Saturday, 26 May 2012

vorsprung durch nicknack (an emergency monetary ejaculation on behalf of the euro by frau angrilla murkl)

personalich, can ich not understanding how ze eurodrain market can ever failings - ve have so good technologies and so greats inventive thinkings (especially in ze mathematics departments). for examples, just you takes ze looks at vot ve haves on offers in lidl's euro-stores, ve haves everyzinks a man can vants...

first i gives yous ze up-und-down-rockings fluffy pussyhole:

clicken you hier

and seconds gives i yous ze englisch poofs-chair:

clicken you hier

who is saying zat ze germans haves ze no-senses of ze humours?

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mrs missile obama said...

hiya over there in loverly olde euro-land....and thanks a bunch for the tip-off angrilla, you are such a honey...i'm not quite sure about the not peticularly correct feline muff, but i'm shooting across directly to pick up one of those darling inflatable arse baskets for my hubby - he's such a fan of the sockit game and the tasteful design of the item's upholstery will complement the colour-scheme in the white house just fine.


oh yeah, please leave me a space in the supermarket car-park for my brand new freightliner m2 business class trailer-truck - barack says it's more than equal to the task of towing home the weekly shop and i'm even dropping off an icbm to one of our army bases in munich (whilst i'm passin' thru). hope everything's cool with you ang. in a while crocodile...