Sunday, 24 July 2011

clipped words

the following comment, by the voice of obama's black conscience (i like to get things right), was deleted from a post entitled work beckons on underdogs bite upwards:

goddamnit, something seems to be niggling at my subconscious - and a gremlin has gotten in...try the remix:

my assiduous agents of free-speech-impediment have informed me that there is much talk on these comment-threads about my policy of prolonging, promoting, and perpetuating american and european allied wars against the white man's traditional target-markets (for bullets) - however, all is not as you guys may suspect, for the honest truth is this: i am subversively giving my brothers' former slave-masters enough racial-rope with which to lynch themselves, and fully expect that every white man will reap the reflux of his recidivism. really speaking, it's a win-win race-war for me - if the black man rises up, i will be hailed as his glorious saboteurial leader, if he falls, i am well-invested and will harvest the fruit of my multinational insurance policies, and, in any case, as things stand, the chinese are inscrutably impressed with the satisfactory progress i am making in delivering contractual continental suppression.

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