Thursday, 30 December 2010

curtailed words

timed-out reply to comment by flyswatter, 29 december 2010 2:57am, on the guardian article, ivory coast violence forces thousands to flee:

a) britain is a full-member of the european union.

b) there was in existence "free movement in all direction plus transcontinental trade" before slavery, colonialism, and democracy, and it did not come dependent upon conditions such as westernized laws, westernized taxes, westernized identification papers, and highly corruptible and unstable westernized systems of government which allow cynical discrimination against minorities.

c) the governmental systems of china, russia, and the united states were, by-and-large, developed internally by their own inhabitants, and not imposed by externally-based exploitative forces. in any case, i'm not a citizen of the afore-mentioned blocs, so why should i criticize the domestic arrangements in place there?

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