Monday, 8 April 2013

moribund maggie merks miliband

in a final impeccably-timed stroke of dedicated disruptive political defiance, baroness splatcha has, for the greater good of the conservative party, selflessly snuffed it in order to block out news headlines of iain dunderhead smith's impending parliamentary demise as he slowly succumbs to public-pressure under an a4 avalanche of incendiary anti-government petitions and slow-burning leftwing lawsuits.

we salute the strategic stealth of the ironing lady's stubborn churchillian spirit, but are still seeking to locate any serious solid evidence of a viable social conscience.


iain dirkhand smith said...

well...obviously it was either her or me - so...deftly disguising myself, i donned a dirty old raincoat, slipped silently into her luscious recovery suite at the ritz, and in a sudden frenzied flash-feeling of sympathy showed her the enormous size and extent of my peculiar personal admiration for her long exciting political legacies, her sizzlingly sensational oratory skills, and the delightfully deregulated state in which she left her private business sector.

ken vibraphone said...

brrilliant expozzzé zzpark up - althhough actuallly i rathhher thhink thhat the baronezz died monthzz ago but thhe toriezz kept thhe corpzzze on ize until a conv-v-v-v-v-v-venient day to burry bad newzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.