Sunday, 24 July 2011

clipped words

the following comment, by the voice of obama's black conscience (i like to get things right), was deleted from a post entitled news roundup on call me ishmael:

i am being undemocratically censored by a thick fascist thug on the work beckons thread of underdogs bite upwards, but i may as well repeat the comment here, since the subject matter is equally germaine to this site:

goddamnit, something seems to be niggling at my subconscious - and a gremlin has gotten in...try the remix:

my assiduous agents of free-speech-impediment have informed me that there is much talk on these comment-threads about my policy of prolonging, promoting, and perpetuating american and european allied wars against the white man's traditional target-markets (for bullets) - however, all is not as you guys may suspect, for the honest truth is this: i am subversively giving my brothers' former slave-masters enough racial-rope with which to lynch themselves, and fully expect that every white man will reap the reflux of his recidivism. really speaking, it's a win-win race-war for me - if the black man rises up, i will be hailed as his glorious saboteurial leader, if he falls, i am well-invested and will harvest the fruit of my multinational insurance policies, and, in any case, as things stand, the chinese are inscrutably impressed with the satisfactory progress i am making in delivering contractual continental suppression.


spark up said...

yes, i and a few other guys from the spark up stable recently paid a courtesy call - however, i don't know why we bothered, as we were treated with the usual intolerance he shows for anyone who does not share every-which-one of his opinions. at mr ishmael's, words possess only the meanings which he dictates as being attributable to them, and simply the act of using a particular word, no matter how, can provoke his prejudice - because mr ishmael himself submits in turn to the verbal dictation of mass-usage and prejudice, however arbitrary or non-sensical this may prove to be; criticism of, or disagreement with, mr ishmael's views invokes deletion. in mr ishmael's opinion, children should flower, but he does not wish them good fortune in their flowering - for all he cares they can flower as deadly nightshade, a creeping bindweed, or a dead-nettle ripe to reap the sickle. mr ishmael does not wish love or beauty on anyone, or any word - those whom he considers to be ill-born, he leaves on the mountainside to die of exposure. i doubt whether any of us here will in the future be wasting our time commenting on mr ishmael's blog, or on underdogs bite upwards, his alter ego's blog.

affronted by his own arrogance said...


reminds me of the type who always expects you to fit in with his agenda and schedule, yet would consider it high impudence for anyone to request the converse - and would reckon it a great favour if he were to accede to such a request.

sir trevor trulips said...


are you being plantist?