Thursday, 5 March 2020

reparations or respect?
boris de bombaclaat and dominant camp-tings show their true colours

bussing a few jamaican criminals back 'home' just constitutes a cheap political stunt by a pair of cheap political cunts.

i mean-to-say, after being provisionally - and extremely fortunately - gifted power by the great british public, is the unexpanded event-horizon of our pussy-popping prime minister's personal political ambition merely to deport the disenfranchized descendants of endemically enslaved africans back to the gulag-island which grotesquely made the barbaric british upper-classes rich beyond their dark 'n dirty little dreams?

besides, does boris backward-brain plan to dump these unwanted and uppity unfreed slave-sons without even observing the politically correct politesse of paying their perennially penniless countrymen those long-overdue reparations for three bloody centuries-worth of unbounded british ultra-brutalization?

in the final analysis - when calculated as an enslavement-period-multiplied-percentage of current british gdp - does boris de blunderbus bastard-fucking-bastard-bastard de bastard comprehend that market-value-reparations, owed to the afro-caribbean populations of former british slave-colonies, must, by double-dutch-jeopardy's redeeming definition, tot up to at least 10 trillion - if not actually tens of trillion - solid british sterling?

you know, i really don't believe the grinning great blond government-grappling-gorilla does understand the gob-smackingly gargantuan dimension of the british state's commercial liability towards the afro-caribbean-community - because this pathetic pair of poorly educated public school-boys both clearly possess an egregiously poor grasp of history, economics, and mathematics...

not-to-mention ethics.

oh bugger me backwards, if these two classic ignorant cunts haven't yet sussed that race-theory is, and always was, an evil mercantilist hoax - perpetrated by 19th-century anti-abolitionists in order to bolster crooked compensation-claims for tragic loss of slave-labour - then it's absolutely damned certain they'll never figure out that the bogus-scientific-theory of carbon-dioxide-driven climate-change is a whopping-great fucking hoax too.

blimey, instead of taking this god-given opportunity to broaden the fragile flaking support-base of the nationally hated conservative party, it appears that these two consummately thick cabinet-cunts are rather reckoning on irreversibly narrowing it - through a puerile policy-piss-stream of petty parochial racialism.

forgive me oh lord, but there's something simply incongruous - nay downright fucking obscene - about over-privileged and pampered little public school-boys who play big-bad-man political games with the democratically disposable lives of pass-poor jamaican prisoners - and who attempt to gain gutter-kudos by connivingly cargo-shipping these supposedly dangerous darkies back across the unabsolvent atlantic ocean, yet one more symbolically offensive time.

to be honest, it is embarrassingly evident that bungling boris and camp-tings are emotionally and intellectually divorced from the unfaced historical reality of unaccounted british slave-trading, and that, in the mean mawkish manner of anally retentive amateur hustlers, they are uncouthly seeking to utilize electorally expedient transatlantic transportation as a cut-price antediluvian distraction from the tawdry ten-trillion-dollar-truth.

oh crikey, if these two expensively educated chimps had any properly evolved grip either on modern-day mathematical reality or of british economical history, then they would - would they not - appreciate that - in accordance with the all-trumping supremacy of the croaky old rules of cricket and british fair-play-fuckuppery - british citizenship - together with its associated freedom-of-movement and access-to-justice - must necessarily constitute the inalienable right of all continuously oppressed peoples born bare-black-assed in bumper-bullion-britain's former slave or commodity-colonies.

moreover, in the improbable familial circumstance of their both being perchance blessed with some, let us pray, fleeting fluid fragment of meaningful - or even mercifully minging - moral consciousness, then it might transubstantially transpire that this afore-mentioned coked-up couple of moronic minted dunce-monkeys - swinging sub-primely intoxicated, in insentient bliss, from tory-toad-bearing beam to bolshie bourgeois banister, through the jingoistic jungle of number ten dogging street's narco-neurotic nurseries - would in fact - despite the european empire's illegitimate transitional suspension of the inviolable entitlements accruable to our brusquely brushed-overseas british citizens - also recognize the incivility of discontinuing any such incontrovertible dispensations, as were once lawfully and democratically afforded our darker-skinned commonwealth-contributors, save upon the full and final reparation - direct from the bulging british imperial inheritance - of all national, natural and notional financial losses illegally incurred by those erstwhile, but still unduly impoverished, imperial citizens.

in conclusion, and vis-à-vis the question of commonwealth citizens, it behoves boris bollock-brain de bodger-bastard-fucking-bastard-bastard de bastard and his bad-ass whitehall-bog-cleaning-buddy, domestick canings to come - if they are in any wanky-way capable - to a swift ethical decision:

either our neo-colonially corrupt british establishment - along with its double-dealing conservative government - must respect the inhabitants of former british slave-or-commodity-colonies - by automatically granting them full de facto rights associated with british citizenship...
or alternatively, if the british establishment is neither emotionally nor psychologically capable of granting due respect to the economically side-lined citizens of our former colonies, then it must ensure that all commonwealth-members receive full reparations for the material exploitation suffered as a consequence of british participation in colonialism, neo-colonialism, slave-trading, and in slavery itself.

of course, if neither of the above resolution-mechanisms is acceptable to our british blood-mercantile-establishment, then so-be-it:

commonwealth citizens will therefore be obliged to pursue class-actions for reparations against all britain's financial, academic, governmental, and professional institutions which - whether public or private - have historically profited from colonialism, neo-colonialism, slave-trading, or from slavery itself.


johnson and co have begun to believe their own ideological anti-immigrant clap-trap said...

boris johnson and his cabinet-colleagues are really starting to show their public school ignorance - and i make this observation for the following reasons:

given that anti-immigration policies will never be as openly popular here, in britain, as they might well prove for trump in the united states, one could argue that the general election was essentially won by defending democracy, and yet, since winning the election fair-and-square - through its principled support for the british people's democratic decision to leave the european union - the conservative government has rashly adopted an immigration-stance which now appears to have become excessively ideological. furthermore, in common with blair's new labour régime, the conservative's opportunistic administration has fallen into the elephantine complacency-trap of immaturely, and ignobly, regarding anti-immigration policies as a cheap ticket to automatic popularity and re-election.

now, should immigration-control eventually damage business-performance, it will happen because the uk's immigration-policy is based upon ideology, rather than practicality, however, due to the extremely corrupt nature of the uk's political establishment and government-structure, there will always exist the distinct possibility that this overly complex points-based immigration-system has, in fact, been intentionally designed for easy circumvention by commercial interests - and thus simply constitutes racialist window-dressing for the consumption of the racist conservative-constituency.

in any case, if johnson is attempting to copy trump's tactics, he should study trump's policies more carefully, for trump's major focus is not actually upon reducing immigration, but upon improving the american economy - or at least propping it up until he can secure re-election. indeed, were johnson not to ensure that cash is put into the electorate's pocket - in contrast to the apparently successful wealth-creation-policies implemented by president trump in the united states - then our prime minister would surely soon come-a-conservative-cropper.

nevertheless, whatever happens economically, the zealous new conservative immigration-policy is bound to engender massive corruption of home office officials, serious organized hacking of immigration-computer-systems, industrial-scale-production of fake-passports - and as a counter-productive consequence, huge levels of illegal immigration. moreover, since unnecessary red-tape and restrictions upon freedom can only create an adverse effect upon both private commerce and the public-sector, then it's ultimately probable, were an interventionist and interfering conservative government ever to miraculously succeed in controlling immigration, that the unwelcome result would be to undermine both society and the economy.

all-in-all, therefore, boris johnson's apparent betrayal of business - in favour of some silly skewed public school perception of popularism - will not uphold traditional conservative values, and ironically risks turning britain into the sort of monstrous micro-managed socialist state which the british public so adamantly fears.

fortunately, the outcome of the uk's eu-membership-referendum, together with our inamicable exit from the neo-colonial european empire, has significantly chilled the artificial multi-cultural atmosphere which we have cynically created for the passing approval of the foreign neo-liberal élite, and has conveniently spoiled our growing global reputation as a heavenly immigration hot-spot with a fashionably progressive society - so why over-egg the anti-immigrant-pudding?

after all, thanks to all that uneuropean unpleasantness over brexit, we've permanently put off those pesky fair-weather poles, and can now take advantage of far more serious, and committed, candidates for british citizenship - such as those who originate from our unfairly neglected, and impoverished, former british colonies...

wrong, wrong, wrong and racist spin on windrush, mr pierce - and very ignorant too, if i might add said...

last night, i heard andrew pierce - of lbc-radio - falsely claim that, whilst some windrush-scandal-victims had been badly treated by the british government, others had been deported due to being criminals.

it's obvious that andrew pierce has completely misunderstood the context of the windrush-scandal.

all british west-indians affected by the windrush-scandal were appallingly oppressed by the british government - whether this be by tony blair's crypto-neo-conservative and neo-colonial new labour dictatorship, or by the present neo-nationalist conservative administration.

the windrush-scandal in no way concerned criminality on the part of those british west-indians affected - the only criminal actions committed were by successive british governments which illegally deported, or illegally disenfranchized, british african-caribbean citizens - who, it must be stressed, arrived in great britain as british citizens, and who have legally always remained british citizens.

the windrush-scandal was not an "administrative cock-up", it was a deliberate, vote-craving act of hostility against the black caribbean descendants of enslaved africans, whose toil and terrible tribulation made - the privileged classes of - great britain extremely wealthy.

mr pierce clearly has no concept of the extreme racial oppression which black people - including black british and commonwealth citizens - are obliged to suffer in great britain - and - notwithstanding the extant moral right to british citizenship of all african-caribbean descendants of british slaves - it is an appalling racist disgrace that this privileged establishment-journalist is now seeking to conflate with the illegal oppression of british windrush-victims the - currently - legal deportation of criminals who do not hold legal british citizenship.

the windrush-scandal rudely revealed the extreme racism which is inherent within, and intentionally effected through, british immigration-control, and therefore - whilst i fully agree that britain's democratic decision to leave the european union was predicated upon a question of sovereignty, and not racism - i am utterly disgusted by the unduly aggressive, and ultimately racist, manner in which an lbc-presenter - who sounded like pierce - recently rebuked a phone-in-caller for - correctly - identifying the intrinsically racist nature of british immigration-control.

astonishingly, in this recent instance of racially-aggravated rebuke, the lbc-presenter - who sounded like pierce - claimed that "people would be offended" by the phone-in-caller's - correct - assessment of british immigration-control being inherently racist - however, i truly don't believe that the lbc-presenter, in question, would have made such a bigoted and self-righteous claim before the - incidentally - racist-empowering result of the eu-membership-referendum or 2019 general election.

big-man pierce has absolutely no idea of the racial reality which exists for - british - black people who live in britain.

dame diana dubble-dollop said...

@wrong, wrong, wrong and racist spin on windrush, mr pierce - and very ignorant too, if i might add

i agree entirely - what an absolutely awful radio-station:

the other day, a racist lbc-phone-in-caller had damned common cheek to claim that i "couldn't count [my] own toes"...

but i'll have you know i can - and my fingers, thumbs, hands, feet and tits too - so there.

look, i'll prove it to you all right now...

here goes:


oh dear - i must've eaten one last time i put my foot in my mouth...

desperate dave lammy - half black activist, half neo-imperial warmonger said...

"bussing a few jamaican criminals back 'home' just constitutes a cheap political stunt by a pair of cheap political cunts"

yes, i couldn't have put it better myself:

the actions of the prime minister and the home secretary were completely shameful...

haven't boris johnson and postie patel ever heard of the atlantic slave-trade?

have they never studied british history?

it's an utter disgrace that those african-caribbean criminals were deported back to jamaica...

by rights, they should've been flown straight home to lagos, nigeria.

every act of showpiece-government-racism has a silver-lining said...

"commonwealth citizens will therefore be obliged to pursue class-actions for reparations against all britain's financial, academic, governmental, and professional institutions which - whether public or private - have historically profited from colonialism, neo-colonialism, slave-trading, or from slavery itself"

in order to mount this manner of court-action, the afro-caribbean community requires activists with the the ability to find their way around the british statutes...

but unfortunately, the black middle-class professionals who can do this - like ethically-confused new labour neo-con warmonger david lammy - have already paddled their neo-colonial canoe so far up the corrupt and barbaric british establishment's backside that they'd rather not risk 'rock the boat'...

for fear of finding themselves swimming in the shit.

in fact, when david lammy stood up in parliament in order to condemn the recent deportation of jamaican-born criminals - but was then embarrassingly reminded, by the conservative home office spokesperson, as to how he himself, when a minister in the 2007 new labour government, had voted for the self-same legislation which subsequently enabled these controversial deportations - it would probably be fair to describe mr lammy's reaction as somewhat akin to a guy who, having just levelled against his fellows an angrily self-righteous accusation of anti-semitism, had then suddenly remembered that it was his own company which had built the gas-chambers at auschwitz.

i'm afraid that this sorry episode, involving david lammy mp, perfectly illustrates the profound ideological, and socio-cultural, hypocrisy inherent within the modern establishment-centric cia-controlled neo-liberal labour party: it's now no longer a party of socialists, but a bourgeois-based party of - cia-subsidized - sell-outs.

don bungee-jump - part one said...

oh dear, i can't seem to enter my comment at the slog.

i wonder whyever that could be?

maybe the the slog-blog has been forced to practice self-isolation?

such a shame really, because that mr ward's done such a good job at debunking the bogus-science behind the great corona-virus-hysteria.

anyhow, here's my reply to covid19: four questions to ask the knee-jerking sheep - staggering inconsistencies in the corona virus narrative suggest the threat is being more than 100-fold exaggerated:

"in a situation where alarmist élites have created information cacophony about covid19, and thus mass hysteria, there is an urgent need to keep things conclusive and simple.

this is not going to happen via a site of my limited influence, unless one staggering factoid were to be discovered by me which then went viral. so for the time being, one can only keep piling on the evidence, and returning to the logic (where possible) of a consistent argument querying the need for this “global emergency”."

hey, you might think you're just small-fry-media in the ocean of facts, fake news, intelligence and disinformation, mr slogman, but you can sure take it from me that, as far as melania, the two mikes and myself are concerned, your bullshit-busting blog's basically the on-line holy scripture which informs the entire spectrum of current white house domestic and foreign policy...

and, whilst this might come as a bit of a shock, it's actually no real secret that your no-crap analysis of the china-virus-situation is dead-central to my decision to open the united states back up for business again - safe in the knowledge, needless-to-say, that this china-virus-crisis is no more than a silly over-hyped cia-construct, or as we say in the egg-shaped office, fake-nooze, designed by the dastardly clinton-controlled deep-state to bring down not just moi, but also my awesome administration and the wonderful american economy...

so although i wouldn't wanna put pressure on you or anything, i reckon i'd best warn you that - in-line with your amazingly inspirational advice - i'm betting my whole re-election-campaign on a pioneering "make america tick again" policy, and in fact just to put matters into a raw-cut realpolitik-perspective, i should probably also explain that, if your crazy little-ole blog turns out to be dead-on-the-money - meaning there's no excess mortality, that we save folk's jobs, and i get to be president of the united states of alarmist assholes for a second thrilling trip - then you, and all your lovely family will enjoy unlimited free drinks, first-class grub, and luxury accommodation at five-star slump-hotels for the rest of your heaven-sent days...

but on the other hand, of course, if you screw up - meaning millions of my voters snuff it, that my economic jump-start policy flunks, and i lose the november-election to old slow joe - then naturally you and your idiot insurgent kin will soon be becoming intimately acquainted with the democratizing-end of an air-to-surface missile specially delivered from my pet pentagon-drone.

(continued in part two below)

don bungee-jump - part two said...

(continued from part one above)

wow, what a rush: you know, i never thought i'd be granted the honour of getting this grand old gig, and despite the die-hard democrat-doom-mongers hating and slating my every last move, i've always done what i truly believe to be in the best interests of my country, nevertheless to be fair, i've found dealing with this chiselling chinese-virus-crisis - which seemed to pop up outta nowhere, by-the-way - to be a real tough-call, because you see, the big boys in beijing must've missed the beastly bionic bug for months-upon-months, and then having finally misidentified it - following some mischievous cia-prompting - as kung-fluey fall-out from a us-military-grade biological attack, over-reacted to such an unimaginably massive degree that they conversely, if not indeed contrarily, triggered a global panic-attack of promethean pissing proportions.

however, whilst the chinese authorities soon grasped the relative medical mundanity of this nasty little, yet common-as-shit, germ - and are already rapidly relaxing social restrictions - it's grown extremely evident that their sneaky communist-party-officials are still keeping schtum about the merely flu-like level of corona's lethality, and as a horribly ironic result, leaving china's politburo perfectly positioned to let weak-minded wanky western nations have a chastening clinical taste of our own inordinately stoopid false-flap-medication...

all thanks to the treasonous tricks of those two-faced terrorist-toss-pots who moronically mounted the original rogue-cia-psyop.

unfortunately, the unforeseen upshot of this freaky far-east fiasco - apart from my own home-grown washington-enemies utilizing corona as lethal political leverage against me - is that i now got jinxing president xi grumbling incessantly away down the phone: first, quoting me rather confusing stuff - such as "do not impose upon others what you yourself do not desire" - then, lecturing interminably on the true philosophical purpose of some belting new 'tourist' traffic-system called the way, not-to-mention gloating how he's done a whopping big wu wei on me as some kinda spiritual pay-back-spell - both for our rogue-cia-unit's unauthorized sweet-'n-sour porkies, and for the import-tariffs i've indecently imposed upon chinese goods - and last-but-not-leastwise, informing me - with, in my consideration, somewhat uncalled-for rudeness - that i'd be god-damned lucky to ever again achieve a "moderately prosperous society", let alone "make america great again".

regrettably, however, what i in fact heard before translation was xi claim that i'd 'be god-damned lucky to ever again achieve a xiaokang shehui'...

well now...

mistakenly imagining that the chinese premier had not only threatened me with some weird sorta kung fu juju, but also dared question my impeccable presidential virility, i obviously felt quite deeply insulted - and so when, by way of a parting political shot, the neurotically challenged national people's nutter animatedly expounded his hallucinogen-induced hypothesis that "the rule of virtue may be compared to the pole-star, which stays in its place while the myriad stars pay it homage", i simply requested whether his imperial highness could please post me a packet of whatever traditional chinese medicine he was currently on himself.

frankly, i just hope the guy doesn't sue me for the flying kung flu-thingy, 'cause i've enough litigation lined up for another two lifetimes - just so so many lawsuits...

(continued in part three below)

don bungee-jump - part three said...

(continued from part two above)

and of course, as if the batty beijing-angle weren't bad enough, i also get vlad-the-vodka-lad on the blower from the kremlin every day - just laughing his commie-kgb-cojones off: "remember skripal" he chortles, "poetic russian justice for salisbury" he howls hysterically, before breaking down and tearfully sobbing "a hoax for a hoax: fair trade is no robbery", and "when are you going to call in the biological weapon inspectors, clouseau?"

oh, really, it's all more than i can humanly bear - and what's even worse is that, at the end of every call, president pushting invariably signs off, in a drunken splutter of unrepeatable expletives, by sarcastically imploring me to win a second term as us president "for the sake of mother russia" - or else, as he wistfully elaborates, he is "bloody well buggered".

yeah, ok so i realize that it's not exactly in president pushup's interest to deliberately crash the financial markets in order to destroy my re-election-hopes - and thereby allow a russia-hostile democrat-war-hawk back into the white house...

in much the same way, i suppose, as it's maybe not in my particular interest, as a compulsive beefburger-scoffing old bastard, to lift the corona-lock-down and let a serial senior citizen slaughtering virus loose in my own backyard...

but anyway, that reminds me:

melania's begun to rigorously enforce social distancing regulations throughout our residential quarters...

however, deeming such regulatory disputation to be a domestic matter - and to my utmost irritation and barron's eternal embarrassment - the house of representatives has refused to pass the emergency legislation required in order to overturn her inalienable personal authority, as a private citizen - and thus impel her to submit to the all conquering conjugal will of her natural born american president, and commander-in-chief.

i wonder whether my wife's working for the russians?


a couple more questions which are bugging the hell outta me:

1) if, as calculated by the blog-author above, a life is worth $240,000, then why is it so frequently asserted, by such a considerable cross-section of the american public - including close friends and family members - that i, the duly elected president of the united states of america, am not even worth two sodding cents?

2) isn't the use of chinese whispers against civilians banned under the geneva convention?

ultrapox said...

@don bungee-jump

what a performance by the british government:

this corona-bug has probably been circulating for at least 1 to 2 years - and has a mortality-rate comparable with the seasonal influenza-virus.

chief scientific adviser to the government, sir patrick vallance, has suggested that an assumption of 1000 cases per death may be a reasonable method of estimating the true scale of the corona-virus-infection - and therefore the uk government must clearly be working on the supposition that this corona-virus, in common with seasonal influenza, has a mortality-rate of 0.1%.

when the total corona-virus-related deaths initially reached 10, the scientific advisors at boris johnson's press-conference reported that an estimated 10000 people could have been infected by the virus - again this proves that the british government has been working on the supposition that this corona-virus has a mortality rate of 0.1%.

data indicates that there are currently no excess mortality-rates in europe, except in italy - whose eu-degraded health-system, has, in recent years, already been overwhelmed by more deadly influenza-outbreaks than the current corona-virus pandemic.

based on analysis of the first 650000 users of the covid-symptom-tracker app - designed by scientists at king's college london - results suggest that 10% of respondents could have developed symptoms of the virus - meaning that 6.6 million people in the united kingdom could potentially already have been affected.

following a study into the infection rate of covid-19, sunetra gupta, professor of theoretical epidemiology at oxford university, estimates that as much as half the population of the united kingdom could have been infected by the corona-virus.

as of 19 march 2020, covid-19 was no longer considered by the british government to be a high consequence infectious disease - hcid - in the uk.

whilst playing pantomime at york, in december 2018, former coronation street and 'allo 'allo star, ken morley, is convinced that he survived the corona-virus-bug; in the hospital, mr morley "was told there was no name for the virus, but that it was mainly affecting the local chinese students, who were there studying ­either medicine or english".

in early 2019, i myself suffered from an infection which had symptoms similar to the corona-virus - these symptoms included difficulty breathing, coughing, chest-pains, and fever.

during the summer of 2019 - when the buses and tubes in london were full of passengers all suffering from the same dry cough - there were people, known personally to me, who were laid low with a serious infection which had symptoms similar to the corona-virus.

the catch-all criminal convenience of the great neo-liberal corona-conspiracy said...


sweden is not implementing a corona-virus-lockdown, and is not experiencing a corona-virus-crisis - the swedish government has simply made sensible provision for the protection of vulnerable social groups.

for the sake of combatting a common seasonal flu-type-bug - which will not cause excess mortality - the uk's corona-crack-down on civil liberties is totally unwarranted.

the corona-virus-crisis is just cia-manufactured hysteria, designed to be used, by the criminal european and american establishments, as a convenient excuse for the inevitable wave of financial crashes which - due to the corruption endemic within the western banking-system - was in-any-case about to sweep through the corruptly managed neo-liberal economies of the european union and north america.

apart from disguising the huge fraud perpetuated by bankers - and abetted by their neo-liberal government-accomplices - ever since the unpunished financial collapse of 2008, the undoubted aim of this latest corona-precipitated instalment of cia-project-fear is primarily to undermine the american economy, and in-so-doing, destroy the 2020-re-election-chances of president donald trump - nevertheless, the current corona-crisis will additionally serve to absolve the neo-liberal establishment of all due blame for the post-brexit political implosion of the morally and financially rotten european union, and may even be illegitimately exploited as a pretext for the total disposal of democracy, in order to block britain's exit from the eu altogether.

you see, our increasingly anti-war, anti-eu, pro-trumpian, and climate-change-disbelieving electorates had finally rumbled the grand politico-financial theft which the corrupt neo-liberal establishment has, for the past 30 years, been brazenly perpetrating against western democracies - and moreover, through modern digital media-platforms, such as julian assange's verity-viral wikileaks, these same enlightened electorates had seen exposed the bloody rainbow of genocidal resource-rape committed by our neo-colonial establishment, with shameless historic impunity, against african and middle-eastern nations.

however, in the all-seeing eyes, and all-controlling mind, of the war-hungry western establishment, this popular social revolution, this informational and educational liberation, could not, under any spiritually emancipating circumstances, be allowed to succeed, and therefore under this democracy-crushing neo-colonial crack-down, we are today witnessing the arrogantly corrupt neo-liberal élite in its last desperate bid to permanently wrest back moral power from the people - in order, having regained absolute psychological supremacy, to enslave them economically, socially, and politically.

attack of the numerically illiterate nob-heads -part one said...

@the catch-all criminal convenience of the great neo-liberal corona-conspiracy

just as in the case of...

uk-withdrawal from the european union...

the election of donald trump as president of the usa...

failure to cut - allegedly - climate-changing carbon-dioxide-emissions...

and uk-withdrawal from the eu on world-trade-organisation terms...

the neurotic neo-liberal cia-controlled establishment requires us plebs to fear that, in the case of the current corona-virus-pandemic, the absence of repressive social lock-down measures will inevitably, and almost instantaneously, lead to the end of the fucking world.

however, as racially prejudiced anti-immigrant small-minded uneducated parochial plebs, we are, of course, ethically obliged to defer to the unimpeachable university-tutored judgment of our social and intellectual betters in the nigger-bombing blood-mineral-trading bourgeois-establishment.

yes, that's why we plebs are sitting stuffed-up at home like sardine-canned cunts, whilst culturally condescending middle-class families fuck off to their second, third, or fourth homes in the country for extended easter-egg-eating hols and frolicking fun in the fresh fucking air.

if only - in the manner of nice middle-class members of the neo-colonial establishment - we plebs could command the moral foresight to support progressive anti-racist corona-virus-conscious icons such as...

bill clinton - who orchestrated the cia-blood-mineral-war in congo which has cost over 10 million african lives, but fortunately made his blood-mineral-mates multi-billionaires...

or tony blair - who allowed us all aspire to be ethical wog-bombing war-criminals...

or hillary clinton - who, with a little help from her pet-pup-president, obama, deliberately armed, trained and financed al qaeda in order to create the islamic state, and to thereby instigate the utter destruction of sovereign arab states, libya and syria, along with their cultures and people.

if only - in the manner of nice middle-class members of the neo-colonial establishment - we plebs were politically and ethically progressive enough to support a socially enlightened humanitarian and corona-virus-conscious institution such as...

the european union - which liberally licences big-bad-buck-paying business-buddies to participate in, and profit from, the blood-mineral-genocide in africa.

if only we plebs could evolve to become morally upright citizens like our neo-liberal and neo-colonial nob-rulers, then we could appreciate the little-known nuanced fact that total social and economic repression is a price worth fucking paying for perhaps negligibly postponing social contact with a common, but nasty, beijing-flu-bug.

anyhow, never mind the politics...

because in the light of this current killer-corona-virus-pandemic, can someone please explain why-the-fuck - according to data presented by both off-guardian and european monitoring of excess mortality - last month's european mortality-rates are lower than for previous years?

(continued in part two below)

attack of the numerically illiterate nob-heads - part two said...

(continued from part one above)


covid19 yet to impact europe’s overall mortality - year-to-date statistics show excess mortality lower than previous years

well-fuck-me if medical professionals, from across the world, ain't now queuing up to point out that the british government's scientific advice on the corona-virus-pandemic is basically bull-shit - and the lock-down medically redundant?

indeed, backed by other retired, but no doubt equally vexed, pathologists, the retired, but well-respected, professor of pathology, dr john lee, politely points out - in the spectator magazine - that the british government's scientific advice on the corona-virus-pandemic is basically bollocks - and the lockdown medically redundant - since:

a) failure to test for this particular corona-virus-infection, in a random sample of the general healthy population, leaves open the possibility of it being far more prevalent than officially reported - and in terms of mortality-rate for the disease, therefore no more dangerous than seasonal influenza.

b) in many cases of fatality, the cause is being incorrectly ascribed to this particular corona-virus-disease - such that patients are being recorded as dying from infection by this particular corona-virus, rather than as dying whilst incidentally infected with this particular corona-virus.

how to understand – and report – figures for ‘covid deaths’

furthermore, in a similarly vexed vein, dr sucharit bhakdi - professor emeritus of medical microbiology at the johannes gutenberg university mainz - points out the bleedin' fuckin' obvious to chancellor dr angela merkel, namely, that the german government's scientific advice on the corona-virus-pandemic is also basically bollocks - and the lock-down medically redundant - since:

a) failure to test for this particular corona-virus-infection, in a random sample of the general healthy population, leaves open the possibility of it being far more prevalent than officially reported - and in terms of mortality-rate for the disease, therefore no more dangerous than seasonal influenza.

b) in many cases of fatality, the cause is being incorrectly ascribed to this particular corona-virus-disease - such that patients are being recorded as dying from infection by this particular corona-virus, rather than as dying whilst incidentally infected with this particular corona-virus.

c) in areas such as northern italy, general mortality-rates are not directly comparable to those of a country such as germany, which suffers from significantly less air-pollution, enjoys far better provision of intensive-care-units, and experiences considerably less over-crowding in terms of accommodation.

global research:

covid-19, urgent reassessment, diagnosis and basic principles of infectiology: open letter from professor sucharit bhakdi to german chancellor dr. angela merkel

dominant camp-tings said...

oh bugger bugger bugger and bumper-bugger: batbrain boris baffled by bogus-science-balls-up...

better pull a bloody sickie...

professor pinkwinkel brainstove the third said...

at this most terrible time for humanity, it is one's experience that people are often forced, by sheer pressure of personal circumstance, to pose questions of a most profoundly philosophical nature, such as:

"why are celebs stripping off during the coronavirus lockdown?"

nonetheless, by way of duly considered response, the fundamental epistemological, nay rhetorical, inquiry which one oneself inevitably feels obliged to make is:

"do we fucking care why...?"

...and one is indeed therefore compelled to conclude - having carefully, and exhaustively, studied all pertitinent evidence available at this point in time - that every futile-as-fudge-cake government-enforced corona-virus-lockdown must, by ultra-high-definition, be ipso facto deemed to have a silly - or even, dare-one-say, sexy - lining.

the exo-eggshell of the establishment said...

being under attack by a bout of virulent cyber-incubated veracity - circulating wildly and fancy-free amongst the perturbed propaganda-immune pleb-herd - our neo-imperial establishment is at present feeling existentially fragile - hence the social lockdown, which allows the ethically exposed neo-liberal élite to avoid all meaningful contact with common-people, common-sense, and - ultimately - therefore with the common-truth.

as in the time of the great fuck-eu-revolution, the crooked corona-creating ruling classes do not wish to be obliged to converse - let alone socialize - with those whose establishment-threatening corruption-corroding views they so vehemently despise and fear - thus they have conveniently shut themselves away in the cloistered self-congratulatory confines of their collective capital-rich clubby-hole, the cowardly conscience-quarantining cunts.

yes, he's sold his soul to the world stealth whorganisation and is leading poor old president slump down the politically expedient path to self-annihilation, however as loopy lockdown-impresario doctor "faustus" fauci readily admits, in his last-ditch pasticcio-making navigation out of the clinical abyss, the current all-conquering coronavirus-infection is really no worse than the common flu...

and in fact, as fauci-the-ferret's nano-pathologist-nemesis - the redoubtable stefano montanari - bitterly reveals in his latest medical myth busting interview, this bad-boy bug has been around-the-block a few times - in contrast, it appears, these past few weeks, to most of monsignor montanari's constitutionally captivated countrymen.

moreover, it has been ably ascertained in ireland, by further-right-than-farage - yet, comparative to the lie-filled neo-liberal-landscape, fundamentally frank - anti-immigrant islamophobe, and golden-retrieving anti-establishment journalist, gemma o'doherty, that every death - about which there can be fabricated the slightest doubt - is now being marked down - for purposes of fraudulent future financial aid-sponging - as directly coronavirus-related - see minutes 15 to 17 of video entitled gemma with dee wall after a day in 'dublin lockdown', which can be found by scolling down to the item dated 28.03.20 on the playlist for gemma o'doherty's video-player.

of course, due to the politically motivated classification of this particular coronavirus-infection as a notifiable disease, the main problem - concerning all official statistics for coronavirus-related fatality - remains that deaths are routinely - and most misleadingly - recorded as being from a coronavirus-infection, rather than with an incidental - and therefore non-fatality-inducing - coronavirus-infection.

indeed, as in the existing case of seasonal influenza or the common cold, strong anecdotal evidence - arising over the course of the past year or two - indubitably indicates coronavirus-type-infection - including, by extension, asymptomatic infection - to have become extremely widespread in the community - nevertheless, were, by equal measure, say, seasonal influenza or the common cold also to be classified as notifiable diseases, then it's crisis-dissolving clear that many thousands of deaths from seasonal influenza, or from the common cold, would also therefore have to be officially recorded, and reported.

the exo-eggshell of the establishment said...

@the exo-eggshell of the establishment - 15 april 2020 at 07:08

by "corona-creating", i mean exactly that: creating the withering white-heat of hysteria which surrounds the coronavirus-pandemic - and which confers upon the neo-liberal establishment the crown-of-power it craves to oppress us; in the compound-adjective "corona-creating", i am actually using the verb 'to create' in the colloquial sense.

i mention the above because i do not believe the current coronavirus to have been biologically engineered in a laboratory - as far as i'm concerned, this is an existing virus which the cia already knew to be in circulation, but of which the chinese were unaware.

perhaps this particular coronavirus originated naturally in china, then mutated in a polluted european or american city, and was - either by american agent-assisted accident or deviant design - finally re-introduced, during the world military games, into the mega-metropolis of wuhan, china, consequently creating the perfect worldwide panic required, by cia-chaos-orchestrators, as a pretext for the imminent, and inevitable - not-to-mention trump-presidency-undermining - financial market-crash - which, in fact, would anywise soon have been systemically precipitated by the embezzling actions of the reckless, and compulsively, criminal banking fraternity.

clearly, moreover, the cia wishes to utilize this manufactured coronavirus-crisis in order to dethrone trump, halt brexit, and remove a rampant range of civil liberties from western populations.

indeed, in obtuse defiance of the us military-industrial complex, president trump is presently attempting, in a practically unilateral move, to pull american troops out of syria and afghanistan, however, once the cia has removed him from the white house, and has replaced him with its dopey gropey political puppet - which does the war-mongering washington establishment's every barbaric bidding - there is absolutely no shameless shadow of doubt that the pernicious pentagon - with the full and genocidal blessing of a corrupt placeman-president - will directly attack syria, then - depending upon the degree of tehran's reactionary resistance - possibly overrun the confusion-compromised state of iran too, and do so, in the nebulizing name of democracy, all with the complementary, and confirmatory, brow-beaten blessing of the politically shaken, and economically subdued, british government, which, in traitorous turn, will be collaboratively bolstered by the bought-off blessing of that braggart-buncha bunged-on-the-front-bench brutal brass-necked bastards - the newly neo-colonized neo-liberal nigger-bombing leadership of the cia-controlled labour party.

if you think it simply coincidence that the 2008 global financial crash occurred just two months before - and conveniently sealed - obama's historic victory in the us presidential election...

then think again.

if you think it simply coincidence that, during sensitive trade-negotiations with the european union, boris johnson fell seriously ill, was then forced to step back from his rôle as british prime minister, and is now under permanent police-guard in the secluded buckinghamshire country-house of chequers...

then think again.

the exo-eggshell of the establishment said...

@the exo-eggshell of the establishment - 15 april 2020 at 07:08

further information regarding above comment

if you speak italian, you may wish to watch the actual byoblu24-interview, on youtube, with stefano montanari - it goes under the title of cosi' diventeremo immunodepressi per legge - stefano montanari.

o'doherty & co's extensive investigative reporting - and live-streaming - of the farcical coronavirus-lockdown, in ireland, has done much to reveal the coronavirus-pandemic as a crisis largely created out of misrepresented statistics - and, as a consequence of gemma o'doherty and companions publishing their accumulated evidence on-line, the politically precarious irish government is now being forced to open up the country again; in common with her video-player, gemma o'doherty's twitter-account contains much material which makes compulsive viewing, including a clip of her visit, on 29th march 2020, to dublin's deserted coronavirus-testing-centre.

infant state - part one said...

if this recent pandemic-spawning coronavirus possesses a genetic similarity to those constantly mutating coronaviruses which we commonly identify as 'bad cold-or-throat-type-bugs', then, as time progresses, any human-herd-immunity developed against it - either naturally or through vaccination - will provide a given population only temporary protection, lasting perhaps two years - and thus, unless already exposed to this specific coronavirus to a sufficient degree for the immune-system to have produced the relevant anti-bodies, an individual's ability to recover from, or resist, infection, will be dependent predominately upon his, or her, personal state of health.

whilst considering re-opening society in the netherlands, the devil-may-care dutch - with their recklessly laid-back 1.5 metre social distancing rule - are probably watching what is happening in sweden, which - relying largely upon public co-operation, and even keeping open primary schools - has not officially locked its people down - but has instead concentrated on protecting the most vulnerable groups in the community.

furthermore, i understand that, depending on the regulatory approach adopted by different state-authorities, germany's lockdown may vary enormously, in character and severity, from one region to another.

in german-speaking and scandinavian nations, the less stringent social lockdown-policy probably reflects the generally good quality of their health-care-systems and standard-of-living - in fact, due to the enhanced levels of education, realism, common-sense, and individual socio-political maturity prevalent in, for example, swedish and german populations, i don't consider that their governments could ever get away with the wholesale denial of personal freedoms which we are presently experiencing, here in the infantilized uk.

quite frankly, in these german-speaking and scandinavian countries, the citizens' common ability to study simple statistics, and do basic maths, will pretty much preclude their governments' scope for

denmark is also gradually lifting the lockdown - so obviously there has been a realization that the danger posed by the dreaded socializing 'bug' is actually more comparable to that of influenza.

here, in contrast, as a consequence of the corrupt british establishment's, historic and duplicitous, failure either, in accordance with the free-market, to grant all british citizens the opportunity to achieve a level of socio-financial independence sufficient for the procurement of personal private health-care, or, in accordance with the welfare-state, to adequately invest in this indigent nation's public health-services, it has become embarrassingly evident that today's uk-government has found itself sorely ill-equipped to concentrate simply on looking after those who have fallen sick from the current coronavirus-infection, and instead - despite pollution-poisoned londoners suffering for many years from this type of dangerous lung-infection - has cynically sought, by way of darkly disingenuous political distraction, to scare everyone unduly shitless with wildly inaccurate, and highly ill-informed, predictions of the coronavirus-pandemic generating a possible total of over half-a-million excess british deaths.

indeed, it is hardly surprising that there are now in circulation popular counter-scare-stories, which are plainly provoking our more safety-conscious citizens to burn down 5g-masts - for, you see, had our inestimably far-sighted government not, in the first place, insanely overstated the fatality-risk of the coronavirus-infection, then this hysteria-incited vandalism would never, of course, have been triggered.

(continued in part two below)

infant state - part two said...

(continued from part one above)

absurdly, although hospitals have created overflow-wards and extra intensive-care-capacity for coronavirus-patients, the uk's public health-services simply cannot cope with the palpably percolating panic which the british government has, quite gratuitously, triggered across the country - the dangerous consequence of this politically motivated confusion ultimately resulting in patients being systemically, and therefore institutionally, deterred from seeking proper medical assistance.

in fact, almost by way of illustrating the - arguably chronic - patient-allergy from which our national health service is suffering, the press has just published the tragic story of an extremely dedicated and hard-working hackney-nurse - employed elsewhere in east london - who, after self-isolating for some weeks with a bad viral infection, and his family having been strictly instructed, by nhs-advisors, not to call for an ambulance, has subsequently died, at home, alone, in his bathroom - apparently, this african-caribbean nurse, who was in service for 20 years, never took days off sick, and even used to work during christmas and easter holidays, in order to ensure that patients were properly taken care of, and not lonely.

for hell's sake, this is an ignorant health-scare which itself is needlessly killing people, yet our governments persist in ignoring the altogether unpalatable, but undeniable, truth that the actual coronavirus-related illness has most probably been fatally aggravated by so-called climate-change-reversing carbon-dioxide-reduction-measures - now known indisputably to have led, on a criminal, and indeed genocidal scale, to our urban populations being fatally poisoned by the, new labour instigated, pollution of ultra-toxic emissions from politically, and pseudo-scientifically, favoured diesel-engines.

fuck you and your bogus-climate-change-science, blair - ain't yer never 'eard of variability in solar cyclical activity, and the meteorological manner in which, over polar and equatorial regions, it differentially affects stratospheric pressure, causing both fluctuation in jet-stream-behaviour and re-positioning of the ozone-layer, together with consequential, and perfectly natural, short-term climatic variability, you cunt?

besides, mr bad-air-blair, please don't believe, just when your carbon-dioxide-driven-climate-change-hoax is on the perilous point of being empirically exposed by the timely celestial intervention of grand-solar-minimum-induced intermittent climate-disruption, that you can henceforth attribute to the considerable current reduction in carbon-dioxide - and other anthropogenic - emissions any apparent future climate-change-reversal such as might fail to concord with your tediously touted, and ideologically indulged, bogus-scientific climate-change-theory.

return to the exo-eggshell of the establishment - part one said...

@the exo-eggshell of the establishment - 15 april 2020 at 07:08

@the exo-eggshell of the establishment - 22 may 2020 at 02:10

remember the 2017 general election, when during the televized debate, only ukip had the basic grass-roots integrity to press home the anti-war-message with any vigour - and to be honest, showed up politically elite society, then and there, for the crowing crock of moral corruption which it has so disgracefully and decadently become?

well, despite, in my post-box, receiving seething self-righteous, and indignant, criticism, from so-called socialists and liberals, for the heretical 'political incorrectness' of linking the above-referenced comment to the activist-website of far-right irish nationalist, and anti-immigrant, islamophobe gemma o'doherty, i remain absolutely unapologetic for my allegedly non-u-'actions' - because, just as when the european empire threatened to block the uk's withdrawal from the eu, in order to destroy both our nation's democracy and political independence, alas so too we discover today, when our fundamental civil liberties are being removed wholesale by our own, albeit incidentally idiocy-infected, and nopposition-supported government, that the so-called socialists and liberals in our society are, with respect to defending our most basic of human rights, in fact naff neo-liberal no-show non-fucking-entities, who, unlike the uppity plebs publishing this populist irish shit-stirring-site, really don't have the knack, since they're stuck so-fucking-far up the official orifice themselves, of stuffing 24-crapat neo-authoritarian british bullshit straight back up the neo-liberal establishment's arse, whence it came...

and this, ironically, is why, in great britain, we're still pointlessly post-pandemically locked-down, whilst the rest of europe, save for fascism-loving frog-land, and the club of under-medically resourced latin-dicatorships, serenely sunbathes in freedom.

you see, plebs may not all have doctorates in micro-and-mathematical biology, epidemiology, or political and ethical philsophy, but they sure know when they're being fucking lied to.

nevertheless, do not labour under the false impression that, during this neurotic neo-liberal lockdown, the so-called socialists and liberals are sitting on their crypto-conspiratorial hands in total ignorance, for, on the contrary, in fact, these fellow-travelling neo-colonial establishment-collaborators are - post-pandemic-pseudo-panic - fully supportive of this maliciously manufactured economic collapse, because they desperately want to stop brexit - and then profit from eu-funds flowing from the unethical empire's neo-colonial blood-mineral-trade in africa - they desperately want to create a distracting pretext for the great lockdown-robbery of the public purse - by big business, government-contractors, and the banks - they desperately want to fabricate a pseudo-scientific low-emission-excuse for the non-event of non-catastrophic non-carbon-dioxide-driven climate-change - and above all, they desperately want to bump troop-withdrawing trump out of office - and then watch his corruptly manipulable, and dozy, democrat-successor, as he crumbles in the pentagon's clenched fist-of-fire, before obsequiously allowing his lawless cia-masters to re-arm al qaeda, to directly attack damascus, to ignite a new military conflagration in the middle-east, and, in true neo-clintonial spirit, to yet again unleash the child-soldier-snatching-dogs of blood-mineral-war the length-and-breadth of apocalypse-now-and-forever-amen africa.

(continued in part two below)

return to the exo-eggshell of the establishment - part two said...

(continued from part one above)

therefore, because these so-called socialists and liberals profess not to fancy the conservative cut of boris johnson's eccentric jib, nor the down-to-earth directness of donald trump's erratic demeanour - and further want to force the investment of a few more, than the dollop of already promised, dollars into the public slot-machine - it is obscenely inevitable that millions of african, arab and asian civilians will now have to pay for this malign and misconceived middle-class crusade against realism with the bloody, terrifying and politically expedient extinguishment of their cheap-as-casino-chip lives.

trust me, there's gonna be non-stop neo-colonial niggercide, gut-wrenching global economic depression, and slow sickening starvation in the rumbling ranks of the rejected - and all because of a pathetic ideological power-grab staged, under cover of humanitarian concern, by a few worthlessly rich white personages, who regard themselves as being neo-imperialist gods of mercantilism, floating like nebulous nepotistic nerve-gas above the commonly-respected rule of democracy.

god damn them.

krusty the kraut crushes ridiculous rationale for neo-liberal lockdown and social distancing said...

perspectives on the pandemic - knut wittkowski

former head of the rockefeller university's department of bio-statistics, epidemiology, and research-design, knut wittkowski - who, for his pains, is now being treated like a politically undesirable professor pleb - disagrees fundamentally with enforcement of social lockdown - stating that, by preventing the crucial development of a population's temporary two-year herd-immunity, self-isolation and social distancing actually protracts the four-week-duration of each epidemic, and even promotes the risk of its re-occurrence in a second wave.

although mr wittkowski advocates temporary self-isolation of the elderly and vulnerable in society, he considers that normally functioning schools assist in the essential development of herd-immunity amongst the naturally resistant young - and then proceeds to explain that sunlight definitely destroys the virus, whereas shutting people indoors only nurtures it.

mr wittkowski is certain that all the lockdowns were implemented after the peak of each epidemic, and have therefore been pointless - but contends that such civil restrictions, including social distancing, are in any case completely ineffective in preventing the spread of an air-borne respiratory virus.

knut wittkowski further points out that the closure of laundry-facilities is counter-productive in combatting an epidemic, since this the prohibition of cleansing-activities increases the likelihood of viruses being able to survive within the fabric of unwashed clothes.

mr wittkowski finally mentions that, when the body's immune-system is creating organic débris by destroying infected cells, it is vital for a patient to be treated with a course of anti-biotics in order to prevent the serious possibility of contracting pneumonia - however, i understand that standard nhs-care was, originally, limited to medication with paracetamol and oxygen-treatment.

fauci the fraudulent ferret said...

@the exo-eggshell of the establishment - 15 april 2020 at 07:08

please note that, although i was alleged, by the above-mentioned comment-crackerjack, to have stated that:

"the current all-conquering coronavirus-infection is really no worse than the common flu"

the sentence which i in fact wrote - and to which the egregiously exaggerating 'exo-eggshell of the establishment' refers - reads precisely thus:

"this suggests that the overall clinical consequences of covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza - which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1% - or a pandemic influenza - similar to those in 1957 and 1968 - rather than a disease similar to sars or mers, which have had case-fatality-rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively."


president stump said...

@fauci the fraudulent ferret

ouch...get outta my trouser-leg you motherfucking little ball-biter - haven't you done enough darned damage already?

oh really, you want to be awarded another presidential medal-of-freedom?

are you fucking kidding me, you worthless whacked-out weasel?

jesus wept, if you do not cease and desist, i swear i'll give you a nice cozy concrete slipper to snuggle down in - for-fucking-ever - and then use you to top-off the next god-damn thousand-foot tower i construct...

or on the other hand, maybe i'll just bestow upon you the eternal all-american honour of being included in my great mexican wall - as a footing.

let's stop fucking around: just like any year, there's a nasty coronavirus going around, but it's no more fatal than a severe seasonal flu - and so this 'crisis' is just a politically perpetrated fucking hoax said...

@the exo-eggshell of the establishment

@return to the exo-eggshell of the establishment

@krusty the kraut crushes ridiculous rationale for neo-liberal lockdown and social distancing

@infant state

professor johan giesecke is one of the world’s most senior epidemiologists, an advisor to the swedish government, the first chief scientist of the european centre for disease prevention & control, an advisor to the director general of the who, and most germanely, the guy who hired anders tegnell - the present director of swedish 'lockdown-free' coronavirus-strategy.

in a nutshell, i understand the professor's epidemiological position to be that:

a) half the population is already infected by the currently circulating coronavirus.

b) the current coronavirus-pandemic cannot ultimately be prevented from spreading.

c) prophylactic lockdowns are unnecessary and wrong.

d) only the elderly and vulnerable require a measure of protection from coronavirus-infection.

e) incorrect data - such as the woeful under-estimation of nhs intensive-care-capacity - was utilized by imperial college, london, in modelling the profile of the uk's coronavirus-epidemic.

in an unherd-interview, on lockdown tv, professor giesecke explains, fairly forthrightly, why lockdowns are the wrong policy, and why he reckons that:

1. the lockdown-policy, implemented by the uk and other european countries, is not evidence-based.

2. the correct coronavirus-pandemic-policy consists in protecting only the old and frail.

3. lockdown will eventually lead to herd-immunity as a “by-product”.

4. the initial uk-response - prior to the government's “180 degree u-turn” - was better.

5. the imperial college research-paper was “not very good”, yet - despite remaining unpublished, and thus non-peer-reviewed - created such a significant policy-impact.

6. the imperial college research-paper was far too pessimistic.

7. such epidemic modelling, or profiling, provides, in any case, a dubious basis for the sensible formation of public policy.

8. as much as being any effect of the lockdown, the 'flattening' of the graph-curve for coronavirus-infection is inevitably due to the most vulnerable in society dying first.

9. whether respective governments implement lockdown or not, coronavirus mortality and infection results will, eventually, be similar for all countries.

10. covid-19 is a “mild disease” - similar to influenza - and only its 'novelty' has scared people.

11. the actual fatality-rate of covid-19 is in the region of 0.1% - much the same as seasonal influenza.

12. when mass antibody-testing becomes available, at least 50% of both the british and swedish populations will be shown to have already contracted the currently circulating coronavirus.

the softly diffusing scandal of state-sponsored senicide and genocide said...

@infant state - part two

you tell a most resonant story about the nurse who died in hackney.

indeed, an anonymous discussion between officially gagged national health professionals, on mumsnet, reveals staff-frustration, in numerous parts of the country, at the current embarrassing absurdity of working in over-staffed, yet 'very quiet' and 'half-empty' hospitals - which seriously sick people appear to be deterred from attending by the national health service's very own insensitive and inflexibly trained 111-health-advisors.

moreover, as a crazy clinical complement to the pandemic-produced paradox of hospitals performing well-below-capacity, we are now also witnessing the astonishing emergence of unacceptable, and unethical, local policies which - according to a care-home-manager interviewed yesterday morning on the radio-4-news-programme - have, in many areas, produced an officially sanctioned situation wherein:

a) both general practitioners and nurses no longer visit care-homes - and therefore do not themselves actually provide direct medical attention to elderly residents, or issue death-certificates.

b) elderly care-home-residents, when they fall seriously ill, are routinely being denied admission to hospital.

c) blanket do not resuscitate notices are - without the consent of their families - routinely being slapped upon elderly care-home-residents.

d) care-homes are routinely denying elderly and dying residents the right to be visited by their family-members.

no wonder, therefore, given the routine refusal, during lockdown, of direct medical attention and hospital treatment to elderly care-home-residents - alongside systematic deterrence of the wider population from seeking requisite medical attention - that there are now being recorded in the uk thousands of excess weekly deaths.

however, given that we already know of the doctored coronavirus-related death-certificates and the inherently inaccurate rt-pcr-testing-procedure for coronavirus-infection, it is eminently possible that the present statistical spike in weekly excess-mortality may have bugger-all to do with the disease called covid-19, and instead be the thus-far latent lockdown-induced consequence of:

a) delayed registration of deaths due to lockdown-imposed closure of council-offices.

b) universal denial, during lockdown, of medical attention to seriously ill citizens - constituting official foul-play.

c) absence, upon death during lockdown, of proper investigation, examination and certification by the usual authorized officials - affording extensive scope for unofficial, and official, foul-play.

finally, whilst it's always easy, and glib, to attribute to historic societal impoverishment the excess coronavirus-related mortality amongst ethnic minorities, i would myself - for the reasons of municipal and federal laxity presented above - neither link excess african-american-deaths to coronavirus-infection nor blame them upon poverty, but rather - given precisely that extensive scope afforded by municipal and federal laxity for outright public criminality and for ingrained institutional discrimination in the provision of medical assistance - ascribe excess coronavirus-related fatalities, occurring within the african-american-community, unquestionably to official, and unofficial, foul-play.

let's stop fucking around: just like any year, there's a nasty coronavirus going around, but it's no more fatal than a severe seasonal flu - and so this 'crisis' is just a politically perpetrated fucking hoax said...

@attack of the numerically illiterate nob-heads - part two

@the softly diffusing scandal of state-sponsored senicide and genocide

@the exo-eggshell of the establishment

@return to the exo-eggshell of the establishment

@krusty the kraut crushes ridiculous rationale for neo-liberal lockdown and social distancing

@infant state

...and as if by magic, the relevant newspaper-articles suddenly all roll in, on cue...

well worth-a-look, for starters, is the new statesman's investigation into the quiet crisis of britain’s missing patients - a forensic examination of drastically reduced hospital-admissions during the lockdown, which explains why:

"plummeting heart attack, cancer, stroke and other admissions spell disaster for doctors in “eerily quiet” wards across the country"

in fact, given it is now common - but officially suppressed - knowledge that the coronavirus-in-current-circulation has already been infecting the uk's population for many months - if not for a year or two - i can only presume that this new statesman piece also exposes the true reason for the huge post-lockdown spike in british excess-deaths - the true reason for massive excess-death since the lockdown's enforcement, of course, being universal denial of nhs medical treatment to british citizens, which has left elderly residents of care-homes almost totally excluded from proper health-care provision.

what a fucking disgrace.

now, whilst i appreciate that cia-slags reuters are busy trying to fraudulently inflate the mortality-rate for coronavirus-infection, at least reuters-tool martin hibberd - professor of emerging infectious disease at the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine - admits that, besides being the result of coronavirus-infection, excess-deaths, during lockdown, could well have been caused "through inability to access typical medical care for other conditions because of covid-19 activities".

however - unless, or until, evidence emerges of a recently processed backlog in lockdown-delayed death-registrations - what definitely cannot be disputed, according to reuters-source nick stripe of the office for national statistics, is that:

“in care-home settings, there are now double the number of deaths from all causes...than there were two weeks previously”

and that:

“about 17% of those deaths mention covid-19 on the death certificate”

naturally, government-corona-crisis-fucking-architect dr chris witchy claims that, during the epidemic, it's 'hard to prevent care-home-deaths'...

yet doing so is especially difficult, of course, when, having blanket-banned visits from their general practitioners and community-nurses, you also deny care-home-residents admission to hospital for treatment of any illness...

you evil cunt.

might the quest for the unholy lurgi be over? (part one) said...

@let's stop fucking around: just like any year, there's a nasty coronavirus going around, but it's no more fatal than a severe seasonal flu - and so this 'crisis' is just a politically perpetrated fucking hoax

@attack of the numerically illiterate nob-heads - part two

@the softly diffusing scandal of state-sponsored senicide and genocide

@the exo-eggshell of the establishment

@return to the exo-eggshell of the establishment

@krusty the kraut crushes ridiculous rationale for neo-liberal lockdown and social distancing

@infant state

well fuck-my-bollocks if coronavirus-infection isn't aggravated by urban pollution, and the daily spookygraph along with the cia-subsidized guardian aren't both right on top of the story - about twenty fucking years after super-bastard tony bad-air decided to save the world from harmless carbon-dioxide-'pollution' by poisoning the british population with mega-toxic nitrogen-dioxide.

one curious aspect of the guardian-article is its reference to human respiratory syncytial virus - also known as human orthopneumovirus:

"the study also notes that the severity of another lung infection, called respiratory syncytial virus, is known to be directly linked to variations in nitrogen-oxide levels."

each year in the united states, hrsv-infection hospitalizes more than 157000 children, but rarely proves fatal for this cohort - whereas, in contrast, it also hospitalizes 177000 older adults of whom 14000 die. among infants, hrsv causes symptoms including listlessness, poor or diminished appetite, cough, and a possible fever.

to be more precise, the center for disease control considers hrsv to be:

"the most common cause of bronchiolitis - inflammation of the small airways in the lung - and pneumonia - infection of the lungs - in children younger than 1 year of age in the united states. it is also a significant cause of respiratory illness in older adults."

according to wikipedia, hrsv-infection induces protective immunity which decreases with the elapse of time - and thus multiple re-infection is possible:

"in temperate climates there is an annual epidemic during the winter months; in tropical climates, infection is most common during the rainy season.

in the united states, 60% of infants are infected during their first hrsv season, and nearly all children will have been infected with the virus by 2–3 years of age. of those infected with rsv, 2–3% will develop bronchiolitis, necessitating hospitalization. natural infection with hrsv induces protective immunity which wanes over time—possibly more so than other respiratory viral infections—and thus people can be infected multiple times. sometimes an infant can become symptomatically infected more than once, even within a single hrsv season. severe hrsv-infections have increasingly been found among elderly patients. young adults can be re-infected every five to seven years, with symptoms looking like a sinus infection or a cold - infections can also be asymptomatic."

(continued in part two below)

might the quest for the unholy lurgi be over? (part two) said...

(continued from part one above)

intriguingly, moreover, the wikipedia-entry for hrsv refers to another, related, pneumovirus, called the human metapneumovirus, which - since it causes symptoms including runny nose, congestion, sore throat, cough, headache, and fever - may often incorrectly be identified as a common cold. however, whilst in younger people, this infection will typically recede after a few days, those over the age of 75, who contract hmpv, are at risk of developing pneumonia:

"hmpv is associated with 6% to 40% of respiratory tract infections in hospitalized and outpatient children. the virus is distributed worldwide and, in temperate regions, has a seasonal distribution generally following that of rsv and influenza virus during late winter and spring. serologic studies have shown that by the age of five, virtually all children worldwide have been exposed to the virus. despite near universal infection during early life, reinfections are common in older children and adults. human metapneumovirus may cause mild upper respiratory tract infection - the common cold. however, premature infants, immuno-compromised persons, and older adults - over 65 years of age - are at risk of severe infection and hospitalization. in some studies of hospitalizations and emergency room visits, hmpv in older adults is nearly as common and as severe as influenza. hmpv is associated with more severe infection in people with asthma, and in adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - copd. numerous outbreaks of hmpv have been reported in long-term care-facilities both for children and adults, causing fatalities."

even more remarkable - aside from the publication of comparative research into the human orthopneumovirus and sars-coronavirus - is the coincidental broadcast, on 4th february this year, of a bbc-radio-4 inside health programme which, immediately prior to discussing the creation of a coronavirus-vaccine, specifically examined rsv-infection.

are the human respiratory syncytial virus and its cousin, human metapneumovirus, both ringers for coronavirus?

is then the quest for the unholy lurgi over?

well, there certainly seems to be ample room for the conflation of all these viruses...

and therefore, in all this crazy coronavirus-panic, has perhaps lack of accurate testing led inexorably to cases of mistaken viral identity?

anyway, what's for certain is that the chinese sure know their bugs.

let's stop fucking around: just like any year, there's a nasty coronavirus going around, but it's no more fatal than a severe seasonal flu - and so this 'crisis' is just a politically perpetrated fucking hoax said...

@attack of the numerically illiterate nob-heads - part two

@the softly diffusing scandal of state-sponsored senicide and genocide

@the exo-eggshell of the establishment

@return to the exo-eggshell of the establishment

@krusty the kraut crushes ridiculous rationale for neo-liberal lockdown and social distancing

@infant state

watch out, watch out, there's a gastro-coronavirus about - and i definitely contracted it late last spring...

nevertheless, whatever nasty bug you die from nowadays, remember that corrupt government-death-coding-procedures will always ensure that you are forever recorded as having snuffed it as a result of contracting the coronavirus-infection...

so are all our death-certificates already filled out?

anyhow, at least the white house has worked out that the mortality-rate for coronavirus-infection is only 0.1%, and that this disease is therefore really no more dangerous than flu...

whilst the american people themselves are convinced, like myself, that they've already suffered from this selfsame epidemic last fall, and that the entire coronavirus-crisis is no more than a grand political stunt.

finally, i'm sure you'll all be relieved to know that president trump is not letting social distancing rules, or the coronavirus-crisis in general, cramp the style of his world-beating stand-up-routine.

oh, and just one more thing: in paris, the afro-and-arabo-frogs ain't afraid of no virus, but they're doing their collective nut about reckless hit-and-run cops - and are now taking the fascist fuzz-bastards on par émeute...

bet boris just can't wait for a bit of that old bother-in-the-summertime - british-style.

more dirt on diesel - and the dangers of vitamin d deficiency to darkies said...

@infant state

@might the quest for the unholy lurgi be over? (part one)

oh yea, oh yea, there's more evidence, in the pipeline, that air-pollution-particles are actually the evil super-spreaders of respiratory-disease - such as the coronavirus-infection - and that tony "bad-air" blair is their dirty old smog-stained svengali.

@the softly diffusing scandal of state-sponsored senicide and genocide

in addition to claims, by the above-mentioned commentator, that the lockdown's legalization of regulatory laxity has malevolently afforded opportunity, to state-and-non-state-actors alike, for the commission of genocide in the african-american ghetto, i feel bound to highlight the serious dangers posed to the black community by vitamin-d-deficiency - a condition from which, due to their biological over-provision of melanin-based protection and regional climate-restricted doses of winter-sunshine, the darker-skinned residents of any colder country are inevitably prone to suffer.

indeed, given that vitamin-d-deficiency creates chronic health-problems - such as impaired immunity to disease - and given that, in a colder climate, indoor-confinement must, as surely as night follows day, therefore pose a more severe health-hazard to black citizens than to their white compatriots, then not only would i confirm the above-mentioned commentator's suspicion of social lockdown constituting an act of state-genocide against the black-community per se, but i would also consider lockdown to constitute an act of de facto foul-play against an entire nation - a mission-creeping crime against humanity no less, which could, as previously mentioned, promote infinite legal latitude for yet further sub rosa forms of state-and-non-state-sanctioned foul-play.

in short, if i were a black person, i would certainly not trust any politician or public figure who is either fanatical about enforcing this social lockdown, or responsible for perpetrating the homicidal health-care-hoax which has illegally laid the ground for this lockdown - on the other hand, if i were an african-american who would like both a longer lockdown and a world malignantly micro-controlled by the arch-engineers of this homicidal health-scare-hoax, then i would definitely vote democrat, or rather, put in strictly non-partisan terms, i would blindly support those super-rich white neo-con-liberals who arrogantly believe in their inalienable, and ungodly, entitlement to take away the rights and lives of underprivileged classes the-world-over.

let's stop fucking around: just like any year, there's a nasty coronavirus going around, but it's no more fatal than a severe seasonal flu - and so this 'crisis' is just a politically perpetrated fucking hoax - part one said...

@more dirt on diesel - and the dangers of vitamin d deficiency to darkies

@attack of the numerically illiterate nob-heads - part two

@the softly diffusing scandal of state-sponsored senicide and genocide

@the exo-eggshell of the establishment

@return to the exo-eggshell of the establishment

@krusty the kraut crushes ridiculous rationale for neo-liberal lockdown and social distancing

@infant state

first, i should just mention that i'm very concerned about reports of people from vulnerable social groups - such as the elderly and those with learning difficulties - being issued do not resuscitate notices - and indeed this practice appears especially prevalent where these vulnerable individuals reside in care-homes.

crucially, in view of the uk's terrible current mortality-rate, it must be added that do not resuscitate notices are a peculiarly british phenomenon.

now, it's worth noting that a bad year for mortality-rates was 2017-2018 - when, due to an ineffective flu-vaccine, there were approximately 50000 excess annual deaths recorded - and in fact according to the office for national statistics, the total deaths for the beginning of 2020 are significantly higher from those of 2018:

2020: total all-cause uk deaths up to week 19 = 259918

2018: total all-cause uk deaths up to week 19 = 228026

indeed, as i've already stated, the recently recorded surge in deaths - above the five-year-average - seems to have occurred as a direct result of elderly care-home-residents, along with other vulnerable people, being denied community medical attention and hospital treatment.

however, it must equally be understood that the lockdown has not only caused the closure to the public of council-registry-offices, but has also therefore required the alteration of death-registration-procedures, such that there would have been created a considerable backlog of disruption-delayed death-registrations - which, when finally recorded, would have produced a larger disruption-induced spike in the statistics than the, slightly less severe, perennial disruption-spike produced following the closure of council-registry-offices over the christmas-holiday-period.

precipitated by the perennial processing of the post-christmas death-registration-backlog, this post-christmas-spike in the mortality-statistics may clearly be observed in the bbc-graph entitled weekly deaths in england and wales compared with five year average, yet in the bbc-graph this spike is disingenuously labelled as 2015's flu-epidemic.

(continued in part two below)

let's stop fucking around: just like any year, there's a nasty coronavirus going around, but it's no more fatal than a severe seasonal flu - and so this 'crisis' is just a politically perpetrated fucking hoax - part two said...

(continued from part one above)

moreover, with reference to the above-linked bbc-graph, it should be noted that bbc-journalists have slyly, nay fraudulently, opted to compare the death-statistics for 2020 with those of the supposedly flu-epidemic-hit year of 2015, whereas in truth it would have been far more instructive for the bbc to have compared 2019-2020 figures with those of 2017-2018, when, due to the afore-mentioned ineffective flu-vaccination-programme, 50000 excess annual deaths were recorded in the uk - our worst death-toll since 1975.

interestingly, it is clear form the daily mail graph - showing excess deaths in england and wales between 1950 and 2018 compared to a five-year average - that, after a steady historical decline, uk-excess-deaths since the turn-of-the-millennium have again begun to rise, and purely because tony "bad-air" blair corruptly encouraged british motorists to switch over to 'carbon-dioxide-efficient' diesel-engines - which of course, as an 'ecologically friendly alternative', are wokely wont to emit mega-toxic nitrogen-dioxide exhaust-gases.

watch these videos - or remain forever ignorant and under the jolly green jackboot of government-approved propaganda said...

double-doctor-protest against california-coronavirus-lockdown

in a challenging press-conference, two californian doctors present a very rigorous evaluation of both their own and publicly available data for the coronavirus-epidemic - and as a result, can unequivocally confirm the fatality-rate for coronavirus-infection to be 0.03% - in bakersfield - and 0.01% - in new york.

crucially, their own data and practical experience convinces the two medics that the severity and spread of the coronavirus-epidemic is very similar to that of an annual influenza-epidemic - and therefore that the social lockdown, self-isolation, and social distancing measures are all redundant.

describing how lockdown essentially undermines our immune-system, doctor erickson and his colleague explain that, because self-isolation and hand-sanitation prevent normal exposure to pathogens, our immunity against disease drops - thus ensuring that we will become extraordinarily susceptible to infection as soon as we emerge from lockdown.

lobbying for the lockdown to be lifted, the two doctors stress their deep concern at hospitals being half-empty, at staff being furloughed, and at a situation in which many patients are not receiving treatment for regular conditions.

peerless reads: government-coronavirus-data detonated

using simple maths, arithmetic and logic, peerless reads deconstructs the raw data for the coronavirus-pandemic, and brutally debunks the government's claim that a social lockdown has ever been necessary.

the presenter then proceeds to analyze a television-interview with bill gates and, again using simple maths, arithmetic and logic, savagely exposes the bonkers billionaire's lies as they spew blithely out of his worthless world-disinforming bonkers billionaire gob.

the figures are already a bit out-dated, but peerless reads explains precisely why we should never have been locked-down in our own homes and how fucking stupid we have been not to question the government's completely crooked statistics.

banned from youtube: doctor buttar exposes doctor fauci in sensational fashion

doctor rashid buttar - a former us-army surgeon exposes the coronavirus-crisis as a giant hoax and reveals how dr fauci - director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases - diverted public money to fund illegal 'gain of function' micro-biological research in china.

dr buttar also sheds some light on how, utilizing the new 5g mobile communication network and micro-chipping, the world's governments plan to put us all under permanent satellite-surveillance in order to trace our movements and activities - he even divulges the potential satellite-surveillance-related reason for forcing people to maintain social distancing of at least 1.5 metres.

watch these videos or remain forever ignorant and under the jolly green jackboot of government-approved propaganda said...

@watch these videos or remain forever ignorant and under the jolly green jackboot of government-approved propaganda

by-the-way, whilst i agree with the general conclusion - reached in all three videos - that the coronavirus-infection is no more dangerous than a severe seasonal influenza-infection - and the lockdown thus totally redundant - i suppose the devil-of-the argument remains in the flagrant fiesta of figures:

a) the two californian doctors fail to specify whether the referenced tests were performed in order to determine actual coronavirus-infection, or rather the presence of coronavirus-antibodies resulting from an undated historic infection - and by omitting this detail, leave in doubt the extent of the historic time-frame during which coronavirus-deaths should be counted against given infection numbers, and also therefore the number of historic coronavirus-deaths which, due to absence of testing over this unknown historic time-frame, may have been overlooked.

b) peerless reads utilizes raw government-data, but fails to analyze, or investigate, the varying methods of data-collection and data-recording employed by each nation in order to compile death-statistics - and hence leaves in doubt the validity of comparisons between coronavirus-infection-statistics published in different countries.

c) dr buttar uses no figures and few facts, yet nevertheless expresses his views to great effect - by passionately channelling his general anger at those who have manufactured the coronavirus-crisis.

frankly, if dr buttar is a cia-plant - who is supposed, through public perception of his eccentricity and forensic incompetence, to undermine the popular argument against both coronavirus-lethality and the necessity of lockdown - then he has inadvertently made such a grand-standing job of exposing the perpetrators of this health-crisis-hoax that, paradoxically, he has failed to achieve the insidious goal which his spook-masters in fact set him.

read, read, read: in order to evade being mind-jacked by the greatest fascist psycho-op since world-war 2 said...

“think deep, do good science and do not panic!” is an excellent off-guardian-article which:

a) examines evidence of coronavirus-infection being less dangerous than flu.

b) reveals that pcr-rt-testing for coronavirus-infection is producing many false-positive results.

c) warns that lockdown measures can fatally prevent people with any form of illness, injury, or condition from accessing vital medical treatment.

d) investigates the lethal lockdown-induced fear-factor at the heart of the coronavirus-crisis.

coronavirus lockdown and what you are not being told – part 2 is another excellent off-guardian-article which:

a) examines the corrupt nature of the relationship between big pharmaceutical companies and the world health organisation.

b) reveals how 'philanthropist' bill gates funds the research of epidemiological muddler neil ferguson and corruptly calls this bought-and-paid-for piper's imperial college tune.

c) reports the non-existence of coronavirus-related nhs-overload.

d) investigates the real fears expressed by nhs-officials that the lockdown is fatally preventing huge numbers of people from accessing vital medical treatment for a spectrum of health-conditions.

e) exposes dodgily issued coronavirus-death-certificates.

f) warns how the pcr-rt-test for coronavirus-infection is producing many false-positive results, yet is often not even being used to determine alleged cases of death from coronavirus-infection.

g) underlines the horrific fact that, during lockdown, many of the current excess-deaths are not actually coronavirus-related.

h) provides evidence of coronavirus-infection being less dangerous than flu.

i) probes the nefarious political reasons for imposing social lockdown.

covid19 fatality rate “in the ballpark of seasonal influenza” is an off-guardian-video-interview with dr john ioannidis of stanford university, who discusses the recently released results of his department's serology study - which has test-sampled santa clara county residents for historic coronavirus-infection.

the bbc's clapping-for-auschwitz-moment said...

instead of protecting the vulnerable, whilst spreading the coronavirus amongst britain's healthy population - in order to build herd-immunity and thereby eliminate infection - it in fact remains firm nhs-policy to deliberately spread the coronavirus amongst britain's vulnerable, whilst preventing the healthy population from building the very herd-immunity which is ultimately required to eliminate infection and thereby protect the vulnerable.

regularly broadcast on bbc-radio-4-news, the public testimony of care-home-managers has repeatedly confirmed the current state-sanctioned-policy of senicide, yet - due to career-and-salary-related considerations - barbarously bourgeois bbc-journalists themselves still refuse to actually investigate, or even highlight, this huge crime against elderly humanity.

doesn't the government realize that, each week in the uk, the lockdown is directly causing thousands of excess-deaths which the current coronavirus-infection - although already prevalent in the uk for as many as 18 months - has consistently failed to produce?

in truth, this 'clapping-for-auschwitz'-moment is rapidly becoming a 'clapping-for-auschwitz'-movement.

this is hardly the nhs's finest hour.

the great neo-liberal cull of brexit-voting pensioners said...

@the bbc's clapping-for-auschwitz-moment

given that, in many poorer - brexit-voting - areas of the uk, care-home-residents are now systematically being denied medical treatment by the nhs, and given that, during winter months, black britons develop an immune-system-debilitating vitamin-d-deficiency, then this sunlight-rationing coronavirus-lockdown can constitute nothing less than state-sponsored genocide...

but in any case, what do the deaths of tens-of-thousand elderly care-home-residents matter to the anti-trump european imperialists at the bbc, when, aside from forcing britain to rejoin the european blood-mineral-empire, the ideological prize for perpetrating the globalist corona-crisis-hoax consists in re-installing, in the white house, an ultra-corrupt democrat-administration - which will re-arm al qaeda, launch an all-out american attack against syria, and re-ignite blood-mineral-conflicts right across africa and the middle-east?

these murdering bastard celebrities and journalists at the british establishment-bum-wiping corporation never speak out against the never-ending neo-imperialist wars - for which they habitually propagandize like the high-class establishment-pros they truly are...

no, these socialist-sell-outs and hierarchy-hunkered hypocrites just feast off the backs of the licence-fee-paying-peasantry like the french fucking aristocracy.

the sunshine-president strikes harmonious chord with homeboy-hospital-clinicians said...

"it’s not often i agree with trump, but i think that we should open up on may 15", says doctor samir farhat.

this front-line new york doctor is certain that the coronavirus-epidemic peaked on 7th april 2020, and that, because the lockdown has had no real effect on the spread of coronavirus-infection, the city should re-open immediately. the stay-at-home strategy, he worries, has prevented seriously ill people from seeking medical attention - sometimes with fatal consequences.

moreover, since sample-antibody-tests indicate 1 in 5 new yorkers to have probably suffered previous infection by the coronavirus, another new york emergency-medic, doctor daniel murphy, has been prompted to conclude that "a significant degree of natural herd-immunity" has been developed within the population - and he in fact proceeds to note that a staggering 43% of tests in the bronx have proved positive. he also states that "inordinate fear" has driven the public response to the epidemic, and that "while covid-19 is serious, fear of it is being over-amplified".

"the public needs to understand that the vast majority of infected people do quite well", stresses doctor murphy.

unforeseen up-side to the mock-down of british plebs by manipulative middle-class-snobs said...

@the great neo-liberal cull of brexit-voting pensioners

having formed the loaded left-wing echelon of fear-mongering fascists and neo-liberal nest-featherers who originally staged this condescending coup-against-common-sense, doesn't it just make you incredibly sick, now they've casually destroyed the lives and livelihoods of others, how these politically motivated health-scare-scammers arrogantly disregard the very same torturous social distancing rules which, on the brazen basis of fabricated evidence, they themselves have indecently imposed upon scum-class-fodder for their eminently infertile fantasy of socially progressive feudalism?

so is there any bright-side to this almost suffocating suppression-by-snobs?

well, at present, i suppose, the only joke possessing any real currency is one which ridicules this socially repugnant lock-down's complete clinical pointlessness - however grand irony derives from the professional paradox that this also happens to be the one joke which career-and-cash-addicted comics, servile to the politically correct establishment, simply cannot crack, for fear of upsetting their imperial bbc-paymasters, and being permanently barred from the inane professional comfort of their cozily corrupt neo-colonial club.

thank christ then that, without a shred of credibility left to hide their neo-nasty nakedness, these pathetic party-line-performers of the pseudo political left will at last be unceremoniously swept into the alternative artistic dustpan of history - along with all their cowardly crimes-against-comedy and their faux fucking environmental convictions - the stupid, stupid cunts.

moreover, as a bbc-bourgeoisie-busting bonus, we have, during this unprecedented period of cock-up, effectively received the announcement, from neo-noncing nasa, of an imminent grand solar minimum, therefore ensuring it to be only a matter of god's good time before, in a helio-heavenly revelation, an ostensibly unpredictable - yet in fact solar-cyclically disrupted - short-term-weather-pattern conclusively exposes the theory of co2-driven climate-change for the bogus sermonizing science it always has been - and in so doing hopefully supplies the final nail of truth to be neo-constructively hammered into the ideological coffin of narco-fuelled neo-liberalism.

oh, i mean come-on guys, we all knew, when life-nurturing carbon-dioxide was absurdly re-classified as 'pollution', that the cia-subsidized green-movement had truly disappeared up its own ecological arsehole.

the great british lockdown-massacre: thousands murdered through systematic denial of nhs medical care and state-induced vitamin-d-deficiency said...

research now suggests that, aggravated by the genocidal lockdown, the wintertime vitamin-d-deficiency suffered by black people has become a state-sanctioned race-killer.

whilst deaths from respiratory-disease remain at a normal level this year, records show that the imposition of the government-lockdown has already caused 30000 excess-deaths in care-homes and other community-settings - such as people's own houses. this disgraceful state-orchestrated senicide is evidently a direct result of the systematic denial, to vulnerable citizens, of hospital-treatment and community-based medical attention.

shockingly, 20000 of these excess-community-deaths were not even related to coronavirus-infection.

the uk-mortality-graphs are absolutely damning.

is neo-liberal britain licencing the lockdown-liquidation of its most ancient assets...?

not-to-mention its assets of african-origin?

prelude to the excision of a thorn said...

if you haven't sussed it out yet, let me clarify that promiscuous prelude-precipitator professor n=madcronysquared foggisum is a neo-conning brexit-blocking bastard, who, in the creepy company of cia-chums, hill and bill cullingtown, enjoys kicking back to sip a nice cool glass of château grande cruauté, or killing-field claret, à la curtailed congolese child-soldier - all served compliments of the covert eu-cellar-of-horrors.

yes, you heard it here first, whilst having his neo-colonized nob sucked by the cia, fake-news-führer foggisum vitally got hold of the wrong statistics, then traitorously conspired to mislead and infect bungling british prime minister boris no-johnny-on, who tragically succumbed to a near-fatal dose of the nasty neo-liberal-lurgi - secretly supplied by us-anti-democracy-agent, and notorious schmutzplaffel-officer of the european blood-mineral-empire, ms ammonia splats.

well, in 2001, foggisum single-handedly fabricated the foot-and-mouth-crisis in order to deviously distract public attention from the nefarious neo-con-machinations which led up to the nine-eleven-neutering of new york city...

but this year, of course, imperial college's professor of ex machina epidemiological fraud has maliciously manufactured the coronavirus-crisis...

and so as the lord god almighty is my witness, expect something really fucking naughty to occur before the 2020 us presidential election - a watershed-event which will demolish the present white house administration and adversely alter the course of history.

indeed, rumours currently in circulation suggest that, with the aim of unleashing a devastating mega-tsunami against african, american, and european coastlines, cia-controlled terrorists, disguised as tourists to the canary islands, could conceivably mount a submarine operation - involving nuclear weapons - to trigger a catastrophic landslide on the unstable western flank of la palma's cumbre vieja volcano.

however, upon due reflection, maybe we should in fact just anticipate a regular deep-state-assassination of incumbent american president, donald j slump, who - by fulfilling his electoral promise to execute a humanitarian troop-withdrawal from the middle-east, and negotiating a peace-deal with the taliban in afghanistan - has so terminally upset the cancerous cia-criminals and wicked washington-warmongers that he is almost bound to go down in history as the most iconic american revolutionary to grace the oral orifice since jfk.

totalitarian poo-tube-bastards ban crusty kraut prof and dashing doc erickson said...

@krusty the kraut crushes ridiculous rationale for neo-liberal lockdown and social distancing - 22 may 2020 at 02:40

@watch these videos or remain forever ignorant and under the jolly green jackboot of government-approved propaganda - 22 may 2020 at 03:47

global anti-lockdown super-hero, and knuspriges altes kraut, knut wittkowski has been torpedoed by totalitarian u-tube-fascists in an atrocious anti-democratic attempt to suppress free-speech, decimate scientific discourse, and extend the loony neo-liberal lockdown for fucking ever...

but never fear, for krusty the kraut is back with more facts, figures, and a great big fuck-you to cia-super-tart professor nipple foggisum of imperialist college, london.

for your information, knut wittkowski's original deconstruction of lockdown-lunacy may still be viewed on democracy-respecting bitchute - along with the legendary press-conference held by his freedom-fighting clinical comrade, the daredevil doctor erickson, whose incisive lockdown-critique has also been disgracefully censored by the -u-tube-gestapo.

moreover, please note that the american institute of economic research has published a transcript of knut wittkowski's initial interview, and that the ultimate democratic delight of a wittkowski-erickson-double-act is rather kindly being hosted by none-other than the unsuspecting underminer of all due democratic decency, namely u-tube itself.

honest-to-god, these outspoken medical guys - dr wittkowski, dr erickson, and also erickson's colleague, dr massihi - each deserve a bloody medal for their services to mankind - whereas foggisum, splats, and her spooky immigrant-investigating husband, dr lookass, all need locking in the tower, for fuck's sake.

well fuck me: most people could already have pre-acquired immunity to the current coronavirus-infection said...

according to scientists at the la jolla institute for immunology in california, a study of blood-samples taken between 2015-2018 indicates that, due to contraction of previous types of coronavirus-infection, which simply cause the common cold, many people could already have developed immunity to the current coronavirus-infection:

"between 40 and 60 per cent of unexposed people had cd4 t- cells, which are the ones which kick other parts of the immune system into gear.

around 20 per cent of the samples contained cd8 cells, which were seen in seven in ten of the covid-19 patients.

the finding suggests previous infections with other coronaviruses, like the ones that cause common colds, could provide some level of protection."

the la jolla scientists explained that, when they see a cell has been invaded, 'helper' cd4 t-cells signal for action in other parts of the immune system, whilst 'killer' cd8 t-cells actually fight off a pathogen.

well i never...

and so what the fuck need was there for the insane imposition of lockdown and the obsessive enforcement of social distancing?

maths-genius matt hand-count admits coronavirus has less than 0.39% mortality-rate said...

the government has announced that about 17% of londoners have already contracted the current coronavirus-infection, therefore - given a death-toll of 5383 and a population of 8.9 million - the capital's mortality-rate for coronavirus-infection stands at less than 0.4%...

however, given also the wholly fraudulent manner in which coronavirus-related deaths were recorded, one can only imagine that the true mortality-rate for this coronavirus-infection is considerably lower than 0.4%, and therefore that, as a disease, the current coronavirus-infection may in fact prove no more lethal than influenza - which possesses an estimated mortality-rate of around 0.1%.

oh whoops...

why-the-fuck did britain commit economic and social suicide over a bug not-so-dissimilar to the common flu...?

and why-oh-why did the national health service maliciously deny hospital treatment, and community medical care, to so many vulnerable people that this ludicrous neo-liberal lockdown became the direct cause of over 50000 excess-deaths?

are politicians and civil servants going to be gaoled for this gratuitous genocide...?

and was the calculated neo-liberal destruction of donald trump's presidency really worth the lives of 50000 britons?

shame that these - mostly working-class - victims of rabid neo-liberalism were never asked their opinion upon such matters - and for the sake of pitiless political expedience, were instead just snuffed out like so much common coffin-fodder.

spooked state: the superstition of lockdown and social distancing - part one said...

during the coronavirus-epidemic, the politically motivated fear-mongering by our media and press has been incessant, yet according to the daily wail, research carried out on behalf of jp morgan has confirmed what many had already suspected - namely that:

a) lockdowns have failed to alter the course of the coronavirus-pandemic and are destroying millions of livelihoods worldwide.

b) coronavirus-infection rates have fallen since lockdowns were eased.

c) the coronavirus "has its own dynamics" which are "unrelated" to lockdowns.

d) lockdowns were imposed with little thought to the consequent "economic devastation".

yes, astonishingly, the coronavirus-lockdown policy was implemented without even assessing its risk to the population at large.

in fact, having scared people shitless for two months with the uncritical publication of nonsense neo-liberal plague-death-hype, the daily fairytale is at last explicitly acknowledging the clinical redundancy of the coronavirus-lockdown, nevertheless it still refuses to admit that, due to historically unethical banking practices, this subsequent financial crash, along with its explosive economic fallout, would have been inevitable - quite regardless of repressive socio-economic measures misguidedly taken in response to the coronavirus-pandemic.

the daily smell quotes the main findings of the jp morgan report as follows:

"author marko kolanovic, a trained physicist and a strategist for jp morgan, said governments had been spooked by 'flawed scientific papers' into imposing lockdowns which were 'inefficient or late' and had little effect.

'unlike rigorous testing of new drugs, lockdowns were administered with little consideration that they might not only cause economic devastation but potentially more deaths than covid-19 itself,' he claimed...

...'while we often hear that lockdowns are driven by scientific models, and that there is an exact relationship between the level of economic activity and the spread of [the] virus - this is not supported by the data,' the report says.

'indeed, virtually everywhere infection rates have declined after re-opening, even after allowing for an appropriate measurement lag.

'this means that the pandemic and covid-19 likely have [their] own dynamics unrelated to often inconsistent lockdown measures that were being implemented.'

those dynamics may be influenced by increased hand-washing and even weather patterns but seemingly not by full-scale lockdowns, the report suggests.

'the fact that re-opening did not change the course of the pandemic is consistent with studies showing that initiation of full lockdowns did not alter the course of the pandemic either,' it says."

(continued in part two below)

spooked state: the superstition of lockdown and social distancing - part two said...

(continued from part one above)

the facts of the coronavirus-matter are obviously surfacing fast, but why are jp morgun and the the dodgy tail only now revealing the truth as to the lockdown's necessity?

well, the answer to this question is very simple: jp morgun and the daily surreal are recognized deep-state-entities - which act as intelligence-instruments of the cia - and having helped neo-liberal labour-members to remove from their party-leadership the pro-black anti-war socialist, jeremy corbyn, these two sub-establishment-tools are now helping neo-liberals within the us-republican and uk-conservative parties to remove from their own party-leaderships the troop-withdrawing peacenik, donald trump, and the pro-brexit eurosceptic, boris johnson, respectively.

frankly, in the eyes of the dodgy tail and jp morgun, the entire premise of the lockdown has been to "get trump", "get boris", and "get brexit undone".

however, because of the horrific excess-death-toll created during lockdown by the decision to lock-up hospitals, the national health service is certain to emerge from this tortuous corona-affair looking extremely shabby aswell.

good on professor "leave-it-out" - nobel prize-winner and anti-lockdown-whistleblower said...

lockdown tv's unherd programme has really helped raise the level of coronavirus-debate from the intellectual gutter inhabited by corrupt government-advisors, and by a cia-controlled media which has become obnoxiously obsequious to an irredeemably criminal deep-state.

unherd's interview with nobel-prize-winning scientist professor michael levitt reveals that lockdown is a "huge mistake", that social distancing has almost no effect, and that professor ferguson is doolally.

after being absurdly banned from u-tube, the professor went on record, in the daily mail, to explain that the socially damaging lockdown would cost more lives than it might actually save - and that this excess-death would be partly due to the restriction in hospital treatment for non-coronavirus conditions.

professor levitt seems a genuine sort of chap, he says:


leave-it-out, mate."

is the national health service being permanently stood down? said...

@the great british lockdown-massacre: thousands murdered through systematic denial of nhs medical care and state-induced vitamin-d-deficiency

since lockdown, if you request medical treatment for a care-home-resident, the response from the nhs must run something like this:

"care-home-resident? sorry, no service is currently available, sir: no ambulance pick-ups, no gp-visits, no attendance by the community-nurse, no family-visits, and definitely no admission to hospital."

since lockdown, if you take an elderly relative to hospital for treatment, the reception from the nhs must resemble something like this:

"ah, what a lovely union-jack t-shirt your dad is wearing today...

is he a brexit-supporter, by any chance, sir?

ah, how cute...

have you ever considered putting in place a do not resuscitate order?"

since lockdown, if an elderly person calls the 111-nhs-helpline from his, or her, private accommodation, the response must run something like this:

"fuck off and die at home."

blimey, i even understand that nhs accident-and-emergency units are soon to become referral only...

so are we now witnessing the sudden death of a great british institution...?

or is this just a simple case of euthanasia?

professor good-data rides to the rescue - or at least tries to said...

professor of theoretical epidemiology at oxford university, sunetra gupta, predicted in march that at least half the uk-population could already have been infected by the current coronavirus, and she now offers a further estimation that, at any given time between 4th and 17th may, 137000 people - 0.25% of the british population - were infected by the virus.

however, this finding begs an obvious question: in order to infect over 33 million people at the above-estimated rate, then for how many months, or years, must this coronavirus previously have been in circulation?

unfortunately, a firm answer to this cranky-conundrum is not provided, and indeed, in view of the government's grand, yet perilously notional, "out-of-china" pandemic-narrative, i sense that professor good-data is being somewhat coy as to what exact date she believes the current coronavirus to have actually made its first appearance in this country.

nevertheless, during an extremely revealing unherd-interview, she proceeds to explain that, due to purely genetic reasons - or the presence of pre-existing anti-bodies developed in response to more common 'cold-type' coronavirus-infections - many people in fact possess a "hidden" immunity to the current coronavirus-infection, and that therefore the british population's true immunity-rate is bound to be far higher than indicated by "extremely unreliable" serology-tests - which are unfortunately over-sensitive to coronavirus-types besides the specific one requiring identification.

moreover, according to professor good-data, it is precisely this hidden immunity to the current coronavirus-infection - rather than lockdowns or government-interventions - which offers the best explanation for the epidemic's uniform - or "clockwork" - progression through every population around the world.

significantly, the professor reckons the coronavirus-epidemic to be largely "on its way out in this country", and judges the infection-fatality-rate to be "definitely less than 1 in 1000 - and probably closer to 1 in 10000" - producing a mortality-rate somewhere between 0.1% and 0.01%.

finally, given the vulnerability to new pathogens which a continued state of lockdown would inevitably induce in our entire population, professor good-data warns that for the country to remain under such severe social restriction would prove extremely dangerous.

during this unherd-interview, it is worth noting professor good-data's authoritative assertion that the r-rate - of infection-spread - is not in any sense computable without first obtaining an accurate scientific assessment of population-immunity - and also her professional insistence - given infection-figures are wholly reliant upon testing-levels - that infection-case-data should not be included in any decision-making-process regarding lockdown or social distancing policy.

professor heineken says the uk-coronavirus-outbreak peaked before 'unnecessary' lockdown said...

@professor good-data rides to the rescue - or at least tries to

according to the mirror's coronavirus-investigation:

"professor carl heneghan, director of the centre for evidence-based medicine, believes infections were at their highest around mid-march - 21 days before the country recorded its worst day for deaths on april 8."

after concurring with the findings of his colleague professor good-data, and swiftly downing a few cans of double-strength medicinal lager, a visibly volcanic professor heineken continued to expound upon his carefully computer-modelled theory that boris is a king-sized cunt - and that professor n=fuck-knows-what of imperial college, london, is a dildo-with-a-death-wish.

crying into his beer, the pissed professor then pathetically professed his undying love for the delicious professor good-data, describing her as a first-class old bird whose brain was "as sound-as-sausages" - unlike "that fuck-head foggisum", apparently, in search of whom he then stormed out the pub, swearing clinical vengeance of a surreal suppositorial nature, and squaring up for a fight to the decimals.

if trump leaves the white house, the freedom to criticize its occupant will vanish with him said...

"but remember: biden cycled millions of black people in and out of jail, voted for massive numbers of poor people to go to war in iraq, threw anita hill under the bus to confirm a conservative justice to the us supreme court, and, under obama’s administration, helped to deport millions of immigrants and bombed brown countries."

no shit, now that she has totally trashed biden's political reputation, just what horrible torture does demon-democrat derecka harbour in her handbag for trump?

whatever form of flak president trump is about to receive, however, i guess from here-on-in he will be manically minding his racial ps-'n-qs and praying-to-holy-fuck that, one ominous morning, derecka "democrat-from-hell" purnell does not get out the wrong side of bed.

well, i mean, if the twitterer-in-chief knows he's up against an unashamedly unreconstructed racist, there might perhaps be some votes to be picked up...

although, if that scenario seems slightly optimistic, i can, at the very least, imagine that many african-americans, come election-day, might simply choose to chill at home, precisely as they did when offered the acrid ambience of good old-fashioned caucasian superiority - as worn by neo-enslaver ma clinton.

in fact, reportedly, even obama has desperately attempted to talk biden out of running for president, but to-no-avail, because, having outdone themselves by selecting a candidate equally regressive as - and even more hopeless than - hell-fire hillary, the conceited neo-colonial masters of the corrupt democrat-establishment seem as happy as pigs neck-deep in political shit.

in any case, long may ms purnell pan her president...

but i just don't see her critical leeway lasting if the father-of-free-speech leaves the washington-stage.

the question is therefore:

how high a price should african-americans pay for trump's removal...?

and are they at liberty to turn down the deal?

office of non-stick slaps said...

this bloody lockdown will never end until official stats show the cause of ten thousand male fatalities per week to be death by frying-pan.

jeremy cracks-one said...

@office of non-stick slaps

oh yeah, don't tell me, mate...

this lockdown's just soooooooo mind-bogglingly fucking bor-ing...

and you know, guys, well...

there's actually one teeny little thing that's been bothering me: it legal to have a wank about greta funbird?

prinz hand-dew said...

@jeremy cracks-one

oh, quite quite, squire crack-dung: one just cannot be too careful, can one not...?

but, now strictly between us chaps, ok ya...

one confesses that, after meeting the duchess of york...

one soon learned the best course of action is to count in err...


mad pox-man said...

'ere in 'ackney we're copin' with the china-crisis in true east-end-fashion...

yeah yer know, the missus started splutt'rin' a wee bit las' night, so to err on the sensible side-of-'ealth-'n-safety - an' save on bog-paper - i jus' shot the cow.

clint feastwood - alternative sociologist said...

in my expert opinion, lockdown and social distancing are for poofs pansies and pussies.

now listen, if any of those namby-pamby neo-liberal viruses wanna show their ferret-faces 'round here, i'll just pull-out out my magnum and tell the little lefty punks to "make me gay".

when lockdowns kill said...

according to the latest bulletin from the office for national statistics, excess-death in england and wales is much lower than at the height of lockdown, yet still significantly above the five-year-average. despite the recent weekly number of coronavirus-related deaths falling sharply, it is inevitable that, until hospitals are fully re-opened, the total of excess-deaths will remain well above average.

now, there have been constant unverified claims of coronavirus-deaths being under-reported, however, during the lockdown, weekly ons-records consistently show that, in comparison to deaths where the underlying cause has been respiratory disease, thousands more deaths have occurred where covid-19 has been mentioned on the certificate - and this inconsistency therefore clearly indicates the massive over-reporting of coronavirus-deaths.

disturbingly, whilst the united kingdom has suffered by far the highest excess-death-rate in europe during the coronavirus-epidemic, euromomo graphs show that some countries - such as germany, ireland, norway, denmark, and portugal - have recorded absolutely no excess-deaths during the epidemic-period.

furthermore, it is appallingly evident that countries which have imposed the strictest lockdown-measures have also experienced the highest excess-death-rates - largely proving lockdown to have no valid epidemiological basis, and to be far more deadly than the coronavirus-infection itself.

finally - for the more mathematically minded - vox has published an article which examines the methods used to measure national excess-death-rates in europe.

when will excess-death in the uk ever end? when will the hospitals re-open? said...

following the lockdown-spike in excess-death, it would be expected that, as a consequence of natural compensation, the death-rate would then fall below the 5-year-average, and that a graph comparing the death-rate during the 2017-2018 unvaccinated flu-epidemic to the death-rate during the 2019-2020 coronavirus-epidemic would, a few months on from the outbreak, indicate some degree of convergence.

however, if excess-death continues to prevail beyond the termination of lockdown and social distancing measures, will this signify that vulnerable people are continuing to be denied nhs medical treatment?

of course, we will now have to wait for further data...

how lockdown lunacy heralds the end of the welfare-state said...

the lockdown-on-humanity has clearly inflicted great harm upon - and killed many thousands of - those vulnerable people it was intended to protect.

the countries which imposed strict lockdowns have now been shown to have experienced the highest excess-death-rates - the uk having by far the worst of these - however, germany, portugal, ireland, norway and denmark have all recorded zero excess-deaths during the epidemic-period. in fact, lockdown and social distancing have both been entirely discredited as health-measures by the world's senior epidemiologists - not least in view of the fact that this coronavirus-infection is generally considered standard in terms of its mortality-rate, and therefore no more dangerous than influenza.

as a result of a health-crisis selfishly fabricated for purely political reasons, many thousands of vulnerable people have been denied medical care by the national health service and have subsequently died, however many more, such as the disabled and those with learning difficulties, have suffered from the cruel denial of vital social and educational activities.

given the crime which has been committed against the vulnerable in our society, i would urge all figures of authority in the british establishment to do everything within their power to ensure that the stupidity of social distancing and lockdown is stopped forthwith - in order that classes for those with disabilities and special educational needs may continue as before.

of course, if this intolerable situation is not rectified, and ridiculous social distancing measures and lockdown are imposed persistently, then i fear that we will never return to normality and that these totalitarian measures - together with the manipulative myth of an 'unprecedented' health-crisis - will be employed as expedient excuses to cut public services back permanently.

indeed it appears the british neo-liberal establishment still proposes to take an axe to our way-of-life, despite abundant scientific evidence demonstrating that the coronavirus-infection has long since passed through our population, and that, as a consequence of their pre-exposure to common coronaviruses - such as cause colds - millions of britons had already developed covid-19-immunity prior to lockdown.

frankly, if people who work within the public services do not begin to question the validity of social distancing and lockdown measures, then it is clear that the future of these public services themselves will soon come under threat - although, since even the national health service is, in effect, remaining closed to many who require treatment, i cannot envisage many of our previous public services ever again being reinstated.

is the anti-democratic removal of president trump, the resumption of all-out neo-colonial war in the middle-east, the reversal of brexit, the neo-liberal re-ignition of eu-licenced blood-mineral wars in africa, and the manufacture of a pretext for the criminal collapse of our deeply corrupt public and financial services really worth the price of 50000 excess-deaths so far caused by this murderous lockdown?

is it truly worth not only destroying democracy, but ditching the very ideal of democracy, simply because certain powerful personages cannot accept the reasoned political choices of the electorate - and are themselves insufficiently mature to respect the fundamental rules of democracy?

like fuck it is

black lives don't matter shit to rich white liberal politicians said...

tragically, black lives matter protesters are now marching straight into a dangerous white political trap.

from here-on-in, fist-happy football-firms will be out in force to defend nationalist monuments around whitehall - and so if 'anti-racist' protesters commit any provocative crimes, or acts of violence, the various demos are bound to miscegenate, escalate, and be irrevocably transfigured into a jagged jamboree of serious factional conflict, which may well result in black youngsters being killed - because even where our laissez-faire liberalized constables do not see fit to punish politically correct crime, a mob of a less lenient disposition may still take it upon itself to fill their plod-hopping boots in loco porcorum.

remember: when trouble kicks off, the rich white liberal activists and politicians, who have cynically encouraged black people to engage in this essentially futile anti-government-action, will vanish into the dust of their own ideological duplicity - and, like the police, leave black protesters to defend themselves.

unfortunately, for a gullible young black activist, joining these protests could prove a very hard way in which to learn that rich white 'left-wing' and 'liberal' politicians do not give a flying multi-cultural fuck about black lives, yet, from the plush sanctuary of their parliamentary lounges, will repulsively always revel and rejoice in utilizing senseless black death to achieve their own elitist end - of securing non-stick white neo-liberal power.

do not forget that, as fanatical supporters of the exploitation-centric european empire, these treacherous globalist politicians tacitly endorse - and certainly never condemn - eu-facilitated genocide, slavery, and oppression in the blood-mineral-blessed kingdoms of cia-controlled africa; indeed, when the nefarious white neo-liberal leadership in america has undemocratically removed president donald trump from office - in order for the war-addicted washington establishment to resume, unhindered by populist resistance, its economic rape and serial strangulation of mother africa and the middle-east - the bubbling black blood spilt in this casually cannibalistic cause, carelessly, on the dream-splintered streets of wasting western citadels will not be balanced with the honour of racially enhanced reparations - it never is - but instead, in a grandiloquent gesture of ghetto-bluffing generosity, the integrated neurotic nob-heads of a neo-normal nation shall euphorically applaud as the fallen warriors-against-whiteness are posthumously awarded ethnically appropriate mops, with which grief-afflicted afro-extracted families may, according to the all-absorbent neo-imperial narrative, clear up a mess - duly deemed to be - of their own stupid making.

if keir starmer and angela rayner ever green-light a neo-colonial war, this pair of creepy neo-liberal cunts will surely have to kneel down and prostrate themselves before the lord god almighty himself said...

@black lives don't matter shit to rich white liberal politicians

the eu-supporting 'liberals' and 'leftists' are repugnantly two-faced fraudsters: they complain about populists being anti-immigrant and racist, yet invariably vote to bomb the bloody fuck out of african, asian, and arab countries in order to steal oil, or other mineral-wealth, which by rights should be invested to benefit the common citizens of those impoverished nations.

shame on these cia-subsidized neo-liberal war-mongers who now irredeemably contaminate britain's labour, liberal, and conservative parties - and who also, of course, rot the degenerate american democrat party as much as they infect the republicans.

the next time cia-controlled labour, liberal and democrat politicians propose military intervention in africa or the middle-east - and should trump be removed from the white house, be in no doubt that that dark day could arrive extremely soon - these cowardly fucking hypocrites, ideological fraudsters, and armchair-nigger-bombers will all need to be very forcefully reminded that black lives really do matter - however there's fuck-all prospect of such critical cathartic action ever occurring whilst the actual black lives matter movement is still stereotypically demo-dancing like a gog-eyed golliwog on blood-mineral-queen clinton's afro-parasitic apron-string.

maybe, therefore, it's now time to trust trump, for he does not promise the illegitimately looted treasure-trough of africa and persia, and the prejudicial perch of anti-socially acquired power, just good old honest-to-god jobs - the domestic demolitionists of democracy permitting, of course:

"we are restoring the fundamental principles, that the job of the american soldier is not to rebuild foreign nations, but defend and defend strongly our nation from foreign enemies. we are ending the era of endless wars. in its place is a renewed, clear-eyed focus on defending america’s vital interests. it is not the duty of us troops to solve ancient conflicts in faraway lands that many people have never even heard of. we are not the policemen of the world."


so eat yer evil black hearts out, david lammy, ed miliband, lisa nandy, emily thornberry, rachel reeves, angela smith, john healey, tony blair, gordon brown, barack obama, hillary clinton, old uncle joe biden an' all...

you fuckin' fork-tongued coon-murdering cunts.