Friday, 18 March 2011

clipped words

the following two comments (by alpussdredger) were deleted (by mi5) from the guardian article, libya resolution: un security council air strikes vote - as it happened:

the tokyo earthquake was an attack by elements aligned with gaddafi - either anti-western forces or criminals attempting to rig-up oil prices and manipulate stock prices by precipitating nuclear havoc and war. the japanese disaster was triggered by drilling into the subduction-zone, nuclear detonation, and the deliberate introduction of sea-water, which caused massive adiabatic decompression leading to rock-melt in the surrounding geological fault. haiti and christchurch could have been test runs, and the gulf of mexico oil-spill a similar act of sabotage. every capital city, international stock-market, and tectonically-exposed conurbation in the pro-american diaspora is now under threat at any time - and the 2012 london olympics is a certainty for a strike. western governments are aware of this situation, and know that they are being held to ransom, yet they still jump to intervene in the affairs of other nations despite further aggravating the risk of abysmal world-war - by continuing to exercize the policy of control, exploitation and oppression which has historically made the west the coalition of enemies we see arrayed against it today. i am no supporter of despots such as gaddafi, but occupation of libya by foreign forces will not resolve the problem of this country's pre-disposal to being ruled by suppression - the people must effect this change themselves if the solution is to be a lasting one leading to a strong independent african nation, otherwise libyans will simply fall prey to some other parasitic potentate, or the sort of carnivorous cartel under which we suffer in the western-bloc. in fact any oppressed state in the world, which wishes to escape the cruel and abusive clutch of the vice in which it is gripped, must beware that it does not rush and fall into the octopus arms of another superimposed-power on the rebound, in an unfree trade-off - the relationship will not work out, as the 'new love' will inevitably exploit the reverse-revenge race-hatred which has been brewed in the enslaved people's hearts by the original man-hater, and will continue to crush them. i wish freedom upon those libyan individuals who seek it, but i fear that no government or political party will ever provide it. in any case, regardless of external influence, gaddafi has fatally undermined himself by killing his own countrymen, and brings about his own self-destruction inexorably nearer with every life he wastes - the rot has set-in. i am loathe to provide the information which is contained in this comment-post, since i am sure that pernicious protection racketeers are seeking to set me up as conduit of terror. the souls devastated in the catastrophic attacks on the twin-towers, new york, and on honshu island, japan, may, to some surviving victims of generational genocide, seem numerically insignificant in comparison to the tens and hundreds of millions slaughtered in the name of greed and power by the destructive dynasties of western nations and their supporters - but malevolently motivated mass-murder is still, and always will be, wrong.

18 march 2011 1:07am

and it is entirely possible, of course, that unscrupulous and wicked individuals within and affiliated to the international hierarchy (including libya) have stirred-up and staged this and other conflicts for personal profit and power.

this comment (on the same thread) has not as yet been deleted by mi5, but is meaningless without reference to the previous ones:

18 march 2011 1:24am

...namely by manipulating the prices of oil, other commodities, and stocks. now we must all pray that this intervention is predominately humanitarian and does not become a commercial venture. one can only hope.

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spark up said...

the saboteurs who caused the honshu island earthquake were not necessarily 'aligned with gaddafi' - this could be a 'false-flag' operation (similar to the attack on the twin-towers) executed by ostensibly anti-western militants, but with the full knowledge of the cia or another western intelligence agency. such operations give the western-bloc an excuse to invade sovereign nations in order to grab-resources.