Saturday, 11 October 2008

prop-a-gate: didn't they do well!

by employing their last publicly funded breath to resuscitate terminally ill banks, bush, brown and the other political vampires of the western world have drained the lifeblood of the welfare state to infuse their avaricious kith and kin with prolonged parasitical powers

by destroying the natural auto-immune system of the free-market (its self-educatory facility to reward success and punish failure) with the poison of quicksilver, our leaders have propagated the malignant growth of short-termism

socialism and capitalism corrupted in a single perverted coup-de-grace

of course, the social welfare blood-bank has been used for decades as cover for the dark powers to tax-off the fruit of honest industry

but now the crescendo of their craving has demanded a whack-up final fix

an oppression overdose

government has exercized its democratic prerogative and exhibited a perpetual preference to rob peter in order to pay-off paul

so why does peter still prefer government?


invisible manifesto said...

if we have no knowledge, how can we have preference?

power in my pocket said...

nothing works out when you work for nothing

on the rock of gordon said...

No, Mr Spark Up, you misrepresent my macro-economic strategy entirely. What I have here devised is simply a National Lottery for tax-payers - in order to satisfy the incredible demand for this nation's prime service industry. It is envisaged that Olympic Fluttering (as I fondly prefer to term it) will not contravene any Equal Opportunities legislation, since there will be no winners, and will probably transpire to become the only event staged at the forthcoming 2012 Games - where I intend to represent Great Britain personally. Indeed, I have been advised that the odds on my...sorry our...number coming up...are extremely favourable.

Up yours Johnson! Get out of that one, you clever cunt!

The New Deal. Socialism made simple.

sammy johnson junior said...

Oh shit.

Tax, a lottery for fools.

a ewg dosi fuk said...

...and now for something completely bollocks

spark up said...


Oh piss off Guido and get a life.

conscious pilot said...


anyone fancy a crucifixion?

codumbo, an icelandic banker in london said...

After a cursory investigation into the wetonation of the Great British economy, and an examination of the criminal's MO, I have deduced that all evidence points conclusively to Gordon Brown being the true identity of Guido Fawkes.

samuel creeps said...


oooooooooooh Gordon! firemen just turn me on something rotten!

got the bird said...

uncannily, the government's present position on the crash correlates perfectly to the current condition of one of my relationships:

she said: "i want us both to be comfortable"

i read: if she's not, neither will i be