Monday, 14 January 2013

angel of death (uk) inc

as if the united kingdom didn't have enough enemies already, our neo-colonialist government has launched yet another mission in africa to create a few more for us...

yes, that's right, instead of concentrating on lowering taxation and promoting the growth of our homegrown manufacturing industry, dave "the jackdaw" cameron has decided to invest in the malignant manufacture of a spot of terrorism over in mali - namely, by engaging in a joint venture with french president, mad frankie holocaust, to clear the sahara desert of hotheads whom france, britain and the cia have riled-up to rebellion in the first place (primarily through the cynical western backing of oppressive régimes in the wider region); obviously there are bound to be lucrative multi-national contracts for extracting oil, gas or other (rare) mineral resources at the bottom line of this immoral intervention in local african business - if it were just about sand, we could simply have invaded the normandy beaches again.

ok, so no-one's trying to pretend that the al-qaeda organization in the islamic maghreb (essentially a group in exile opposing the algerian government, who have now taken control of the malian insurrection) are a kind and cuddly lot, but in the world of quantum power-politics, there exists a hard-and-fast empirical constant which states that revolutionaries are only ever as bad as the dictators who pissed them off to start with; like al-shabaab, in somalia, aqim were practically dormant as a military force around 2005, however, as was the tragic case in somalia, wholly unnecessary western interference (as exemplified by the united states' flintlock special-forces exercizes) and alleged false-flag kidnapping of european aid-workers by shadowy satellite factions has served to radicalize and smear the group beyond all recognition - leaving one to speculate as to whether the cia played a rôle in kindling this conflict and, in turn, to doubt the purported humanitarian motivation behind american, french and british involvement in the entire west african arena.

after all, when it suits western nations (as evident in libya, syria and the ivory coast), they are quite happy to enlist the support of al qaeda and other islamist factions in their dubious quest to overthrow despots deemed a danger to their own people and the world in general, yet if al qaeda happens to fall-out on the other side of the west-versus-anti-west equation, it is demonized mercilessly.

western policy towards al qaeda seems to be guided by political convenience rather than by any consistent framework of principle - and this therefore begs the following fundamental questions: what really is al qaeda? who actually controls it? what are its exact aims? and (most importantly) does it truly function as a coherent and integrated international organization outside the malicious machiavellian minds of our malevolent western politicians?

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monsieur bony part said...

pray tell? why is it that the frogs always choose megalomaniacal short-arsed squirts as presidents?

monseigneur nasty nic said...

i'll 'ave you you jumped-up little foreign johnny.

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ooooh...get him, the bent butcher of budapest.

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st tony the baptist said...

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gerry "i woz minted ere i saw moscow" départ-due said...


hmmm...i haves to be agreeing with bony, really 'n truliment...i findz zat vlad cuts a fars more manly et sexzee fig-ure.