Thursday, 16 June 2011

clipped words

the following entry, by me, was deleted from the comments section of a blogpost entitled through the looking glass on underdogs bite upwards - the question therefore remains unanswered...:

dear mr leg-iron,

as local area convenor for the national association of firestokers and shitstirrers it has come to my attention, following complaints from a number of my members, that there has been an outbreak of comment-disappearing-and-then-later-inexplicably-reappearing-syndrome on google blogger blogs. we have received reports of this virus occurring on captain ranty, underdogs bite upwards, and even on my own blog spark up! in my own case, the deletion was completely unauthorized and was clearly effected by a hacker of some nature - indeed, the victim, micky molewarp, recently attempted to re-enter the afflicted comment after a time-span of several months, yet the comment was again summarily deleted by the stealth of an unseen, obsessive, and presumably ever watchful hand...yes, i appreciate that 'hands' cannot, strictly-speaking, be 'watchful', but that is neither here nor there. so, to return to the matter in hand...would you, in order to assist with our union's investigations, be in a position to divulge whether your own abducted comments were the result of:

a) an underdogs bite upwards editor with unresolved identity issues?

b) national government intelligence agency activity?

c) anonymous hackers?

d) national government intelligence agencies using the services of anonymous hackers?


e) any corrupt combination of the above?

ps: although, no particular fan of the organ of liberal censorship otherwise known as the guardian, i have to hand it to their measly old moderators for publishing micky molewarp's exposé, in full, in a post under my comment is free account (now sadly suspended, indefinitely).

god only knows how much this level of continuous surveillance must be costing the tax-payer.

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al pussdredger (ed squeezer) said...

dear spark up,

to be completely precise, your account is not actually suspended, but has restricted privileges - which, translated from guardianese, roughly means: "fuck off and don't come back you cunt".

hope this is of help.