Wednesday, 15 April 2009

did messysplice slip staines mcsnide smegmails?

well don't ask me! i haven't a fucking clue! i just reckon it's a valid question, that's all; jag singh and alex hilton are having relations with the labour party...hilton fell out publicly with derek draper...the messageplacemen have vast blogging's not inconceivable that a concerned labour party member could have copied these emails to one of these splicechiks (for a cautionary glance)...and the irresistible lure of rocketing blogstats, publicity, money, and the chance to spring clean downing street, could well have got the better of him. i do however rate tim ireland's cock-up theory, wherein the emails were accidentally copied to a guido fawkes informer, perhaps jag singh or alex hilton - although the ultimate dream would of course be that the emails were indeed hacked and sent to messagespace, but the crime was craftily camouflaged to appear like a piece of classic draper incompetence...well if this was in fact the case, one can but wonder whether staines, singh or hilton were even aware that they were in receipt of stolen smut - not that i would wish to exonerate felons, mind. mmm...involuntary there a little imp at large?

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mcderide said...

total crap. i mailed the fuckers direct to guido to get his expert opinion.