Tuesday, 11 January 2011

cash-strapped wikileaks needs dosh to cough-up docs

according to julian assange, wikileaks is leaking more money than confidential information - $618000 a week since they first started releasing sensitive united states diplomatic cables. apparently this is impeding the publication of further material - but not assange's memoirs.

why doesn't he nail the bunf to the fucking gatepost? i'm sure someone'll find it.

who's this cunt kidding?

the real whistleblower, bradley manning, is rotting in torture-town while assange preens himself for the paparazzi in the centrally-heated glare of a luxury norfolk mansion.

how much of wikileaks' windfall has gone to private manning's defence fund, i wonder...?

...and what the blazes were they doing with $618000 a week before the operation began?

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