Monday, 28 March 2011

clipped words

our security services are certainly keen to cover-up their plot to overthrow libya and siphon-off african oil - the following comment, by nursetwatitch was deleted by the guardian from its discussion thread on an article entitled libya. the observer debate: is it right to be intervening in libya's struggle for freedom?:

now, you might think that, as a true-blue babe of the women's institute, i would be backing prime minister davey dachshund's intervention in libya to the hilt of my sawn-off rolling-pin, but in fact i'm not - because i have detected, through the good orifices of the women's intelligence service, that he's fallen under the wicked unwomanitarian spell of president obama's shirty dirty conniving co...pardon, i mean...secretary, the arch-feminist, countess hillary clintwood.

i quite agree with mr dennis j kucinich, the dates of the planned military manoeuvres, code-named, operation southern mistral, are far too convenient to be true - and, suspiciously, have coincided exactly with the onset of the united nations' armed intervention. another 'strange coincidence' is that the mistral is a french wind which derives its name from the word meaning "masterly" in the languedoc dialect of the proven├žal language (although i tend to think of it as french guff, like all the pro-war propoganda we've been receiving on the radio), and it will come as no surprise, to more discerning readers, to learn that the mistral is a cold dry north-to-south-oriented draft which fans ferocious forest- and crop-fires - indeed its force can even be felt as far south as the north african coastline...reckon all this is far-fetched? well, listen-to-mummy: the mistral was also a french express-train which used to run on the paris-nice railroad...and now i believe you brain-stormed bbc scoffers are beginning to get my drift...

so put all of this together with the fact that the united states have urged the military of an effectively ungoverned egypt to supply the rebels with arms, the fact that the uprising happened right-on-time, the fact that potential candidates for the rebel leadership comprise westernized libyan dissidents, the fact that commentators on these pages have all but uncovered cia inflammation of the original unrest, the fact that the western coalition is weighing in heavily to make this fabricated french coup viable, the fact that the western nations have acted inconsistently by ignoring the plight of other democratic revolutions in the arab region, the fact that mi5 has hedged its bets by covertly grooming saif gaddafi to be the next (more liberal) libyan president, the fact that saif gaddafi is now attempting to cut a deal with the united nations, and the fact that colonel gaddafi is now being painted once more (after a brief kissy-kissy interlude with tony blair) as the terrorist-king...and any damn fool (even me) can clock that this is a cynically staged-war for the exclusive benefit of western oil-craving economies...perhaps western intelligences agencies even promised gadaffi that they would stir-up the latent rebellion specifically for him to quash...the west have definitely been playing all sides here...

...and, by the way, i see that my editor-in-chief, mr al pussdredger, has been pushing the loyalist line that the tokyo earthquake was, in reality, a pre-meditated strike by anti-western forces aligned with gaddafi, but this is totally untrue - the tragic honshu island atrocity (as the intelligence agency of every major power already knows) was a false-flag operation which was carried-out, with the full provocation of the cia, by supposedly anti-western elements completely unaligned with president gaddafi - and he will soon be smeared by a tumultuous tsunami of media-detonated terror-talk.

although i realize that the western alliance is now fighting to defend the lives of civilians which their own devious underhand actions have put in peril, although (when not disinfecting the dirty talk around here) i'm an unemployed medical professional, and although i'm none too pleased about the exquisite collection of wives and 'nurses' which the colonel has amassed, i really cannot comtemplate support for this violent interference into private african affairs and politics - many lives are being cut short and devastated, and i just do not need work that badly. surely, to ensure altruism, there should be a clause in any united nations resolution which prevents combatant intervening nations from benefiting from future oil, or other, dealings - now that would sort the prospectors from the protectors, wouldn't it?

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