Sunday, 24 July 2011

clipped words

the following comment, by not a hacker, was deleted from a post entitled work beckons on underdogs bite upwards:


yeah, i noticed some weird stuff happening too - a few weeks back, i was visiting your blog and it appeared that i was logged-in to your dashboard, i clicked on the editing symbol (out of curiosity), but was directed to the sign-in page. i reckon the people intercepting my internet-connection may also be hacking into your blog - either that, or you are hijacking my ip address and blogging through it. of course, this blogge you're talking about could all be a rather badly disguised excuse for doing sod-all for a few weeks.


i presume you deleted-delayed-then-re-entered the 'wolf-aid revisited' comment because you sold the first version to staines or some other such cunt.

i think leg-iron has something to hide - and judging by the feed i am getting from the call me ishmael site it appears that he wants me to comment on it, presumably so that he can delete me there too (again). he seems to share character traits with captain ranty. piss off.

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