Friday, 1 October 2010

coalitionists crap themselves over labour's new clobber

the conservative press, as exemplified by guido fawkes, have quite rightly been quick to ridicule the recent bolshevik revolution in the labour party, but the raucous level of right-wing mirth belies a red-faced cover-up by a government which has complacently sat on its filthy murdering hands and completely failed to redress the balance of roughshod-western-justice in afghanistan. you see...if the truth be told, the prospect of a strong civil-rights suit sitting on the opposition front benches of parliament is making the massed members of the coalition banditry quake in their bother-boots - because the moral malaise which has brought british socialism crashing to its knees will ultimately be the downfall of this cobbled-cartel too. in the crowded house of commons the collective conscience of collaboration is contagious, and the symptoms of sadistry are synchronic - war-poxed war-criminals are just not fit to rule.

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