Friday, 14 February 2014

write to rant: valentine's special

without further ado, let me pass the keyboard straight-over to our most cherished and seasoned commentator, lady laaardidah of lordship road:

tonight, i am going to talk about a subject close to my heart: money...

...and well do you know what? there are neo-colonialist wars being fought all across africa and the middle-east - just to ensure that our so-called western democracies can rip-off the minerals and natural resources of impoverished third-world countries; civilian men, women and children are being murdered, raped and tortured by western soldiers and western proxy-mercenaries; whole populations are being left unconscionably poor because of cia-engineered civil-wars and exploitative western protectionist policies deliberately designed to prevent free-trade - and even in this our own nation, at least half our people have been disenfranchised from 'normal' established society, ejected, after summary state-educational psychological assessment, from the happy-slappy club of privileged political propriety, and black-listed as life-long members of the untouchable underclass by the cia, never to secure a 'good' job, ever...

...yet despite all this global deprivation, this social and economic turmoil, there's a prissy young white middle-class cow out there, miss stella greasepole mp, who's been spending time, money, and probably public resources, on a campaign to get another eternally young white middle-class cow, jane arsend, onto the back of the british ten-pound note - a paperback-writer on the back of our officially issued toilet-paper, so-to-speak...

...i'm not surprised this member of parliament, greasepole, received widespread popular abuse for her efforts - what ordinary person holds onto a tenner for long enough to notice what government-approved cunt pardon-my-patois is printed on it, anyway...?

...and now our oh-so-sensitive state is spending more time, money and public resources on protecting the honour and refined feelings of its little privileged madam, because obviously her feelings are so much more worthy than those of the pesky plebs who insulted her - what ordinary person would get this kind of service from the police and the criminal prosecution service, if slagged-off in the street, for example? is it now therefore illegal to heckle a politician in public...? especially the upper-class-upstart variety...?
...anyhow, why this literary obsession with jane arsend? does the respected mr carney engage in fantasy-wanks over her...? surely a far more suitable candidate would have been the lovely nell gwyn (this picture would do nicely
), a working-class girl who made it good and a nice choice for the boys, who would then have a real incentive to get off the dole, get off their arses and earn a few notes to save-up under the mattress, instead of blowing the lot on beer and wacky-backy...

...of course don't ask me why, but personally i would prefer to see a facety old black bag on the back of our banknotes - for the fifties it could be mary supercreole, for example, the afro-caribbean nurse who was dame florence nightygulf's long-time civil partner and darling of the empire's troops in the crimea...

...just how long do we have to wait for a black brother or sister to make it onto the back of the bank-bog-roll? it was on our black backs upon which most of the wealth was made, wasn't it...? and we certainly paid for it... big hugs and valentine kisses going out to peter nunn, the guy who's being prosecuted for putting ms greasypole-dancer in her place - for all i know, he could be a misogynist wife-beating tory, although i'm pretty sure he's not...

...anyway that's not the point- the point is that we, the general public, will never know what the point of the prosecution is, because the text of the allegedly malicious message is not being published for us to read and for us to judge for ourselves...

...if mr nunn's communication were truly offensive, then why keep it an official secret? why not promulgate the terror-inducing tweet far-and-wide and simply let the rude-mouthed rascal be shamed in front of his family, friends and society-at-large? no, the state will not allow this, because this is not about cost-efficient justice - this is about teaching the filthy-tongued working scum that they must doff their caps to their silver-spooned social betters, and about showing them that the government has the power to suppress any speech which might prove upsetting to a member of the ruling political elite, in what is effectively a secret trial, the proceedings of which will only be observed by a few favoured ones selected by the inner circle... can we as members of society assess whether justice is being done in this case? how can we judge for ourselves whether mr nunn's message was malicious or whether it was some sort of rather dark joke? why should we be paying for such a costly public court case when in fact all expression is self-regulating at the point of delivery and inevitably receives a rapid counter-balancing reaction in the form of equally rugged words, as is appropriate...?

...and now i must turn to mr old holborn and give him my sincere thanks for supporting mr nunn in his committed mission to liberate the confined mentalities, emotionalities and vocabularies of our educationally and professionally challenged superiors, but no hugs and kisses, mind - since he is a libertarian who does not believe in the freedom of movement, via migration, and has also omitted in a most discriminatory and islamophobic manner to take up the cause of mr royal barnes and his wife rebekah dawson of hackney, who have likewise been charged under laws restricting their right to freedom of expression..., islamic extremist patrols here in britain, however distasteful, simply constitute a negative emotional reaction to christian military democracies which use armed force to impose their values upon muslims in sovereign countries abroad - and these oppressive patrols on our streets are clearly also a direct reaction to attempts by our domestic authorities to impose bans on certain religious practices, such as the wearing of burkhas..., whilst i denounce physical intimidation and aggression as a means of imposing one's personal religious values upon others, i must, in the name of multiculturalism, defend to the depths of my social conscience, the right of those with whom i disagree to say their piece...

...and in the strange case of mr barnes and his wife, whilst i despair for their manners and civility, i must respect their right to communicate and express their deep emotions in respect of the murder of mr lee rigby in woolich - in the name of a happy functional multicultural community imbued with equal opportunities, we must permit muslims to glorify the murder of british soldiers in britain, just as we allow our own political leaders and soldiers to glorify the murder of muslim combatants in foreign countries. we must also accept that muslims may wish to incite others to murder british soldiers in the defence of muslim lands - for in truth, had conversely this couple been speaking in parliament and incited british soldiers to murder muslim combatants in a foreign muslim country, they would surely have been promoted to cabinet and could even have risen to the rarified respectful rank of prime minister...

...nevertheless, i might add, that it's not actually possible to incite someone else to murder or carry out an act of terrorism - as this action is strictly an individual choice - and a 'terrorist publication' is more familiarly known as mere 'propaganda' in westminster circles... summary, by silencing citizens' disgust at policies, our ministers and members of parliament are obviously attempting to hide from their own immorality - and this is why the public tends to utter its sentiments so viciously... serves no purpose for greasypole to make this guy a scapegoat other than to promote herself and to advance her own political career by show-trial...

...fundamentally, the nunn and barnes-dawson cases are comparable in that there is exactly the same principle of free speech which lies at stake and to prosecute these malcontents achieves absolutely nothing in a world split between observers who already either wholeheartedly concur or differ with the positions held by the persons accused - the evidence here is sealed from public inspection and the judgment completely subjective, thus rendering the proceedings both anti-democratic, anti-judicial and singularly political; the only result of these court-hearings will be to anger the already angry within our communities and to squeeze out a possible outbreak of real violence - but naturally this type of reaction is precisely the unethical excuse for which our police-state itches in order to crack-down on those who dare to highlight its failings... know, perhaps the most efficacious way to deal with mr nunn would be to strike his image upon pound-coins and then inscribe his tweet around their edges...? i mentioned above, the matter-at-hand resonates with me incredibly profoundly, since, whilst serving in the labour shadow cabinet, i myself suffered the severe indignity of being gagged by the parliamentary press-gang, largely as a collateral consequence of refusing to suck mr obama's double-headed willy - although of course it would've been nice to have been offered the opportunity.



prinz fillyspit - animal rights activist said...

this young miss just can't appear to see the bally great elephant in the room, what?

prinz wully-willy said...

your highness prinz fillyspit sir your highness sir,

one is duly charged with protecting wild-life whilst at the same stroke one shoots it out of the skies and the bush - what would one consider one's best course of action in order to conserve these species according to one's solemn undertaking, your highness sir?

prinz fillyspit said...

one really doesn't know son...

...thou art the one with a degree and studying for a cert in 'sustainability leadership' - thou must draw-up a convincing plan-of-action thy-bally-self man.

prinz wully-willy said...

your highness prinz fillyspit sir your highness sir,

perhaps one could blow one another's bally heads orff, your highness sir?

prinz fillyspit said...

good thinking man...

oki-doki, let's give it a try

choka umouthful said...

i'm sure i can show ms greasypole-dancer a few tricks...

...what's her number?

galileo gagging for a go at human-centric global-warmists said...

it's interesting that the christian establishment in britain have sought to curtail freedom of speech in the barnes and dawson cases, yet the accused have both pleaded guilty - so one wonders whether members of their own muslim community have encouraged, or even pressurized, these two defendants to submit themselves to this political restriction on their freedom of expression?

what's for sure is that both christian and muslim establishments have long historical form for suppressing free thought and communication.

variations in earth's orbit around sun and solar-activity-levels dictate global climate said...

man-made (anthropogenic) global-warming is a commercial hoax precipitated by the greed of oil-companies.

reasons for this conclusion:

1. tony "hot-air" blair, the most notoroius con-man of recent times, aggressively supports the theory of man-made global-warming.

2. tony blair is a friend of "big-oil" companies.

3. scientists who back global-warming are disproportionately favoured by their paymasters in power.

4. he who pays the piper calls the tune - and many scientists, having discovered incontrovertible proof of the exact side on which side their bread is buttered, have been attracted to government-funding.

5. governments are in the pay of the new world odour multi-national oil-companies.

6. oil-companies wish to make as much profit as possible from the planet's dwindling supplies of fossil fuels.

7. governments require excuses to introduce new taxes, such as the "green taxes" on fuel, in order to leech the public of their money.

8. political-rationing of fossil-fuels allows oil-companies to maintain high prices under the cover of high government taxes.

9. when carbon-dioxide-driven global-warming is proved to be a hoax, governments will be forced to revoke carbon-taxes, but the petroleum, oil and gas-suppliers will not then reduce prices proportionately, and instead resist fuel price-erosion in order to leave their profits high.

10. gas, petroleum and oil emit far less carbon-dioxide than coal, wood and peat when burnt to produce the same amount of energy - therefore carbon-taxes are disproportionately levelled against more commonly available community fuels to the commercial advantage of the high-tech oil-companies.

11. carbon-taxes raised by governments from oil-consumption effectively fund the global western oil-wars which allow western oil-and-mining-companies to forcefully extract mineral wealth from third-world countries without paying those countries' citizens a fair cut.

12. members of the global power-elite such as the rothschilds and al gore can be entrenched in opposing political camps yet all still have considerable financial interests in the carbon-trading market and thus the perpetuation of the myth that man-made carbon-dioxide emissions drive global-warming - see rothschild australia and e3 international to take the lead in the global carbon trading market and obama intimately tied to carbon trading scam.

13. oil-companies are the biggest paymasters and they call the loudest scientific tune.

14. oil-companies support the theory of global-warming and the introduction of carbon-taxes - see oil companies support global warming alarmists, not skeptics.

london bridge-set is falling down said...

by nuking the frozen methane hydrate (fire-ice) deposits located on the ocean shelf near honshu island, japan, the new weird odour attempted to raise global temperature-levels by releasing methane into the atmosphere - the resulting submarine sediment landslide and giant methane bubble triggered the 2011 japanese earthquake and tsunami. this methane release caused an immediate heat-wave in britain.

although the gulf of mexico deepwater-horizon oil-well disaster also released methane from frozen methane hydrate deposits, it does not automatically pass as a new world odour attack, whereas the dreadful haiti earthquake definitely does - like all new world odour operations, it had a clear political motivation and aimed to exert insurmountable political pressure on locally affected populations and their governments.

however, despite the above observations, i am now relieved to report that the new world odour has ostensibly failed to achieve its objective of manufacturing global-warming.

the climate-change currently being experienced in britain could well mark the onset of reduced solar-activity, resulting in global-cooling and another "little ice-age", which could again see the thames frozen in a repeat of 17th century events - please see is a mini ice age on the way? and and now it's global cooling.

researchers into solar variation, perry and hsu (2000) proposed:

"a simple model based on emulating harmonics by multiplying the basic 11-year cycle by powers of 2, which produced results similar to holocene behaviour. extrapolation suggests a gradual cooling during the next few centuries with intermittent minor warmups and a return to near little ice age conditions within the next 500 years. this cool period then may be followed approximately 1,500 years from now by a return to altithermal conditions similar to the previous holocene maximum."

however, regardless of whether the thames floods or freezes-over, i reckon our more hostile new british climate should provide sufficient natural force to drive the final nail into the london and uk housing-market bubble.

keep yer socks on, the ice-age cometh (sometime) said...

@london bridge-set is falling down

this cool period then may be followed approximately 1,500 years from now by a return to altithermal conditions similar to the previous holocene maximum.

in fact, the climate has been gradually cooling for about 6000 years following the rise in temperatures which precipitated the end of the last ice-age.

solar cycles may be responsible for shorter-term climatic variablity, but milutin milanković mathematically theorized that variations in eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession of the earth's orbit determined climatic patterns on earth, such as ice ages, through the mechanism of orbital forcing.

according to refined modern analysis of the milanković cycles:

"the amount of solar radiation (insolation) in the northern hemisphere at 65° n seems to be related to occurrence of an ice age. astronomical calculations show that 65° n summer insolation should increase gradually over the next 25,000 years. a regime of eccentricity lower than the current value will last for about the next 100,000 years. changes in northern hemisphere summer insolation will be dominated by changes in obliquity ε. no declines in 65° n summer insolation, sufficient to cause a glacial period, are expected in the next 50,000 years.

an often-cited 1980 study by imbrie and imbrie determined that, "ignoring anthropogenic and other possible sources of variation acting at frequencies higher than one cycle per 19,000 years, this model predicts that the long-term cooling trend that began some 6,000 years ago will continue for the next 23,000 years."

more recent work by berger and loutre suggests that the current warm climate may last another 50,000 years."

how obama pushed the western hegemony over the hill of history said...

@variations in earth's orbit around sun and solar-activity-levels dictate global climate

i've been told that the myth of global-warming is actually a modern-day frugality fable - a lesson in morality disseminated by self-flagellating 'original-sinners' who believe that man is the root of all evil and we should as a species suffer everlasting collective guilt.

i also hear that, following periods of solar inactivity, downturns in global climate inevitably spell the fall of dominant world empires...

the punishment of sissy purselips said...

@how obama pushed the western hegemony over the hill of history

i don't think you can lay all the blame on obama for corrupting western scientific thought, culture and morality - he was, after all, only following orders.

unfortunately, many people take a political stance on vital global issues rather than an objectively considered or scientifically researched one - as a consequence it becomes simple to spot those with ideologically post-coded brains whose minds and lives are politically organized by others down to the last detail. slavish adherence to pious party dictums on anthropogenic global warming usually gives away those on the left, whilst feudal obeisance to the magic molehill of tribal immigration superstition marks out those on the right.

multitudes flock to political parties, movements, and religions driven by a simple overwhelming desire to be told what to think and do - and although i'm tempted to say otherwise, this is not due to an intellectual deficiency of any nature, but more down to an emotional one, which prevents victims who suffer the double-conscience-whipping of this syndrome from working things out for themselves.

the problem we face, of course, is that access to the slick opportunities-slide into jobs and wealth is often gained only through the narrow-mind-gateway obsessively guarded by an arrogant artificial array of self-satisfying political allegiances.

how hillary refocused the world's goggling gaze through her secret aperture said...

@london bridge-set is falling down

although the gulf of mexico deepwater-horizon oil-well disaster also released methane from frozen methane hydrate deposits, it does not automatically pass as a new world odour attack

really? i always thought the 20.04.10 deepwater-horizon oil-spill was deliberately engineered by the cia to divert american public attention from damaging wikileaks' exposés - including the release, on 05.04.10, of gunsight footage which recorded the 12.07.07 apache airstrike on iraqi journalists in baghdad, the imminent release of 76,900 documents relating to the war in afghanistan, the forthcoming release of 400,000 documents relating to the war in iraq, and also the expected release of 251,287 us state department diplomatic cables.

first black porpoise of the usa said...

@how hillary refocused the world's goggling gaze through her secret aperture

obama dint exactly rush to plug any of the above-mentioned leaks, didee the cunt?

shit by another name said...

@the punishment of sissy purselips

the quid quo pro for submitting oneself to the doctrine of a political party is the acquisition of power over others.

the right-wingers seek to possess capital by all means necessary in order to control those forced into their employ (this is not free-market capitalism, by-the-way, but fascism), whereas the left-wingers cut-out the fancy crap and by all means necessary impose their communist-based systems in order to possess people as a route to controlling all individual wealth.

of course, the main problem with both of the above system-types is that once controlled or possessed, the individual has no intrinsic value - because he or she does not enjoy the liberty to achieve personal creative potential.

so in effect, the two sides in our democratic parliament simply spend all their time splitting ideological hairs about how best to subjugate the populace and still call it freedom.