Monday, 9 November 2015

the eagle 'as landed...on 'er arse

once upon a time, in a past, unconscious, carefree life, when your blog-editor-in-chief was a humble, authority-fearing, civil-service clerk, one was bound by a personnel code, which, in lieu of a formal contract, enshrined one's terms-and-conditions of employment as a public-servant, and aside from getting caught with one's hands in the till, there then existed two sure ways in which one could seriously jeopardize one's continued career as a government-worker:

1. by falling into substantial debt, or
2. by taking part in any political or public activity which might compromise, or might be seen to compromise, one's impartial service to the government of the day or any future government.

now, on remembrance sunday, by publicly objecting to labour-leader, and long-time advocate of unilateral nuclear-disarmament, jeremy barnyard crowbar mp's personal vow never to deploy nuclear-warheads, and by further claiming that britain's policy of non-engagment in air-strikes against the islamic state in syria was "letting down" its allies, general sir john nicholas reynolds houghton gcb, cbe, adc gen, the chief of the defence-staff of the british armed-forces - or just general sir prick whore-tongue to his friends in cabinet - has in effect completely and deliberately desecrated this nation's holy day of commemoration, and ripped up the terms-and-conditions of his employment in the british armed forces, as contained within the queen's regulations for the army 1975 (amendment number 26).

indeed, through his illegitimate and ill-timed, war-mongering outburst in favour of mass-civilian-slaughter, general sir john nicholas reynolds houghton gcb, cbe, adc gen, the chief of the defence-staff of the british armed-forces - or just general sir prick whore-tongue to his friends in cabinet - who cannot be confirmed, or dismissed, as the serving army-general-source who recently threatened of "mutiny" in the british military should jeremy corbyn ever be elected prime minister, has, particularly if acting without due ministerial authorization, gravely breached the following comic constitutional catalogue of queen's regulations:

annex b to chapter 3

values and standards of the british army

total professionalism

paragraph 25:

"members of the army are not permitted to disclose service information or express views on official matters or experiences to any media organization without prior approval from the ministry of defence, sought through the chain of command; this includes leaking official information to the media. besides being contrary to regulations, it is unprofessional and can damage the reputation and interests of the ministry of defence and the armed forces and, whether intentional or not, undermines the army’s apolitical position."

chapter 5

unit command, control and administration

part 14 - political activities and electoral registration

political activities

paragraph j5.581:

clause a
"regular service personnel are not to take any active part in the affairs of any political organization, party or movement. they are not to participate in political marches or demonstrations."

clause b
"no restriction is to be placed upon the attendance at political meetings of such service personnel provided that uniform is not worn, service duties are not impeded, and no action is taken which would bring the service into disrepute." 

paragraph j5.582:

"all forms of political activity, including political meetings and speeches, are prohibited in service establishments. canvassers may visit, and motor cars used for carrying electors to the poll may call at, married quarters and families' hostels to which there is normal access direct from the public highway. where access is by service roads and there is no separate entrance, access to married quarters will be at the discretion of the commanding officer under such conditions as he may approve. information about party programmes or policies is not to be made available through service journals or information rooms; nor is any propaganda issued by or on behalf of a political party to be distributed in service institutions. no publicity is to be given in service establishments to meetings, fetes, or similar activities having a political association."

paragraph j5.583:

service facilities and speakers
"no service facilities, including service aircraft and motor transport, are to be used at, or in connection with, any function the purpose of which is to further the interests of a political party or an organization having controversial aims, nor are service bands to play at such functions. where requests are received from political groups for service speakers to lecture or give a presentation, these should be referred for action to the ministry of defence (adjutant general secretariat), who will reply direct to the group; if there is uncertainty about the nature of any organization, the ministry of defence should be consulted. (army only. see also chapter 12 annex a(j))"

candidates in local government elections

paragraph j5.586:

clause c
"serving personnel who are permitted by the ministry of defence to be nominated for election to any local authority may only stand as independent candidates. they are not to stand as candidates for any political organization, party or movement and, if elected, are not to involve themselves in any way in the affairs of any such organizations, party or movement."

trade unions

paragraph j5.588:

clause a
"regular service personnel may become members of civilian trade unions and professional associations in order to enhance their trade skills and professional knowledge and as an aid to resettlement into civilian life. they are not to participate in industrial action or in any form of political activity organized by civilian trade unions or professional associations."

chapter 5

unit command, control and administration

part 9 - dress

occasions on which the wearing of uniform is forbidden 

paragraph j5.368:

detailed instructions on occasions on which the wearing of uniform is forbidden are contained in army general administrative instruction 59. the following specific occasions on which the wearing of uniform is forbidden are to be noted:

clause b
"uniform is not to be worn by prospective or adopted parliamentary candidates at political meetings, or while canvassing, appearing in public or engaged in any other activities connected with their candidature. (see also paragraphs j5.581 – j5.583)"

clause e
"on occasions when the army’s reputation or political impartiality might be brought into question e.g. political protests, rallies, marches or demonstrations of any kind where a political, social or interest group agenda may be perceived as being pursued, or where disorder or affray might result, or appearing in the media to seek personal publicity."

chapter 5
unit command, control and administration

part 2 - personal conduct and efficiency

applications general

paragraph j5.079b:

clause d
commercial advertisements
"participation in commercial advertisements may have the potential to give the impression that the service endorse or have a view on a commercial product, service or political position. applicants must therefore provide the fullest details so that a commanding officer may consider whether:
(1) the individual would be identified as a serving member of the service.
(2) the service would be directly or indirectly associated with the advertisement.
(3) the individual’s participation might align him, or the service, with any political position."

clause f
trade dispute
"service personnel may become members of civilian trade union and professional associations in order to enhance their trade skills and professional knowledge and as an aid to resettlement into civilian life. they are not to participate in industrial action or in any form of political activity organized by civilian trade unions or professional associations where it is believed that a trade dispute is in progress, in order to safeguard the reputation of the service, commanding officers should not authorize, or should withdraw authorization given in respect of off-duty employment with that organization. where there is doubt about the existence of a trade dispute, the commanding officer should refer the matter through his chain of command, with full details and recommendations."

chapter 5

unit command, control and administration

part 15 - public and service (non public) funds

voluntary regimental subscriptions

paragraph 5.613:

clause a
"all soldiers may subscribe voluntarily to a regimental association as part of the day’s pay scheme, provided that the president and treasurer of the association are commissioned officers on the active or retired list, that the association is of a non political character and that a minimum of half the income is devoted to the benevolent assistance of reservists, ex soldiers and their families in need."

chapter 12

official information and public relations

part 2 - activities involving the use of official information or experience

(ministry of defence sponsor: director-general, media and communication)

paragraph j12.015:

general considerations
"this section sets out procedures for service personnel to seek authorization to communicate with the media. a number of considerations should be taken into account before doing so, including:
a. is it in the defence interest?
b. does the benefit justify the time, cost and effort?
c. is there a risk to operational security or of disclosure of classified information?
d. would this compromise service ethos?
e. are there any patent, copyright, collaboration security or international relations implications?" (see note 1 below)
(note 1: a politically controversial topic is one which is, has been, or is clearly about to be, a matter of controversy between political parties in this country)

paragraph j12.016:

"these regulations govern contact between all service personnel and the media, and for writing or speaking in public. these rules must be followed to ensure that operational security is upheld and standards of political impartiality and public accountability are met at all times."

paragraph j12.018:

clause b
"as in any organization, it is important that all ministry of defence personnel communicate in a manner that maintains and, where possible, enhances the reputation of the organization. all contacts with the media or public disclosure of information by members of the armed forces must be authorized in advance, where this relates to material or experiences gained in the course of official duties. engaging in such activities without obtaining authorization at the appropriate level may be a serious disciplinary or administrative matter which could ultimately lead to dismissal, as would the acceptance of payments in contravention of j12.024 below."

paragraph j12.019:

maximizing communications effect

clause a
"presentational aspects must be an integral part of all ministry of defence activity and decision-making. it is a core task of all personnel to consider how to portray their activities in an interesting and accessible way, for both the internal and external audiences, and how to support the ministry of defence's strategic communications aim - to enhance the reputation of the department and armed forces both internally and externally. everyone should look for opportunities to explain what defence is about to the public and other stakeholders. when personnel can make a contribution to knowledge on the basis of specialized information and experience obtained in the course of their official duties, in particular, professional, scientific and engineering personnel, they should be encouraged to do so, so long as policy, defence and commercial interests are protected."

clause b
"any such participation in public discussions or contribution to knowledge of this kind must, however, be such as will not:
(1) prejudice national security.
(2) put at risk collaboration security. 
(3) create the possibility of embarrassment to the government in the conduct of its policies.
(4) bring into question the impartiality of her majesty's forces."

clause c
"although these principles apply primarily to the disclosure of information and for the discussion of political issues, they apply with equal force to the public expression, in the press or elsewhere, of opinions which are or could be embarrassing to the government when given by individuals who are identified or are readily identifiable as service personnel."

clause d
"the director-general, media and communication has ultimate official authority for internal and external communications including all matters related to contact with the news media and communicating in public. members of the armed forces are to seek prior permission if they wish to write or speak or otherwise communicate in the public domain on defence or related matters, before entering into any commitment. personnel who are in any doubt about the need to obtain authorization are to take advice from the appropriate director-general, media and communication contact at j12.025 before committing to communication with the media or writing or speaking in public. director-general, media and communication has delegated some approval authority to command media operations personnel who should always be consulted before approaching director-general, media and communication.
contact details can be found at j12.025."

paragraph j12.020:

contact with the news media

clause d
"exceptionally, some service personnel will have a general authorization from d news personally to speak to the news media, which must be recorded in their agreed formal job descriptions or terms of reference. these individuals are to ensure they keep records and inform d news press office or the regional press officer of all media contacts and the information communicated. additionally, they are to avoid comment on issues of a politically controversial nature."

annex a(j) to chapter 12

procedure for seeking permission to speak in public, to lecture, or to write for publication

(paragraphs j12.016, j12.021, j12.022 and j12.023 refer)

note 1
"public speeches should be submitted for prior clearance under the procedures for lectures (para 4) if their text is likely to be published afterwards, or quoted by a broadcasting authority, newspaper or magazine, either in whole or in part if they contain scientific or technical data, or if they comment on procurement executive projects, so that they may be fully cleared in all respects, including crown copyright aspects."

note 2
"because service in the ministry of defence is likely to be regarded as conferring a special degree of authority or importance on statements made by an official speaker, ministerial approval will be sought by the director-general, media and communication in all cases concerning personnel serving in the ministry of defence."

note 3
"normally, permission to express views on politically controversial issues will be refused. for any exception to this rule, the director-general, media and communication will seek the prior approval of the secretary of state for defence."

my considered legal conclusion:

the procedure for seeking permission to speak in public, to lecture, or to write for publication, as set out in annex a(j) to chapter 12 is incredibly convoluted, but essentially, general sir john nicholas reynolds houghton gcb, cbe, adc gen, the chief of the defence-staff of the british armed-forces - or just general sir prick whore-tongue to his friends in cabinet - should have sought the prior approval of the secretary of state for defence, michael catheter-fallout mp, in order to express views on politically controversial issues.

however, general sir john nicholas reynolds houghton gcb, cbe, adc gen, the chief of the defence-staff of the british armed-forces - or just general sir prick whore-tongue to his friends in cabinet - clearly drove a ten-ton tory-tank through the historically entrenched queen's regulations, and must either resign with immediate effect or be summarily sacked by his boss, the secretary of state for defence, michael catheter-fallout mp, for bringing the british armed-forces into deeply dangerous disrepute.

moreover, if general sir john nicholas reynolds gcb, cbe, adc gen, the chief of the defence-staff of the british armed-forces - or just general sir prick whore-tongue to his friends in cabinet - did in fact seek the explicit prior approval of the secretary of state for defence, michael catheter-fallout mp, for his broadcast interview-comments, then obviously the secretary of state for defence, michael catheter-fallout mp, must also quit his cabinet-post forthwith, or be fired on-the-spot by prime-minister, david "the dachshund" cameron.

the crafty comrade, jeremy barnyard crowbar mp, has actually played a blinder here, because he has patiently waited for one of these mass-murdering, power-grabbing, mutinous generals to poke his head above the political parapet, and then pounced mercilessly, like a purring parliamentary panther; furthermore, dirty corby has cleverly inducted the majority of his labour-party enemies into his shadow-cabinet, with the rather sly result that these neo-fascist conservative-cock-sucking detractors cannot even contemplate plotting rebellion against their charming chippy chairman without appearing, to the mad massed corby-celebrating party-membership, to be treacherous beyond all democratic belief.

dirty corby has given his two-timing, traitorous colleagues enough rope with which to hang themselves, and by effectively condoning the actions of a homicidal, self-serving army-general and chief of the defence-staff, who has now criminally disrespected our british parliament by illegally intervening, in uniform, in the democratic process, in a manner tantamount to staging a totalitarian, tory-heavy military-coup, angela "double-headed" eagle, shadow secretary of state for defence, has simply been shamefully out-manœuvred by her strategically-savvy socialist leader, and will surely also be forced to resign in dictatorial disgrace, or be delivered her direct marching-orders, for showing her true, tory-turncoat colours.

oh gosh...and i really thought evil "edgy-the-eagle" angie was meant to be the ruthless razor-sharp, tactical chess-player, and comrade "corby" corblimey the dim-witted, communist dullard...

all that dry old legal tripe not much of a belly-laugh, you say?

well, i reckon it's a fucking hilarious bitta blogging...

this smarmy five-star sewer-git's broken every god-damned fucking rule in the book...

...and he's soon gonna be forced to walk the wibbly-wobbly whitehall-plank of no-return - hopefully on the über-solemn occasion he has now, thanks to his absolutely atrocious remarks, personally degraded unto armageddon day.

don't know how dave's dodgy despots in government will take it though?


in remembrance of the crown-bitch of bradford said...

did i imagine this?

did this callous conservative cunt, general sir prick whore-tongue, really exploit remembrance sunday as a platform to lobby for wreaking even more clueless criminal carnage in syria? did he liken the gruesome business of war to a jolly old game of soccer, the belligerent cold-blooded bent bastard?

has this privately-educated arsehole ever been near a proper bullet-rich battle, or has he always been safely tucked-up by his binky old public-school bum-chums, hundreds of miles from the dirty-action, in the soft-surreal security of a five-star, fur-lined, bomb-proof, guilt-proof, sense-proof bunker.

this insatiable vampire-of-youth would've drawn less public offence if he'd taken a steaming grand shit on the fucking whitehall cenotaph, the murdering bloody bastard.

from his limited personal privileged experience, he probably reckons modern warfare's something like a pratty game of subbuteo.

any one for tennis in the trenches, lads?

now turns out he's the one holding up the killcrot enquiry coz he doesn't want to be criticized for being an indecently incompetent twat.


mutiny within mutiny - part one said...

that general sir nicholas houghton, chief of the defence-staff of the british armed-forces, unethically exploited both his senior military position and remembrance day to promote war is one matter, but there is another: why all the theatre of this charade-attack on jeremy corbyn?

on 28th october 2015, in apparent defiance of the queen's regulations stating that regular service personnel 'are not to participate in political marches or demonstrations', over a thousand veteran and serving royal marine commandos rallied in parliament square to demand the retrial of royal marine sergeant alexander blackman, who was convicted of murdering an injured taliban prisoner in afghanistan and subsequently sentenced to life with a minimum-term of 8 years' imprisonment.

the ministry of defence has confirmed that any gathering which seeks to protest against a decision taken by either the legal system or the government falls into the category of a political demonstration - yet the veteran and serving commandos who attended the rally outside the houses of parliament are in no doubt that they were in fact participating in an internal professional dispute about the unfair disciplining of an army colleague.

the green-bereted parliament square protesters claimed that sergeant blackman had believed the taliban-fighter to be already dead, and that vital evidence to this effect, supporting a reduction in charge to manslaughter, had been deliberately withheld from sergeant blackman's court-martial - however this claim cannot be evaluated as the alleged evidence has not been made public.

campaigners further claimed that, although they accepted the commando's actions were wrong and in breach of the geneva convention, sergeant blackman had in all honesty been placed in an impossible situation by senior british generals and the british government when sent into action, in incredibly hostile enemy territory, against a taliban resistance which was brutally defending its homeland against armed western forces of intervention, and that he had been suffering from extreme battle-stress after a horrific five-month tour of duty in the region.

in essence, sergeant blackman's fellow-soldiers believe that he has been the victim of a gross miscarriage of justice, the victim of criminal negligence on behalf of the british government and military leadership, and made a political scapegoat for the failings of the british establishment in its prosecution of an unpopular and immoral war.

whilst the claim of miscarriage of justice in sergeant blackman's case remains completely unfounded upon any publicly available evidence, and whilst the claim of his illegal actions constituting a direct consequence of british military and political criminal negligence, at the highest rank, rather smacks of an attempt to absolve sergeant blackman of all personal responsibility for his crime, nevertheless the lingering claim of his being fitted up as a general political scapegoat for the british establishment's war-crimes in the middle-east rings loud, clear and true - particularly so when general sir nicholas houghton, chief of the defence-staff of the british armed-forces, who reportedly faces severe criticism in the forthcoming chilcot report over his rôle as chief of joint-operations in the iraq-war, and who has recently announced that he will not be backing calls for a retrial of sergeant blackman, has never been brought to trial for criminal negligence in his handling of the iraq-war.

(continued in part two below)

mutiny within mutiny - part two said...

moreover, the above-related series of events beg some unimaginably big questions:

why did the woolwich jihadists, michael adebolajo and michael adebowale, who murdered fusilier lee rigby, and the former of whom, like sergeant alexander blackman, suffered extreme stress, but in his own case as a result of mi5-sanctioned persecution and torture, receive life-sentences with, respectively, a whole-life-order of imprisonment excluding the possibility of parole, and a minimum-term of 45 years' imprisonment?

why have british political leaders - such as former prime-minister tony blair - and senior military personnel - such as general sir nicholas houghton - responsible for the united kingdom's armed intervention in afghanistan and iraq, never been brought to justice for war-crimes?

i must conclude that, despite the commando comrades of sergeant alexander blackman probably harbouring no realistic hope of securing his retrial, and despite the serious risk that they run of being themselves court-martialled for insubordination, these professional servicemen have persisted in disobediently demonstrating their dissatisfaction with their criminally negligent chiefs of staff in the ministry of defence, because they know for absolutely certain that they were officially abandoned to die on a foreign battlefield for reasons of pure political expedience.

it is therefore a pathetic establishment myth that senior army generals might mutiny should jeremy corbyn assume power as british prime-minister, since the actual source of military unrest is right down in the ranks, right here and now in the political present, under prime-minister cameron, the leader of the conservative party - and the staged top-brass assault on jeremy corbyn's competence to lead the country, in the future, is simply class-contemptuous camouflage for the criminal incompetence of the incumbent military and political commanders of britain, not-to-mention those of the immediate immoral past.

double-dealing déjà-vu - part one said...

isn't it 'funny' that, when politicians and generals require a pernicious pretext for more, unpopular, neo-colonial war, or more repressive surveillance and security measures, their chums in the western intelligence services - to whom i shall henceforth refer as the cia - always conveniently create one - by 'accidentally' letting al qaeda or isis-type extremists slip through their sacred surveillance-net to mount a horrendous attack on western, or even russian, civilians?

31.10.15: russian civilian metrojet flight 9268 left sharm el-sheikh airport in egypt and shortly afterwards crashed into northern sinai.

31.10.15: the -affiliated ansar bait al-maqdis group claimed responsibility for downing the airliner.

04.11.15: the british government announced that the russian aviation disaster was probably caused by a bomb.

04.11.15: the british government placed before parliament the draft legislation for its new investigatory powers bill - which includes proposals for the most draconian state-surveillance-powers this country has ever seen.

06.11.15: the british government claimed that intelligence gathered from intercepted transmissions by an ally in the sinai region formed the basis for the metrojet bomb-theory.

please, why after only a few weeks of russian involvement in the war against isis, is a russian airliner blown out of the sky by an isis-affiliate-planted bomb - whilst the american and british airlines have suffered no such dreadful fate after over a year of british-american air-strikes against isis?

why did british aviation experts examine security at sharm el-sheikh airport just weeks before the bombing of the russian metrojet airliner, but not raise any concerns?

why is the cia using its power to intercept electronic and tele-communications, but not using the intelligence so-gathered to prevent an attack on a russian civilian airliner? were the cia not monitoring the islamist extremists in sinai before the metrojet attack, despite the serious regional security concerns of western governments dating back two years before the disaster?

why is david cameron using a terrible catastrophe for the russian people to peddle petty pro-surveillance propaganda?

(continued in part two below)

double-dealing déjà-vu - part two said...

(continued from part one above)

08.11.15: britain's top military commander, general sir nicholas houghton, used remembrance-sunday to lobby on national television for british air-strikes against isis in syria.

13.11.15: 129 theatre-goers, sports-fans and diners were killed in central paris by isis-suicide-bombers armed with automatic assault-rifles.

14.11.15: french authorities claimed that two of the paris suicide-bombers were in possession of syrian passports, and that an egyptian passport was found near the body of another.

14.11.15: french authorities claimed that one of the paris-jihadists had been previously identified as a fighter returning from syria to commit attacks against western targets, and that one of the other jihadists was a french citizen from the suburb of courcouronnes, south of paris, who had acquired a criminal record stretching back to 2004, and had been flagged as an islamic extremist in 2010.

why does it nearly always emerge - as, for example, in the case of the london-transport bombings on 07.07.15 and the murder of lee rigby in woolwich on 22.05.13 - that the intelligence services have previously either monitored, or even attempted to recruit, a key-perpetrator?

evidently, our western governments create wars, and they create the causes of wars, the climate for wars, and the excuses for wars.

the evil attacks against us are provoked by the centuries of evil hierarchical hate we have rained down mercilessly upon other peoples, with other cultures, and other skin-colours, for the sake of commercial greed and power, and no more is this bloody obvious than in france, where french culture is supposedly under attack - probably because of the fact that french culture officially equates to a deep-heated hatred of muslim people, and their culture.

bonko thinks these latest paris-attacks happened because the assailants didn't like music, but no-one should have to like music - especially bonko's bumptious bag of bloody brouhaha - and then bonko is, and always has been, a silly cia-arse-licking cunt - who's just had his silly self-adoring, self-applauding gig cancelled.

the paris attacks weren't a 'direct hit' on music - the only thing, apart from himself, about which bonko truly cares - they were a 'direct-hit' on the common man and woman of the world by those with power in their pocket, a 'direct-hit' on wholly unarmed humanity by heavily armed inhumanity - just like every culture-blasting bomb our bullying western governments drop, so extremely 'democratically', on africa, asia, and the middle-east.

la chute démocratiquement voilée - the democratically veiled fall - une dissertation philosophique d'albert vamoose said...

@double-dealing déjà-vu - part two

bonko's a fucking french-fanny-kissing cunt, ain't he?

the french aren't fucking defending their fucking culture - the french, in fucking common with all fucking members of the fucking war-hooked fucking western fucking hegemony, fucking want all outside fucking cultures to be totally fucking subordinate to their fucking own.

the forced fucking integration of muslims into french fucking society goes fucking way beyond fucking demanding an acceptance of normal fucking law and fucking order, it comprises - in a somewhat fucking perverse fucking paradox parisien - cultural fucking marginalization, submission and fucking repression.

(faithfully fucking translated from the original fucking french by sir gob fucking belledoff)

commodore soixante-neuf said...

@double-dealing déjà-vu - part two

"the evil attacks against us are provoked by the centuries of evil hierarchical hate we have rained down upon other peoples, with other cultures, and other skin-colours, for the sake of commercial greed and power, and no more is this bloody obvious than in france, where french culture is supposedly under attack - probably because of the fact that french culture officially equates to a deep-heated hatred of muslim people, and their culture."

ooh là là les frogs've got their morals all arse-about-face, darling.

cameron plays russian-roulette at the united nations, and how the cia created the islamic state: fact - part one said...

friday's united nations' security council vote, which unanimously backed action against the islamic state, indicates that the world is united against this "evil death-cult", according to the belated bumblings of prime-minister david cameron - but big-boy cameron is bluffing with terribly bad bluster.

in truth, the british prime-minister will avoid at any cost calling for a vote in the house of commons on military intervention in syria, because he dreads, to the very spoon-fed core of his over-privileged, over-coiffured, over-protected, over-coutured, criminal existence, the one simple question which, sure as bad-eggs are bad-eggs, labour-leader, jeremy corbyn, will be duty-bound to ask him up-front in any parliamentary debate on the issue, and of which the honest answering will rapidly, unravellingly result in not only prime-minister david cameron's immediate and necessary resignation in disgrace from office, but also that of the president of the united states, barack obama, and the president of france, françois hollande - together of course with the enforced withdrawal from the american presidential race of former secretary of state, hillary clinton, the irreversible reputational ruin of many senior united states republicans, and the complete top-down forensic dismantling of the central intelligence agency and the british secret intelligence-cum-security services, not-to-mention other notably complicit western-intelligence agencies - this one simple question inevitably being:

"why has the central intelligence agency of the united states, with the wilful assistance of western nato, and non-nato, allies and other western-intelligence agencies - including the british secret intelligence and security services - deliberately created, armed, trained, and funded the islamic state from within western democracies - and for how long has the prime-minister of the united kingdom been personally aware of this fundamental betrayal, not only of our own nation, but of the entire global population?"

you see, whilst it has become absolutely apparent, since the islamic state attacked paris last friday, that western security agencies have not been sharing their intelligence, for the common good, it has also become extremely clear, in recent months, that the western electorates - which those same security agencies are professionally obligated and extraordinarily well-paid to defend - have, in contrast, been sharing their intelligence, for the common good, and you can bet your rotten rock-bottom-dollar that jeremy corbyn will not just produce this rock-hard evidence, and this rock-hard evidence, of a huge international war-crime perpetrated by western intelligence agencies against both their own and foreign populations, but will also produce further incontrovertible criminal evidence, gathered by the people of the world, of an illegally fired, and illicitly smoking, western-intelligence-controlled islamic-state-gun, held firmly in the hands of rogue british, french, and american governments.

(continued in part two below)

cameron plays russian-roulette at the united nations, and how the cia created the islamic state: fact - part two said...

(continued from part one above)

now, when observed in the horrendously harsh light of western 'democratic' governments illegally directing and funding internal and external international terrorism, the reason for prime-minister cameron's, president hollande's and president obama's incredibly indecent haste to illegally assassinate, and otherwise eliminate all islamic state operatives, becomes blindingly bloody obvious: our war-hooked western leaders, having been exposed as direct international funders and facilitators of terrorism, by both foreign intelligence agencies and domestic political analysts alike, are currently engaged in a desperately ugly rush to effect a civilian-slaughtering criminal cover-up of their vast and utterly abhorrent crimes against all humanity - through the total obliteration of supposedly islamic-state-held syrian cities, and by expedient western extremist extension, all syrian civilization as we know it.

indeed, we have today reached the point, in the ridiculously fast-reversed political tidal-flow, at which anyone supporting the bombing of syria, and its innocent cowering civilians, is guilty not only of colluding in a callous criminal cover-up, but also of conspiracy to incite intentional international terrorism, for surely every future bomb dropped, cosmetically, by western, or in fact russian, armed-forces upon unarmed civilian syrians, in a crumbling landscape of destruction from which islamic state insurgents have consciously and conspicuously scarpered - after suddenly appreciating that their magic-carpet of duplicitous western-backing has been unceremoniously and cynically tugged from beneath their belligerent dollar-bolstered backsides - must henceforth definitively constitute a wilfully western-orchestrated, or alternatively russian-rigged, attempt to sow the sour seeds of yet more discontent amongst the muslim population in the middle-east, and foster further politically convenient acts of retaliatory terrorism, either here at home, or abroad?

moreover, given that western 'democratic' governments have been caught red-handed - by russian intelligence, edward snowden, and the judicial watch website - illegally directing and funding the international terror-campaign of the islamic state, given also that nuclear super-powers russia and china are intrinsically involved in the unequivocal united nations' decision to "take all necessary measures" against the islamic state, and given finally that these two ancient super-powers have been the victims, not the secret-state-sponsors, of islamic-state-affiliated atrocities, it seems more than conceivable that, if interpreting, after the same illegitimate, gun-toting, cowboy fashion as has the cameron cabinet, this latest united nations' resolution to "redouble and coordinate their efforts to prevent and suppress terrorist acts committed specifically by islamic state in the levant also known as da'esh as well as the al-nusra front" - the latter-named insurgents forming the al qaeda-associated group through which western governments have been openly channelling cash and weapons to the islamic state - and its united nations' sub-resolution to hold to account "those responsible for committing or otherwise responsible for terrorist acts, violations of international humanitarian law or violations or abuses of human rights", then logically, the russian and chinese governments could, in strict ideological line with the politically corrupted western version of international legal theory, even begin to mount operations, up-to-and-including military action, against islamic-state-nurturing-and-controlling western states, such as the united kingdom, france, and the united states of america.

(continued in part three below)

cameron plays russian-roulette at the united nations, and how the cia created the islamic state: fact - part three said...

(continued from part two above)

presented therefore with the above-mentioned wealth of political opportunity for ousting double-dealing dirty-tricks conservative prime-minister, david cameron, alongside the in-recent-times unprecedented grass-roots membership support for charismatic new labour-leader, and ultra-principled socialist, jeremy corbyn, one might reasonably conclude that labour members of parliament would, to a red-flag-waving man and woman, at present be campaigning full-steam ahead to reveal the mega-scandal of a cia-created islamic state, then force a prized prime-ministerial resignation, and at the end of the parliamentary day, reap the full rewards of a subsequently precipitated snap general-election - one would, however, be exceptionally wrong to make such a radical assumption, because tragically, the power-crazed, new labour, progrease hard-core of cia-card-carrying war-criminal-cheering paid-pop-ups - hilary benn, chuka umunna, maria eagle, john woodcock, mary creagh, mike gapes and liz kendall - all continue to nurse a neat psychotic proclivity for blitzing arab civilian families to kingdom-bloody-come in a frankly futile attempt to conceal the disgusting, despicable race-war-crimes of a cia-centric conservative government, and save cia-paper-clip-pusher prime-minister cameron from the razor-sharp jaws of indisputable political defeat and personal-combined-with-professional disgrace.

fuck, you couldn't make it up really.

can these pro-war labour members of parliament actually read anything longer than a standard 140-character tweet - you know, like the rest of the labour-membership, who sincerely voted in their socially-damned, but well-informed, democratic droves for jeremy corbyn, precisely so that he could expose our shameful, genocidal, neo-colonial, anglo-american foreign-policy, and such unspeakably evil war-crimes as the out-of-control-cia's deadly deliberate creation of the islamic state in order to steal president assad and putin's oil, meantime undemocratically decimating the shi'ite governmental domains of syria and iraq?

so why exactly are these politically naïve, worldy-unwise, pretty young new-labour things determined to stage a party-destroying coup against corbyn in aid of the conservative government and piss pathetically in the pro-corbyn, anti-war, anti-greed, anti-corruption, anti-conservative sea of labour-membership discontent? why are these guys so unbelievably determined to destroy jeremy corbyn and his politics of simple humanity? do these sulky cia-children wish to cover up dastardly new-labour crimes already committed behind the scenes? or perhaps in common with david cameron, do they secretly harbour the emotionally insecure inner desire to order state-of-the-art wog-bombing fighter-jets whooshing into the skies like the dodgy dictatorial demi-god, dead-eye dick-head hollande, who's not stopped whining on making his frantic little wannabe-fascist speeches, even spark-out in his sleep, since the high-definition cia-produced horror of islamic state attacks on paris last week? or are these small-minded social-traitors of humanity basically just a bunch of jealous saddo saboteur cunts who'd strive to undermine a fucking good thing by any means possible? oh jesus bitch-fucking christ, all of these reasons probably, but at least we've now established, beyond all possible doubt, who're the creepy cia-plants in the parliamentary potting-shed.

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cameron plays russian-roulette at the united nations, and how the cia created the islamic state: fact - part four said...

(continued from part three above)

help hollande? are you fucking jesting? in the 1930s our fascistic british ruling-classes encouraged hitler and then abjectly appeased him, before it finally got around to sending the working-classes to fight the holocaustic-happy megalomaniac; this time, we're seriously considering joining sides with the natural heir-to-hitler, hollande, in the hundred-year-war against brown people with bugger all to defend themselves with - i say fucking nuke the four-eyed cheese-chomping garlic-snorting frog-fiddling baldy bastard, just to be on the safe side.

yes, ok, i agree, it's time to look at this whacking great isis problem sensibly and methodically, then...

who fabricated the isis myth and thus caused the real-life human carnage?

answer: the western intelligence agencies of western governments and certain regional allies... let's start this war against isis by bombing the white house, the pentagon, the statue of liberty, the grand fucking canyon, death valley, the eiffel tower, the élysée palace, the louvre, mont bleedin' blanc, the atlantic ocean...and i hear the ci-fucking-a shipped tons of left-over weapons from the libyan civil-war, through turkey, to syria, whilst financing the whole grubby deal through saudi let's bomb libya again for good fucking measure, then the black sea, the saudi-arabian desert, the palace of westminster, whitehall, windsor castle, buckingham palace, newport pagnell service-station, hull, chipping norton, rockall, any-fucking-reasonable-requests, and last-but-not-least, to-cap-it-all so-to-speak, the butt-ugly olympic media-centre, hackney wick - which no cunt's ever fucking used anyway...

...did i forget syria?

(continued in part five below)

cameron plays russian-roulette at the united nations, and how the cia created the islamic state: fact - part five said...

(continued from part four above)

essential reading in order to avoid getting into a senseless war against oneself:

zero hedge:

secret pentagon report reveals us "created" isis as a "tool" to overthrow syria's president assad

global research:

"the islamic state" (isis) is made in america: the pentagon had planned the fall of mosul and ramadi in 2012

insurge intelligence:

pentagon report predicted west’s support for islamist rebels would create isis -
anti-isis coalition knowingly sponsored violent extremists to 'isolate' assad, rollback 'shia expansion'

levant report:

2012 defense intelligence agency document: west will facilitate rise of islamic state "in order to isolate the syrian regime"

the guardian:

now the truth emerges: how the us fuelled the rise of isis in syria and iraq

washington's blog:

newly-declassified us government documents: the west supported the creation of isis

levant report:

former dia chief michael flynn says rise of islamic state was "a willful decision" and defends accuracy of 2012 memo

russia today:

us ex-intelligence chief on isis rise: it was 'a willful washington decision'

global research:

us created the islamic state (isis) for sake of israel and military industrial complex: ex-cia contractor

(continued in part six below)

cameron plays russian-roulette at the united nations, and how the cia created the islamic state: fact - part six said...

(continued from part five above)

essential reading in order to avoid getting into a senseless war against oneself (continued):

report claims america created the islamic state of iraq and syria (isis)

the vigilant citizen:

isis: a cia creation to justify war abroad and repression at home

global research:

america created al-qaeda and the isis terror group

judicial watch:

declassified and redacted pentagon report on syria (2012)

united nations:

security council 'unequivocally' condemns isil terrorist attacks, unanimously adopting text that determines extremist group poses 'unprecedented' threat: the full text of resolution 2249 (2015)

what do we really expect from a highly-paid, highly-ignorant, oxford-educated assassin? said...

@cameron plays russian-roulette at the united nations, and how the cia created the islamic state: fact

the causes of islamic extremism, in general - christian and western democratic extremism - and the reasons for the rise of isis, in particular - direct military and financial support sanctioned by western democracies - have been known and understood for a very long time, but more recent analysis includes:


counter-punch: how the west created the islamic state


the guardian: west training syrian rebels in jordan


open democracy: isis wants to destroy the 'grey zone'. here's how we defend it

if only david cameron had time to read, say, the two afore-listed articles by nafeez ahmed - who also wrote the insurge intelligence piece entitled pentagon report predicted west’s support for islamist rebels would create isis -
anti-isis coalition knowingly sponsored violent extremists to 'isolate' assad, rollback 'shia expansion'
, to which you refer amongst your own links above - then our world would certainly be a far, far safer place...

...tragically, however, arch-muslim-hater prime minister david cameron, unlike jeremy corbyn, does not have the basic intellect, or reading-age, required to absorb the vital geo-political implications of the information contained within these crystal-clear explanations of western foreign-policy, and only has enough time on his hands to pull an ignorant military trigger which will gravely endanger us all.

dreaming of a double-header war-crimes trial in the hague said...

@what do we really expect from a highly-paid, highly-ignorant, oxford-educated assassin?

in recent times, david cameron's criminal cover-up of the cia's completely intentional creation of the islamic state is equal only to the criminally fraudulent dossier which was compiled by tony blair, peter mandelson, alastair campbell and company in order to justify the united kingdom's illegal invasion of iraq - and the resulting war-crime will be just as huge.

just imagine prime minister: two crushing parliamentary defeats on war in syria said...

@dreaming of a double-header war-crimes trial in the hague

no, i don't believe that cameron will ever achieve the magnitude of blair's war-crime - these fascistic labour members of parliament, who apparently want to betray their leader, their party, the people whom they represent, and the people of this country, are just leading david cameron along by his snotty toffy nose, and come the vote on air-strikes in syria, they will simply dump him and his unchristian neo-colonial party mercilessly... the deepest darkest of shit-holes.