Wednesday, 1 December 2010

clipped words

comment deleted from captain ranty blog ('gratuitous snowy sex' thread):

"red edit" miliband (mob-rule) said...


i wouldn't take the pee out of diane if i were you...we'll use our secret network of activists to organize a massive 5-year-long campaign of harrassment against you - this will include: the planting of highly illegal covert surveillance equipment in your bog, your bedroom and your shower, intimidation (physical and mental), blackmail, and widespread smearing; your housemates, acquaintances and close friends will be encouraged to spy on you and fuck-up your life, your phone and computer will be tapped, eavesdropped, and hacked 24 hours a day, you will be tracked everywhere, snotty interns will be posted near your address to monitor your intellectual and sexual output (which will then be relayed back to you via spam e-mail), you will be befriended by undercover party members who will do everything possible to waste your time and energy, and you will be appointed a minder whose task will be to "control" you; schoolteachers, jobcentre staff, working links new deal advisors, council workers, and social security fraud investigators will be briefed to make your life as uncomfortable as possible; serving and retired civil service fraud officers will moonlight in order to supervize operations against you, your identity will be stolen, your writing plagiarized, and the proceeds split between the mob - and if your marriage is on the rocks, we will happily hammer home the final nails into its coffin-lid by inducing family members (sympathetic to the cause) to make your life hell. you will be falsely deemed a 'threat to national security' by the security services, and our actions will receive the full backing of our friends in the white house...and all because the lady loves the labour party...but hey...that's socialism*!

*a philosophy which, along with personal political ambition, is obviously of far greater importance than any notion of simple humanity, for god's sake. you are a mere private citizen without any political affiliation: pay your taxes that we may enjoy and abuse the fruits of your graft and invention, shut your mouth, and do as you're told by party members (your social superiors).

copied to: diane abbott, david cameron, ed miliband, nick clegg

update 01.12.10 17.47hrs:

comment now mysteriously re-instated on captain ranty blog...

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three card drag said...

that's the way the cookie crumbles, spark up, for now and for evermore, amen: the socialists' take on equality is to make everyone else as miserable, fucked-up and twisted as they are. socialism promotes forcible inclusion; conservatism promotes forcible exclusion; liberalism forces people to do fuck all good for anyone; cuntheads the lot of 'em - that's british bloody politics in a nutshell.