Tuesday, 4 November 2008

win/lose: obama result cool with afro-yankees


spark up! can now furnish its faithful readers with the blinding results of a sophisticated new lightening-strike opinion poll...

(sample: one randomly selected black american tourist enjoying a beer and the sweet sassy sounds of the anointed jackson sisters at london's new orleans festival)

"yeah man. if the muddlaroad guy wins, he sure our favorite black homeboy. if he lose, he just some motherfucker honky has-bin."

thanks to mr pick hedge, who describes himself as 'mister joe main-street floten' voter'

the foregoing interview was carried out by scat (southern crumbfart & twisters) and specially commissioned at no particular expense to this organisation


mixed harmony said...

guido fawkes: november 3, 2008 11:36 PM

Ampers said...

Obama is half white and half black.

Blacks in America should also note that he was brought up by his white mother and his black father was a womaniser and a drunkard who was not around.

I think a lot of people will not realise this. As have the BBC not realised it.

So PRESUMABLY the white half will continue to perpetrate a sick race-war against muslims in afghanistan

whilst the black half will subvert the domestic US economy with the brown syrup bail-out of socialism

rip-out riff-raucous purple haze in the chapel of evangelism

and to top off mama's half-baked apple pie...

crack one out in the all-american white dream

negative equity said...

"yeah man. if the muddlaroad guy wins, he sure our favorite black homeboy. if he lose, he just some motherfucking honky."

well i mus say. us white folks can never agree with that there ignorant statement at all! hell no! we gonna give quite the opp-o-site view, sir! if obama enter tha hoval hoffice he gonna become so white the harse gonna look black! yesseree!

this country can never be united under this divisive poli-ti-shan!