Thursday, 29 May 2014

the face that lost a million votes

do you mean the wonky face of ed milibandage, i hear you say? the cheap socialist sticky-plaster designed to cover-up the mortal gaping wound of the iraq war and other labour-inspired wars of terror, which led ingloriously to the caring-sharing party's sudden self-inflicted death?


i mean the ghoulish grinning gob-hole of tony "wog-bomber" blair, which impertinently persists in popping-up to corrupt the political consciousness of our unscreened televisual in-take with the cancerous propaganda of whatever subliminal neo-colonial neo-conservative agenda he happens to be pushing at any given moment in his interminable and intolerable serial-killing career - a constant crimson thorn cutting into the carnaged memory of an electorate still ashamed to countenance the trail of mutilated civilian bodies which blood-oil blair and his government left to rot across the now permanently warring wastelands of the middle-east.


...and today the man who once refused immigrants the right to receive life-saving treatment for aids on the nasty hospital service is blindly railing against the racism of the uk-capsized party, a group of great british grumblers who've never, thank fuck, had the power nor political presence to actually prosecute a neo-colonial war - no, no, they wouldn't dream of such a thing - but just don't want to see the maimed and impoverished results of great british foreign pulverization and ethnic persecution washing-up on our beautiful blue-flag british coastline of pristine cultural cleanliness, because that would be really be a reality show too far, wouldn't it?  beyond the pale an-all-that...non-bitter drinking bastards building our houses for knock-down prices, knocking-up public infrastructure projects for pennies, saving the great british taxpayer billions of pounds - well that's the theory, anyway - grafting for groats, servicing our beer-pumps, knocking-off our women - not-to-mention our blokes bored with bog-standard british booty - and generally bursting the bankrupt bubble of britain where, as-if-by-some-mad-mushroom-induced-magic, we can still get paid over-the-odds for producing bugger-all whilst the rest-of-the-world knocks-out shit for peanuts...

...wherever will it all end?

well, if we brits want the wedge to pay each other top-dollars for basically scratching each others bottoms on the beaches of europe, but don't on principle wish to work for the world market-rate like everybody else, it all ends in another war of exploitation where we bust-in to rape another country and rob it of its natural resources, just like tony bash-em-up blair did - so although burglar blair was the mastermind of the great middle-east mineral-mugging, he in fact drew his power-to-oppress overseas from the very same small-minded muddle-english mentality which views the u-keep-away party as the cynically simple solution to all our country's problems, and i humbly conclude that barbaric blagger blair and fa├žade-for-fascism farage are merely two sides of the same bent britannic coin...

...but none of this alters the unforgiving rule of reality which dictates that the labour party will never be re-elected until its front bench is publicly purged of the sub-smirks of serving war-criminals and until tony "the butcher of baghdad" blair, along with all his free-loading former government monsters, are brought to justice in the hague for their long and wicked list of violations against humanity.


pots and kettles in exchange for slaves said...

aside from the fact:

a) that his mates make a killing from lucrative posts in the european union

b) that his wife makes a rich living from disentangling the complexities of european union law

c) that the european union, through the age-old neo-colonial devices of (i) aid-transmuted-into-arms distribution (which destroys local african food-markets and fuels african wars), (ii) protectionist policies of trade-deterrent import tariffs on food entering europe, (iii) protectionist subsidy of european farm produce (which makes it impossible for third-world countries to compete in the so-called 'common' market), has metamorphosed into a key mercantile mechanism for subversively orchestrating the manipulation, suppression and exploitation of the african continent, whereby, acting insidiously like some unethical financial fertilizer, it contrives to boost banking-profits and ultimately shores-up share-values in companies such as jp morgan on whose board of directors he corruptly sits as the filthy-handed facilitator

tony blair wants the united kingdom to stay in the european union so that we the british people can all the more easily be controlled by the united states of america, be forced to shut our mouths and behave like good little fascist puppets, and ultimately be coerced into assisting the american government in all their genocidal wars of aggression throughout the globe.

he kept children in immigration detention centres didn't he? in fact, didn't he open most of those concentration camps?

sick dregg of new labour - the lynchpinhead of terror said...

now let me just clarify the situation here...

after 10 years of blairtight american and british intervention in iraq, we have successfully sowed the ground for an extremely islamic revolution where none had previously taken root - me und my fellow ministers will now assist the americans to intervene in iraq even further, by allowing them to use their british-based airfields to launch attacks against forces in iraq, by lending them our ears and any intelligence which may be located in between, and by doing fuck knows what else besides which i'm not being told about; blair is still in flush denial of any responsibility for the consequences of his actions - he is currently competing to be the maddest cunt in the world's all-time history of cunt-ups, and basically i want to be in the running too.

ooh, i feel a big number coming on, cool:

i am the dreggman, they are the eggmen,

i am the waz-zock, goo goo gu goo.


spark up said...

the blatant bully-culture of left-wing politics is the perfect environment for breeding fascists like tony blair - it simply allows them to take root and ruin our society from within what was originally envisaged as the national caring party.

i was recently notified of some leftist protests against government cuts, and have since been subjected to the typical sly intimidation - from my landlord and his pet tenants - which you inevitably grow to expect in labour-controlled areas - i imagine that this is these guys' weird and perverse way of enlisting support...

besides the fact that i believe the socialists have gotten hold of totally the wrong end of the tax-and-public-spending stick - in other words, it seems to me pretty damn stupid to obediently hand over your hard-earned wages to an inherently fascist establishment and then expect it consciensciously to redistribute those funds back into the community in a socially considerate and equitable manner - i'd like to point out that i'm not a political activist, and deeply resent receiving anti-social pressure from people who consider themselves to be of that persuasion...

...and therefore, all-in-all, i'm hardly likely to be conducive to compliance with the compulsory communist cause.

the only tried-and-trusted way of sourcing good-quality services is to acquire the power to purchase them directly - with our own money - from providers whom we have chosen personally due to their ability to offer a service compatible with our own individual requirements - this means drastically reducing tax from top and bottom of the wage-pile alike; relying on the taxation of corrupt multi-nationals to finance the organisations which provide our essential requirements - in the health and education sectors, for example - will only ever produce the dismally poor level of public-services, historically manipulated by racially and socially discriminatory institutions with which we have always been condescendingly palmed-off and have ignorantly funded with a dumbed-down docile acceptance. the tax-and-welfare system is ripe for being ripped-off, and we, the public, are the constantly loyal and willing victims of the elite class of cowboys who run the rotten ranch.

those who seek to 'infiltrate' the establishment and 'change it from the inside' will, as sure as night follows day, become every bit as fascist as those they patronizingly believe they can enlighten by force, intimidation, emotional blackmail and subterfuge. if you want a better establishment, and god only knows why anyone wants an establishment at all, please feel free to set up your own super new version and let it stand or fall on its merit, the public will vote with its feet - such ventures are called 'free private enterprise', but socialists hate the concept because they're afraid to fail, they just want to impose a one-system-fits-all gridiron of grimness upon us and then, by suppressing free speech, abolish any possibility of effectively criticizing it. totalitarianism rules, ok. radical socialists, you will discover, are by nature really closet fascists with a deep unfulfilled desire to perpetuate a sick state of ongoing oppression - and ideologically obsessed with pouring new wine into old wineskins.


for what it's worth, i'm also sick of the viciously arrogant, or alternatively, smugly affected laid-back attitude of those who have styled themselves members of the 'blogging club'.

everyone on earth's a blogger, or could be one - that's the whole fucking point.

voltaircut said...

socialists believe they can force people to be good, and don't see individual freedom of choice, the baseline of morality, as having any part to play in human development - they're just whacked-out fundamental christian converts who've adopted a radically reversed doctrine of original sin.

cakemaking for cunts said...

i imagine that tony blair will finish his days holed-up in the american embassy in london with rebecca brooks bringing him regular portions of ginger-cheesecake concealing hacking-files.