Sunday, 30 May 2010

since the fall of the labour government, the social organism "peace camp" has carpet-colonized parliament square like a mouldy-cultural moss: why now?

i wonder what super-campaigner, brian haw, thinks of his new companions, the fresh-faced goretex guerillas who have suddenly swamped him with designer peace 'n love?

call me a cynical cunt...but this japing-jamboree stinks of a socialist stunt planned to coincide with the labour party's sudden renunciation of its war on wogs and the (rather rambling) rise to power of a conservative-led coalition government. so tell me: where has this bunch of lefty rentaspyder protesters been hiding its collective bushel for the last eight fucking years? a weeny bit shy perhaps? or maybe embarrassed to condemn fashion-world icons blair, mandelson, brown and company for their string of crimes against humanity in the middle east?

yes, the current intake of pseudo-hippies is slick-and-suavely devaluing the ever-vigilant thorn of brain haw and his faithful smattering of sustainers.

but i would be failing in my duty if i did not mention the likes of david cameron, nick clegg and boris johnson, the bastard barbarian trinity, who, undaunted by this self-anti cardboard charade, are now in the process of taking dainty legal steps onto the demo-demolishing dancefloor of justice wearing nought but their high-laced hobnail boots - in preparation, one assumes, for a pristine performance of the nutcracker suite. the audience will soon be entertained as, in its traditional tidy-tory way, the new orderly brush sweeps parliament square clean of the wheat and the chaff; socialism and conservatism orchestrated by liberalism in perfect harmony - to grind the protesting-organ of brian haw into a breakfast-bowl of prairie-dust.

we have not seen such a corrupt coalition of co-ordonance since the early 1990s, when the conservatives, together with their american and european allies, treated the beleaguered people of bagdhad to the hail-storm of all batterings.

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looney runes (peace-in-a-pod) said...

all hail brian - the love-encrusted thorn-in-the-crown of british imperialism.