Monday, 13 September 2010

spark up! exclusive: palin thinks with pussy

in a rather-more-frank-than-we-frankly-wanted interview with an undercover spark up! special investigator, sarah palin (republican presidential extremely-fucking-hopeful) has today made the startling admission that, despite her strict whites-only conservative upbringing, she now wears democratic blue panties in order to avoid those awkward-to-explain-to-hubby light-brown stains which she claims are the inevitable residue of inspecting president "tight-ass" obama bend-over to pick up the frisky-federal-female vote in a pair of topographically-consistent 'rump-rider' track-pants...

at this crucial juncture, the conversation was curtailed in a most mysterious and abrupt manner, ostensibly due to ms palin having an urgent re-call of nature - which necessitated a three-hour visit to the bidet.

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