Thursday, 11 November 2010

old holborn scares the natives

in a recent post, entitled social cleansing, my socially-challenged neighbour, namely old holborn, has attempted to put the wind-up-the-willows of white middle-england by suggesting that a cap on rates of housing benefit will inevitably lead to an exodus of immigrants from inner-london to the shires in search of lower rents. and how wrong could he be? very wrong...the restriction on levels of housing benefit will surely hit-hardest-in-the-pocket those who benefit from the welfare state the most...the long-term unemployed? no, the greedy private landlords who for years-upon-years have been raising their rents above the market-average...because the government has encouraged them to do so. in fact, the housing-market would have crashed yonks ago had it not been for an excessively generous housing benefit system...and now it definitely will implode (if the coalition puts its votes where its manifesto is). can't you just hear those high-geared high-ratio high-mortgaged liberal buy-to-letters just screaming in ideological pain as they realize that they can no longer afford to pay off the huge business-loans which they have procured under the former socialist régime? and what will the immigrants, upon whom this country was built, do when the price of property plummets, eh old holborn? they'll leave their digs, dig into their prudently propagated savings-accounts, and buy up land, bricks, and mortar in every suburb, village and hamlet the length and breadth of the country. just as the rothschilds snapped up buckinghamshire real estate at bargain-basement prices during the 1840s (following a cattle-market crash), so will today's immigrant businessmen follow suit. yes, old holborn, your new neighbour could well turn out to be a nigerian - erecting a hideously-huge-white neo-hollywood-style mansion on a greenfield site near you...happy retirement holborn!

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