Wednesday, 16 June 2010

decade bloody decade

£195 million to investigate one afternoon of british brutality - no wonder the british government cannot countenance an inquiry into the iraq, afghanistan and pakistan wars...


black-blood-spill said...

right, the cost of an inquiry into the middle-east atrocities, lumped-in with inquiries into the north atlantic slave-trade and worldwide british colonialism, would make the bill for cleaning-up the other gulf-spill (courtesy of bp) look like a drop in the ocean.

A Gentlemon Troll said...

Hey Spark Up

I have come across your infamous little miss jocelyn trolling the web and winding republicans and any other site that criticises Obama.

But get this, she is working in a team while doing this, one of the fellow trolls who often backs her up is someone called 'Lola'

Now being a pretty expert troll myself not that I like to brag or anything but after setting up some traps for little miss Joceyln and Lola I have come to suspect that LOLA is:

So what we have here is some kind of CIA or otherwise sponsered literal black ops team running around the net using every distraction and dirty trick in the book on 'dissident' website who may be getting too close to the truth, while also acquiring information on the people who post on said sites.

I thought you were crazy at first but now I have seen it firsthand myself I have come to apologise and share what I think on the matter so far.

I will keep monitoring the situation as best I can but I know for sure they know I am doing it so I may not get very far now.

jocelyn jack esien said...


thank you kindly for that snippet, mr troll, you're a gent, i presume - although, that said, you could be paul staines in a drunkenly-generous post-saville-inquiry mood, or, equally, 'lola' herself seeking attention...

however, mr gent, all jesting aside, i accept your apology wholeheartedly and thank you for your investigative endeavours thus far - concurring as i do with your general conclusions. nevertheless, i must warn you as to the grave dangers of setting 'traps' for miss jocelyn, whose own 'trap' is renowned for being of dimensions which would engulf any other 'traps' known to man, or woman.

indeed, i was not at first 'crazy', but have now sadly succumbed to total unfettered lunacy following my treatment at the hands of michelle obama's personal tit-squad - and, disturbingly, i have even fallen prone to dressing-up in the habitual attire of miss jocelyn and obsessively re-enacting some of her most notorious and spine-chilling crimes.

i humbly suggest, having 'seen it firsthand' yourself, that you avoid accepting chocolate birthday-cakes, lest they contain an haute cuisine cocktail of freshly prepared period, pooh, 'lola's' own anti-depressant medication, cocaine, acid tabs, doves, and ground viagra. i also advocate the avoidance of accompanying 'lola' to any place or venue set aside specifically for the purpose of merriment, particularly where the practice of free-style dancing is encouraged, or even barely tolerated. i would further advise you that 'lola's' self-descriptive term of 'socio-poilitical provocateur' can have a very open interpretation indeed.

be prepared, and the best of british.


generation very x


i am not privy to your personal political discolouration, sir, but should mention, being an aspirational anarchist, myself, that i regard all conservatives and republicans as wimpy-welfare-willy-warming poofters who do not have the spuddocks to go the whole hog. it's essentially a case of: you're either with us, or against us (or more accurately just me on my tod - as it invariably works out).

jocelyn jack esien said...


oh, and watch out for giant asphyxiating booboids.

steve bilko said...


please god someone tell me that this site is a spoof.

the least that can be said for the excremental evil of apartheid was that it produced african intellectuals who could think, write and reason, clearly and succinctly - but, as ever, i suspect the real ones in 21st century obamia cannot afford the luxury of breaking cover and courting celebrity. yet another reason for aborting the liberal mindwash of the welfare state (and i'm a committed commie).

fucking norah, people like me got their bloody brains bashed-out to give spoilt socialite twats like lola the insufferable right to spout barely-conscious cocooned codswallop like that.