Thursday, 9 July 2009

old holborn maintains complete radio silence on news of the world phone-tap-dancing competition...

...together with all his contributors and commentators. i wonder why...?

and not even a peep about the metroploditan two-piece tea service's reluctance to sniff too deeply into the can. well there's a surprise...

this latter law-shyness presumably because: 1) the buggers are extremely careful not to leave any trace of their illegal invasions of private areas 2) bobbylon are not up to the job and 3) glass cop-shops are liable to splinter.

iain dale predictably plays a strait bat for callscum and cameprune. but skyed it...

guido fawkes revels in relief as yates strikes out...and his comment-gang-members (normally queuing round the bloc to brag about their infinite knowledge of every cunting thing under the sun) signally fail to share with the public their expertise on the digital intricacies and etiquettes of eavesdropping on the orgasms of the fat and famous...but disingenuously reveal how simple it is to crack the code of an unprotected voicemailbox. howzat? leg before wicket...


phone-tapping: a) a remote procedure practised by the insecure which involves listening to and recording the activities and conversations of others via the microphone of a mobile- or land-line regardless of whether the apparatus is in-use or on stand-by b) tracking an individual via the global positioning system utilized by mobile-handsets and c) monitoring of text-messages.

spying: installing spycams in a variety of venues frequented by a victim - including bedrooms and bathrooms.

intimidation: a seemingly chance acquaintance with someone who is ostensibly unfamiliar with any details of one's previous personal life yet oddly prone to dropping constant hints about intimate aspects of one's behaviour. warning: a regular pattern of intimidation may eventually develop into unveiled threats.

entrapment: where a victim is encouraged by an intimidator (see intimidation above) to perpetrate acts which may land the victim in hot-water.

for the record

no, i do not have any evidence that my phone, computer and premises were bugged whilst i commented on guido fawkes between march 2007 and january 2009 - nor do i have the know-how to carry out such surveillance techniques, i'm not even curious.

to softly go where the gutter-press has gone before

today the british blogosphere lost its voice of innocence as it silently gobbled on its own excrement.

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bigbogboy said...

agreed. certain high-profile bloggers are up to the same dirty tricks as the main sewage-pipe - they have cosier relationships with their political godfathers' and the gutter than they care to admit to. guido and his commentators seem extremely loath to investigate the technicalities of telephone-bugging and old holborn has completely lost his tongue. pitiful. so what are they all hiding? is this a messagespace directive?

i wouldn't be surprised to learn that some bloggers and fleet street's subterranean u-benders are sharing the same private investigator's filter-bed.

what a stinking mess.