Thursday, 2 August 2012

one of our commentators is missing

the following critique of olympiad-apartheid, by spark up!-stablemate don't darken our waters please, we're british, was deleted from a comment-thread entitled oh oh oh what a lovely olympics! on the slog:

"In a nutshell, the Games used to comprise a nationally hosted theatre of amateur-status giants from around the world at their peak."

i hate to demolish your prose-tinted wet-dream of an officers' club jamboree which you probably never had the opportunity of witnessing, but let's face it, i doubt whether many blackies were allowed to take part lest they got above their station and won the white man's medals for pete's sake; except for a team from south africa (which was probably about as blanket-white as it proved in the london 2012 opening ceremony), no black-african nations were represented at all - mainly one suspects, because their fittest fellers had all been shot to buggery by the japs whilst fighting for an ethically-empty empire on the british front-line in burma; germany and japan were barred from entering due to their subjected status as occupied countries (although jerry forced-labour kindly showed-up to construct the facilities) and the soviet union basically boycotted the bastard british burghleyesque for want of commensurate capitalist conviction - however it should be noted that as games-hosts the british team of that era did have the downright decency and good-manners not to bag a brash bonanza of mock-precious-metalware despite having won bronze position in the recently re-run world-war.

i suppose in these modern enlightened times there's some sick sense of sociological progress exhibited in the way we now condone the participation of those we're bombing-to-bloody-blazes, yet in certain reserved events, such as bang-bang- horsey- and water-sports, it still appears that the deeply-darkies don't get a look-in.

having said all this, the individual competitions are nevertheless a lot of fun for those fortunate to make the cut and for those of us who care to turn voyeur - and any that say nay to synchronized-sexuality and pervy-pool-polo are miserable old malignant gits.

god save the olympic-dream

hmmm...john ward, the blog-proprietor in question, has accused the comment-author of levelling a 'personal insult' - well, i can't detect one myself...but if the dunce-cap fits, then wear it you conceited champagne-sipping-socialist-cunt and touchy-two-bit-tosser (combined).  maybe the phrase 'british team' could have been substituted with the snappier 'brits' (thereby avoiding stylistic discrimination of the word 'japs'), but i'm pretty sure that it was more ward's british pride which was wounded rather than his politically-correct conscience.  john ward is most clearly an opportunist olympic-collaborator covertly capitalizing on the politically-corrupted games and does not wish to entertain any hackney-side views delivered from outside the empire-theme-park security-fence.  spark up!-signed scribblers have recently been sincerely, indeed studiously, endeavouring to contribute a deeper-dimension to mr ward's blog, and yet never, in all my years on the internet disco of discourse, have i beheld such a blatantly unambiguous declaration of blog-war.  disgraceful.


jocelyn jack esien said...

he doesn't like darkies does he?

(mr ward, i mean)

spark up said...

no, he doesn't jocelyn - mr ward wishes to cover-up systemic and historic olympic apartheid on behalf of the british establishment; he wishes to draw a crude post-colonial-curtain over the fact that african nations were excluded from the olympic games for many years because they were considered to be 'occupied territories', much in the same way as were japan and germany - and it goes without saying that back-in-those-dark-days the citizens of that continent were definitely deemed 'inferior'.

on a chiming note, may i say how i appreciate the way in which you have commented here in heart-felt support of your african brothers and sisters - an act all the more significant considering that you are in truth a jamaican national with a professional penchant for cultural cross-dressing. thank you.

major balderdash (retired) said...

an interesting post, sir - and indeed, i too have suffered at the evil comment-swiping hands of mr john ward, who of late deleted one of my own contributions from his blog. the afore-referred-to half-inched observation was entered in reply to a remark made by a certain cherie79 and was composed as follows:

Definitely time Paul McCartney retired, he was embarrassing to watch, still could have been worse – Cliff Richard!

by jove, it's a sad indictment of our present government that the reduced capability of our army cannot protect us from such grave threats.

humph...and i will humbly leave spark up! readers to draw their own conclusions as to the object of mr ward's own musical proclivities...

Anonymous said...

Mister Ward is a right-wing arsehole who doesn't have the guts to be right wing in the UK.
He sits in France and snipes at the same EU he enjoys being able to freely live in, and bans people who reply to his spammy blog if they forget to kiss his fat arse.

wollywotch said...

7 September 2012 16:55

thank you for visiting us and painting this insightful self-portrait, mr ward, but alas i beg to differ - for i am duty-bound to inform you that the 'mr ward' to whom you refer is most clearly an extreme left-wing fascist freeloader, double-dealing doppelganger of guido fawkes, not-to-mention an arse-wiping altar-ego of mr paul 'i'll-give-any-government-a-go-up-my-plughole' (if the price is right) snoop-dog staines. i believe he frequents 'mr ward's' slag-blog during his leisure time much in the same manner as a high-court judge, in order to get acquainted with his submissive-side, subscribes to the services of miss sm whiplash - the only difference here being that mr staines is guiltily attempting, albeit in vain, to get in touch with his liberal-lefty side. i am fully confident history will firmly attest to the fact that mr staines is about as adept at telling apart the concepts of right from wrong as mr charles darkwind once proved himself at differentiating between monkeys and humans. by mischance, i recently had the distinct displeasure of catching the caretaker of conservative concentration-camp codename fawkes-lager-666 as he was being interviewed on national television in a public house - not a pretty sight, i can tell you...his bloated face and head now tending to resemble the general form and texture of a well-pickled gherkin...the occupational hazard, one imagines, of a professional undercover-operative assigned by the cia to investigate the bottom of every beer-glass in london as part of the relentless search for concealed al qaeda cells...the mission, as one might surmise, has, as yet, not met with any reported success...but i have been confidently assured that he is nonetheless still keeping his spirits up.

spark up said...

30 September 2012 21:22

guido fawkes' underlying blog-stats are very poor, and although blog-activity was recently boosted by the olympics, royal arse-exposés, and fond philosophical discussions about royal tits, the editorial staff have clearly failed to keep it up. in a desperate bid to revive ratings, paul staines has resorted to cheap sensationalism and has undoubtedly lost the high-earning professional readership which he was formerly afforded by such intellectual institutions as banks and universities - as a result, much of the quality revenue from his premium advertizing accounts will probably have dried up aswell. after all, who wants to read unimaginative copy and comments cobbled together by narrow-minded, power-obsessed, racist bigots? staines has almost certainly lost his premium advertizing rating and he'll likely soon lose his visitors too.

Disciple said...

Master you must continue you writing.

the ducks herald said...

plagiarist, write the fucking bullshit thyself