Monday, 10 October 2016

the art of democratic darkness

apple-cart tips now

roll up, roll up
for the gruesome grumble
in the morally deregulated jingo-jungle,
where blacked-out ewes in the news-boom's thrall
will flock to watch their white chiefs brawl.

the wethers will sway 'n chew the odd
but the wives will give that final nod.
oh she ain't no quaker an' she ain't no shaker:
clinton gonna send ya alls ta meet yo maker.

oh yeah, welcome to the greatest horror-show on greed's ghoulish earth, in which the obedient black american bourgeoisie will soon line up smoothly to sanction their own seamless enslavement, they - for the brief fifteen minutes it will take to parade pathetically to the polling-station, and defiantly design an 'educated' and 'informed' 'x' beside the titchy tyrannous title of their own precious pristine slave-mistress - proud power-drunk african kings and queens, psychopathically akin to those commercial-opportunists-in-chief, who - not-so-very-far-back, spiritually-speaking - summarily consigned the abject abductee ancestors of these officially discoloured voter-citizens to a long, slow, unafrican death-by-stewing, in a socially-anti-septic, cold-culture - soul-free - sauce.

well, if the living-dead black-democrats don't, i reckon the ape-shit ancestors are gonna rise up and revolt - that's for sure - especially when they clock how mad-hungry the african-american middle-classes are for their supersized-fat-slice of the death-rich blood-mineral gâteau, which sweet, shy, home-loving hillary just loves to bake at weekends, in the big ole clinton-foundation-oven, from traditional home-grown american ingredients - but mainly the monstrous ill-gotten profits of cia-co-ordinated congolese genocide.

fuck me, are the ancestors gonna be pissed, when they see their dozy emancipated descendants hand hillary the electoral ammunition to strap on a kong-sized cruise-missile and go rape mama-africa right-up-the-arse.

as if we hadn't all had enough of hearing about dear davy campervan's own fearless safari-trip up the tax-haven-infested thames into the heart of moral unaccountability, without a paddle...

as if we weren't all fucking sick to the fucking back-teeth of funding dave in-camera or his alter ego dave incompetent's own fucking socio-pathic haven from reality, and watching the clueless cunt get completely lost in the space between his own dumb-fucking-ear-'oles..., we're really fucking in trouble, we've got as a presence in the white house the neo-con nightmare on wall street, and she's coming straight to a screen bang-slap in your living-room, as per the perennial political poltergeist, every fucking day, and every fucking supper-time, perma-smiling like some surgically enhanced halloween pumpkin, for the next eight years, or until her crack-pot medical team runs outta state-of-the-art personality embalming psychiatric pharmaceuticals, and her chemically induced two-dimensional, two-faced artificial character implodes emotionally, then crashes irretrievably down a terminal black-identity-hole, without any possibility of re-boot.

as if bernard cia-sell-out-slag-supreme sanders weren't the god-damned communal cess-pits, a european socialist in washington, who betrayed his ardent young supporters and then, having considered his naff personal position, together with his numpty 'non-negotiable' principles, thought perhaps he'd back a psychotic serial war-criminal after all, and, for the sake of corrupt consistency, also back immoral neo-conservative military intervention in syria, why not...?

...and as if the patsy presidential candidate, donald trump, weren't bad enough, the alien, turned natural-born alienator, with the outta-this-world-hair-do, who slipped through a time-warp from a former era, because some thick twat on the boozy bridge of star-ship enterprise entered the wrong social values into the galactic teleporter when he was dematerialized...

...ooh-la-lordy, now, we're gonna get africa's number-one natural born predator, hillary rodham clinton, accompanied by a secret-op white-washington-wipout of any untoward squeaks about her own massacre-punctuated journey into the art of democratic darkness, up the congo, alongside holocaust-enabling hubby-from hell, waster and womanizer, willy-helmut the turd, who, in 1996, by deviously initiating a cia-orchestrated rwandan-backed coup against zaire's president mobutu - the ultra-kleptocratic dictator and disillusioned, disfavoured former cia-agent - slapped upon african tribes-people the biggest bloody bill known to that obsessively exploited continent since the apocalyptic atlantic slave-trade: nearly 6 million lives wasted as a result of ongoing conflict - according to obsolete nine-year-old, ultra-conservative, cia-massaged estimates by david miliband's international rescue committee - with the death-meater still ticking...

...just one of those 'political miscalculations', one might perhaps hypothesize?

no - not when the consequences of that cynical political calculation by the clinton administration to support the 1996-97 rwandan invasion of zaire - now the democratic republic of congo - ultimately channelled untold wealth into the pockets of clinton business-friends such as swedish oil and mining magnates, the lundin family - owners of lundin mining and the lundin group - which in 2007 pledged $100 million dollars to the clinton foundation, despite reports that in 1997 - directly after the pentagon-trained insurgency's military ousting of incumbent president mobutu in the first congo war - lundin mining had made a huge down-payment of $50 million to the leader of the rwandan-backed rebels, laurent-désiré kabila, in order to cut an eventual $250 million deal for future congolese mining rights; the first congo war acted as an ignition conflict which not only cost the lives of thousands of rwandan hutu refugees, but became the cruel catalyst for the cataclysmic second congo war, and further persistent regional conflicts, where so many millions of congolese civilians have been mercilessly murdered in the name of obscene western mineral wealth.

for carin' sharin' whiter-than-white democrats, it's most commodious, of course, that finalization of the swedish public prosecutor's investigation into lundin petroleum's complicity in the commission of war-crimes and crimes against humanity, between the years of 1997 and 2003, in block 5a oil concession in south sudan, will be delayed until after hillary clinton's expected inauguration in january 2017... see, apparently, a dutch ngo - the european coalition on oil in sudan - has definitively reported that lundin petroleum contributed material which was used in the local war fought for control of the area, and also co-operated with the military forces responsible for many of the crimes committed against humanity...

...and oh what a lovely coincidence it is that congo mine-owner and clinton buddy jean-raymond boulle is also suspected, pre-régime-change, of dropping links with former zairean president mobutu, and instead switching his pandering political allegiances to incoming congo-dictator, laurent-désiré kabila, upon whom he duly proceeded to lavish his financial attentions...

...similarly suspected of negotiating pre-régime-change deals with coup-leader, laurent-désiré kabila, is former head of american mineral fields - now adastra minerals - mr mike mcmurrough, a native of bill clinton's home town of hope, arkansas.

so to summarize the shameful historical time-line:-

  • next clinton backed the rwandan invasion of zaire, now called the democratic republic of congo - again via the assistance of uganda - he followed up by facilitating the removal of out-of-favour mobutu, and then finally this avaricious arsehole of an american president supported the creation of the new democratic republic of congo under laurent-désiré kabila, a congolese-born rwandan-puppet-dictator, who was, soon thereafter, promptly assassinated, and conveniently replaced by a fully rwandan-born joseph kabila - a man still masquerading today as an indigenous congolese president, and claiming to be the former head-of-state's son.
  • after the coup against mobutu in 1997, the consequent instability in congo allowed the armies of uganda, rwanda, and zimbabwe, under cover of the smoke-screen of the second congo war, to rip out congolese mineral resources, illegally, on a mega-industrial scale.
  • meanwhile, american and european mining companies, including several owned by friends of the clintons, were able reap immense profits, especially from deposits in the rwandan controlled areas of eastern congo.
  • meanwhile, millions of congolese have been expediently eradicated in the cause of neo-colonial mercantilism, or have died in penury from severe war-related malnutrition and disease.

is this what the buck-buffered black-american middle-classes truly, truly want in terms of a 'progressive' foreign policy?

do they actually want their conquistador-in-chief to hand out arms and ammo to her pet cia-trained psychos in the mother-continent, like kool-aid cluster-candy?

do they actually want to kick back in front of their glistening, glowing legal-cultural-destruction-screen or their oh-let-everyone-die-screen to enjoy the 'afro-combat-special' pay-per-view gladiatorial spectacle of one desperate african brother dementedly fighting another, to the commercially-acceptable death, over the equal opportunity to earn a rotten bug-infested crust fallen fortuitously from the high ethical table of american trade-protectionism?

is this what the black bought-off-classes of america deem to be a 'civilized' manner in which to do business, and a 'progression' from slave-trade-days, when politically favoured tribes were supplied - by efficiency-driven european merchants - with fire-arms, in order to enable bounty-hunters to maximize their gross human-catch at the expense of other unfortunate, unweaponized tribes?

has neo-liberalism so shaken off existing social, ethnic and spiritual shackles, amongst african-american democrats, that it is now perfectly culturally permissible for american-blacks to prey on african-blacks in pursuit of the sacred bottom-line on the account-sheet?

you know, what's certain is that donald "broad-talk" trump has been deliberately set up to fail by the cia-controlled washington establishment.

the fight is fixed folks...

donald's a sublimely choreographed fall-guy...

...and the hysterical tide of anti-trump vitriol is just one giant cia-psycho-propaganda-operation.

oh god knows, trump could be manipulated by the united states military industrial complex, and be taken hostage by corporate genocidal greed just as easily as any presidential predecessor, for he's already signalled a distinct willingness to give the iron-american-horse its head, to pursue the immoral, self-defeating, terror-inciting 'war on terror', and - by grabbing islamist-controlled oil-wells in syria, for example - to intervene militarily overseas, where no intervention could ever be judged right or conscionable...

...and trump's totally wrong, of course, because all foreign powers must quit the middle-eastern plunder-plot immediately, particularly america, britain, france and russia, whose russo-western interference has constituted the primary factor in aggravating the civil-war in syria, and conflict in the wider middle-east, so immeasurably...

...but then heaven-forbid we permit serial war-criminal hillary clinton to stick her evil oar back into the chaotic militant mix, and bring the curse of a far more extensive disaster down upon the middle-east, europe, and ultimately the whole world.

after all, the fundamental cause of the syrian civil-war - hypocritically ignored by our entire cia-managed main-stream western media - is that, whilst russia has wrongly propped up and encouraged a repressive assad administration, rapacious neo-colonial western powers, under obama and clinton's personal direction, have, for purely strategic and economic reasons, purposefully created, then dangerously armed an ideologically extremist islamic-state insurgency, with the single-minded malicious intent of illegally overthrowing russia's ally, syria.

in simple terms, hillary clinton's hatred of russians, and her mania for total-power, induced her, whilst president obama's secretary of state, to manufacture a bitter civil-war, in a country where she had no rightful business, without the slightest concern, or sympathy, for those millions of syrians whose lives she has so self-evidently, selfishly destroyed.

the sheer insane vanity of president obama and hillary clinton, in fabricating an islamic state which shamed and smeared all islam, solely in order to undermine a russian proxy-state, where, irksomely, authorization had not been granted for the trans-national construction of their american ally's gas-pipeline, is utterly bewildering...

...yet let's not be too shocked, clinton and obama rolled out exactly the same scam in libya, where the cia armed the islamists to topple gaddafi, left the country in turmoil, and then shipped the islamists, together with their black-market military hardware, over to syria to continue the illicit liberal leitmotiv of complete neo-conservative carnage.

tragically, the united states ambassador to libya, john christopher stevens, rumbled hillary clinton's criminally subversive machinations, and had to be assassinated by his own government - but such terrific tribulations are all in a day's work for a committed diplomat in the sworn service of the white house's satan department, i suppose.

americans are now left with a choice between, on one malevolent hand, an aggressive clinton administration, which would escalate the arming of islamists against the syrian government, then, with a brutal, suicidal appetite for full-scale war, ramp up hostilities against russia...

...and, on the other ignorant hand, a defensive trump administration, which would, with blind, religious hatred, support russia in its obsessively islamophobic goal of defeating the islamic state - itself created by hillary clinton.

obviously, european citizens will never support an american vanity-war against russia - the country which decisively and effectively won the second world-war - and american citizens too would sleep much better in their beds at night in the assured knowledge that the united states were not secretly planning with nato-allies to whip up, what could only prove to be, a catastrophic war against russia.

the crazily sickening situation that we currently see in syria ostensibly unfolds thus:

pres o:  err...since we've entered a new phase of bi-lateral co-operation, reciprocation 'n mutual assistance an' all know those rather keen guys that hillary trained up an' armed to-the-teeth...err...well, basically, i spose, to rip-off your guy's government 'n push him politely an' humanly possible, of course...outta office...? you know obviously that things kinda got a bit outta hand and these folks somehow sorta started to err...kinda take over the whole god-damned world...?

pres p:  err, yes...

pres o:  well you wouldn't mind awfully sorta somehow bombing the bloody fuck out of our rather over-keen fellers, would you vlad, me old chap...? if it's not too much trouble or anything, buddy...?

pres p:  not at all bazza, old boy - anything i can do to help, an all that...hey, err...hang on a the spirit of the new phase of bi-lateral co-operation, reciprocation 'n mutual assistance an' all know those ole oil-fields wot your guys nicked off my guy and are now sorta somehow funding international terrorism an all that kinda silly stuff...well, wouldn't mind awfully sorta somehow bombing the bloody fuck out of the bastard things, would you bazza old chap...? that's if it's not too much trouble or anything, obviously eh...comrade?

pres o:  oh no not at all vlad, not at all...and err...obviously, if there's anything else i can do to err...assist, know you've jus' gotta err...ask...partner...

frankly, if there's one shining characteristic i admire in our great world-leaders, it's just their unequivocal commitment not to interfere in the global fucking free-market...

yep, well the moral of this whole story is clearly: black lives matter...

and brown ones too...

but only in america...

and only if they're middle-class and paying plenty of taxes...

and gonna vote for president hillary clinton...

yeah, those black lives matter...

at least right up until they leave the polling booth, and old ma clinton's safely installed in the white house...

from which time they'll be gunned down by cops in the street just like any other unarmed black guy...

simply because they're...


no, poor black lives don't matter...

black lives rotting in jail don't matter...

black muslim lives don't matter...

black african lives don't matter...

and black lives in congo sure as hell don't fucking matter...

unless they command more power and riches than does hillary rodham clinton.

however, if, on the contrary, you actually insist that 'black lives matter', then before supporting or voting for holocaust hillary, please take time to study the clintons' comprehensive historical charge-sheet.

when hillary rodham clinton was asked whether "black lives matter?" she gave those young african-american activists an arrogant and patronizing lecture.

when, in 2009, at kinshasa university, hillary rodham clinton was questioned as to her husband's view on matters relating to the congolese mining industry, she gave those young congolese students an arrogant and patronizing lecture.

will hillary ever apologize for her husband's war-crimes in congo and rwanda?

will she apologize for her personal war-crimes in libya, syria, somalia and afghanistan...?

or is her own art of democratic darkness just too hard for her to look into?

i mean, to win the presidential electional, all trump needs ask hillary clinton is:

"why did you deliberately arm al qaeda in libya...?"

or: "why did you deliberately create and arm the islamic state in syria...?"

or: "however did you wash from your hands the indelible congolese blood of your spouse's millions of victims of crimes against humanity...?"

because, in a so-called civilized western society, to induct a notorious serial war-criminal into the highest office of government, escorted by her holocaust-happy accessory-husband, must, by definition, irredeemably violate every cherished principle of democracy.

at least we know where we stand with donald trump - the true and ugly face of the united states of america...

he may be a pig in a poke, but at least he doesn't deny that he's a playboy-pig who lives in the all-american puritanical pig-sty...

however, hillary clinton is a demon-dissimulator - ready to deceive and to destroy.

she is the absolute arse-end of democracy...

who as elected president of america, can only constitute the dead dog-end of democracy, spitefully stubbed out on the coy unconciliated corpses churned from the constant commercial disassembly-line by klondike clinton's covertly co-ordinated coltan-rich congo chop-shop...

and presently being smoked, sardonically, by donald john trump, like one of her haggard old house-husband's havana cigars.

the horror

the horror

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the anglo-american hypocrisy in fuelling the syrian revolutionary fire, whilst simultaneously condemning the criminal brutality of russo-syrian attempts to extinguish it said...

to end the civil-war in syria, the british and united states governments simply have to stop supporting, arming and protecting the islamist rebels, who are attempting to overthrow president assad's russian-controlled syrian government; the syrian civil-uprising could never have escalated to civil-war had the islamist rebels not been confident, before the anti-government protests even flared, of receiving military backing from the british and american intelligence services, mi6 and the cia.

similarly, in order for this devastating syrian civil-war finally to end, the russian government must ensure the protection of syrian people's civil-rights, especially those of the sunni muslim population, and must further ensure the absolute termination of syrian government repression.

the british and american governments - directed by president obama, prime-minister david cameron, and former secretary of state, hillary clinton - have both deliberately, hypocritically supported and fostered the creation of the fundamental islamic state, which was clearly designed to undermine then destroy president assad's syrian government - however, having been caught red-handed in this act of intentional incitement to terrorism, the british and american governments are now deliberately, hypocritically supporting a general islamist insurgency, which is continuing the armed struggle to overthrow the syrian government and, eventually, establish a de facto syrian islamic state.

ms stella greasy-pole - dirty democratic dancer 'n chancer said...

@the anglo-american hypocrisy in fuelling the syrian revolutionary fire, whilst simultaneously condemning the criminal brutality of russo-syrian attempts to extinguish it

oh no, we can't stop fuelling the syrian civil-war; we can't stop arming ideological allies such as al qaeda and the islamic state - oh god forbid, we can't do anything like that at all...

the syrian civil-war must go on, and on, and on, and on, and bloody on, ad fucking infinitum...

so that i can personally save all the dear, destitute, little children who become refugees...

so that, as an ethical serial-bomber of libya, syria and iraq, myself, i can sanctimoniously condemn as unethical the russian government now bombing syrian cities ragged...

...react in good christian horror to the mocked-up propaganda snuff-videos dished out daily, and unverified, by little white-lies ltd, on the british television news-channels... for a wild wacko world-war - culminating in the customary carpet-butchering of civilians - against the rusty red-peril of russia, china, and anyone else who rather ridiculously opposes illegal anglo-american-sponsored régime-redecoration in the middle-east and africa...

and so that, ultimately, i can somehow hang on to my commie-riddled east-london constituency, and continue to maintain covert cia-control, in the face of demon-dial-a-de-selection by mad-as-fuck moomintroll activists...

...even though, of course, by the time it gets to confronting the looming live round of incidental collateral re-selection, this down-market dump'll probably be reduced to a politically inconvenient pile of ashes, and i'll be wearing a suitably stylish chanel sack-cloth suit.

beware: a batch of empire building (belgian) bastads said...

i bet that ms stella greasy-pole is one of those common, home-grown, cia-coached parliamentary plants, who supports the ultra-racist and fascist neo-colonial european empire - an undemocratic union of political criminals which, you may have noticed, never bothers criticizing the american, british or french governments whenever they feel the need to commit genocide, war-crimes and other crimes against humanity in africa, asia and the middle-east.

did the european union oppose the anglo-franco-american invasion of libya?

did the european union oppose the united-nations-organized christian invasion of somalia?

did the european union oppose the anglo-american-led invasions of afghanistan and iraq, or the anglo-american sponsored civil-war and islamic state in syria?

does the european union criticize the violently repressive régimes in christian uganda, kenya, ethiopia, rwanda, congo, and nigeria, who are all firm allies of the united states?

does the european union really allow freedom of movement and protect human rights, or does it actually just make black and asian people grovel and beg to enter white european countries, whilst bombing, repressing and exploiting the countries from which these desperate immigrants hail?

indeed, it's most interesting to read keith harmon snow's intricate exposé - entitled president joseph kabila: dynasty or travesty? - for its carefully detailed study of the integral rôle played by the european union aid department in arming war-criminals, promoting repressive dictators, and facilitating genocide and other crimes against humanity in congo.

the current european union, or european empire, is a direct descendant of the british and other european empires - it is the prime political tool of the united states of america, or to be precise, a ruthless tool of neo-conservative neo-colonial oppression and exploitation.

by condoning the slaughter, violent suppression, trade-exploitation and impoverishment of foreign populations in africa, asia and the middle-east, the european union creates mass-migration, and also a cheap vulnerable labour-force.

the neo-fascist european empire of racism condones and facilitates the neo-colonial wars in africa, asia, and the middle-east, which underpin global trade-repression.

the neo-fascist european empire of racism condones and facilitates the destruction and repression of other cultures and economies, in africa, asia and the middle-east.

the neo-fascist european empire of racism condones and facilitates exploitation and impoverishment of other cultures and economies in africa, asia and the middle-east.

the neo-colonial and neo-conservative european empire does not permit the free trade of staple-farm-foods from continents such as africa, only the free trade of blood-minerals.

how could it be considered an act of racism to vote to leave the neo-fascist european empire of racial oppression?

in britain, we have simply voted to leave the european political union - we have not voted to restrict free-trade, freedom of movement or abolish human-rights law; the status quo, and the sole solution to our current political impasse, must be to leave the european union - preferably before the deutsche bank busts and sinks it - but retain free-trade, freedom of movement, and the protection of human-rights as fundamental democratic principles.

this is the only answer there ever has been, and ever will be, to the prickly referendum problem set in june 2016: something for everyone, see.

tactical unamerican observer said...

another clear and comprehensive account of hillary clinton's unindicted trail of death and desecration in her pretentious pursuit of democracy:

hillary clinton, wannabe global dominatrix and liberal neocon, plans more stupid wars

meanwhile, presidential candidate for the libertarian party, gary johnson - who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal - is sensibly opposing current white house administration policies of foreign régime-change, and overseas military intervention, and has opposed all the recent american neo-conservative wars from afghanistan and iraq, to libya and syria...

but of course he will never stand a chance in hell of becoming president of america, because americans are a bunch of murdering, lying, thieving, unchristian racist bastards, who want a murdering, lying, thieving, unchristian racist bastard to lead them.

in effect, the choice for murdering, lying, thieving, unchristian racist american bastards in the united states presidential election is between murdering, lying, thieving, unchristian racist bastard, hillary clinton - who will destroy the entire globe outside america - and murdering, lying, thieving, unchristian racist bastard, donald trump - who will just destroy america.

for fuck's sake guys:

vote trump...

...and save the world.

lady lardidah of lordship road said...

@beware: a batch of empire building (belgian) bastads

are you calling me a racist or something, my dear fellow?

so ok i'm a socialist and support the european empire...

which condones the licensed liberal genocide resulting from british, french, and american neo-colonial wars against africans, asians and arabs...

which allows equality and rights resistant states such as france and the uk to repress and exploit with impunity its religious and ethnic minorities...

which totally fails to censure the united states when white police-officers shoot down unarmed black men like stray damned dogs...

which prohibits free-trade in food-stuffs from africa...

and which lets polish and other eastern european people walk into great britain free and unczeched, whilst forcing africans, caribbeans, asians, and arabs, to grovel, beg, pay up piles of visa-money, and then grovel again...

so what's racist about that, yah?

the c a p...?

wassat-when-it's-at-home, eh, cab-driver?

hahahahah...i say if the cap fits wear it, ok yah?

brock-brit said...

@lady lardidah of lordship road

erm...c a p...?

that'd be commonly known as the coon annihilation project, milady.

lady lardidah of lordship road said...


oh my god, really...?

the things you learn...

you know what, yah, i've got the almighty munchies all of a sudden...

could you take me straight to the nearest twenty-four-hour full-cream-cake-shop, please driver...

i just got this bloody terrible craving for a fuck-off wedge of genuine gungy genocide gâteau.

obomba's black-baba-au-rhum-porium said...

@lady lardidah of lordship road

mmm...genocide gâteau, yummy yummy...

i got a heap-load of that organically produced shit left lingering in me last campaign larder...

some dodgy diamond-digger put it there...

now i can't seem to get shot of it...

welcome to my little shop of snuff-pastries, madame.

mr cris cock said...


c a p: when i was at college, we understood this to be an abbreviation for the more politically correct crush africa policy...

or was it the cultural assimilation policy...?

or maybe the cash-in africa project...?

oh hang around, perhaps it was actually sold to us as the coon assimilation project, fuck knows...

but anyway, seemed a good idea at the time...

@obomba's black-baba-au-rhum-porium

hey man, i don't need bomba-the-bandit's dough...

but wow, i just love to snatch a sneaky sniff of the powerful odeurs d'oppression which waft seductively along stinky-stash street from his beau bakery de brutalité.

oh yeah, i could just kill for a slap-up slice of genocide gâteau...

good traditional mass-produced american fare...

home-made from holocaust hill's secret cia-crookery-recipe, which has been kept in the klepton family for generations, passed down from murderer to slaughterer...

my bloody favourite...

yummy mother-fucking yummy bro'

even back in 2006, experts in congo, and congolese survivors, counted over 10 million corpses from wars said...

behind the numbers: untold suffering in the congo

the war that did not make the headlines:

over five million dead in congo?

behind the numbers redux: how truth is hidden, even when it seems to be told

death toll in congo whitewashed yet again

war without end in central africa

western-backed terrorism in the congo

the woman with waxen words said...

like all her american sleep-voters, hillary clinton is dangerously divorced from reality and deeply deluded as to both her own personal importance and her sick, sadistic nation's global puissance.

the chinese government was dismayed by the american administration's overthrow and lynching of colonel gaddafi in libya - rash régime-change which clinton helped to co-ordinate, using the cia to arm al qaeda rebels ...

the chinese government was appalled by american-backed cia-assisted régime-change in ukraine, and by an increasingly anti-russian american foreign policy...

the chinese government is disgusted by relentless american attempts at régime-change in syria - where, via covert cia-activity, the american administration, with hillary clinton's approval, has armed al qaeda-aligned islamist rebels in order to escalate the civil-war against president assad's sino-russian-allied government...

china has bought about $1.2 trillion of united states government debt - in order to keep the value of the dollar artificially high against the yuan, and thus ensure a significant trade-surplus with america...

how do you reckon the chinese government would react if an american administration decided to take on russia and syria militarily - considering that the chinese government already provides the syrian government with military support...?

would perhaps the chinese government call in the american debt - and thus deliberately destroy the value of the dollar, and the world's economy - by selling off united states government treasury-bonds...?

or would the chinese government send armed forces to the defence of its russian ally...?

even the indian government has recently reaffirmed its support for the syrian government in its struggle against the rebels...

if, therefore, as president of the united states, hillary clinton enforces a no-fly-zone in syria by shooting down russian and syrian planes, she will be consciously choosing to wage war against firm allies of china, and will risk the intentional ignition of an ideologically - but not ethically - driven worldwide conflict, in which the aggressive neo-conservative americans would find themselves fighting alone alongside islamist rebels, with little support, or even sympathy, from british and european populations.

whether she loser or lunatic, kamikazi or icarus...

...clinton's victory is myth made of madness and massacre.

a lie a day keeps the plebs at bay said...

beware those who argue for no-fly-zones based upon amnesty international 'research'...

according to dissident voice blog and global research website, amnesty international has been caught propagandizing for the cia.

in an article entitled “spreading false information”: eight problems with amnesty’s report on aleppo, syria, a dissident voice contributor has revealed that not only have past dodgy reports by amnesty international helped pave the way for western military intervention in both the gulf war and the libyan civil-war, but that a recent questionable amnesty international report is now in danger of being falsely utilized to justify a no-fly-zone in syria.

deliberate mainstream disinformation by an american news channel covering the syrian war:

worse than williams: nbc, richard engel and their fake syrian kidnapping story

cia operation mockingbird:

mockingbird: the subversion of the free press by the cia

donald j scrump said...

@the woman with waxen words

"if, therefore, as president of the united states, hillary clinton enforces a no-fly-zone in syria by shooting down russian and syrian planes, she will be consciously choosing to wage war against firm allies of china, and will risk the intentional ignition of an ideologically - but not ethically - driven worldwide conflict, in which the aggressive neo-conservative americans would find themselves fighting alone alongside islamist rebels, with little support, or even sympathy, from british and european populations."

isn't that what i said...?

isn't that exactly what i said just the other day...?

kamikazi hillary and president barack hussein obama want to establish one global islamic state ruled by sharia law.

told you so.

before you can say osama bin laden, we'll all be orienting ourselves in prayer towards mecca five times daily, folks.

anyone seen that guy's death certificate, by-the-way...?

could be hookey, could be hookey...

john "big tits matter" kennedy said...

@donald j scrump

yeah, remember him eh...?

osama bin laden...

gaddafi too...

is that what clinton and obama call justice and democracy?

personally, i call it the illegal assassination of a foreign political leader...

but who cares what i say, i'm dead and buried, shot down, unarmed, by my own god-damned government...

like a nigger.

so trumpy weren't involved in the pre-meditated murder of bin laden...

he was too busy on tv examining young black ladies titties, i'm told...

so i guess his hands were clean, then...?

but just a bit full.

operation hornet's nest said...

@donald j scrump

no, don...

having infiltrated and taken control of al qaeda, hillary clinton, barack obama and the cia decided to employ the established european branches of this violent extremist group in the recruitment of a jihadist army dedicated to overthrowing president assad of syria, and destabilizing the shia government in iraq.

on achieving their given objectives, these islamist rebels were to have been bombed out of existence by western allied air-forces, so that an american-puppet state could have been installed in syria in their place.

in the uk there are paid agent-provocateurs, living within every ethnic and religious minority, who, on the instructions of the anglo-american intelligence services, will promote and instigate violent extremism within their respective communities in order to cause politically expedient, state-sponsored terror against the british population, whilst conveniently smearing an entire ethnicity or religion.

partaking in ideologically repressive 'prevent' programmes - often through the machinery and offices of the british labour party or affiliated left-wing activist organizations - such intelligence-trained criminals are also employed to perform black-ops against uk citizens who choose to criticize the british and american establishment - these actions resulting in a blanket suppression of political dissent which effectively restricts, or altogether removes, domestic freedom of expression.

the commercial atrocity pipeline constructed from african cultural compliance said...

@mr cris cock

hi cris,

i think you'll discover, if you engage in a cursory study of the british empire's oppressive, genocidal behaviour in colonial africa, that, in conjunction with the general deployment of overwhelming military force, dirty politico-economic tactics, similar to the european union's common agricultural policy, were routinely used by the british authorities in colonial kenya in order to artificially undermine the market position of indigenous african farmers - who were in the irritating habit of producing crops more efficiently, and therefore at a far lower cost, than local immigrant european farmers.

after confiscating the best farming land for the benefit european settlers, the british colonial government in kenya created reserves for the indigenous africans so insufficient in size that the kikuyu farmers had no means of producing their own food, and were therefore forced to migrate to the european settler's farms in order to secure work as wage-labourers.

in an attempt to force kenyan kikuyu farmers to work on european settlers' farms, these kikuyu farmers were heavily taxed by the british colonial government, whilst european immigrant farmers were heavily subsidized by the same british authorities.

however the financial pressures of british colonial taxation also caused an increase in commodity production by the kenyan kikuyu farmers, who, whilst working as wage-labourers on european settlers' land, meantime squatted it and grew their own crops.

subsequently, therefore, in order to eliminate competition from kenyan kikuyu farmers, the british colonial authorities prohibited the growing of profitable cash-crops by kikuyu farmers and paid them a lesser rate for staple crops such as maize than was paid to european farmers.

when the above measures failed to 'encourage' sufficient african labour onto the farms of european settlers, the british colonial authorities introduced forced-labour, and finally imposed compulsory employment-passes in order to implement this iniquitous policy of forced-labour.

ultimately, when the kikuyu farmers rebelled against british colonial rule during the mau mau struggle, they were shot on sight, imprisoned in concentration camps, viciously tortured, and their women interned in barbed-wire 'protected' villages for rape-sport.

around 150000 kenyan kikuyu tribes-people are believed to have died as a result of the war, many from disease and starvation in the concentration and 'villagized' internment camps.


british "encouragement" of african labour


the mau mau war in kenya 1952-60

sir windstern crunchill said...

@a lie a day keeps the plebs at bay

obviously a no-fly-zone would seamlessly mutate into a full-scale military assault on the whole syrian régime.

now, i'm sure i'm not, by a long chalk, the first devil's advocate to point out that, to be ideologically consistent in any policy of bombing governments which violently repress ethnic or religious minorities - such as for example president assad's government in syria - we would, in our rôle as rigorous responsible humanitarians, be likewise ethically beholden to bomb president hollande out of his élysée palace, closely followed by president xi jinping in zhongnanhai, president obama in the white house, and then just about every other state power-base and incumbent premier across the globe, including, of course, the already doomed mrs tzetze mayfly in ten downing street, whitehall, london... for the european empire, refugee-camps, free-trade, freedom of movement, colonial-wars and so on...

well, we stitched up africa and bled it dry, didn't we...?

and bloody hell if we're not still getting away with it to this very day, eh, if i'm not very much mistaken...?

but now you've been silly enough to enshrine human-rights and freedom of movements in your dozy democratic charters and toss-pot two-tonic treaties, you're gonna have to uphold un-brutish civilization and maintain the border-free buggers, ain't ya...?

in principle, anyway...

new brand-name, new shop-front, same old shit inside, ha ha...

all change, all change...

meet the new bollocks, same as the old bollocks...


walking in ever decreasing circles down a diplomatic dead-end...

running but not moving down the road to nowhere very much different, thank you...

in the wild-wet-dream of wog-hating british wanderbust...

nothing different save the name of the bog flushing away your freedom...

freedom by another name: fascism with a small 'f'...

freedom in principle, but not in practice - again...

freedom to go wog-bashing and nigger-baiting - in principle - without the actual self-authorized self-assured power in the parliamentary pencil...

fabulous freedom...

the glorious "fuck-you" referendum of 2016...

the hot-air of the status quo...

plus ça change, plus c'est la même shite [pardon] chaos...le même chaos.

mrs testy mayfly said...

@sir windstern crunchill


socialist workers against theresa said...


h is for holocaust said...

@sir windstern crunchill

thank you, sir...

your rather enlightened argument for ethical global carpet-bombing is duly noted, and may in the course of my imminent and inevitable presidency come in very handy, i must say - coinciding as it does with my own inciteful foreign policy of intervention, intervention, intervention...

but only, of course, in the best possible of humanitarian causes...such as my bank balance and my ever-tightening grip on the lurid levers of world-power and world-domination.

so folks...

if you're not american, you're not white, and you've got oil and minerals under the ground:

dial h for holocaust

if you're rich:

dial h for hypocrisy

then dial c for corruption

if you're poor:

dial h for hard-fucking-cheese

and if you're donald trump:

dial h for heavy-breathing


vote h for holocaust

h is for haitian hold-up said...

after the international community donated billions of dollars for relief in response to the 2010 haiti earthquake - with the clinton duo in the driving seat of aid and reconstruction programmes - ever wondered why up to 1600 haitians had nowhere to hide from hurricane matthew, and lost their lives?

...naturally these criminally negligent deaths would hardly have happened in the united states - where americans have access to storm-proof shelters...

and ever wondered why, after all these years, the cholera epidemic is still raging out of control in haiti?

haiti - the first state in the world to free itself from slavery and establish a republic - used more recently to be rich americans' biggest off-shore brothel, but is now simply being exploited for its cheap labour and valuable mineral resources.

democratic domination déjà vu?

the united states never wants haitians to be free again:

what hillary clinton did to haiti, will scare you to not vote for her

the clintons didn't screw up haiti alone. you helped

haiti and africa projects shed light on clinton’s public-private web

clinton foundation: what happened to the money for haiti?

how the clinton foundation got rich off poor haitians

the clintons’ haiti screw-up, as told by hillary’s emails

the first african-american president's unemancipated legacy, bradley manning: banged up by obama for thinking of freedom (part one) said...

so hillary clinton, a prime american war-crime-lord in afghanistan and libya, and intimate collaborator with one of the most hideous war-criminals of all-time - her husband - can play fast-and-loose with classified government information - or more pertinently set up an unofficial secret-service within an official secret-service - yet still legally be permitted to become president of the united states...

...whilst conversely, private bradley manning must spend 35 long tortuous years in a military prison for his highly honourable part in exposing the dirty deplorable war-crimes of the neo-conservative washington élite, which just so happens to have at its happy-go-genocidal hub-of-hatred, mrs hillary clinton.

of course, by rights, manning should be awarded the nobel peace-prize for his pains in publishing incriminating video footage of iraq-war-atrocities committed by the united states military, but president obama seems certain to slink off into the crimson-infused sunset without even pardoning this wayward war-hero...

...preferring instead to leave the poor contrary cunt penned up in the president's personal freak-zoo for cruel-eye clinton to gloat over, as her very own penitent poof-pet plaything - now that barack and michelle obama have had their fistful of first family fun with him.

meanwhile, in wales - where private manning's kinfolk sit through every agonizing day of his unforgivably unjust incarceration as if they were right there, with him, inside the jail - the gormless governing political party of the ruling assembly, the british labour party, continues committed in its complacent career of cozying up to american neo-conservative corruption, criminality and genocide, by letting bradley manning rot like a renegade-rat in the imperial united states oubliette, fort leavenworth, without one wet whisper of protest.

the welsh labour party - which should be proud of its brother manning, not shunning him - is evidently a movement driven more by homo-hatred than any real sense of socialism...

...and don't expect much moral-support from private manning's pembrokeshire mp stephen crabb, either.

crabb crawled sideways out of the sea, then scuttled straight into the cameron conservative crabinet, where a further scuttering sideways move made him anti-social secretary of state for security - a providential post in which he was, at first, fresh-ministerial meat, but, with tragic political prematurity, finished off getting soundly screwed, and scuttled, by his own slippery sexuality, spreading a rank unchristian stink, which, as the unforgiving tide of public propriety turned on him, sucked so bad it eventually engulfed the whole fucking nation.

ok, so the undressed pembrokeshire crabb-crawler condemned the use of torture and limply stated that "concerns raised" about manning’s treatment deserved to be addressed...

...but clearly as a confirmed gay-curing god-squaddie and cia-creep of the bombing british establishment, everyone knows that this cowardly parliamentary crustacean will simply never question the validity of bradley manning's conviction, and outrageous 35 year sentence, for a mere thought-crime against the deadly arrogant american administration.

(continued in part two below)

the first african-american president's unemancipated legacy, bradley manning: banged up by obama for thinking of freedom (part two) said...

(continued from part one above)

private bradley manning is reliably reported to have been suffering form serious mental health issues since being detained at the united states disciplinary barracks, fort leavenworth, kansas - even attempting suicide - yet the army has nevertheless granted this soldier permission to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

in my politely inconvenient opinion, this could be an entirely cynical judgment-call by the united states army, which, in an act of high schadenfreude, must be viewed as maliciously allowing manning to mutilate himself, thus prolonging the perversely cruel programme of extra-judicial torture already suffered by this world-famous and well-respected whistle-blower.

surely such a drastic decision to consent to gender reassignment surgery cannot possibly be made by a man suffering severe mental depression, which directly results from his illegal and immoral confinement by the united states military?

this sort of decision can only be made by a free man.

free bradley manning


tony popkins said...

@the first african-american president's unemancipated legacy, bradley manning: banged up by obama for thinking of freedom

aah yes, wales...

land of my fathers...

leeks, lambs, laver and imported super-strength lager...

you know, i always considered it to be my second, spiritual home - until the cunts burnt it down...

and well, strangely enough, i do believe it was sometime around then that i decided to commence investing in the snowdon pyramid protection fund.

a probe within a probe said...

@the first african-american president's unemancipated legacy, bradley manning: banged up by obama for thinking of freedom (part one)

you betya the united states federal bureau of investigation wants to investigate the e-mail accounts of two of hillary clinton's top aides...

as you rightly say, hillary clinton set up an unofficial secret-service within an officially secretive state-service, then utilized this secret self-serving office in her obsessive covert campaign for such state-policies as the arming, training and financing of islamist rebels in syria, which - re-inforced by her department's totally uncritical support for the religiously repressive saudi arabian government - inevitably led to the incidental formation of an unofficial state within an official state, now known as the islamic state.

has the fbi unmasked hillary clinton's two cia handlers?

is this a play with in a play?

is trump actually hamlet?

is hillary clinton his really mother, queen gertrude?

is bill clinton claudius?

are rosencrantz and guildenstern dead?

queen broken-spear - a fissile feminist said...

@tony popkins

oh well, all joking aside - i suppose we must seriously examine, however politically inconsequential, the pop-eyed possibility of a prevailing psychopathic pattern emerging from the celebrity-infested dungeons of your incarcerated state-saddled imagination...

so to what facetiously fracked-up facts do you perhaps allude here?

maybe that a welsh-american presidential candidate - who almost single-handedly burnt down syria and libya, whilst assisting in setting ablaze large parts of afghanistan, iraq and somalia - and a welsh-american soldier-boy - who torched the usa's state department and half the cia - might share a common ethnic indisposition, which duly manifests as a democratically induced disposition towards incendiarism, and as culturally co-ordinated collusion in igniting the arab spring?


oh for shame - it's people like you who sold our indignant brittonic tribes-people out to the unholy gropeman empire of sexism, racism and unbendy-bloody-roadism...

....ignorantly directing, as ewe do, your soft slag-heap of cheap racial innuendos against an historically oppressed and impoverished population, in order to undermine and exploit it.

i suppose you also reckon that underlying ethnic pre-disposition has ideologically incited the welsh labour party - with the insidious unspoken blessing of the cut-crazy conservative government in westminster - to take an industrial-sized blow-lamp to the regionally devolved national health service and systematically incinerate all its essential extremities...?

and no doubt you have deduced, using similar racially-slanted 'logic', that the residents of wales - if not exactly the welsh-speaking people themselves - have, with their controversial casting vote, lit one fuck-of-a-fire underneath the united european institute of extortion - a merry old blaze, indeed, which shows bugger-all signs of being extinguished any time soon?

actually, it's my honest opinion that anything which goes over to america - including your good sociopathic self - comes back freakin' weaponized and radicalized...

...take 'trick or treat' for example: once a harmless samhain or nos calan gaeaf custom - originating in ancient celtic traditions of seasonal busking practised around ireland and wales - which has returned to these shores, following malevolent american metamorphosis, in a most disturbingly malicious form more akin to blackmail.

you know what i say? it's the american part of hillary clinton which is dangerously unstable, or potentially the french or dutch bits...

electing hillary clinton will be pretty much like leaving ga-ga granny sitting in the cellar on a crate of dynamite, playing with matches...

however, of course, in reality, the blue touch-paper is putin and the dynamite an rs-28 sarmat missile, which delivers a nuclear warhead capable of destroying an area roughly the size of france...

and whilst one would, in principle, have no objection to russia lightly fricassée-ing the rancidly racist frogs, en masse... the face of inevitable global atomic annihilation, one would really rather the ruskies aimed their first nuke un soupçon more critically, and wiped out washington...

...just to be on the safe side...

...of eternal mutually assured oblivion.

did creepy clinton have dates for earthquake-nights? said...

@queen broken-spear - a fissile feminist

just a few points, your highness:

the matter of war-crimes and genocide perpetrated by the united states government is in no manner a pre-programmed consequence of any cultural or genetic concept of welshness, or welsh ethnicity, but actually just the ugly by-product of our leading politicians' blind personal ambition and blind obssession with power...

...and by the same token, private bradley manning is in fact no fire-starter, but a fireman - the little guy vainly struggling to extinguish the evil inflammatory work of insane ideological arsonists such as secretary of state hillary clinton.

bradley manning is incredibly courageous in enduring his incarceration for a blind act of faith, and more a man than stephen crabb, carwyn jones, or any dumb-fuck member of the welsh assembly and british parliament will ever be - this worthless bunch of imperially weighed-out washington-groomed weasels, instead of campaigning for the immediate release from the united pariah-state prison, in fort leavenworth, of their vindictively canned countryman, concentrating solely and impurely, it appears, on integrating and ingratiating themselves with those neat colonial war-cardinals cozy in the neo-conservative white-house fold of corruption, oppression, crime-against-humanity, and bare-faced bloody genocide.

private manning did not collude with hillary clinton in igniting the arab spring - hillary clinton's agents of confusion deliberately used private manning as an unbalanced, unwitting conduit for their revolutionary leaks of political petrol onto the already smouldering middle-eastern bonfire of freedoms, and then, with the information inferno in full flare, summarily stuffed him like some scapegoat-stop-rag into hillary's horrid hell-hole of hypocrisy.

the arab spring was just chaotic camouflage for clinton's illegal arming of al qaeda jihadists and their integral involvement in the violent cia-co-ordinated coups against the governments of libya and syria.

the great american trade-wall financed by a trade-war with china said...

@tactical unamerican observer


1. trump has not murdered anyone.

2. america is, for many of its citizens, already destroyed - as are many parts of the world in which it has nefariously intervened.

3. trump has an ambitious plan to cut taxes in order to boost business and create jobs for all.

4. whilst trump has no desperate psychological need to intervene militarily overseas and to involve america in unforced foreign wars, his protectionist trade and immigration policies - although largely designed to combat chinese protectionism - could damage weaker foreign economies, increase the price of both home-produced and imported goods and services, and, in the long term, make the american economy less competitive.

jeremy coffee-bean said...

@did creepy clinton have dates for earthquake-nights?

private bradley manning's continued unjust and inhumane imprisonment is an unconscious expression of the war-crime-ridden american establishment's collective guilt - the president in the whiter-than-white house and the secretary for sabotaging sovereign foreign states believe that the terrible truth of their genocidal military actions, together with their dirty, guilty consciences, can somehow be magically disguised, or even caused completely to vanish, through the superstitious ritual of sacrificing the fundamental civil freedoms of an innocent young man, committed to democracy.

manning is a subliminal sex-symbol of obomba and clinkon's emotional self-repression - and by locking him up, they will forever be sequestered within the confines of the soulless washington establishment, never again to mix within liberated common society.

...and by-the-way, may i say that i take great exception to being described as a worthless willy-warming washington-groomed weasel, or whatever.

so ok, whilst it's true that i've never openly criticized the great press-incident obomba, or his trusty bloodhound hillary, it is certainly not the case that i've been sycophantically supine in my relations with the american neo-conservative nutjobs...sorry, i mean with my american imperialist masters...i mean counterparts...

...and in fact, i'll be no more ashamed of using the appropriate back-channel to get in touch with an older white woman as i have been to use it for getting in contact with a younger black man.

so there and sod-off

tautological stain-spotter said...

@queen broken-spear - a fissile feminist

"...of eternal mutually assured oblivion."

this shade of oblivion would, by definition be eternal, wouldn't it?

haha, i suspect that queen broken-spear is in reality a radical anti-establishment alter ego of mrs holocaust hill herself, and giving us a horribly unflattering self-description of her extreme mental instability in order craftily to deceive.

there's no doubt, i'm afraid, that hillary identifies as half-saint-half-terrorist, and that the terrorist part of her split personality is being corruptly hired by al qaeda to raze washington and new york to ground-zero.

it's also inevitable that, whilst private manning goes unpardoned and incarcerated, obama and clinton's already degraded legacies will each possess a highly radio-active half-life, causing their sin-soiled reputations to putrefy and decay obnoxiously.

empire of the nonsenses (part one) said...

after observing three high-court judges paraded as public enemies number one, equal, on the front-page of the daily maul, i'd guess well over half the country are so terminally incapacitated by laughter that they could not possibly overthrow the judiciary and establishment - even if they wanted to - whilst the remainder of our upstanding citizens are responsibly getting their collective, premeditatively precious knickers in rather a self-righteous old twist over mythical judicial independence.

newspaper coverage of the high court case r (on the application of miller and dos santos) v secretary of state for exiting the european union [2016] ewhc 2768 has to count as one of those genuine watershed 'tebbit-test' moments, i suppose...

...your involuntary emotional reaction to these three social-elders-and-betters getting a severe tabloidal wigging somehow conclusively defining whether you are one of 'them' or one of 'us'... precipitating internally an instantly crystallized self-realization as to whether the establishment works for you, or against you... to whether the establishment and its jumped-up judiciary actually protects you or persecutes you.

yes, in the eyes of the law-bound layman frustrated and befuddled by the tortuous judicial process tilted mercilessly against him, this scurrilous rag provided the crucial comic catalyst for an almost epiphanic moment wherein one instinctively knew the solution to that so commonly, yet silently, posed courtroom conundrum: "are these court-room-cowboys all bloody bent or what?"

ostensibly, the court is deemed independent, but no-one working therein - including the judges and officers of court - can possibly be rated so, since they are all variously paid off, manipulated either contractually by internal public salaries from state coffers, or illegitimately by external private financial inducement from an interfering interested party to the proceedings - and thus it is that many judges and court-officials become corrupt as high hell, either subordinated institutionally to their luxurious establishment careers, or easily purchased by illegally intervening outside interests.

(continued in part two below)

empire of the nonsenses (part two) said...

(continued from part one above)

so what crazy controlling kind of country is this where, according to social rectitude, we may not, as standard practice, designate our judges and entire justice-system 'bent' - even on occasion misguidedly, as in this procedurally tiresome case, where the judiciary appears, for once in its public-spirit-sucking existence, to have uncharacteristically opened a law-book, taken precise note of the relevant legislation contained therein, and duly arrived at a reasonable, nay correct, decision?

are then the enemies of a free press claiming our system to be consistently without corruption and fault?

quite probably, i fear...

...yet given the overwhelming shit-heap of circumstantial evidence attesting to the magnitude of our judicial establishment's innate institutional corruptibility, it must stand out as a matter of profound irony, nonetheless, that in committing this euro-philiac crime of heinous joint enterprise, our three merry musketeers have, in fact, quite contrary to previous form, helpfully concentrated the woolly attention of people and parliament upon a point of immense legislative pertinence to the current question of european empire exit - a point of such great legal and procedural import, indeed, that our creaky crooked government urgently intended us to overlook it altogether...

...for according to the time-honoured rules of this master-servant situation-comedy, if the british government invokes article 50 of the treaty on european union, it must then enter into an indefinitely protracted process of begging our european partners, in brussels, for permission to leave the room - whereas, of course, if the british parliament promptly votes, in westminster, to repeal the european communities act 1972, the uk will have automatically quit the european empire, and decisively slammed behind itself the undemocratic commission-door without undue prevarication, petition or pleading.

do we, as british citizens, wish to take control of our own sacred british destiny...?

or do we, as european citizens, wish to take our chances drifting around the perilous periphery of an ever-downward-snaking european whirlpool?

continued in part three below)

empire of the nonsenses (part three) said...

(continued from part two above)

in any case, for the ethically confused and morally corrupted neo-conservative british middle-class cohorts so patronizingly to browbeat the judiciary's class-crushed composite of critics - whose only crime, in all honesty, was to feel the sincere civic calling to brand as "bent establishment cunts" bent establishment cunts - there must exist the clear and present pre-supposition that proles, plebs and other forms of common-or-garden working-class scum-persons are not sufficiently intellectually equipped to appreciate irony - up to and including somewhat socially sophisticated shades of poetic fucking justice - and that, upon reading such a revolt-inspiring headline in the daily newspaper, said scum-persons would most discourteously and intemperantly rise up raging as one undisciplined, illiterate, uneducated, and utterly uncivilized peasant-rabble-mass for to summarily string up the unfortunate afore-mentioned presiding judges - who have been concerned in making the afore-mentioned irritating and unpopular ruling - without so much as even duly deliberating upon and reading the metaphysically jeopardized justices' carefully considered and nicely typed-up legal judgment...

....but then what would be the purpose of the devoutly well-brought-up british bourgeoisie, if it were not to provide assiduous instruction for the common man in matters of essential civil etiquette and, by any means necessary, control his primitive urge to read rousseau in such dangerously erudite depth that, upon reaching equality of enlightenment, he might perchance progress to a point of edification so advanced as to philosophically savage to death some pricelessly polished old demi-god of supreme-court jurisprudence?

in dourly defending the learned law-lords of socially privileged license, methinks les neo-conservative nobs protest their neo-colonial values too much...

is our political élite's bizarrely fanatical protection of its pathetic puppet-judiciary indicative perhaps of posh paranoia - inopportunely produced by the gentry's prickly proximity to that cheap and nasty newsprint pressed for the putrid poor, whom en passant it has ideologically ploughed into universal penury...?

...or is this just another subtle psychotic sign of the accumulated guilty conscience organically cultivated by virtue of our eco-friendly establishment's worthy non-stop wog-bombing extravaganza?

ladies prefer good punctuation said...

@john "big tits matter" kennedy

ladies' - with an apostrophe please, if you don't mind, mr president.

professor yaa-lengi ngemi told you so said...

2008/2009 - upon president obama's initial election

open letter to president obama: for the sake of change in africa, please, no clintons !


back bernie or lose the presidency


brexit/trump: when the unexpected and the unthinkable happens


donald trump and those who refuse to see: "here we go again!"

prophetically, we can even infer from a statement made by barbara bush - back in 2013 - that she considered american people tired of the big political dynasties - such as, for example, the bushes and the clintons.

same cia-assisted terror and slaughter synthesized in syria, iraq and congo said...

@professor yaa-lengi ngemi told you so

the following is another very poignant open letter to president obama on the subject of congo's utter betrayal by the united states, europe and the united nations:

to our commander-in-chief: do for the congo as you do for syria and iraq

however, would not american, or western-backed, military intervention in congo surely just result in yet a further cia-orchestrated coup, accompanied by the standard ruthless, corrupt, cia-approved dictator, and the usual dirty, bloody deals with war-crime-easy western mining companies?

in the huffington post piece below, on the subject of a separate war, the author tragically fails to acknowledge - like so many american democrats - that it was the covert policies of secretary of state clinton, supported by the obama administration, which armed, trained, financed and ultimately created the islamic state:

obama’s smart strategy against isis

the podium-power citizens who meddled (part one) said...

@empire of the nonsenses

oh dear...since the radical rampaging coup against the racist right-wing establishment - as led by feared guerilla-political families the clintons, the blairs, the browns and the obamas - the world's gone all arse-about-face, you see...

in fact it's a salutory measure of the liberating left's communistic success that today's true international revolutionaries are far more likely to emerge from the comfy home-county saloon-cocoon for the conservative english classes rather than a hard-luck hutch on a social housing estate dedicated to disenfranchising british ethnic minorities in hackney.

ah what a wunder-fucked-up world we have created where the church of england ethically eggs on the establishment in its politically correct crusade of high-flying humanitarian genocide across non-white continents...

where british asians, africans, arabs and caribbeans vote vociferously for progressive architects of prudent british-american genocide - as practiced in the resourceful battlefield continents of asia and africa, and the regionally manipulated middle-east...

where british muslims vote for those purveying the piously progressive genocide of inconveniently located foreign muslims...

where african-british, african-americans, african-caribbeans, and african-africans - africans detained at home in their own continent - are afraid to criticize an apparently black president of the united states of america...

where muslims are afraid to criticize the right royal gulf families, who aid the criminal ideology-pushers of white western neo-conservatism in their holy quest to arm extremists, rob arab, african and asian resources, murder fellow muslims, and comprehensively ruin the name of common islam...

where we observe the sad masochistic spectacle of mr cris croc, an african-american comedian, shackling himself in subservient silence for the greater good of his own power-obsessed prestige and pretentiously polite, chummy-cheese relations with his presidential pal in the big white house of imperialist washington holocaust - you know, the one handily built upon a humming green hill of fast forgotten black bodies...

where black people are bullied into believing that the election of a black president is something out-of-the-ordinary, and a giant leap forward for humanity, when actually, in the intricate historical infinity of god's kaleidoscopic eyes, a black presidency is actually the most normal, everyday happening in the universe, and just business as usual in the greatest genocide capitol on earth...

that all said, however, it would only be fair to mention that the stockholm syndrome exhibited by british ethnic minorities, in their electoral allegiances, is also deeply entrenched within the wider british population; in fact, to be honest, we don't actually do revolution here in the united kingdom, because established experience of its violently suppressive consequences has time-over terrified us into that perennial physical submission eternally demanded within the dominion of our dingy disconsolate democracy.

(continued in part two below)

the podium-power citizens who meddled (part two) said...

(continued from part one above)

now, of course, the major ethical issue arising from the administration of a multicultural society is the extent to which ethnic minorities are ideologically harnessed into the service of the establishment.

the ugandans didn't much like the british importation of british-asians in order to run the ugandan colonial administration, and the sierra leonean africans didn't much appreciate the british colonial practice of handing substantial administrative power to british krio-africans - people descended from former new-world slaves, who had, by various death-defying means, freed themselves, and subsequently been relocated in freetown.

nevertheless, here in the united kingdom, we have, post-obama, unsurprisingly progressed to the induction of a multi-cultural middle-class establishment élite employed to repress a multi-cultural establishment-averse society - and therefore, having conscientiously cancelled out the common multi-cultural denominator in the societal power-equation, we duly find that the real problem is not one of establishment multi-culturality, but rather the age-old one of one politically self-selecting group of humans arbitrarily appointing themselves to exploit and repress another group of non-control-obsessed humans.

yes, it's the usual arrogant middle-classes, self-appointed from a global establishment-centric multi-culture, who have shamelessly mixed together to meddle with the common mind and lord it with law-books five-miles fucking thick over the mental multi-cultural mélange of plebocratic british people.

obviously, it's no more my place to judge why, for example, descendants of formerly enslaved africans have been attracted into collusion with the current british establishment - their ancestors perchance being those who, in their dark and desperate day, were forced to risk their lives fleeing new-world slavery, who in search of refuge swam the perilous breadth of vast and mighty american rivers, who fought for the british army during the american civil-war in exchange for a mere promise of ensured emancipation, who suffered resettlement in such inhospitable environments as nova scotia and london town, and then eventually found themselves again fighting for their very survival back in british colonized sierra leone against their fellow native africans...or alternatively, their ancestors perhaps being those who, in the warrior style of jamaican maroons, fought for their fragile freedom an incessant running battle with the british colonial authorities, expediently interspersed with treaties of political accommodation, before undergoing sudden summary transportation back to an experimental british freetown in the african motherland - than it would be for me to judge why we norman-subjugated anglo-saxons have been enticed into extensive historical collusion with the prevailing british establishment...or why celtic tribal chiefs once lived in the smug central-heated opulence of grandiose romano-british villas, or why displaced welsh-bretons, in a revengeful euro-tactical move against their erstwhile anglo-saxon enemies, avidly assisted our nob-head norman conquerors in gaining their first fatal foothold here in the fucking first place.

no, that's definitely not for me to judge...but clearly, as i'm sure any appropriately-worded referendum would establish beyond any reasonable doubt, it's all the friggin' frogs' fault: feudalism, slavery, colonialism, and global-fucking-warming...

...and as for the rapacious neo-colonial excesses of neo-conservatism and european-unionism, i strongly suspect that the rasta-rollovers are right in the frame - rastafarianism, in light of my personal experience in east london, nowadays comprising no more than a smoky servile sub-desk at the cia.

the empty rhetoric of clinton's empyrrhic equation: a victory of reason over reality said...

clinton tried every dirty rotten trick in the book to swing american public opinion behind her - in fact the only electoral dodge clinton didn't try was to have herself assassinated.

hamburger hill said...

@the empty rhetoric of clinton's empyrrhic equation: a victory of reason over reality

damn...why didn't i think of that?

you know, frankly i'm quite surprised that anthony weiner or huma abedin, my expert election consultants, didn't suggest this top-tactic to me.

the chilcox report said...

@the empty rhetoric of clinton's empyrrhic equation: a victory of reason over reality

yes, what a tragedy.

here, member of parliament mrs jo cox was viciously martyred, for another cause, by a manic-depressive class-cast-aside of blair's brutalizing britain - a state which signally and consciously failed to free the socially subjected population it had cruelly created through politically repressive division, instead preferring to leave this sub-cultural british race conveniently fried and battered, to be served up as a democratically dismissed dish far beyond the reasonable reach of any real proletarian pocket.

whether in public or non-profit-making service, jo cox and her husband, brendan, were continuously employed by a neo-conservative-nurtured network operating at the highest levels of a nefarious and nepotistic new labour hierarchy - indeed, given these two left-wing activists' links to certain well-oiled international charities, i should guess that their status as covert cia-operatives, or at least emotionally manipulable cia-groomed dupes, would easily have been inferred from their prominently privileged professional positions.

some years previously, cox's murderer, mair, had been contacted by an active fbi informer, and was undoubtedly being monitored by the intelligence services.

news coverage of mair's trial concentrated obsessively on the conspicuous contents of his ideologically discoloured bookshelf, whilst revealingly there appeared to be a marked media and establishment aversion to properly investigating the political significance of his recent personal contacts.

mair's violently angry reaction to the rigged referendum debate was most probably triggered by a remote actor, in the security services, posing as a rabid right-wing extremist; it was possibly suggested to mair that the all-corrupting political élite would duly win the european empire's day, come what may.

jo cox opposed the original iraq war, yet, once safely elevated into the upturned defence shield of the hypocritical establishment hammock, she, like other bright young ox-bride labour feminists, became mighty malleable to the corrupt exigence of power.

due to her intimacy with the neo-con-infected new-labour inner-circle, did jo cox perhaps know rather too much than was considered prudent?

was she perhaps getting cold conscious feet?

was jo cox's murder perhaps a calculated cover-act of european imperial expedience, which was commodiously crafted to conceal live evidence of deep neo-conservative war-criminality?

was 16th june 2016 an ideal day to bury a jo-witness?

did blair do her?

revolution is revenge, revenge is repression, repression is the republican re-establishment of power said...

@the podium-power citizens who meddled

only the secret intelligence-services can get away with revolution - they never suffer retaliation-massacres.

peasant's revolt: brutally put down.

jack cade's rebellion: brutally quelled.

the english revolution was a bourgeois revolution against the monarchy which got many commoners killed in vain - since it did not permanently displace the monarchy or remove the aristocrats from power.

revolutions only result from violent repression and desperate poverty, or from selfish middle-class ambition.

most jamaican slave-revolts and post-slavery uprisings were viciously put down - only the maroons, runaway slave-rebels, led to a certain degree by former members of the african ruling-classes, succeeded, as a result of the first maroon war, in negotiating a truce with the british authorities and extracting from them terms for freedom, albeit conditional upon maroon assistance in the recapture and return of future escapee slaves, to live upon reserved territories.

as a consequence of the obsessively vitriolic revenge-attacks mounted against rebel-parishes - such as those made subsequent to the morant bay rebellion - post-slavery uprisings in jamaica may strangely have cost more human lives than did those uprisings which occurred during the period of slavery - i suppose the simple fact that slaves were a valued property, whilst free men and women provided the british plantation-owners with no opportunity for commercial profit, may perhaps account for this awkward, disconcerting anomaly in the sick social equations of an evil british bandit-empire.

jamaican maroons, deported to nova scotia from jamaica after surrendering at the end of the second maroon war, and then further re-deported to sierra leone in 1799, reportedly helped the british authorities subdue a revolt by earlier freetown settlers against the colony-administrating sierra leone company. these original freetown settlers comprised the 'nova scotian settlers' - black loyalists who had fought for the british during the american revolutionary war and subsequently settled in nova scotia - and the 'black poor of london' - mostly african americans freed by the british during the amerian revoltionary war, but also some african-caribbean londoners and some poor english londoners.

jamaica-sierra leone ties strong

jamaican maroons in sierra leone

sierra leone - early colonies

jamaican maroons

maroon town, sierra leone

morant bay rebellion

one trick tory said...

you know, nicky morgan always reminds me of a rather jolly horse - i'm just never quite sure which end

president obendova said...

@revolution is revenge, revenge is repression, repression is the re-establishment of republican power

jamaican maroon wars?

naughty, naughty.

jamaican rebellions?

all sounds very naughty indeed.

one must always have absolute respect for the established authorities and the officers of law-enforcement.

kanny invest - the presidential legacy prospector said...

@president obendova

oh dear, oh dear...seems this blame-dark president has led black people so far up the white establishment's arsehole that they may never be able to find their way out again.

sticky gerbile said...

@the podium-power citizens who meddled (part one)

"where we observe the sad masochistic spectacle of mr cris croc, an african-american comedian, shackling himself in subservient silence for the greater good of his own power-obsessed prestige and pretentiously polite, chummy-cheese relations with his presidential pal in the big white house of imperialist washington holocaust - you know, the one handily built upon a humming green hill of fast forgotten black bodies..."

how fucking sad is that?

isn't that the same self-important self-publicizing scab-artist, who - in the name of shameless celebrity self-promotion and smoothing over a raw-hood race-scandal on behalf of his interfering president chum - fatally undermined the racially conscious black boycott of last year's oscar award-ceremony?

oh...and wasn't maybe the churlish academy's brazen white-washing of last year's oscar awards, just a racially obtuse reaction to the pressure of presidential intervention in the previous year's judging process - which naturally produced the timely political convenience of a black winner in the 'best movie' category...?

...but then who gives a fuck really?

ain't just all the award ceremonies fixed every year by the great all-american institution of a corruption-induced entertainment industry?

eh @kanny invest?

yes, the blame-darky president more like...

certainly when it concerns piss-poor american negroes being wasted on the street by white cops, or being terminally roughed up in racial-harmony by black and white cops alike, under the city of baltimore's culturally-inclusive vanguard beating policy.

certainly when it concerns the genocidal bombing - or alternative forms of democratically-correct mass-murder - of africans, arabs, and asians, in somalia, libya, syria, iraq, and agfhanistan.

...and then, as he and his flopping moral façade fades fast into the humus of historical obscurity, don't forget the cowboy-in-chief's alter-ego, the blame-ducky president, who continues to allow the seriously sick torture and globally-condemned imprisonment of his own gay whistleblower soldier-lad, bradley manning.

good riddance to the blame-everyone-up-to-and-including-donald-fucking-duck president.

racial clarification editor said...

@the chilcox report

i have been alerted by a pig-thick ignorant racist complainant that this comment contains phraseology to which a pig-thick ignorant racist cunt might take serious offence.

the term 'race', as in 'british race', is here reclaimed - in its non-biological, non-genetic sense - and utilized purely in its culturo-geographical sense in order to describe a specific population, as defined by arbitrary geo-political delineation.

tragically the above-mentioned comment has already been serially deleted and automatically spammed out of existence due to primordially prim racial-purist editors 'racially' pre-defining the aforesaid b-word, somewhere in the silly shallows of their subconscious, with illogical reference to the good-old-days when the r-word had no meaning, scientific or otherwise, what-so-fucking-ever.

in today's globally genetic, multi-uncultured britain, how can the description 'british race' ever be understood to denote a 'purely' 'white' or 'english' race', and what type of person could ever take it to be so? when was multi-tribal, multi-ethnic, multi-national britain ever considered to be one genetically streamlined 'race' and not 'mixed'? when was any 'race' worth mentioning not infinitely diverse in its genetic heritage?

what pig-thick ignorant racist cunt invented the political construct of 'race', and why did this political construct happen to gain socio-intellectual traction amongst the political slave-owning élite only when slavery was facing abolition?

if, as i understand it, racial theory is now universally considered to be bogus science, why are 'i'm a silibrity get me outta here' people still taking offence at being called 'racist', and why is any form of expression referring to 'race' being taken seriously at all?

after all, in today's multi-cultural globally inclusive society, we've still got unlimited opportunities to persecute each other on the basis of religion and political ideology, so what's the fucking problem?

bush-brain-craft said...

despite the plain-as-piss fact that no bugger believes a bloody word of the excremental establishment-propping political propaganda which we are currently consistently news-spoon-fed, as if nescient little lie-lapping infants, by our malignant mainstream cia-suckling media-providers...

and despite the all-too-fucking-obvious fact that a significant proportion of the british population now regularly switch to the russia today television channel, much in the same manner as former soviet citizens, during the cold war, used clandestinely to tune into the bbc world service - not particularly to learn about pretty politically propagandized life in an idyllic free foreign state, but more rather to gather some half-sensible idea of what-the-fuck might really be occurring in their own inform-black-out backyard, and to establish, in fairly rough terms, at what-the-flaming-fuck their own corruptly underhand government might be playing...

and despite the permanently inked electoral fact that, in a raging rasping raspberry of undisguised disgust-discordance with mainstream media mantra, well-over half the disillusioned population of both the united kingdom, and then the united states, duly disobeyed the homicidal drum-beat of democratic hierarchy diktat, and point-blank refused to vote for uneducated endorsement of, in britain's case, the neo-conservative european empire and, in america's, neo-conservative clinton world-war...

and despite the fulminating fact that no impartial fucker with any form of functioning intelligence ever believed the fatally faked-news effusing, in a flawless audio-visual flow, from behind the cia-saturated curtain-lines of neo-conservative conquered syria, any more than anyone could have accepted the rudely rustled-up russian ruse of responsible defensive retaliation as a compassionate counter-cover-story concocted for the assiduously anti-human syrian government...

nonetheless, we are today told, in the daily terrorgraph, that air chief mushroom sir strimmed peach has courageously called for all agents of russian influence and other meddling matryoshka moles - essentially comprising anyplonker who's perchance channel-flicked through russia today, anybrit who voted to leave the european empire, anycunt who has ever said anythink a-bit-off about the european empire, anyjock who voted for scottish independence, anysod who isn't instantly sexually aroused by the ultra-anti-erotic thought of mrs hillary rodham clinton stripped down to her surgically-buffed-up bare-essentials, and basically anybastard who has, even inadvertently, ever dared to criticize the immaculate integrity of the british or american political establishment - to be ruthlessly purged from the very ideological bowels of british society.

oh yea, oh yea, everything's just so fucking simple now: you must either worship the bent british establishment...or you're classified by default as an insurgent ruskie spy.

oh no, oh no, there's nothing-the-fuck-wrong with the british and american governments...the real problem is those pesky damn russian agents of political propaganda, who are employing undiluted factual persuasion to poison the pure and simple minds of the great british public against their own great british lords and masters in the palace of westminster.

boris said...

i am boris

boris said...

no, i am boris

boris said...

no, i am boris

boris said...

no, i am boris

don't call me boris said...

may i please state here, absolutely once-and-for-all, that i am not boris: i am the right honourable mr alexander de blunderbus johnson, british foreign fucking secretary...

...and can all the real revolting borises now please bugger off back to bloody borisland or wherever they came from.

j k rollocking said...

@don't call me boris

that's not how you spell 'blunderbuss'.

yes, mark my words: when i become prime-minister of great britain, i'll intern all you ignorant misspelt cunts for grievously bad illiteracy.

wordbury's newsflake said...

@the chilcox report


the daily terrorgraph:

russia accused of waging secret warfare against britain using cyber attacks, espionage and fake news

mmm...air chief mushroom sir stewed peach did not himself actually link the promotion of pro-scottish-independence and anti-european union views with russian espionage and intelligence operations, however, since, in the times and terrorgraph newspapers, his opinions have been reported in strict conjunction with utterly unsourced speculation about the possibility of strategic promotional pushing, by russian espionage and intelligence operations, of pro-scottish-independence and anti-european-union views, and since air chief mushroom sir stewed peach has not in-the-slightest sought to challenge the content of these articles, then it must therefore be taken as fully understood that air chief mushroom sir stewed peach unquestionably wishes his public readership to consider his recent statements to the british media an implicit de facto endorsement of these aforementioned unsubstantiated conspiracy-theories concerning the possibility of subversive promotional pushing, by russian espionage and intelligence operations, of pro-scottish-independence and anti-european-union views.

essentially, our established media has now lied to us so incredibly consistently, about every second subject under the sun, that a considerable proportion of people no longer believe a single side-winding word spouted by this collective neo-conservative news-organ from its thumping great tub of insincerity; in fact, people's profound seeping disbelief of officially-received-news has spread amongst the general population to such an extraordinary extent that millions now automatically, and all-too-fatally, assume all acts of terror to be staged by the cia for the politically expedient effect of undermining our sense of civil security.

judging by the promulgated promiscuity of on-line conspiracy theories, moreover, many currently take it as absolutely read that horrific attacks by extremists hardly ever happen in our happy homogenized homeland, and that - with every due respect to her grieving family - even jo cox is alive and well someplace, having comprehensively failed to pervert the course of the european union referendum by double-dastardly means of a fanatically falsified flag-waving event.

so, in summary of a not-so-nourishing news-bite, our official media has, in fraud's final analysis, simply shot itself right in the fucking foot.

indeed, in my most humified opinion, air chief mushroom sir stewed peach is yet another of our top british brass-necks who needs to take a quick shifty at the queen's regulations, and then promptly resign his position and commission forthwith.

for a thorough examination of previous permissive instances of such unwarranted illegal and unprincipled behaviour by our most highly ranked, honoured, and distinguished generals see:

the eagle has landed...on 'er arse

queen ewizabless the snuffle said...

you know, i weally don't believe the media has gwasped the full and howwible wamifications of a scwump pwesidency...

hrh prinz fillyspit said...

@queen ewizabless the snuffle

oh no, your royal dearness...?

to be honest, i'm rather looking forward to the unprecedented-effect's forthcoming state-visit to the uk...

...reckon we'd probably have a whole bunch of stuff in common, actually.

...seems like the salty old sort of chap with whom one could really have a jolly good jape, what?

the queen of snotty hankies said...

@hrh pwinz fillyspit

my point pwecisely, you silly filly...

...i fear you gwasp the salient tissue at hand exactly.

pencil me in for an early funewal...

...or at the vewie least, a feva with a fuck-off contagious infection.

truth, reconciliation and justice - trump-style said...

@sticky gerbile

if obama wants to look an even bigger inhumanitarian freedom-repressing cunt than he already does, then he will walk imperiously out the door of the white hegemonic house, straight into the fat self-ingratiating self-flattering self-enriching after-dinner-speech circuit of the white washington establishment, and leave internationally celebrated human-rights-activist private bradley manning being psychologically tormented, in the name of a perverse and totalitarian political ideology, behind bars.

freedom to commit genocide will always be more important to the uncaring war-lord obama than freedom of speech and the democratic right of citizens to know of crimes committed by their government in their name.

of course, if opportunity knocks, and president-elect trump wishes to make obama look an even bigger inhumanitarian freedom-repressing cunt than he already does, then he will release private bradley manning immediately upon his presidential inauguration...

...and duly throw wicked war-criminal hillary clinton straight into the same sterile fort leavenworth cell - allowing perhaps just a short cross-over period for an intimate, and altogether inspirational, woman-to-woman talk.

pissed of st putinsburg said...

@truth, reconciliation and justice - trump-style

the united states presidential election was never about how bad donald trump was, but purely about how criminally bad, unconscionably corrupt, and inherently evil hillary clinton was.

dodgy donald's trump card was always going to be hillary "klu-clucking" clinton - probably the most hated and despised woman in the whole world, not-to-mention acting boss of the most despicable and murderous crime-syndicate to haunt god's good earth since the nazis - who was somehow selected as presidential candidate by the corrupt cream of american democratic intelligentsia, now irrevocably curdled.

on behalf of the democrat's crooked neo-conservative white house administration, the cia twice sought to interfere immorally in the leadership election of the british labour party - by dint of fake-news and downright dirty lies.

god damn america.

on behalf of the democrat's crooked neo-conservative white house administration, supreme cia slags tony blair and hilary benn have twice attempted to block, by any means necessary, the rebirth of socialism from the toxic neo-conservative ashes of the british labour party.

god damn america.

if cia-spanner christopher spiel is truly in possession of evidence which compromises the integrity of president-elect donald trump, then why not let him bear witness before a public court or congressional committee? there are, after all, no actual reports of death-threats having been made against this pillock of the british security establishment?

if the cia truly possesses evidence of russian-backed hacking into democratic party computer-servers, then why not identify the alleged russian-agents who committed this crime?

as a long suffering member of the global television-viewing public, i truly wish the evil american empire, comprising the washington establishment and its criminally crap intelligence agencies, would put up or fucking shut up.

...and at the end of the day, who bloody cares if a proud russian patriotart slashed on trump's bed? trump obviously didn't - the perv paid for the privilege.

i blame pissy riot myself.

between a frock and a hard face said...

@truth, reconciliation and justice - trump-style

conversely, if obama fails to release globally respected human-rights activist bradley manning, and trump subsequently follows suit...

...then obama will forever become a prime object of hatred for the political left, and cause célèbre for right-minded humanitarians, the world over.

sexton barack said...

@between a frock and a hard face

only a very stupid person would leave his fate in the hands of donald j trump, only a very stupid person would leave a lingering anti-libertarian legacy blowing precariously in the winds of the political wilderness...

...yet i fear, judging by the immorality of his previous actions and inactions, that president barack obama is just that person, and will leave private manning atrophying in ideological jail-agony, as a supremely grotesque monument to his own self-induced stupidity and cruelty.

here lies oblama - a man eternally incarcerated in his own conceit.

pissed at the press-coverage not the act said...

@pissed of st putinsburg

well, no-one's exactly sure whether those deviants responsible for this insurgent inundation installation were, perhaps, members of the radical 'donkey's tail' movement, or alternatively, activists belonging to some surrealist splinter faction - possibly from a secret cubicle of socialist realist extremists - but anyhow, apparently, a mob of monged-out muscovixens on magic-mushrooms went and pissed on obama's pristine presidential suite, with the utterly unintended consequence, according to completely reliable vodka-enhanced russian secret-service sources, that the resulting masterpiece of conceptual komsomol modern art did duly inspire mr trump to piss on obama's preferred candidate for the 2016 presidential election.

andrex putinkelsky directed the movie, i hear, and since its precipitate production, has through modesty, attempted to downplay effusive aesthetic comparisons with sir g wiesenstrain epics, such as urin the tinkabelle, alexander neverpees, the bottomshit poostinkem, golden october: ten sprays that soaked the world, and his splatter classic slash.

now, whilst understandably rather riled about the awful antagonistic anti-trump spin - which the nasty neo-con news-press are piquantly imparting upon this symphorny peathétique - trump-voters are nevertheless all dying to get to peecture houses across the bust-belt, and in point of fact simply flooding to the flicks, just to get their full fill of footage from hit foreign flush-movie the desecration of weestream democracy.

ms shale-gas obama said...

@pissed at the press-coverage not the act

ha...après nous le donald.

vlad the impala said...

@pissed of st putinsburg

you know, to be honest, i fancied mrs clinton for president...

you know, a modern-day countess báthory...

she would've been perfect for the vamp rôle in the creepy castle of horrors on the hill, in my professional opinion...

but that was until i found out about her 'friend and mentor' robert "i shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side...rather i should die a thousand times, and see old glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds" byrd, the former klu klux klan recruiter...

obviously, i could never endorse the protégée of a racist, or even, for that matter, the protégée of a reformed racist, as president of the united bloodsuckers of america...

however, to give bob byrd his due, he did turn over a new leaf, eventually, yet only after the democrats decided to adopt civil-rights legislation, when he suddenly realized, that in order to further his political career, he would have to fall in line with his 'progressive' party, miscegenate his views, and blend, to become a 'progressive' democrat...

of course, beyond overt racism, byrd's far greater crime was to support president obama, who crossed me by immorally monopolizing global vampirism...

in byrd's favour nevertheless, i am obliged to mention his opposition - on strategic not moral grounds - to the iraq war, where so much blood was spilt, to no good purpose...

career career career chamaeleon said...

@vlad the impala


what a revelation about billy-bob byrd, eh...?

wow, i guess his conversion must have been roughly on a fucking par with st paul's on the road to damascus...

who knows...maybe there's still hope that boy-judge jeff "joint" sessions - trump's most ill-judged appointment, by a long chalk - will change colour too...?

raising a false-flag over the reichstag said...

@pissed at the press-coverage not the act

interesting that old fox trump reckoned the perpetrators of the pissygate leak to be akin to nazis...

...indeed, who's to say that he didn't leak the whole story himself, just to divert media-attention away from the dodgier details of his claim to have completely renounced control of the trumpire business interests, and also in order to comprehensively flush out fanatical anti-trump media with a wriggling red russian herring?

dj sump - drainpipe-dreamer said...

@ms shale-gas obama

that's a miss-quote - don't you mean "déluge" not "donald" darling.

yeah, i always said the obama administration was antediluvian.

@raising a false-flag over the reichstag

all fake-news by the way

@career career career chamaeleon

i can assure you that boy-judge jeffrey bogrimguard sessions hails from the very best scots-irish-english stock, has absolutely no internal psycho-racial conflicts what-so-ever, and integrity-wise, is whiter than a well-starched klinsman's white halloween costume.

loves children and cute little furry animals - preferably roasted on the pointy end of a sharp stick over a blazing campfire

accepts full responsibility for his part in the holocaust

and never taken a dive either.

born: jeff bogrearguard sessions

born again: jeff bigreefer sessions

born again: jeff bigrogue sessions

born again: jeff bigbastard sessions

born again: jeff bigretrograde sessions

born again: jeff bigregress sessions

born again: jeff bigregrade sessions

something suspectly serendipitous i found in a swamp

now my atturdy general

great at diggin' pit-latrines i hear

and then falling right back in 'em

so give him a break's got a shit-load-a-work to do:

first job's gonna be clearing up the really unpleasant mess mr obama kindly left me on my doorstep...

and behind the russian-reprograde sofa in my plush new living-room...

and on my freshly upholstered and mighty-commodious armchair-throne convertible

and on the very very expensive deep-pile stair-carpet...

and in afroscam lancôme's historic antique bed

and our four-fucking-acre galactic-emperor-sized fifty-four-poster

and you know, melony's really upset about the one he did out the back in the state glasshouse

that's where she wants to cultivate her juicy-fruity horticultural assets - which, if the truth be told, won us the election all-out - they need plenty of sunshine, you see

no, i'm not gonna call the previous pres an animal, or a mad-monkey-on-meth, or anything common, crude or racial like that...

no cuz...quite frankly...


in his place...i wudda done the exact darn-same dirty double-dastard dumping thing.


first lady of the lav said...

@dj sump - drainpipe-dreamer

"and you know, melony's really upset about the one he did out the back in the state glasshouse"

that one's mine motherfucker

steve baboon - whitefart poos said...

@first lady of the lav

my god - she did that one right on top of the glass-ceiling, without even breaking it

incredible fucking product placement

countess crack-tongue said...

oh this tossing teutonic tit...this too too turgid twatface...this trump-mistake tartare...what a bloody bloody first-class fucking fiasco...

t'was billed to be my magical emancipation from the institutional prick-envy of conditioned esthetic expression...a mighty unmellow exhibitionist epilogue to my power-pawing pussy-promulgating prime-minister-pulverizing career as top perennial termagant bitch...a truly ceiling-cracking, cock-crunching, bollock-bursting, political-hymen-ripping triumph of worldwide womanhood over the diversity-virginal establishment of unthawed thespian arousal from the artistic trippy trannical kinky king lear with a democratically defrosted unchained celebration of the inexorably exploding electoral vagina succeeding vengefully unto the highmost enseamed seat of putrid any bastard impolitical route available...the sexual revolution irrevocably redressed...oh yes...yes...yes...

but oh no...


and bugger

(end of soliloquy)

what woe, what travesty: what malicious mutant malestrom of towering insolent ignorance did untimely conspire so cruelly to undoeth me?

what a friggin' five-star feminist fuck-up.

moi...queen of dodgy porno-art-film parts...left centre-stage in the greatest arsing acting arena on earth...the lewd unliberated laughing-stock of london...looking king fucking gooseberry cunt.

(exit up own rectum)


the wandering minx-troll said...

@career career career chamaeleon

"who knows...maybe there's still hope that boy-judge jeff "joint" sessions - trump's most ill-judged appointment, by a long chalk - will change colour too...?"

due to an e-mail-inbox crammed full of sharply punctuated complaints from exceedingly irate english language scholars, i am duty-bound to apologize, in multiple terms, for the clearly dreadful and altogether unforgivable typographical error contained within the above-quoted sentence:

please substitute the correct word "colours" for the inappropriate "colour".

whilst naturally i am sure that no-one actually expects boy-judge bogrimguard to 'go afro', as it were...

...nevertheless i am equally convinced that, should the new wog-fingerer general ever choose to undergo such a 'reverse michael jackson' procedure, his preference for radical racial-reassignment would, in today's thankfully progressive western society, be universally regarded as a genuine gesture of cross-cultural goodwill.

golfleiter scrump said...

you know i luv the english nation - great people, great people

gonna do them a great deal, real good business deal

we're gonna link up just nice, guys

be one big happy club

in one itsy-bitty little country

wages'll be reduced right-down to one good old-fashioned schilling

per month

great for business - american business - my type of business

but wait-up folks wait-up

for everyone on welfare, my national golf circus'll be free-at-the-point-of-tee-off

yes folks


trust me i'm a trump

luv the english i do

i'd never tell the anglos that leaving the european union would be a good idea, if that weren't absolutely true...

hey, would i?

i'd never view a lame-duck uk, cast helplessly adrift in the atlantic ocean, as an easy target for an aggressive exploitative trade-deal...

now, would i?

coz why wudna ich wanna be freunds with ze engländer und sassenach-schweinhunde?

och-aye ich bin ja jerry-joch-american krautenscot krautenjoch-man, nicht wahr?


i can tee-off too?

gee thanks buddy

luv the wall by-the-way...

hey, ask hadrian if i can buy it...

...and then reconstruct the thing over in arizona?

whitefart news - the anus of aryan anthropology said...

@golfleiter scrump

sir, your animosity towards the anglo-saxon english may well be ethnically misplaced...

...for the germanic 'anglo-saxon' migration to sub-roman britain included people from the european frankish coast, and whilst your großvater, fred, did not hail from this precise region, his family nevertheless originated from kallstadt in frankish territory, now part of present-day germany.

given that your mother was a proper scottish celt from the isle of lewis, i would gauge that you are almost certainly a genetically-muddled mixed-race mongrel mut, much like the majority of brits, and for that matter, americans...

...however, on the flipside of fate, i, and any united states federal official, can, with reasonable confidence, respectfully certify your father, fred the fully-fledged frankish fraudster, to be exactly what it says on the tin.

material freely fleeced from:

the legend of donald and the golden fleece

how the feds were fleeced

authorized trumpography: feet both sides of the fence: a free-loading family business

next week:

kicked out of africa: skeletal-evidence confirms trump family's tragic deportation from african rift-valley 80000 years ago...

...and the pits: how recently unearthed remains reveal primordial trump ancestor as crucial missing-link in the evolution of modern golf-course-design...

...includes special investigation by arch-anorak neil soillover into missing-link's missing bollocks, what they might've been used for, and why the fuck they finished buried in an unplayable lie in a bronze-age bloody bunker.

jumping jean editor said...

@whitefart news - the arsehole of aryan anthropology

"given that your mother was a proper scottish celt from the isle of lewis, i would gauge that you are almost certainly a genetically-muddled mixed-race mongrel mut, much like the majority of brits, and for that matter, americans..."

shouldn't that read "all brits...and americans?"?

and all humans really...

it's the condition of survival, the bonking biological magnetism of subconsciously managed mongrelism.

dr gaz gastroplod said...

@whitefart news - the arsehole of aryan anthropology

half celt, half anglo-saxon?




as a highly acclaimed authority on the side-effects of experimental sex, i would venture to suggest that trump's probably best classified as, what we experts term, politically progressive progeny: the product of a night of passion between a slug and a snail.

or maybe even a republican and a democrat...

after all, who knows what wild acts of inter-reptile perversion may be enacted nightly behind the closed establishment curtains of washington and new york...?

but in any event, definitely a considerably more advanced species than has previously slimed it's sly way into the american presidential office.

inogreration day said...

a day of stark societal and sartorial contrasts:

at the united states capitol, we observed the dignified hand-over of ceremonial state-power from one bunch of psychotic american gangsters to another...

aesthetically set against the wild-fire streets of washington dc, where violent clinton-supporting hooligans helpfully reminded the american electorate of its fundamental motivation for rejecting the unashamed criminality endemic within the united states democratic party...

and then on a patently personal level, we were treated to a globally showcased promenade of the ultra-chicly packaged fresh first-lady of the united slavic states...

beautifully and charmingly juxtaposed against an un-self-conscious sack of potatoes sewn into a saville-road-suit - the, admittedly sober, somewhat better-groomed version of seriously-slovenly-mannered diplo-disaster, and all-round anti-suave activist, sir les patterson, who has now been duly sworn in as 45th president of the greatest civic-shambles on god's mother-fucking-earth.

one can only hope, and pray, that the incumbent brash-white president's unruly, undemocratic opponents will duly be good-mannered enough to afford him the same unreserved courtesy shown his african-american predecessor - and politely refrain from shooting the broad-mouthed cunt.

plus ça change, plus c'est la même cia-run slaughter-show - part one said...

yes, "plus ça change, plus c'est la même cia-run fucking shambles".

the president of the united states has changed, but the cia is still running the crude-neo-colonial-siphoning-show, big-time, and those oil-guzzlin'-cia-gangsters gonna make trump look just as cheap a muslim-murdering chump as they did obama.

obama may nominally have been president of the united states of america, but everyone always knew that, in reality, it was "hillary war-crim" clinton, selflessly strapped to the unofficial helm of the cia, who was pulling obama's pathetic puppet-strings - right from the cheap political artifice of his inauguration-day, through all eight long devilrous years in which he acted as a tawdry democratic decoration in the evil office.

now, it's trump's turn, and panto-master clinton's still yanking away at those presidential puppet-strings - even letting prime-minister may, the president-reject's hopeless flying-saucer of an apprentice, have a teeny tug too, from the other side of the north atlantic stage of free-trade farce...

...could get painful.

of course, an alternative "punch-and-judy" theory has been proposed - by radical marionette-string-deniers-of-accepted-current-thinking - which is predicated upon the somewhat unsavoury supposition that control-meister clinton has her hands firmly inserted up both trump and may's arses, simultaneously...

...although obviously, for reasons of middle-class metaphorical taste and decency, we'd really rather not go there, thank you...

...could explain the hanky-panky handy-holding thingy, tho'...

meanwhile, all real news has been deliberately blanketed over by comprehensive cia-co-ordinated media-coverage of the mass-cia-charade of hysterical anti-trump demonstrations... such an irrational extent that even the mass-murder of muslims at a mosque in quebec, canada, was crassly pushed down to second-spot in the television evening-news-stream by incessant, obsessive interviews with chorusing caucuses of liberally outraged people - seemingly living in a blissfully brainwashed, reality-buffered state of complete ignorance - who, whilst proudly holding citizenship of western countries already globally recognized to boast some of the strictest and most anti-libertarian immigration controls on the planet, were nevertheless absurdly purporting to protest in fury against a few further, albeit discriminative, trump-tweaks to the existing fanatical fascist framework of restricted freedom of movement...

...and never mind the mini-mỹ lai massacre in yakla, yemen - carried out by american 'special' forces, the us navy seal commandos - where the life and liberty of a whole village were summarily destroyed in the perverted american pursuit of ideological happiness...

...yet all accounts of civilian casualties cynically ignored by western media for days, and the atrocious attack barely mentioned by news-teams at the time of occurrence.

some reports are circulating of up to 57 being killed in this assassination-operation - including 41 al qaeda militants, 8 women, and 8 children - however, other reports state that about 30 civilians have been killed.

so where were the organized worldwide protests over this extra-judicial execution of muslims?

(continued in part two below)

plus ça change, plus c'est la même cia-run slaughter-show - part two said...

(continued from part one above)

according to middle east eye:

eight-year-old daughter of al-qaeda ideologue awlaki killed in us raid on yemen

the daughter of al-qaeda ideologue anwar al-awlaki, who was killed in a us drone strike in 2011, was among children killed in a us raid on al-qaeda militants in yemen on sunday.

"she was hit with a bullet in her neck and suffered for two hours," said the eight-year-old's grandfather.

"why kill children? this is the new administration - it's very sad, a big crime," nasser al-awlaki told the reuters news agency.

the daughter of shaykh anwar al-awlaqi is martyred in the us raid in yemen today. obama killed his son and now trump kills his daughter...

..."the operation began at dawn when a drone bombed the home of abdulraouf al-dhahab, and then helicopters flew up and unloaded paratroopers at his house and killed everyone inside," one resident said, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"next, the gunmen opened fire at the US soldiers who left the area, and the helicopters bombed the gunmen and a number of homes and led to a large number of casualties."

a yemeni security officer and a local official corroborated that account. fahd, a local resident who asked that only his first name be used, said several bodies remained under debris and that houses and the local mosque were damaged in the attack.

apparently, the mission was planned under the obama presidency, but not specifically presented to the obama administration for approval, therefore final authorization was delayed...

...and then soon after his inauguration, without receiving adequate intelligence or being properly briefed, president trump gave this disaster-waiting-to-happen the final go-ahead - thus continuing the previous president's genocidal policies and respectfully ensuring obama's legacy of mass-civilian slaughter in yemen and the wider middle-east.

oh yeah, donald trump sure is making up for the lost killing-field opportunities he once missed as a result of accidentally avoiding the dodgy draft during the belting napalmic-war butchering of rustic việt cộng.

the news service linked to al qaeda in yemen claim that 16 missiles were fired into 3 houses, and judging from the eye-witness account, included above, and other reports, it appears that most of the missiles were launched during the fierce battle, when an american gunship-helicopter and 2 harrier jets provided air-support-fire by rocketing and strafing fighting-positions located within village-buildings... basically, because yemeni locals had had the high impertinence to shoot back at the heavily-armed americans who had initially attacked them, their village, and many of its inhabitants, were vindictively wasted, gestapho-style, in order to eliminate all possible resistance - and thus ensure the completely unendangered evacuation of the insurgent american soldiers, regardless of cost to civilian life.

so where were the manic street protests over this blatant war-crime against muslims?

were not the cia offended by this war-crime against muslims?

oh sorry... must have been an official cia-authorized war-crime.

yes, in the coming months of truth-trumpadeddon, expect a good many more worldwide cia-orchestrated protests acting as flannel-news-coverage-camouflage for a good many more united-states-military-perpetrated civilian massacres - especially in syria and iraq.

information sources:

cbs news:

us service member killed, 3 wounded in surprise yemen raid

(continued in part three below)

plus ça change, plus c'est la même cia-run slaughter-show - part three said...

(continued from part two above)

nbc news:

inside the navy seal raid in yemen targeting al qaeda

wpri eyewitness news:

us soldier killed and three wounded during raid in yemen


military: first-known combat death since trump in office


us raid on al-qaeda in yemen: what we know so far

carbonated tv:

trump approved strike that killed us seal, 8-year-old girl


civilians, including children ‘likely’ killed in yemen raid – us military


yemen al-qaeda: us says civilians 'likely' killed in raid

daily mail:

civilians 'likely' killed in us raid in yemen: pentagon


us raid destroyed most of yemen village, fm blasts ‘extrajudicial killing’


yakla raid

the guardian:

questions mount over botched yemen raid approved by trump


trump’s yemen raid killed newborn baby and scores of civilians

global research:

one yemeni child dies every 10 minutes from war-related starvation

don't do as we do, just do as we say said...

@plus ça change, plus c'est la même cia-run slaughter-show - part one

maybe the cia had a little word with their friends in al qaeda and set up an ambush in yemen for trump's storm-troopers to walk right into?

personally, i'm against the restrictions upon freedom of movement ordered by the president, but if mr trump insists upon enforcing travel-bans from certain middle-eastern and african countries - many of them irrevocably war-ravaged by the consequences of immoral united states military invasion or proxy-intervention - then the moral corollary of such drastic action must surely be also to prohibit further american interference in those same countries, and to withdraw american armed forces from the troubled region completely.

to block from entering the united states the citizens of specific nations, whilst yet continuing to attack and raid those sovereign nations, definitely smacks of the habitual imperial american hypocrites 'wanting to have their cake and eat it'.

nato checking claim that us airstrikes killed 22 afghan civilians

president donald one-dum-wall said...

@don't do as we do, just do as we say

we are one nation, with one hypocritical heart, one horribly bigoted home, one heck-of-a-hate-filled god...

...and with one highly-loaded rule for us, but quite another for all those foreign mother-fuckers who worship a different deity with a dodgy foreign-sounding name.

god bless america...

...and fuck everyone else.

the indiscreet luxury of bourgeois offence said...

(eye-witness-comment time-delayed by undemocratic demands of unavoidable smuggling process from united neo-con-media no-thought zone)

@inogreration day

conviction-conflict comfy in their carbon-catastrophic hot-tailed jet-sticks, multitudes of miffed american middle-class moaners - from every conceivable, lava-spewing, magma-oozing corner of volcanic-park mordor - flew into washington, on an ever-so ecologically-dirty weekend, in pouty-shouty protest at their own corrupt war-crime-riddled candidate's fucking hilarious failure to be proven slightly less bloody barbaric than the disgustingly sexist, racist, mult-eye-prejudiced fuck-pig of a man, who had - in an obnoxiously obtuse fit of common ideological consciousness, supposedly brought on by the socially inappropriate sour-sweat of an environmentally-über-unfriendly epiphany on the white 'n windy road to an unnamed east-european sauna-stroke-massage-parlour - so proudly slouched to stand as her socially and ethically objectionable adversary.

subsequently, these decently-financed familiars of fascism and well-heeled agents of the affluent socio-political élite proceeded, in most cruelly arrogant and condescending fashion, to rip into and raucously ridicule this successful opposition-candidate's simply unsophisticated supporters on account of them being, in effect, far too impecunious even to have considered travelling, on the previous day, to attend his official inauguration ceremony as lawfully elected president, let alone in so equally richful numbered throng of state-synchronized sanctimonious self-approbation as, on that following reactive day, they, the precious privileged protesters, were themselves so able to do - the sick contrarierty inherent within this undemanded denigration, of course, being that the victorious opposition-candidate's poor, scorned supporters incidentally constituted a craven class of persons, who were, indeed, directly impoverished by sneer-virtue of the serial selfish actions sanctioned by the prevailing parasitic establishment-of-all-the-perversely-preached-pretensions, from whose power-addicted advocates they now irrationally received this fanatically inconsistent ideological derision.

coming soon to your local blog:

the shrek-factor: tragic secret to trump's oddly irresistible lovability