated by his own american government - but then, i suppose, such terrific tribulations are all-in-a-day's-work for a committed diplomat in the sworn service of the white house's satan department.

americans are now left with a choice between, on one malevolent hand, an aggressive clinton administration, which would escalate the arming of islamists against the syrian government, with a brutal, suicidal appetite for ramping up hostilities unto full-scale war against russia...

...and, on the other ignorant hand, a defensive trump administration, which would, with blind, religious hatred, support russia in its obsessively islamophobic goal of defeating hillary clinton's very own chimaeric creation, the islamic state.

obviously, european citizens will never support an american vanity-war against russia - the country which decisively and effectively won the second world-war - whilst american citizens, too, would sleep much more peacefully in their beds at night, assured in the knowledge that the washington establishment were not secretly planning to whip up, with its nato-allies, what could only prove to be, a catastrophic war against the kremlin.

to summarize, the crazily sickening situation, which we currently observe in syria, ostensibly unfolds thus:

pres o:  err...since we've entered a new phase of bi-lateral co-operation, reciprocation 'n mutual assistance an' all know those rather keen guys that hillary trained up an' armed to-the-teeth...err...well, basically, i spose, to rip-off your guy's government 'n push him politely an' humanly possible, of course...outta office...? you know obviously that things kinda got a bit outta hand and these folks somehow sorta started to err...kinda take over the whole god-damned world...?

pres p:  err, yes...

pres o:  well you wouldn't mind awfully sorta somehow bombing the bloody fuck out of our rather over-keen fellers, would you vlad, me old chap...? if it's not too much trouble or anything, buddy...?

pres p:  not at all bazza, old boy - anything i can do to help, an all that...hey, err...hang on a the spirit of the new phase of bi-lateral co-operation, reciprocation 'n mutual assistance an' all know those ole oil-fields wot your guys nicked off my guy and are now sorta somehow funding international terrorism an all that kinda silly stuff...well, wouldn't mind awfully sorta somehow bombing the bloody fuck out of the bastard things, would you bazza old chap...? that's if it's not too much trouble or anything, obviously eh...comrade?

pres o:  oh no not at all vlad, not at all...and err...obviously, if there's anything else i can do to err...assist, know you've jus' gotta err...ask...partner...

frankly, if there's one shining characteristic i admire in our great world-leaders, it's just their unequivocal commitment not to interfere in the global fucking free-market...

yep, well the moral of this whole story is clearly: black lives matter...

and brown ones too...

but only in america...

and only if they're middle-class and paying plenty of taxes...

and gonna vote for president hillary clinton...

yeah, those black lives matter...

at least right up until they leave the polling booth, and old ma clinton's safely installed in the white house...

from which time they'll be gunned down by cops in the street just like any other unarmed black guy...

simply because they're...


no, poor black lives don't matter...

black lives rotting in jail don't matter...

black muslim lives don't matter...

black african lives don't matter...

and black lives in congo sure as hell don't fucking matter...

unless they command more power and riches than does hillary rodham clinton.

however, if, on the contrary, you actually insist that 'black lives matter', then before supporting or voting for holocaust hillary, please take time to study the clintons' comprehensive historical charge-sheet.

when hillary rodham clinton was asked whether "black lives matter?" she gave those young african-american activists an arrogant and patronizing lecture.

when, in 2009, at kinshasa university, hillary rodham clinton was questioned as to her husband's view on matters relating to the congolese mining industry, she gave those young congolese students an arrogant and patronizing lecture.

will hillary ever apologize for her husband's war-crimes in congo and rwanda?

will she apologize for her personal war-crimes in libya, syria, somalia and afghanistan...?

or is her own art of democratic darkness just too hard for her to look into?

i mean, to win the presidential election, all trump need ask hillary clinton is:

"why did you deliberately arm al qaeda in libya...?"

or: "why did you deliberately create and arm the islamic state in syria...?"

or: "after burying those congolese millions, however did you wash your hands - indelibly stained, as they surely were, with the blood of those murdered during your husband's historic crime-spree against humanity...?"

for, in a so-called civilized western society, the induction into government's highest office of a notorious serial war-criminal, must, by definition, irredeemably violate every cherished principle of democracy - especially when that notorious war-criminal is nonchalantly escorted by her holocaust-happy accessory-husband.

in the final analysis, at least we know where we stand with donald trump - the true and ugly face of the united states of america...

he may be a pig in a poke, but at least he doesn't deny that he's a playboy-pig who lives in the all-american puritanical pig-sty...

hillary clinton, however, is a demon-dissimulator - ready to deceive and to destroy.

she is the absolute arse-end of democracy...

who as elected president of america, can only constitute the dead dog-end of democracy, spitefully stubbed out on the coy unconciliated corpses churned from the constant commercial disassembly-line by klondike clinton's covertly co-ordinated coltan-rich congo chop-shop...

and presently being smoked, sardonically, by donald john trump, like one of her haggard old house-husband's havana cigars.

the horror

the horror

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