Thursday, 7 October 2010

this is not a broadcast on behalf of the conservative party

black people support socialism because...

...the labour government attempted to colonize the middle-east and black people would just love to regenerate the british empire people just love paying high taxes to white governments and then having to suck-up to the white establishment to get their money back people just love paying for shitty public services and becoming captive-customers to the rude racist public servants who mismanage government departments yet cannot be sacked people just love to surrender responsibility for their lives to white governments who are always more than happy to micro-manage the affairs of black people so that black people do not have to think for themselves and can blame white people when everything goes tits-up people just love being guaranteed equality with white people and not having to be bothered by the annoying freedom to out-perfom white people

...the labour party is full of racist white people who pretend they love black people but really hate them - a situation with which black people are innately comfortable because they really hate white people but pretend to love them people prefer to choose money over self-esteem people just love to vote-in soiled goods like david lammy and oona king (who have backed a bloody colonialist outrage in the middle-east) and second-hand sofas like diane abbott costs them nothing - but has set-back black politics more than a century, anaesthetizing black intellectual thought more surely than all the cannabis ever grown

...white racism has caused insecurity amongst black people who, as a defence-response, have internalized the white herd-mentality and religiously rallied around a philosophy which obviates the need for individual thinking and viewpoints - hence black people's obsession with social-control and other strategies of white suppression

...socialism is the biggest con since christianity - and its natural heir small children, black people were praised by white people for ramming round things into square holes

the spark up! pocket dictionary of discrimination

definition of racism: a hatred of humanity which manifests itself in a predisposition to practise the social-classification of individuals according to skin-colour rather than, for example, in terms of integrity, ability, experience, or achievement

definition of white people: individuals who hate black people

definition of black people: individuals who hate white people

disclaimer: spark up! does not support any political party which advocates the imposition of compulsory taxation


crisis point said...

the taboo phenomenon described in this post is analogous to a situation commonly encountered in non-love-based cohabitative relationships in which the woman tires of having sex with an unideal partner, who, instead of doing the right thing, by having an affair or leaving the marriage or partnership, allows his immaturity, insecurity, inexperience, and indoctrinated values of faithfulness to lead him into frustration, whereupon he totally loses control and does the wrong thing, by raping the woman - something to which she silently submits, and subsequently forgets or overlooks, without any complaint to others, not through any sense of threat, fear or intimidation, but because her primary interest in the relationship is financial.

focal point said...


...although, with respect to less committed's usually a fair indication that the relationship's in trouble when your girlfriend enlists your assistance in videoing the carnival through her cunt.

vanishing point said...


...and then casually raises the question of marriage.