Monday, 10 January 2011

sarkozy brands all true frogophobic englishmen as al qaeda

much as i deplore the recent abduction and murder of two french nationals in niger, it seems a bit rich of president nicolas sarkozy to automatically define the kidnappers as "al qaeda" - even wikipedia describes aqim (al-qaeda organization in the islamic maghreb), the regional rebel militia to which the french authorities claim the bandits may possibly have been affiliated, as: "commonly believed to be a false flag operation created by the algerian state intelligence agency" ie. either it has been termed al qaeda to gain the algerian government american support, or it has been radicalized by united states military intervention, such as the flintlock 2005 exercize, in a similar manner to which al-shabaab has been radicalized by fanatical-western intervention in somalia. so...given that aqim are known to be ideologically opposed to the slaughter of civilians, might it just be possible, mr sarkozy, that these unfortunate aid workers were killed by local nigerien gangsters, who not only resent the discriminatory treatment of muslims in mainland france, but also the pervasive persistence of french colonial rule in francophone africa over fifty years after the murky grey dawn of its supposed independence? after all, it's not only islamic extremists who hate you bunch of gallic garlic-munching baguette-crunching cheese-chomping boule-chucking horse-eating bastards, is it now?


obama - the witch messiah said...

sarkozy is a twunk, n'est-ce pas? unlike me, of course, who can duplicitously deploy both sides of my brain at the same time - on the one hand, condemning the republicans for talking-up political violence...and on the other, continuing to escalate a catastrophic campaign of democratic slaughter against the electorate of afghanistan...whilst somehow managing to fit in a maladroit military coup in the ivory coast, conjured-up in order to ensure la grande illusion of democratic government in africa. comme cia, comme ├ža!

devious divinity division said...

...and interesting how sarkozy's making this out to be a muslim-christian thing...just like he has done with the election in the ivory coast...i don't think many africans will be fooled by this tack 'tho...don't you agree mr obama?