Monday, 6 June 2011

clipped words

the british establishment are apparently very keen to cover up the horrific manner in which our government deliberately destroys the cultures of foreign nations in order to precipitate mass immigration, which in turn provides an ever-brimming pool of cheap labour - the following comment, by ghostofnursetwatitch, was deleted by the guardian from its discussion thread on an article entitled pm wins row with nick clegg over crackdown on muslim extremists:

imagine a status quo where no ideologically motivated religious or political group (including imperialists like the conservatives, autocrats like the liberals, authoritarians like the labour party, fascists like gizmogizmo, and pompous prats like alpussdredger) could ever gain power and control, manipulate and exploit people...what a wonderful world that would be. it's not about changing our laws to accommodate other cultures (although ideally we would be grown-up enough live without laws, or at least have laws which do not infringe on citizens' personal freedoms), it's about not invading foreign lands and destroying other people's cultures - and so forcing them to immigrate here in order to make a living. if foreigners' homelands provided settled and stable environments in which to raise families, and they were not forced to enter this country for financial or security reasons, i am sure that immigration would be much reduced, and that the few who did choose to travel here would not feel that the united kingdom owed them any favours. we need a world under the reign of common-sense, really speaking - and of course, as a former nhs matron, i would be delighted to organize such libertarian utopia.

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