Friday, 5 April 2013

write to rant

tonight's guest in our freedom-to-look-a-berk slot is the politician with the pursed lips, mr george odballs - i believe he has a few emotional words to say about a mindless outrage which has recently hit the news headlines:

yes, duncan smith is responsible for these absolutely horrendous crimes and these are crimes that have shocked the nation; the courts are responsible for sentencing him.

but i think there is a question for government and for society about the welfare state...and the sort of people who deliberately burn it down killing all those innocent young children who seek shelter within it - taxpayers are subsidizing the outrageously licentious lifestyles of career criminals like duncan smith, and i think that debate needs to be had.

ok, thank you - that's it really. 
why's my bloody car been clamped?


iain d'arson smith said...

get you ducky, you're a dishonest double-dealing non-tax-paying parasite on public funds, odborne - you've just been nicked with a dodgy blue disabled-parking-badge and are now under investigation for fraudulently claiming disability living allowance (or whatever the holy fuck it is i've changed its name to).

doctor democracy said...

parked in a disabled bay eh?

quite an economic admission to be fair - an apt analogy for the state of the british economy...

...or is odborne perhaps not telling us the whole truth (and nothing but the truth)?