Saturday, 19 June 2010

lola adesioye: miss dangerous...or dangerous miss?

spark up! responds to the following huffington post article (concerning pope benedict xvi's notorious pronouncement that africans should not use condoms) by lola adesioye :

message to the pope: leave africa alone and go back to italy asap

whilst i commend lola on dogmatically biting into the pope's bollocks and refusing to let go, i feel she must be criticized for ignoring the huge impact upon african aids-transmission-rates which has been historically created by under-funded western medical-care programmes and the inevitable consequential unauthorized use of unsterilized medical equipment - a sorry situation which is explored here in a blogpost which draws conclusions based upon the medical reviews of dr david gisselquist, which are listed here.

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christ's cultural condom (pope bendydick's missionary to the african bush) said...

i'm right behind lola on this one, the pope's an ass, he hasn't got a fucking clue about conditions down here on the ground in africa - good god, has he ever tried sticking a banana-skin on his bull?