Thursday, 30 July 2009

certifigate: latest update

here in the uk, we were perilously close to getting barack obama handed-down as our next prime minister (thanks to barack obama's claim to british citizenship through his father), but fortunately he has now been confirmed as an all-american toffee-apple (which never fell far from the tree) and they're stuck with him:

obama's father is communist frank marshall davis


damp 'n drizzly said...

of course the 'switched at birth' theory could be a red-herring introduced by obama supporters to ease tensions over the 'natural born american' issue. at least frank marshall davis was 'natural born' in the usa, even though his ancestors were not - thanks to the north atlantic slave trade.

spark up said...


i find these difficult birth details a distraction from the prevalent political issues of obama's presidency - particularly his eagerness to spill blood on foreign soil. for my part, i hope that frank marshall davis is the true father and that, after an inevitably embarrassing dénouement, barack obama is confirmed as a legitimate president - then we can all concentrate on the important matters of the day. what we do not need is a president who becomes so self-absorbed by his personal problems that the war in afghanistan develops its own self-fulfilling, independent life outside the authority and accountability of political control.