Tuesday, 7 July 2009

positive discrimination now officially extinct

old holborn reports that positive discrimination in the uk is now extant as a museum exhibit only

...but still manages to get his knickers in a twist

what a warped old willy


vera miles (afro-jock) said...

what member of the ethnic minorities would really want to take up a post in an establishment which (by inference) is making an admission of historic racial-discrimination? and given the ethnic preponderance of savages and barbarians oop north, i'd be un peu anxious about getting stuffed and mounted misself like.

(i'm bilingual geordie by-the-by)

boring bob obama, curator of racism said...


ah! the good-old-days! when everything in a museum was either dead, stuffed, or locked in a dusty old glass case! personally, i'm hoping to acquire the cryogenically-preserved remains of dubya and jacko for my private collection.