Sunday, 4 October 2015

west-end war on natural women

besieged by widespread allegations of enforcing a racist door-policy, management at the strictly plastic nightclub in rupert street, london, have issued the following brief statement:

"at this exclusive nightclub, we maintain a strict ignorance-code in order to ensure that our establishment is only patronized by 100 percent plastic people with 100 percent plastic personalities.  if any member of staff suspects that a club-going client is in possession of body-parts which are not 100 percent plastic, our professionally trained bouncers reserve the right to test the consistency of the aforesaid alleged dodgy anatomical-areas for reasons of cultural and social integrity.
thank you and fuck off."

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the law - of diminishing returns said...

hello, hello - the demonstration outside georgi yaneff at dstrkt nightclub has done an admirable job in exposing racism in the west-end, but since further demonstration will now probably attract less-and-less publicity, it is time for black people to "move on" up and open a non-racially-discriminative club opposite dstrkt called whites-only...

...and if whites-only proves to be a profitable draw, the same club-owners and promoters could then open another non-racially-discriminative club or wine-bar next-door, named blacks-only.

i wish any prospective entrepreneurs, who might decide to invest in such a business-project, the greatest of success, and i sincerely hope they make a bloody-big pile of money.


the management at dstrkt has paid me one million to demotivate support for the anti-racist demo at dstrkt.