Thursday, 23 May 2013

why ministers need to get out

despite yesterday's so-called 'terrorist' attack on a member of the british armed services in south-east london, and home secretary theresa may's self-assured security assessment that this incident "was an attack on everyone in the united kingdom", passengers on the london underground last night refused to buckle to government fear-mongering propaganda and proceeded to travel home in a cheerful and bubbly mood.

the ultimate reason for this indictable discrepancy between official and public perception of wednesday's bloody political assassination (of government apathy towards the state-sanctioned-slaughter and suppression of common people worldwide) is the profound inability of our political classes to discern the truth of any given matter, even when that truth is as plain as the snide stuck-up nose on a cabinet minister's fraggled old face.

due to the chillingly cool and communicative post-mortem analysis by one of the ordinary islamist street-guys who carried-off this piece of performance butchery, even the close witnesses to yesterday afternoon's horrific slaying clearly comprehended that this sick-spiritual-forces assault was really a scene in a theatre-of-war which did not actually or directly affect them as general citizens - because it was simultaneously a symbolic, psychological, and physical mash-up of the ruling establishment itself.

this biblical road-rage revenge did not shock london - we suffer the rhythmic self-annihilation of our ideologically mismodelled youth, week-in, weak-out; our great leaders' unspoken mantra of dog-eat-dog liberally cut with the rawhide rote of ram-raid ideology has provided the cruel cokehead cornerstone of our evil-by-example education system for at least a thousand years.

this extraordinary event was not (as implicitly reported by certain cynical media) a racially-motivated crime perpetrated by two black men against one white man - if indeed there was any insidious incitement, then this tragedy's flames were ostensibly fanned by religious fanaticism, the same form of freaky fundamentalism which drove st tony "the baptist" blair and st george "burning" bush to wreak a heinous holy holocaust upon hundreds of thousands in iraq, afghanistan and pakistan, where the casualties continue to include many civilian families.

this carriageway carnage was not an act of 'terrorism' in our prime-minister's perverted self-serving hijacked sense of the word, since it was an act of war by self-confessed comrades-in-arms against a contracted combatant figure of authority and completely indistinguishable from the actions of our own government's forces in afghanistan, for example - yet in its intention and effect, the slaying was in fact fundamentally designed to terrorize, manipulate and politicize the individual british citizen in the same tyrannical manner as our own troops have terrorized and blackmailed citizens in the middle-east over many hundreds of years on a monstrously industrial scale which can only be described as supremacist.

if these judicial jihadists' actions must be characterized as a crime, then surely it can only be considered a crime passionelle?  they just lost it, together with the whole humanitarian plot - and if their hatred was cultivated, it was most probably home-grown under the hothouse of british police barbarity; after all, when mark duggan was extra-judicially executed by the metropolitan police's flying squad, was that sensationally slick operation decreed a crime or the uniformed protagonists portrayed as terrorists?

when innocent civilians (often children) are 'collaterally' damaged and destroyed by death-drones or royal-approved apache attack-helicopters in war-torn-zones of afghanistan and pakistan, how many pilots are painted as terrorists and how many paraded as heroes?  unknown foreign bodies, it seems, are not in principle worthy of a paltry crumb of publicity at the highly-biased-table of the british broadcasting cartel.

if the ethereal ethical guardians, both christian and muslim, who pose as this country's theological élite, had ever bothered to rush to condemn the ever-stretching string of immoral western-inspired wars of aggression, in afghanistan, somalia, mali, ivory coast, syria, libya, iraq, yemen, and pakistan, and congo as lightening-quick as they have hot-hoofed-it into the capital's television studios to distance themselves from, and impiously vilify, these two democratically disturbed desperados, would perhaps our children have been forced today to watch this recurring digital nightmare on john wilson street?

does the british electorate understand that our governments, be they nominally left-wing, centre, or right, care not a jot for our livelihood, well-being and security, as they send off our soldiers like lambs to the sacred abattoir of power-without-responsibility for the impure purpose of vainly primping and propping up their megalomaniacal egos and decadently feathering the state-subsidized status of their own nasty narcissistic nests - only to import mayhem and murder at an exorbitant price to our own stressed-out streets.

(my, i bet our brave boys were chuffed-to-fuck about the security services' 20 minute response-time to yesterday's brazen bit of live-broadcast open-heart brutality - although how it happened on the doorstep of the poor cunt's barracks without anyone on-duty lifting a frigging trigger-finger or even noticing al qaeda outside playing ring-a-ring-a-roses round the truncated trophy corpse of their dead chum, god-in-heaven only knows, but obviously the other buggers in the battalion all now know exactly on which side the big fat bastards in westminster have buttered their mean army-regulation rations of sliced-bread for them.)

does david cameron not realize that these islamic resistance-fighters will "never buckle" in the face of anglo-american invasion, neo-colonialism, oppression and exploitation, any more than this island's population would ever have surrendered to the yoke of hitler's foreign fascism during the second world war?

ironically, it's our own extremist establishment which has been crushing the sweet juice of civilized culture from the hard-pressed communities of britain - however, 'removing' the crusty controlling classes will not be necessary, for our hopelessly hamstrung hierarchy is now steadily disintegrating under the dead-loss weight of its own conceited corruption.

in the wake of such stunning and sharply surreal news, i suppose this following remark must rank as a pretty inconsequential afterthought...but for many of us, the day when barack obama's misguided mercenary was ritually sacrificed on the altar of democratic hypocrisy in woolwich, south-east london, was the day when the american president's skin-colour patently became an incidental irrelevance.

i dedicate this response to mr david william donald cameron - in war there are no rules, and less reason.


slipshod sherezade said...

keep on singin bwoy but look like da lines all been written now

spark up said...

slipshod sheherezade, in accordance with this blog's policy of freedom of expression, i will not censor your comment, but please note that we here at spark up! do not condone violence save as a resort in self-defence - nor do we wish to glorify it.

personally, i do not know whether to be more appalled at the icy ideological aggression to which these two men have succumbed or rather at the disgusting politically-biased media reporting to which we have tragically become so confoundedly accustomed - therein lies the paradox created by the confused circumstances in which such event-provoked pieces are written; it just feels like the twin-towers of human emotional and intellectual conflict all over again, but this time round, far less pronounced.

in my heart, i feel that yesterday's cruel and calculated act of faith was gratuitous, but against a blinding backlight of british horror in afghanistan, it is difficult to criticize - especially when the fight is not actually mine.

however, all said and done, it cannot be denied that the actions and words of these two ideologically obsessed islamists did in truth serve to terrorize the average londoner in a way that would prevent me from defining them as freedom-fighters, for example.

the public pissing-off point said...

the wider the net of political suppression, the greater the population pool targeted and affected, then the more probable it is that seemingly regular guys will be drawn into extremist action - but the real danger for the government is that, even if the perpetrators of pre-meditated anti-establishment violence are the usual suspects, the broader the common opposition to harsh implementation of parliamentary legislation, then the less likely it is that ministers will garner support from the general population for measures to counteract instances of civil unrest and disobedience at any level.

the nit-picking needle said...

if this assassination was designed to shake-up and shatter our cozy homestead apathy, i think it succeeded, didn't it spark up?

spark up said...

i'll hold my hands up to that one, nit-picking needle - it's only a matter of degree between lazy laid-back bloggers like myself and the clerics and clergymen whom i've roundly panned for putting their predilection for plump positions in the establishment before proper attention to the hygiene of their personal integrity.

however, killing an unarmed off-duty soldier, doing no harm to anyone, simply goes against the grain - just as would shooting dead an unarmed inactive member of the taliban in afghanistan.

it's also worth considering the following scenario: lee rigby could have been one of those soldiers so intensely affected by the horror of the war in afghanistan that, upon final discharge from the military, he might have sought to campaign against the continued prosecution of the conflict, or at least have influenced the opinions of those around him in some positive way - yet conversely, now he has been killed in such a provocative demeaning manner instead of honourably in open combat, all his friends, family, and many others besides will be deeply antagonized against muslims, and thus the actions of his jihadist assailants will certainly prove to be wholly counter-productive.

in any case, due to their extreme experiences during conflict, ex-servicemen are understandably often far more wary about their country committing itself to war than the politicians who thoughtlessly fling a generation of young men into action at the drop of a swish silk-lined hat - and moreover, such veterans can tend naturally to develop a sincere respect for their battlefield adversaries' courage and culture.

of course, many men who leave the armed forces suffer severe depression, some subsequently committing suicide - and in truth, this social burden alone is enough to weaken the sections of the community which habitually supply our fascist governments' their frontline fighting fodder, thus deterring those sub-groups from supporting future wars.

yorkshire perrier said...

oh come on spark up!, get your arse off the pot man - why can't you call a murder a murder?

we have to be brutally frank here - the woolwich incident was a murder, just like the millions of other murders committed in the name of the british war-machine down the ages.

flipside farage said...

@the public pissing-off point

so what are you really saying here?

all the lefties and yoof in our country couldn't give a flying-fuck about what happened in woolwich?

jeeez, maybe i'd better change my manifesto to include aspects of radical jihadism.

terribly vexed license-fee payer said...

you know what makes me so sad...i look at the desperate news conference given by mr rigby's family...and i think, yeah...why can't the families of every fallen british squaddie get one of those...can't the government pay-up and pay the respect to its heroes that they deserve...and while we're at it...why can't all the hundreds of thousands of victims of the wars in iraq and afghanistan get a bbc televized news conference too...i don't think i'm asking too much...i'm british and i pay my taxes.

pc fuckoff said...

'ello 'ello, is it me, or is there a suspiciously strong racist undercurrent to all these asian muslims coming on television and calling these two nigerian jihadists 'animals' and 'scum'?

do these fellers regularly flock to the television studios to dub all arab or asian suicide-bombers 'animals' and 'scum'? and what do they term british and american soldiers who kill enemy combatants in afghanistan and in so-doing 'accidentally' mutilate and kill countless civilian women and children? do they call them 'animals' and 'scum'?

i think we should seek clarification on this issue from the british broadcasting corporation meantime, i will be continuing my enquiries on behalf of the worldwide brotherhood of muslims' equalities and opportunities commission.

the right-on recruiting sergeant said...

sorry, i thought the scenes shot in woolwich were part of a drive designed to attract young men and women from this country's ethnic minorities into the military - the first ad in the campaign clearly shows how those choosing a career in the british armed-forces are given the equal opportunity of a lifetime to acquire the skills necessary to hunt down and murder seemingly ordinary people on the street from other ethnic communities and get paid for it. step up, learn a trade, become a professional.

be the best

wild willy hague - five-star general, united states army said...

@the right-on recruiting sergeant

spot-on sarge,

remember: them pesky insurgents don't wear no god-damn uniforms.

chinook of the north - the warm wind of change said...

us picnic tourists rescued from icelandic iceberg

is this the american way of subtly signalling the us government's imminent intention of adopting a policy of ideological isolationism and leaving the world in peace?

i sure fucking hope so...

wound-up like clockwork soldiers 'til their minds bust out their brains said...

such a missed opportunity

if the machete marksmen had staged their shock-absorbing story of serial intelligence suppression in the supra-surreality of a freak-show fringe-drama

realized the frenzy of their frustration in the fiction of our furtive fucked-up dis-connective imagination

modelled their murdered mental manifesto of mass-manipulation and power-play-prowess as a disgusted rear-view-mirror-glance at our own despotic devil-of-a-democracy

they could have blown the guff of our muffled mainstream minds without baring a bullet or a blade

and we could have danced to the dark but decent defence of their rudimentary right to rape our righteously-infected inhumanly-inflected dull intellectual indifference

here lie the blotted bodies of our hit-parade heroes

this was a hindsight production by the cia (criminally insane assholes)

arty-farty alfred said...

@wound-up like clockwork soldiers 'til their minds bust out their brains

yeah, strange how the cia and mi5 seem to know all the guys who go over-the-top, ain't it?

this sick sidewalk-show is what you reap when you repress the right-to-dream by curtailing free thought and expression - our youngsters need the freedom to work without taxation, the choice to learn for their own benefit, and the licence to create without censorship, not continuous compulsory education in the art of cock-sucking.

boneyard banter said...

freedom to burn the cakes eh, alf?

yes, i agree, of course - but this would basically entail abolishing the welfare-state and introducing the hitherto alien concept of personal responsibility in life's crazy little curriculum.

i also believe that religion is nowt but a sticking-plaster when it comes to reforming ex-gang-members - what happens when the bugger peels off? in any case, the concept of reforming somebody strikes me as archaic and patronizing - surely only self-reform is really possible? still, horses for courses, i suppose...

...but at least organized religion is not mandatory, is it? notwithstanding, that is, the state's divine-right to democratize people in the bloody rivers of babylon...

nelboy said...

excuse me...before i pop-off upstairs, i'd just like to say something about assassinating figures of state-authority, if you don't mind...?

...yes, we tried this in south africa during the repressive apartheid era, and look what it got us...

...the same-old fuckin' crew wearing different make-up.

the old 'uns are the best 'uns, init guv? ha-ha

zaza the zumbaman said...

oh yeah nel, that's a good one that is - i'll make a note of that in ma little black book of anti-african literature...

...and i'll promote you to number one on ma list of 'enemies of african unity'..., you're probably aware that the end justifies the means and what this basically means is that what's justified has no bloody end mister and what we did to get to where we are today we are going to carrying on bloody doing forever and ever and ever amen which therefore means that you're in big bloody shit grandad so shut your big black smiley face and fuck-off back to your old-folks bungalow where you belong, right?

olly ozhead - veteran puritanical preacher said...

truly it's an ill-wind that blows nobody any raaasclart good as we say here in merry ole england - it may seem warm as it melts-off the ice and drives out the cold arctic blast but when the season swops, the buzz loses its steam, and the wind changes direction, you'll be left with a grid-iron grimace stuck upon your fixed-frame face which you can't shake-off for all the perfumes of arabia, come rain or shine, joy or sorrow.

one terror may twist temporarily to cancel out another terror, evil illusorily allay evil, but beware the blow-back of poison-gas at the whim of the weather-vane - it all depends upon your position, and most of us are married to our regional roots in our mother-earth.

the all-consuming greed for power does not discriminate when choosing in which soul to incubate its lust and the white-heat of the furnace shall prove as ferocious and unforgiving as the bitter freezing cold of the glacier.

an attack upon an oppressive force which we abhor may grant our mood transient respite from the chilling guilt to which we are accustomed as its herd of complacently contributive subjects, but remember only the habitually ruthless investors reach the reins and gain the whip and they will never change their pattern of behaviour, mark this...

...and we may trip into yet another shameful era of tongue-tied fun-averse exploitation with old prey exchanged for new, and there again, that prey of course could continue to be you.

it is more important to change the sea-drift of policies than the pretentious people who claim to control them - their total tidal-direction must be reversed; it is the public who ultimately hold the sway and so it is those around you, your neighbours, friends and family whom you must convince in conversation, not the pimps of power through violent confrontation.

the föhn wind is a false-friend and not a true south-wind from sunnier climes, it originates from the uppermost frozen slopes of mountains and pays its way by rapidly eating the snow as it descends, but only warms one side of the range before blowing itself out again - it exists because of the cold high peaks (from which its heat is thermodynamically generated) and not despite them like a true southerly-breeze, it is dry and leaves affected areas arid and prone to wildfire, and brings with it sickness such as migraine, psychosis, and even, it is said, madness...

...i also understand that nazi-supporting company aeg, who supplied equipment to auschwitz concentration camp and used slave-labour, named their trademark hairdryer after this strange and slightly queer wind.

two wrongs, just don't said...

@arty-farty alfred

yeah, strange how the cia and mi5 seem to know all the guys who go over-the-top, ain't it?

good point, and it's one that's been brought up on this blog and many others time-after-time-after-time, and spark up! refers to this syndrome yet again in this current blog-post - the police and other security services radicalize our youth through the reverse-psychology of brutality, and the so-called intelligence services use the same recipe to reverse-recruit people into extremist operations the world over. the scary part of this cynical strategy is that those thus manipulated appear quite unaware of the fact. smart-minded youths with criminal records are prime targets for cia regular recruitment or reverse-radicalization, as the case may be - remember that it's those perverted enough to be founder-members of our own state intelligence services who are the original radicals.

it's easy to confuse the hazy crazy warm sense of relief we can feel at at last seeing our evil establishment embarrassed and exposed (such as after the attacks on the twin-towers, for example) with a genuine sensation of goodness about what has occurred. i reckon it must be the warm shock of terrorism, which when directed towards us, and we are lucky enough not to be directly affected ourselves, leaves us feeling a chafe-effect like that which vibes up our systems after the initial shock of a near-miss - this in contrast to the chilling-effect of guilty shock, regular doses of which dumb down our senses, when we are injected by the short sharp news reports on the cruel repercussions of our own government's officially-approved state-sponsored terrorism in other less developed countries.

it's the psychology of microwave terrorism and i sure can guess who's hand is rotating the dial and roasting us up like chickens on a spit - if there's a revolution in this country, it's only because the criminal masterminds who run the cia have their own special reasons for unleashing its purgatory power and letting loose the poor tortured sods they've already prepared as politicized psychos, professionally fried-up to a big tee for trouble.

so-called inequality is mainly manufactured

lady macdeath said...

what's done cannot be undone

the price of disaffection said...

@two wrongs, just don't

ironically, some simple words of the young man, filmed by a camera-phone in the immediate aftermath of the woolwich attack, were far more effective in exposing our government's war on terror than his wholly negative actions - but tragically, the attack itself, its manner of execution, and the threat that ordinary citizens would bear the brunt of revolutionary bloodshed in the streets, were all clearly terrorizing in nature and intent. the icy-cool behaviour of the two shocked jihadists after the act simply served to radiate their radicalism into the wider community.

continuing your golf analogy, i should mention that the 'tee' can be of any tone, but the ball launched is usually one which is of a symbolic european 'colour'; the people who will be the consequential target of increased surveillance, police harassment, and general oppression following this suicidal attack will obviously mostly originate from immigrant communities, and these are the people who will be left behind and abandoned just like the golf-tee - therein lies the reason for the cia and mi5 allowing this attack to go ahead, notwithstanding of course that it will now be used as an official excuse to detain and suppress the currently huge numbers of anti-war anti-establishment dissidents who are actively voicing dissent up-and-down the united kingdom.

it's so very odd, the preparation of the slick post-attack publicity performed by the assailants almost seemed too professional to be real - but there again, during the past weeks and months, i suppose these two obsessed young militants had mentally rehearsed their lines over-and-over-and-over again in anticipation of the actual event.

however, in the end, the actions of the attackers spoke far far louder than their words.

fuck-off boris you fuck-headed bastard said...

by artificially precipitating a false-flag scenario, the conservative government is definitely attempting to draw out the left-wing hot-heads in our society and slyly implicate many many cooler independent heads in the process.

what a fucking disgrace

boris the bum-fluffer - public agent provocateur no 1 said...

hey, i'm just trying to flare-up the flames of loony left-wing dissonance and disturbance with my big fat flabby fan.

unidentified flying sausage said...

@two wrongs, just don't

i also believe that such terrible incidents breed in people a humanitarian hope that common-sense will prevail upon our governments to end their wars of aggression and extremist policies - but this optimism is never rewarded because our politicians don't actually have a single humanitarian bone amongst them.

radical reconciliation front said...

since the right-wing's anger at the government for allowing the jihadists carte-blanche to carry out this attack is about equal to the left-wing's disgust at the war on terror itself, i believe:

a) david cameron must clearly resign

b) it's probably a good time for the bnp, swp, edl, and uaf to kiss and make up.