Friday, 10 October 2008

share dump: follow the markets guided by the analytical acumen of our finest financial brain...from the comfort of your own bog

when i checked the ftse 100 index earlier today, i was immediately concerned by its somewhat erratic and uncharacteristic behaviour

it was going


but fortunately it did not take long for normal business to be resumed as london took it's cue from new york and shares began to do do what they do best

fucking plummet!

go on boys! get down there!

you know you want to!

go on my son! go on my son! you can do it!

jump! jump! jump!

dive! fucking dive! fucking dive!

the bottom's not anywhere near fucking enough!

dow jones 9000 psychological barrier

is it fuck!

i'm gagging to savour a minus 9000 share-shafting barrier-rogering bank-buggering global-gang-banging fucking bust!

with added freefall fiscal frissons

and get buffeted shitless by the resultant monetary fucking boom!

go pike into eternal fucking liquidation

you know it makes sense!

go bask bare-assed on the cool polished rocks of oblivion my worthless beauties