Sunday, 23 August 2009

a tribute to president barack obama

for some obscure reason, there are people who assume that i am unhappy about the ascension of barack obama to the white house...but i am not...well...i felt in my heart-of-hearts that mr mccain cut a more genuine, warm and fatherly figure...and as a war-veteran could have made military decisions with more comprehension and compassion...and less rabid blood-lust...but in fact i am truly ecstatic that we finally have the first afro-american president of the u s of a...really...because now there truly is no black or white - just people who are either for or against this.

nice one barack.

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chef de l'Int├ęgration said...

the trouble was that black people were starting to become dissatisfied with their lot. the placatory theory that africa was the cradle of mankind was simply starting to wear a bit thin. so we had to rustle-up a blackish president to keep them happy. but exactly how long this new lease of racial pride will last, i just do not know. black people can be very demanding. they like their icons served-up fresh on a regular basis.