Sunday, 7 April 2013

a precipitate of petitions

yep, you heard it on spark up! first:

the petition, challenging iain duncan smith to survive for an entire year eating only his own words, has given birth (out of wedlock) to a bouncing little baby petition - eminent biologists examining the phenomenally rapid rate of reproduction are speculating that some strange form of asexual budding is probably responsible for the recent emergence of the spewing spluttering sprog.

if you care to sign this new letter petitioning the prime minister of the united kingdom to either sack iain duncan smith or demand his resignation, please hurry - as space on the page is limited and demand high.


spark up said...


darren lynch, the gentleman who initiated the launch of this latest petition, has just contacted me and expressed his wish to personally thank spark up! district nurse, teresa twatitch, for her charitable contribution to the cause.

comrade crumpet said...

yessir, spark up, teresa twatitch is the true embodiment of political activism in the uk today - you'll never get that level of commitment from the happy-clappy fascists over on the slog.