Monday, 6 October 2008

boris freewheels towards fascism

boris johnson's mpa-led inquiry into metropolitan police racism was just too obvious, hardly imaginative

he pushed blair, great, but then he had to

in light of very smelly financial revelations (which required a good strong flushing),
untidy corpses,
a disappointing lack of timely bombs with which the chief might opportunely intimidate us into prostrating ourselves before his rank indispensability,
too great a focus on nicking black officers/black inner city youths,
and to cap it all: the rather embarrassing incident of a handful of coppers who failed to buy a valid ticket at the oval underground-station - and then proceeded to steam a tube-train full of commuters

instigating an in-house inquiry into the fucking obvious though boris?

the length of a football match to finish off sean rigg?

great result

if not abolish the evil bob altogether

consider exhibiting the entire collection of conscious constables outside the national gallery in pigeon square for the mum of all bollockings...dressed-down...for a life-study...with a crushed watermelon and a sweet street kiss

(did the boys catch boris without lights on his bike, make him push it home or something? whatever they got on him, he's not pedalling hard enough for sure)


black-on-black excuse for metropolitan clay pigeon shoot said...

About time too. I've had it up to here with being pulled for committing mixed-race car-rides.

the bad apple of his eye said...

too great a focus on nicking black officers/black inner city youths

and not enough emphasis on investigating the shady ones, right?