Monday, 20 May 2013

curtailed words

one of our most admired commentators, ms katie kwik-fit, has just been blocked from contributing to the on-going discussion of existentialist values over on the slog.

john ward, who preaches liberty, but practises carte-blanche censorship of expression on his charade of a discussion thread, wrote the following in reply to a zeusgoose comment on this at the end of the day blogpost:

 Spot on. most animals live in Now 95% of the time, and less ‘sophisticated’ they are, it goes nearer to 100%. There is no ‘Time’: Man’s frontal lobes invented it to explain multivaritiate data coming at us that would fry your head unless you simplify it.
Now, about who’s going to win the Cup next year…..

our girl, katie kwik-fit, who clearly operates on a higher plane of consciousness than ward, was cynically sandbagged as she submitted the following tips:

yes, john, quite...just two little points arising from all that...

...i often think that my dogs are more in touch with real life than i am myself, and slightly more intellectual too... the small gaps i get off between work showing good examples to the common underclass (which seems terminally addicted to the twin activititties of taking-in trash-tv and milking other people's hard-earned money from the government benefits system), i like to relax my overtaxed brain by reading a bit of rainer maria rilke - he's an amazing animal-loving poet who's well into country stuff and all things natural...

...i personally recommend the eighth elegy out of the set of duino elegies, which connects nicely with your own point, as it so happens... preferred translation is by a guy called cf macintyre - his book has double scripts, one on the left and one on the right, so you can appreciate the form of the original german version and the reworked english one all at the same time...

...yeah, i'm really into rilke coz he didn't get subsidies from the state and liked to live in castles and shit like that.

typical disgraceful hypocrisy consistent with ukip wally-philosophy.


sir trev "twatshot" trillips said...

i fully intend to have ward up before the equalities commission and phlegmatically (but fairly) flogged for discriminating against big-boobied birds.

the ironic thing is that the boring old bugger wrote this:

The concept of ‘Now’ is Buddhist, but it is also existentialist: that is, we exist in the Now, and the rest (ie Time) is bullsh*t.

he is clearly totally ignorant of the glaring fact that both buddhism and existentialism are philosophies of black origin...

...quite funny really, considering ward is a rabidly anti-immigrant closet-clown.

spark up said...

may i add that the conglomerate of clueless crud which runs the slog blog comprises a bunch of ignorant arsey politically fixated fuckers who strive to stifle all genuinely intelligent on-line debate at every strata of consciousness which their foolish fossilized brand of intellectuality is lamentably prone to pervade - may they all burn in one almighty vainglorious valediction upon the sublimely surreal sizzling spit of satan's searing cock. amen.