Friday, 5 April 2013

the skeletons in obama's legacy

south-londoner shaker aamer has been held in guantanamo bay detention facility for 11 years without being charged or tried.  in common with about three-quarters of the inmates in the black hole of congress, mr aamer is now on hunger strike - he has lost 30lbs in weight.

the director of the legal charity reprieve, clive stafford smith, has urged the uk government to do more to help shaker aamer:

shaker has a wife and four british kids – one of whom he’s never met – in london. the uk just accepts routine assurances from the us that all is well, when all is rotten in guantanamo bay. Does the uk really take the position that there is nothing more that can be done if a close ally is committing the on-going torture of shaker aamer?

sure seems like barack obama is aiming to be the american president who over eight long years in office never found a window in his very busy schedule of very important meetings about very important matters to close down the concentration camp established by his predecessor george w bush to imprison any muslim who the cia have an inkling might be a bit miffed about the united states military invading his brothers' country and bombing the bejesus out of their families.

the full story is reported in an interview on london itv news with reprieve legal director, cori crider.  corrr

oliver stone and peter kuznick are also getting geared-up for a spot of non-prejudicial multi-racial president-bashing in their new book and tv documentary series, the untold history of the united states - and according to an interview the two writers gave on channel 4 news, the series apparently attempts, using words-of-one-syllable and not-so-pretty pictures, to convince the american public of the futility and gratuity of historic hit-parade us invasions such as those which devasted the civilian populations in iraq and afghanistan.  good luck mate...

the dissident directorial duo proclaim to be mighty peed-off with president obama's aggressive and imperial foreign policy, yet at least one of the two nevertheless appears to have still been hoodwinked into voting the flunky old git back in...when will they ever learn?  my personal view about politicians and elections - don't vote, it only encourages the cunts.

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