Saturday, 4 October 2008

the guido fawkes friday caption competition (boy from brazil edition)

take part in the famous guido fawkes friday caption competition

here on spark up!

register your witty entry in the comments section below

(safe in the knowledge that you will not be helping fawkes to help himself to any more wealth than he already has, the greedy cunt)

everyone's a winner:

if i raise enough money i can sue the bastard!


economic restraint said...

to the huge relief of labour faithful, mandy and reinaldo return to put gordon on an extremely short leash

boom with a view said...

hey sweetie, i'd like to stop for a capuccino...

let's find a convenient lampost and tie gordon to it...just not too high up...he's afraid of heights

innocent question said...

GF CAP COMP: October 3, 2008 4:02 PM

Anonymous said...
replace the word 'gay' with 'black' and the comments on this blog would be illegal and amazingly offensive. how old are you guys? Shame on you lot- its 2008 for goodness sake.

So...aren't black men allowed to fuck each other up the arse then daddy?

old ma cleanspeak said...


Isn't it past your bed-time, little boy?

gordon the altruist said...

That's my boy!

(always happy to do my bit for a good cause)

lee jassperv said...


Absolutely. To deny the Black man this privilege would be an altogether appalling abuse of his god-given Human Rights. And, I'm afraid to say, this comment on Guido Fawkes is all too typical a reminder of an increasingly brutal British intolerance and a glaring reflection of the raw racist reality suffered by every ethnic minority in the UK today.

trev frillips obe said...


Quite so, old boy.

mrs lawrence said...

lee, trev

I really don't know what we'd do without gaysorry guys like you two.