Friday, 30 March 2018

dj thump: friend of israel, enemy of africa?
or has the world turned upside-down?

from the date of his somewhat inauspicious inauguration as president of the disunited state of america, it took less than one year for donald j thump to nail israeli blood-diamond billionaire dan gertler with an all-ensnaring series of international sanctions, which target corruption and human rights violations...

...excommunication of the foremost financial facilitator of genocide, rape and plunder in africa, being, it appears, an authentic afro-centric feat which the obama administration failed miserably to accomplish in all eight-long-years of that great, fanfared, and afro-fluffy presidency.

the guardian:

paradise papers: us puts sanctions on billionaire over dealings in drc

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boom just lowered on clinton crime family and obama regime?
big surprise in wording of new executive order

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president trump’s executive order list includes dan gertler – connected to clinton’s pardon of marc rich – clintons going down

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wow! trump hits at the heart of the global zionist funding source – blood diamonds – dan gertler connected to clintons, bushes, isle of mann and more


trump order blocks major human rights abusers tied to clinton

balaam's ass speaks:
developing: clinton foundation in trump's sites for confescation


trumps new executive order/part 2/big take down

now, perhaps, the african-american president's ominous official oversight was due in part to mr gertler's mentor-in-blood-mineral-mercantilism being none-other-than mr maurice tempelsman, a belgian-american businessman and blood-diamond-merchant, who, in 1960s zaire, rancorously profited from the cia's extra-judicial execution of pan-african independence-leader patrice lumumba, and who, in his capacity as a top-campaign-funder of a certain mr barack obama and ms hillary clinton, later evolved to become a major political donor to the united states democratic party...?

or there again, perhaps, mr obama's oppressive sin of omission was, in some slight measure, due to mr dan gertler's intimate commercial association with federally indicted oil-profiteer mr marc rich, whose wife denise gave more than $1 million to the democratic party during president bill clinton's term of office - including more than $100000 to the senatorial campaign of hillary rodham clinton, and $450000 to the clinton library foundation...?

and so, if you fashionable fair-trade liberals and lefties really claim to give-a-shit about the three-hundred-year holocaust in africa...

and wish to learn the true root of current 'ethnic conflict' in eastern congo...

please enlighten yourselves by digesting the afro-critical reading-matter listed below...

or else...

if you can't be arsed to educate yourselves...

just fuck off and support the rapers, the plunderers, and the enslavers of mother africa...

such as ultra-war-criminals and genocide-profiteers bill and hillary clinton.


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george soros, diamond cartels, and the push for africa's destruction

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british brothers take on israeli lawyer in multi-million dollar dispute over african diamonds

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Friday, 2 June 2017

may seeks mandate to masturbate

there now follows a panty purrclitickle bored-cast by the corn-artist party... without further ado, let me hand straight over to prime-masturbator teresa twatitch:

"well, as you all probably noticed...except for signing one silly sodding letter...i've spent the last year basically just playing with myself...

and i have now decided to call this snatch-election in order to obtain the british people's express permission to carry on playing with myself for another five full fun-filled fanny-wangling years, all on the public purse...

yes, of course, i could have held a vote in parliament...on triggering euro-treacle 50...almost a year ago, immediately after i'd ascended sex-goddess-like to the high-throne of wets-minge-door - which is obviously rightfully mine, by divine political sleight of hand...

but hey, i thought...i didn't vote to leave the neo-conservative paymasters in washington, brussels and beijing don't ever want me to leave the eu...i'm on a huge bloody bonus from big-global-business if i drag this whole friggin' eu-exit farce out as long as politically possible, and delaying it until such a distant future point-in-time that people eventually forget why they even wanted to leave the eu in the first-fucking-place...and let's see...erm...errr...due to the intractable irish-border-question and promises i've already made to very important conservative-party-donors from british industry, i've basically not got a bat-shit in hell's chance of ever delivering any meaningful form of withdrawal from the single-market, from the customs union...or from the european convention on human which my government is committedby the conservative party manifesto, to remaining a signatory until at least 2022...and know, to be honest, i'm really not in an awfully great personal hurry to leave europe at the end of the day, i suppose i've not actually got any intention at all of ever taking the uk out of the eu...and also errm...i have to admit that my husband's firm, the mega-minted investment management bank, capital international, doesn't want us to leave the eu just wants me to negotiate the creation of a super-sneaky legal loophole, in the european regulations, which would enable large city institutions, such as itself, to avoid paying the eu financial transactions tax...

so yes...i thought...fine...i might as well fight a wholly unwinnable and torturous legal battle through every crummy little court in the land, at enormous expense to the tax-payer...until, as per usual, i'm forced to fly the white flag, go into a screeching trademark-may-u-turn, and then finally agree to a vote on triggering exit-trickle 50, after bloody all...

okay now let's what else haven't i done...?

well, i haven't raised the national insurance contributions for the self-employed, because, despite making an announcement that i was going to raise them...i then inconveniently discovered that, back in 2015, i'd been elected to my seat in parliament on a specific pledge not to raise national insurance contributions for the self-employed...whoops...

and i haven't, as either home secretary or prime minister, reduced immigration to the target-levels which i originally set in 2010...probably because i have constantly aggravated the very root-causes of mass-migration, by obstinately continuing either to directly prosecute or fuel - through covert support of islamist al qaeda rebels - deeply immoral and unchristian neo-conservative oil-wars in the middle-east, africa and asia...and also by continuing to promote the relentless impoverishing destruction of african, arab and asian cultures and sovereign states...

and err...i haven't kept my promise not to hold a totally pointless, fruitless and further-time-wasting general election, and land a limpingly lame result which will hopefully weaken my hand in eu-exit negotiations, and ultimately ensure that britain never escapes from the eu-pow-camp anytime in the next one thousand years...

and i haven't even done the u-turn i promised to do on care-for-the-elderly...because clearly i haven't changed a thing, and still fully intend to stitch the stupid old euro-phobic anti-immigrant duffers up, anyhow...

but naturally to my credit...i have done a deal, with heathrow airport, to tarmac over several garden-suburbs of west london, and generally blight, with terribly noisy and polluting flight-paths, the lives of hundreds-of-thousands of potential conservative-voters in the wider london area for pissing perpetuity...

and i have struck a deal with china and france which will see britain royally ripped-off, to the rasping tune of many many billions of ever-weaker pounds, in unfair exchange for the construction of an unstable, untested, unreliable and effectively obsolete nuclear reactor, which, when she inevitably blows, will make the 1966 aberfan-disaster look like a fucking primary-school picnic-in-the-park - well only in terms of the relative political fallout, of course...not in individual human terms...but frankly, what do i care about personal human costs in england or wales, when the god's-honest-truth is that i'll soon be shipping out to the bahamas, with hubby, after being unexpectedly forced to take convenient early retirement on the grounds of spuriously feigned ill health...?
and incidentally, my personal domiciliary care's been covered a hundred times the multi-million-quid medical protection afforded by phil's company health-insurance scheme.
anyhow, i mention the aberfan landslide, albeit rather callously and cruelly, lest we forget those far too innocent victims of historic homicidal state-negligence, already needlessly sacrificed in that so comprehensively crushed welsh-mining-village, upon the corrupt all-consuming altar of cheap and expediently generated national energy.
tragically, however, i have absolutely no intention of studying the british government's long-and-winding back-catalogue of historic war-crimes, other institutional criminal acts, and sins of omission, and therefore will not be learning anything from it - as amply evidenced by the fact that i've already foolishly signed the contract for chernobyl point i like to call mon petit pet-projet...which, when she inevitably blows, will cast over our countries and counties a deadly radio-active shadow reaching far beyond the village of aberfan in wales, where in 1966 the free fallout from fatal government forces struck the local primary school with disastrous industrial precision, unapologetically massacring 116 children and 28 adults in a standard revenge attack against a dangerous cell of state-disposable plebs, who had dared become far too unquestioning of absolute civil authority...
oh and obviously tsunamis seldom ever surge into somerset, do they...?
oh, yes...and i have also made a deal which will allow the americans to scam hard-working british tax-payers out of billions and billions and billions of ever-weakening pounds in return for a dodgy and dangerously fickle nuclear non-deterrent armed with war-heads over which we in britain will have no meaningful control...this non-independent non-dischargeable nuclear non-capability arising primarily because the neo-con cowboys in the pentagon are going to keep the firework ignition keys safe for us - in case we suddenly feel like firing the bloody thing at them, i suppose - and furthermore because the russians have already hacked into the computer-guidance-software which directs the missile-system...and so really speaking, if it's true the russians have cher-nobbled our nukes, we're all well-and-truly you-know-whatted anyway...
and finally, please note that, ignoring more economical alternatives, i have cut an extraordinarily beneficial deal with some very nice builder guys, who have kindly offered, at astronomical public expense, to carve up the beautiful unspoilt buckinghamshire countryside...home of rural tranquility to so many thousands of true-blue-conservative order to construct a third, slightly-faster-than-usual, highly-subsidized railway-line to birmingham...a project which, for some reason beyond my choo-choo-trained comprehension, private investors are not willing to back, even with the equivalent of a whacking great treasury-underwritten financial barge-pole...

oh yes, you can trust me with negotiating deals all the one with the european union, for instance...where i'm going to negotiate us all into economic buggering oblivion lasting longer than the next friggin' ice-age...

coz, i'm hard me...
i'm a hot and horny ho wot gonna bring home the doh...
yeah i'm hard me...
you just watch...

i'm gonna go kick putin right in the nuts...

coz i'm hard me...

hey, i'm gonna kick assad right up the arse...

coz i'm hard me...

oh boy am i gonna slap kim jong-un's cute little botty for him...

coz i'm hard me...

and err...i'm not gonna get knocked spark out in the first round with schlager freh merkel...err well...hopefully not...

coz i'm hard me...

and you know what i'm gonna to do to trump...?

i wanna hold his hand...

coz i'm really fucking hard me...

that's why i sprung this snap-general-dereliction-of-duty...

coz i'm hard me...

not because the whole crappy british economy is about to go straight down the fucking bog-pan...

oh no...nothing like that...

not because the housing-market's about to crash through the fucking ocean floor

oh no...nothing like that...

not because inflation's about to rocket through the bank of england's bloody roof, along with interest rates...

oh no...nothing like that...
not because in three years' time we'll still be stuck in the euro-pissing empire without any economically viable exit-strategy and 17 million mad-as-fuck people will want to hang me out by the tits to dry on the siegfried line...
oh no...nothing like that 
not because the conservative party is about to get done up like a kipper for electoral fraud in thanet...

oh no...nothing like that...

not because i'm shit-frit of jeremy the parliamentary chamaeleon's shit-hot shape-shifting abilities and his scruffy but effective shirt-sleeves-style of shakin' the flesh...

and because i thought i could have a snap-crackle-and-pop at him...

and be shot of him...with a little help from the lower-middle-ranks of british scum-bag-class voters - oddly insecure fellows, seemingly - who might fancy the irresistible once-in-a-generation opportunity of exercizing a spot of socio-racial-superiority over the latest immigrant-intake class they so love-to-hate - yet meanwhile so rely upon for cleaning their own scum-bag-class houses and their own scum-bag-class offices and for serving them their own scum-bag-class beer in their own scum-bag-class pubs and for staffing their own scum-bag-class hospitals and scum-bag-class massage parlours and for caring for their own elderly scum-bag-class parents in their own scum-bag-class old people's homes...
yes, that's right...those great british unwashed un-university-educated working-class heros, who, when they espied the temptingly intoxicating great-value-british-carrot of sado-synthetic racist emotional release dangling at their discriminative disposal before them, i assumed could easily be led by their dumb-bastard bigoted noses straight over the economic precipice and neatly into the never-ending neo-conservative abyss of an apocalyptic clintonesque world-war with russia...and maybe even china too...but who, in factturning out, in the deadly-dull non-eu-exiting-event, to be great british un-brain-washed un-university-educated working-class heros, tragically, just became bored to great british buggery with the anally administrative and highly tedious technocratic details of leaving-or-not-leaving-or-half-leaving the european empire...and also, tragically, just became bored to great british buggery with the anally administrative and highly tedious technocratic details of losing their eu-passports, and nifty freedom-of-movement, and guaranteed freedom-of-trade, and eu-enhanced jobs, and prized property inherited from their parents, and pensions, and disability benefits, and in-work benefits, and unemployment benefits, and hospitals, and the sodding shirts off their sodding self-employed backs...and, above every-other-eu-effing-thing, tragically, just became sick-to-fuck of constantly recalculating the cost of yo-yo-ing euros purchased with a perpetually plummeting pound...and eventually, therefore, all reached the common market-based conclusion that social and economic security would by far be the better part of british valour - this determination, of course, being made not-in-the-least because the british electorate, having answered the simple yes-or-no question on the referendum exam-paper, should, by rights, never again have been bothered with the anally administrative and highly tedious technocratic details of leaving-or-not-leaving-or-half-leaving the european empire...especially given that the bureaucratic nightmare of sorting out this type of complex, technical and tricky transnational legislation is normally deemed to be the accepted responsibility of government lawyers and members of our hallowed omniscient parliament - who are, let's face it, all paid very handsomely for the privilege of handling this kinda monotonous shit...
oh no, i didn't call a snap election because i thought i could pull a fucking fast one on the gullible british electorate...
i called the election coz i'm hard me...

and that's exactly why, out of deepest respect for the shitload of national insurance contributions and income taxes which senior citizens have faithfully paid into this country's social-welfare kitty all their working lives, i'm going to sell these valued old-folks' homes right from under them, brick by bloody hard-earned brick - regardless of whether they or their partners are actually residing in the property or not - in order to pay for both their domiciliary and residential social-care alike...and all this whilst the gay-lodgers - which our senior citizens have been forced to take into their own homes, and bake gay-cakes for, simply in order to supplement their dwindling personal pensions and savings, and make ends meet - are at it like knives in the spare room, in strict accordance with the european human rights act...

well you've gotta pick a pension-pot or two, boys...

oh you just gotta, ain't ya...?

coz i'm hard me...

and you gotta nick the dozy old bastards' winter fuel allowance too, why not...?

coz i'm hard me...

ah...but let me for a moment digress and turn my attention to the important subjects of ethical foreign policy and immigration control...

now, certain woefully common and uneducated parties like eu-trip may apparently claim that it's just not cricket to continue bombing the living crap out of black, brown and arab people...and destroying their countries and cultures...and stealing all their wealth and mineral resources...whilst meantime still manically increasing britain's neurotic immigration controls as a sick, unsympathetic prelude to just blankly turning back those very refugees whom we've brutally forced to flee those same sadistically deconstructed countries in the first a vast unregulated wave of mass-migration...directly precipitated, may i reiterate, by this precise kind of genocidal neo-conservative war which i have always personally striven to support politically, and done my level professional best to insidiously incite and inflame...

well, on the contrary, i can assure you that this is all absolute illiterate liberal rubbish-talk...and that under my own brand of progressive conservative leadership, we brits can carry on ethically bombing black, brown and arab people completely indiscriminately, and introduce simultaneously such super-restrictive immigration controls as to make any entry into this country by black, brown and arab people totally illegal...
ok so clearly i'll never succeed in preventing these black, brown and arab people from actually slipping into the united kingdom and working here, i never have...but then of course this is the genius of my immigration strategy...for you see, these desperate immigrants will all be officially branded 'illegal', and as such will enjoy no statutory employment rights, and no rights to claim housing or welfare benefits, and no rights to access education or hospital treatment...and as a blindingly satisfactory result, we british citizens will all be free to pay these cheap immigrant suckers way less than peanuts as wages...and rogue employers will be permitted to exploit them mercilessly for the greater benefit of our great, free and tolerant nation...

what a wonderful world, eh?

so you see, under my enterprising blue-sly-thinking outside-the-brown-paper-sick-bag leadership...not only can you have your cake and eat it...but you can lick it off my tits too...
yes, that's me all over...tough talk on mass-migration...and not tough at all on the actual causes of mass-migration...which, essentially, are people like me, who vote for western neo-imperialist oil-wars and the absolute...whoops-a-daisy...annihilation of other people's countries and cultures...

oh naturally i'd fight all these wars myself...

take on all these countries russia, china, syria, north korea...all on my own...

coz i'm well 'ard me...
i'd carry a nuke over to north korea all by myself, and personally detonate it right under king dong's fucking big fat nose...
coz i'm well 'ard me...

but unfortunately, you see, there's a good deal of polishing and other vital domestic shit which has to be done daily at number ten dogging what will actually happen is this...
first, i'll recruit all the obnoxious little neo-imperialist snobs, currently mass-produced by our esteemed universities of established fascist wisdom from the precious darling battalions of the anally correct bourgeoisie, and then i'll bribe or emotionally blackmail these higher executive hypocrites into ideologically justifying the greater socio-economic need for further blatant neo-colonial warfare, genocide and resource exploitation anywhere in the world we can get away with it...

next, when the long-dreamed-of neo-conservative world-war against russia, china, iran, and north korea, and almost all the rest of the freely fucking furious world, finally looms lovely before us and our greatest remaining allies, i will introduce legislation enabling emergency military conscription in order to marshal the greater british pleb - whom i will hopefully by then have already snidely led by his congenitally narrow-minded nose out of good mother europe's rightful protective human fold - into auto-decimating action, and will duly despatch both him and his greater british black and brown brethren, all busting to escape from the jobloss post-brassick monotony of council-house heaven, directly to their gruesomely glamourized neo-nationalist martyrdoms - multicultural brothers-in-arms in one bloody hilariously futile vanity war of which madame humanitarian holocaust clinton herself would have been just so exceedingly proud, had she not accidentally, and most regrettably, been burned alive during a tormenting trial by election, which she'd rashly rigged herself...
and together we shall build a country which vainly glorifies the stock social image of dumbed-down working-class british donkeys led, racially-wired-up and ripe for remote psycho-political manipulation, into fucking hopeless foreign battlefields, by luxuriously louche lions of the educated establishment élite, like me...all from the home-county comfort of our own neo-colonically irrigated consciences, of course...
together we shall build a country where i can continue to create terrorists who will murder our innocent children...just as in the past i've subversively recruited, trained and protected al qaeda and islamic state jihadists in order to overthrow the governments of libya and syria, steal these sovereign states' oil, and kill their citizens' children...

together we shall build a country where i may, at will or whim, summarily and secretly gag all those in the media who wish to expose my traitorous conduct in public office, my predisposition to aid and abet the enemy, and my extensive criminal record of undermining and fatally compromising british security, and endangering british lives...
and yes, i know you're all gagging for it, haha...but for ermm...cough-cough...purely operational reasons...may i remind everyone working in the press and television-media that, for the duration of this general election campaign, you are all strictly prohibited from reporting the rather damning and altogether career-stopping fact that my mi5 security service knowingly recruited, trained and protected the manchester suicide-bomber, and that, as a consequence of his officially protected status, this al qaeda-affiliated jihadist was never arrested by this or any other branch of our security services...even after he had become the subject of a joint fbi-mi5 investigation dating from mid-2016...and even after the united states fbi had explicitly warned the british mi5 security service of the manchester suicide-bomber's imminent plan to mount a terror-attack on british soil.

any questions, please?

well yes, laura...i'm glad you asked me that...
my mouth's shaped like a ghastly old gulping grouper-fish due to a very long and rewarding career sucking and slurping away on the grand old neo-conservative cock of the washington establishment...
any other questions...?
ah yes, krishnan...thank you for asking whether anyone would buy a second-hand brexit-campaign off me...
well, of course they would...they don't call me theresa mayleave for nothing, you know...
and no, michael... the wheels won't be falling off the fucking economy two minutes down the road from the general election...
trust me, i'm a shifty-arsed two-faced tory cow...
also known as...theresa the brexit-teaser...
excuse me...what was your question, john? err...what part did 'blue mountain' play in the liberation of libya from any prospect of future civil stability...?
is she a porn actress or something...?
oh sorry, yes, i see...well, obviously, as home secretary in the previous conservative government, i am fully aware that the british special air service trained al qaeda-linked islamist militants and other jihadists to fight in the illegal cia-oil-wars, which were covertly orchestrated against the libyan and syrian ré was all part of operation 'hornet's nest', the secret cia-blueprint for founding the islamic state, wasn't it, silly...?
do i do deals with terrorists...?
of course i do deals with terrorists darling...
i am a bloody terrorist, stupid...
i think the fucking sly little red cunts should all be mercilessly hunted down and destroyed...
yes, vote for me, mother terrorista of carecutta, head-nurse of the nasty party...

vote nasty: for weak and wanky government...
vote me: for weak and wanky leadership...
choose nasty brand brex-shit: weak, wanky, and very very wonky...
choose the nasty manifesto: weak, wanky, and very very wonky...
vote for a nasty government: it's weak, wanky, and very very wonky...
vote for my brand of leadership: it's weak, wanky, and very very wonky...
vote nasty: for weak and wanky government...
vote me: for weak and wanky leadership...
vote nasty: for weak and wanky government...
vote me: for weak and wanky leadership...
vote me: for weak and wanky leadership...
vote me: for weak and wanky leadership...
vote me: for weak and wanky leadership...
vote me: for weak and wanky leadership...
vote me: for weak and wanky leadership...
vote me: for weak and wanky leadership...
vote me: for weak and wanky leadership...
vote me: for weak and wanky leadership...
vote for me: and i'll go-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on until you just wanna go fucking mental, turn to islamic extremism, and blow yourself up...
vote for the nasty party...
so i can fiddle while britain burns."

reports on british government cultivation of islamist militant-networks for black-ops-warfare against the régimes of colonel gaddafi, in libya, and of president bashar al-assad, in syria - including stories currently suppressed by uk government for reasons of political expediency:


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Sunday, 9 April 2017

heart-breaking news: tony blasé still not expelled from british labour party

following an official disciplinary hearing - repeatedly and indefinitely postponed since the outset of the illegal iraq war - it has tonight been announced, by a spoke in the never-ending neo-conservative weal of socialist dialectical manipulation, that, despite the quite distinct electoral advantage which would inevitably be accrued thereby, former prime-minister tony blasé will, as-it-happens, not be thrown smirk-face-first out of the labour party, and nor will he be hung out to dry on the psycho's picket-line as a pithy poetic prelude to having his bollocks painfully employed for the purposes of playing cross-parliamentary ping-pong competitions.

indeed, according to a pretty correct and well-formed source of conventional wisdom within corbyn komsomol pressure-group more-mental, editors at spark up! further understand the extra-double-dextra-fundamental left-wing ideological position to be thus:

"whilst all true socialists appreciate that blasé is a serial wog-bombing bastard, who has assisted in the commission of a truly sick spectrum of ultra-heinous crimes against humanity, ranging from the culpable genocide of arabs in iraq, and of asians in afghanistan, right through to chronic, cruel and calculated nitrogen dioxide gas-attacks unleashed against his own british people - which were allegedly effected by employing dodgy diesel-powered wagons-of-mass-destruction as a preferred delivery system - we, as loyal labour members, none-the-less accept it to be firmly established labour party policy to ensure that former oil-primed minister mr blasé and his criminal neo-conservative accomplices never be brought to face justice of any form before any british court of law...
and, in light of this socially unconscious collective decision, we, as labour members, equally accept therefore that the british people will never again elect our nasty little neo-liberally corrupted party-on-a-cia-string to government...
we, as loyal members, instead envisaging labour purely as a pathetic party of professional perennial opposition.
wossat...? according to information provided by un petit chardonneret perched strategically upon the global gravy-strained grapevine of gratuitous gossip, tony and charming wife cheroot have, in addition to these afore-listed social misdemeanors, been busy co-ordinating with bomb-barmy buddies billy and hilly klondyke, the pentagon, mi6, as well as the royal families of quasar and swordy arabia, in an evil orchestrated effort to facilitate the clandestine arming of so-called islamic state also known as al qaeda also known as the cia...?
oh well, no-one's perfect, eh?"

Saturday, 28 January 2017

lest we remember the cunt

as he passeth undistinguished into obsolescence,

let us not remember him,

the duelling sub-democratic despot, the drone-king,

the black-and-white president, his mind set stiff in the past,

strait-laced with the stern language of sweet-mother suppression

on which he was weaned,

until a shirt so surely stuffed

with all american arrogance.

no, he will not be remembered,

the cunt,

save by the families, friends and life-lamed loved-ones of his uncounted,

but not unforgotten,



unjustly targeted victims,

for he was not a man of colour,

or a coloured-man,

who left our lives,

or leastways our limping imaginations,

filled to feel-good fantasy,

wow-wowed with the crazy kaleidoscopic colour of his wonder-words,

or exhilarating artistry

of courageously conjured civil or sporting action,

or slick-thinking science

in the ethno-irrelevant race for humanity-empowering invention,

or the sincere dare-demo-dreams

of what social-complementary course could be chosen

in the land of the free.


he was no mohammed ali or steve biko

no wellé or jairzinho

no eusébio or zico

no fela kuti or curtis mayfield

no duke ellington or ella fitzgerald

no rosa parks or jesse owens

no richard pryor or marvin gaye

no supreme or temptation

no scott joplin or marcus garvey

no donna summer or charlie parker

no tina turner or gloria gaynor

no bob marley or angela davis

no booker t washington or sydney poitier

no billie holiday or george washington carver

no lewis latimer or charles w chappelle

no jelly roll morton or paul robeson

no aretha franklin or jesse jackson

no james baldwin or gil scott-heron

and certainly no louis armstrong or martin luther king,

just the liar king,

whose right corrupt complexion of commands

bequeathed the world a clipped-left-wing,

the gaunt and cheerless guardian of guantanamo bay's

american moral retention camp,

he set no-one free,


manning the eternal offence-posts of institutional bigotry,

keeping his prize homosexual human-shield

hostage for a hundred days,

a so petulantly imprisoned pawn

in the american hardman's game

insuring against the impending prosecuting rain.

no, the vacuous verbal-froth

of this pathetically over-hyped pseudo-humanitarian president

will not be remembered,

or quoted admiringly,

by sincere school-children of history,

'cause this viciously cross grey stick of classy-roomed chalk

dictated his meaningless monotone version of liberty

in a grim gruelling gravy of ethically evaporated ideas,

holed-up high in snow-white hegemonic heaven,

where he viperously reaped the well-waged waste,

and one helluva wicked reward for his bonanza human harvest,

this great greed-hill holocaust

for a few greasy old holes in somebody else's ground,

back-seat-driven by his own sick secretary of state-subversion,

the mother-slick of cia-stealth-slaughter,

on behalf of her extremely grateful grand-theft autocrats,

infinitely well-installed in another alt-righteous country.

no, let us not remember him,

the arse-headed african-american advocate

of unaccountable overseas cultural annihilation,

who through his fearless fancy-principled fondness

for promoting never-ending neo-colonial war-crime against

defenceless africans,

defenceless arabs,

and defenceless asians,

has duly exercized the equal divine-right

of a black president

to disgrace the entire black community,

in precisely the same undignified,

unbending way in which

each white president

has traditionally never failed

in his unflinching racial duty

to disgrace the whole damn white community,

nor let us remember

the two-faced totalitarian telephone-tapper,

who let his star-spangled slip-stream

of toxic trickle-down death-threats

compulsively permeate

their leaky-lipped communication of corrosion

through the rogue repressive ranks

of his sado-supplicant supporters,

in order,

in the emotionally screened-out name of terminal moral insecurity,

to mute the middening crowd of criticism,

with extreme psychological convenience,

into the insensitive catatonic scare

of stone silent submission,

nor let us remember

the barbarian bureaucrat bomber,

who in true trumanesque tradition

of reactive remote-controlled truculence,

ferried a few-hundred-thousand poor foreign fuckers,


into a democratically enhanced eternity,

at the flick of a flash signature-switch,

from the impeccably moistured palm of his unmannered oval vestibule.

no, this glossy office gecko

was no comrade-starving stalin

or kikuyu-culling churchill,

who did his murder manually,

in propria persona,

when the case demanded,

no, this dirt-free demagobic disaster


upon due and respectful reflection,

just a democratic desk jihadist

deftly dodging the incandescent backdraft-blast

from the irate islamic inferno

which he himself had religiously stoked and poked,

stepping en pointe on the hissing hot coals of hell

like some dotty demon-dantean disco-dancer,

but still,

we must give thanks

that now his two-turn terrifying tour-of-duty

in the great ancestral white-arse orifice

is at long last,


and our former fair-weather


may hence most righteously be resuscitated,

then rakishly resurrected

and rashly restored

for to flourish all rudely abroad

with much funky music aforethought,

as fresh-garlands swung blooming

in far-gone glasnostic glam-folk celebration

at that final, fun-censoring expiration

of the puritanically correct protectorate,

a welcome wellspring watershed in [doctrinal]* wankerdom's wacky progress,  *[delete as inappropriate]

which licensed gay church-bells to ring out

their gratuitously ragged rows

of rite-appealing changes,

which caused a frantic countrywide uncorseting

of downcast comedy-houses

dimmed by decree,

and which,


incited flocks of frenzied middle-fingered maypoles

to be dotingly dusted off,

and pruriently stuck up

in a feral flurry,

for the purely provocative prancing about of,

back in the miserable,


euro-peeing mist

of missus "merry maynark" mayflower's

murkye olde englande.

Monday, 10 October 2016

the art of democratic darkness

apple-cart tips now

roll up, roll up
for the gruesome grumble
in the morally deregulated jingo-jungle,
where blacked-out ewes in the news-boom's thrall
will flock to watch their white chiefs brawl.

the wethers will sway 'n chew the odd
but the wives will give that final nod.
oh she ain't no quaker an' she ain't no shaker:
clinton gonna send ya alls ta meet yo maker.

oh yeah, welcome to the greatest horror-show on greed's ghoulish earth, in which the obedient black american bourgeoisie will soon line up smoothly to sanction their own seamless enslavement, they - for the brief fifteen minutes it will take to parade pathetically to the polling-station, and defiantly design an 'educated' and 'informed' 'x' beside the titchy tyrannous title of their own precious pristine slave-mistress - proud power-drunk african kings and queens, psychopathically akin to those commercial-opportunists-in-chief, who - not-so-very-far-back, spiritually-speaking - summarily consigned the abject abductee ancestors of these officially discoloured voter-citizens to a long, slow, unafrican death-by-stewing, in a socially-anti-septic, cold-culture - soul-free - sauce.

well, if the living-dead black-democrats don't, i reckon the ape-shit ancestors are gonna rise up and revolt - that's for sure - especially when they clock how mad-hungry the african-american middle-classes are for their supersized-fat-slice of the death-rich blood-mineral gâteau, which sweet, shy, home-loving hillary just loves to bake at weekends, in the big ole clinton-foundation-oven, from traditional home-grown american ingredients - but mainly the monstrous ill-gotten profits of cia-co-ordinated congolese genocide.

fuck me, are the ancestors gonna be pissed, when they see their dozy emancipated descendants hand hillary the electoral ammunition to strap on a kong-sized cruise-missile and go rape mama-africa right-up-the-arse.

as if we hadn't all had enough of hearing about dear davy campervan's own fearless safari-trip up the tax-haven-infested thames into the heart of moral unaccountability, without a paddle...

as if we weren't all fucking sick to the fucking back-teeth of funding dave in-camera or his alter ego dave incompetent's own fucking socio-pathic haven from reality, and watching the clueless cunt get completely lost in the space between his own dumb-fucking-ear-'oles..., we're really fucking in trouble, we've got as a presence in the white house the neo-con nightmare on wall street, and she's coming straight to a screen bang-slap in your living-room, as per the perennial political poltergeist, every fucking day, and every fucking supper-time, perma-smiling like some surgically enhanced halloween pumpkin, for the next eight years, or until her crack-pot medical team runs outta state-of-the-art personality embalming psychiatric pharmaceuticals, and her chemically induced two-dimensional, two-faced artificial character implodes emotionally, then crashes irretrievably down a terminal black-identity-hole, without any possibility of re-boot.

as if bernard cia-sell-out-slag-supreme sanders weren't the god-damned communal cess-pits, a european socialist in washington, who betrayed his ardent young supporters and then, having considered his naff personal position, together with his numpty 'non-negotiable' principles, thought perhaps he'd back a psychotic serial war-criminal after all, and, for the sake of corrupt consistency, also back immoral neo-conservative military intervention in syria, why not...?

...and as if the patsy presidential candidate, donald trump, weren't bad enough, the alien, turned natural-born alienator, with the outta-this-world-hair-do, who slipped through a time-warp from a former era, because some thick twat on the boozy bridge of star-ship enterprise entered the wrong social values into the galactic teleporter when he was dematerialized...

...ooh-la-lordy, now, we're gonna get africa's number-one natural born predator, hillary rodham clinton, accompanied by a secret-op white-washington-wipout of any untoward squeaks about her own massacre-punctuated journey into the art of democratic darkness, up the congo, alongside holocaust-enabling hubby-from hell, waster and womanizer, willy-helmut the turd, who, in 1996, by deviously initiating a cia-orchestrated rwandan-backed coup against zaire's president mobutu - the ultra-kleptocratic dictator and disillusioned, disfavoured former cia-agent - slapped upon african tribes-people the biggest bloody bill known to that obsessively exploited continent since the apocalyptic atlantic slave-trade: nearly 6 million lives wasted as a result of ongoing conflict - according to obsolete nine-year-old, ultra-conservative, cia-massaged estimates by david miliband's international rescue committee - with the death-meater still ticking...

...just one of those 'political miscalculations', one might perhaps hypothesize?

no - not when the consequences of that cynical political calculation by the clinton administration to support the 1996-97 rwandan invasion of zaire - now the democratic republic of congo - ultimately channelled untold wealth into the pockets of clinton business-friends such as swedish oil and mining magnates, the lundin family - owners of lundin mining and the lundin group - which in 2007 pledged $100 million dollars to the clinton foundation, despite reports that in 1997 - directly after the pentagon-trained insurgency's military ousting of incumbent president mobutu in the first congo war - lundin mining had made a huge down-payment of $50 million to the leader of the rwandan-backed rebels, laurent-désiré kabila, in order to cut an eventual $250 million deal for future congolese mining rights; the first congo war acted as an ignition conflict which not only cost the lives of thousands of rwandan hutu refugees, but became the cruel catalyst for the cataclysmic second congo war, and further persistent regional conflicts, where so many millions of congolese civilians have been mercilessly murdered in the name of obscene western mineral wealth.

for carin' sharin' whiter-than-white democrats, it's most commodious, of course, that finalization of the swedish public prosecutor's investigation into lundin petroleum's complicity in the commission of war-crimes and crimes against humanity, between the years of 1997 and 2003, in block 5a oil concession in south sudan, will be delayed until after hillary clinton's expected inauguration in january 2017... see, apparently, a dutch ngo - the european coalition on oil in sudan - has definitively reported that lundin petroleum contributed material which was used in the local war fought for control of the area, and also co-operated with the military forces responsible for many of the crimes committed against humanity...

...and oh what a lovely coincidence it is that congo mine-owner and clinton buddy jean-raymond boulle is also suspected, pre-régime-change, of dropping links with former zairean president mobutu, and instead switching his pandering political allegiances to incoming congo-dictator, laurent-désiré kabila, upon whom he duly proceeded to lavish his financial attentions...

...similarly suspected of negotiating pre-régime-change deals with coup-leader, laurent-désiré kabila, is former head of american mineral fields - now adastra minerals - mr mike mcmurrough, a native of bill clinton's home town of hope, arkansas.

so to summarize the shameful historical time-line:-

  • next clinton backed the rwandan invasion of zaire, now called the democratic republic of congo - again via the assistance of uganda - he followed up by facilitating the removal of out-of-favour mobutu, and then finally this avaricious arsehole of an american president supported the creation of the new democratic republic of congo under laurent-désiré kabila, a congolese-born rwandan-puppet-dictator, who was, soon thereafter, promptly assassinated, and conveniently replaced by a fully rwandan-born joseph kabila - a man still masquerading today as an indigenous congolese president, and claiming to be the former head-of-state's son.
  • after the coup against mobutu in 1997, the consequent instability in congo allowed the armies of uganda, rwanda, and zimbabwe, under cover of the smoke-screen of the second congo war, to rip out congolese mineral resources, illegally, on a mega-industrial scale.
  • meanwhile, american and european mining companies, including several owned by friends of the clintons, were able reap immense profits, especially from deposits in the rwandan controlled areas of eastern congo.
  • meanwhile, millions of congolese have been expediently eradicated in the cause of neo-colonial mercantilism, or have died in penury from severe war-related malnutrition and disease.

is this what the buck-buffered black-american middle-classes truly, truly want in terms of a 'progressive' foreign policy?

do they actually want their conquistador-in-chief to hand out arms and ammo to her pet cia-trained psychos in the mother-continent, like kool-aid cluster-candy?

do they actually want to kick back in front of their glistening, glowing legal-cultural-destruction-screen or their oh-let-everyone-die-screen to enjoy the 'afro-combat-special' pay-per-view gladiatorial spectacle of one desperate african brother dementedly fighting another, to the commercially-acceptable death, over the equal opportunity to earn a rotten bug-infested crust fallen fortuitously from the high ethical table of american trade-protectionism?

is this what the black bought-off-classes of america deem to be a 'civilized' manner in which to do business, and a 'progression' from slave-trade-days, when politically favoured tribes were supplied - by efficiency-driven european merchants - with fire-arms, in order to enable bounty-hunters to maximize their gross human-catch at the expense of other unfortunate, unweaponized tribes?

has neo-liberalism so shaken off existing social, ethnic and spiritual shackles, amongst african-american democrats, that it is now perfectly culturally permissible for american-blacks to prey on african-blacks in pursuit of the sacred bottom-line on the account-sheet?

you know, what's certain is that donald "broad-talk" trump has been deliberately set up to fail by the cia-controlled washington establishment.

the fight is fixed folks...

donald's a sublimely choreographed fall-guy...

...and the hysterical tide of anti-trump vitriol is just one giant cia-psycho-propaganda-operation.

oh god knows, trump could be manipulated by the united states military industrial complex, and be taken hostage by corporate genocidal greed just as easily as any presidential predecessor, for he's already signalled a distinct willingness to give the iron-american-horse its head, to pursue the immoral, self-defeating, terror-inciting 'war on terror', and - by grabbing islamist-controlled oil-wells in syria, for example - to intervene militarily overseas, where no intervention could ever be judged right or conscionable...

...and trump's totally wrong, of course, because all foreign powers must quit the middle-eastern plunder-plot immediately, particularly america, britain, france and russia, whose russo-western interference has constituted the primary factor in aggravating the civil-war in syria, and conflict in the wider middle-east, so immeasurably...

...but then heaven-forbid we permit serial war-criminal hillary clinton to stick her evil oar back into the chaotic militant mix, and bring the curse of a far more extensive disaster down upon the middle-east, europe, and ultimately the whole world.

after all, the fundamental cause of the syrian civil-war - hypocritically ignored by our entire cia-managed main-stream western media - is that, whilst russia has wrongly propped up and encouraged a repressive assad administration, rapacious neo-colonial western powers, under obama and clinton's personal direction, have, for purely strategic and economic reasons, purposefully created, then dangerously armed an ideologically extremist islamic-state insurgency, with the single-minded malicious intent of illegally overthrowing russia's ally, syria.

in simple terms, hillary clinton's hatred of russians, and her mania for total-power, induced her, whilst president obama's secretary of state, to manufacture a bitter civil-war, in a country where she had no rightful business, without the slightest concern, or sympathy, for those millions of syrians whose lives she has so self-evidently, selfishly destroyed.

the sheer insane vanity of president obama and hillary clinton, in fabricating an islamic state which shamed and smeared all islam, solely in order to undermine a russian proxy-state, where, irksomely, authorization had not been granted for the trans-national construction of their american ally's gas-pipeline, is utterly bewildering...

...yet let's not be too shocked, clinton and obama rolled out exactly the same scam in libya, where the cia armed the islamists to topple gaddafi, left the country in turmoil, and then shipped the islamists, together with their black-market military hardware, over to syria to continue the illicit liberal leitmotiv of complete neo-conservative carnage.

tragically, the united states ambassador to libya, john christopher stevens, rumbled hillary clinton's criminally subversive machinations, and had to be assassinated by his own government - but such terrific tribulations are all in a day's work for a committed diplomat in the sworn service of the white house's satan department, i suppose.

americans are now left with a choice between, on one malevolent hand, an aggressive clinton administration, which would escalate the arming of islamists against the syrian government, then, with a brutal, suicidal appetite for full-scale war, ramp up hostilities against russia...

...and, on the other ignorant hand, a defensive trump administration, which would, with blind, religious hatred, support russia in its obsessively islamophobic goal of defeating the islamic state - itself created by hillary clinton.

obviously, european citizens will never support an american vanity-war against russia - the country which decisively and effectively won the second world-war - and american citizens too would sleep much better in their beds at night in the assured knowledge that the united states were not secretly planning with nato-allies to whip up, what could only prove to be, a catastrophic war against russia.

the crazily sickening situation that we currently see in syria ostensibly unfolds thus:

pres o:  err...since we've entered a new phase of bi-lateral co-operation, reciprocation 'n mutual assistance an' all know those rather keen guys that hillary trained up an' armed to-the-teeth...err...well, basically, i spose, to rip-off your guy's government 'n push him politely an' humanly possible, of course...outta office...? you know obviously that things kinda got a bit outta hand and these folks somehow sorta started to err...kinda take over the whole god-damned world...?

pres p:  err, yes...

pres o:  well you wouldn't mind awfully sorta somehow bombing the bloody fuck out of our rather over-keen fellers, would you vlad, me old chap...? if it's not too much trouble or anything, buddy...?

pres p:  not at all bazza, old boy - anything i can do to help, an all that...hey, err...hang on a the spirit of the new phase of bi-lateral co-operation, reciprocation 'n mutual assistance an' all know those ole oil-fields wot your guys nicked off my guy and are now sorta somehow funding international terrorism an all that kinda silly stuff...well, wouldn't mind awfully sorta somehow bombing the bloody fuck out of the bastard things, would you bazza old chap...? that's if it's not too much trouble or anything, obviously eh...comrade?

pres o:  oh no not at all vlad, not at all...and err...obviously, if there's anything else i can do to err...assist, know you've jus' gotta err...ask...partner...

frankly, if there's one shining characteristic i admire in our great world-leaders, it's just their unequivocal commitment not to interfere in the global fucking free-market...

yep, well the moral of this whole story is clearly: black lives matter...

and brown ones too...

but only in america...

and only if they're middle-class and paying plenty of taxes...

and gonna vote for president hillary clinton...

yeah, those black lives matter...

at least right up until they leave the polling booth, and old ma clinton's safely installed in the white house...

from which time they'll be gunned down by cops in the street just like any other unarmed black guy...

simply because they're...


no, poor black lives don't matter...

black lives rotting in jail don't matter...

black muslim lives don't matter...

black african lives don't matter...

and black lives in congo sure as hell don't fucking matter...

unless they command more power and riches than does hillary rodham clinton.

however, if, on the contrary, you actually insist that 'black lives matter', then before supporting or voting for holocaust hillary, please take time to study the clintons' comprehensive historical charge-sheet.

when hillary rodham clinton was asked whether "black lives matter?" she gave those young african-american activists an arrogant and patronizing lecture.

when, in 2009, at kinshasa university, hillary rodham clinton was questioned as to her husband's view on matters relating to the congolese mining industry, she gave those young congolese students an arrogant and patronizing lecture.

will hillary ever apologize for her husband's war-crimes in congo and rwanda?

will she apologize for her personal war-crimes in libya, syria, somalia and afghanistan...?

or is her own art of democratic darkness just too hard for her to look into?

i mean, to win the presidential electional, all trump needs ask hillary clinton is:

"why did you deliberately arm al qaeda in libya...?"

or: "why did you deliberately create and arm the islamic state in syria...?"

or: "however did you wash from your hands the indelible congolese blood of your spouse's millions of victims of crimes against humanity...?"

because, in a so-called civilized western society, to induct a notorious serial war-criminal into the highest office of government, escorted by her holocaust-happy accessory-husband, must, by definition, irredeemably violate every cherished principle of democracy.

at least we know where we stand with donald trump - the true and ugly face of the united states of america...

he may be a pig in a poke, but at least he doesn't deny that he's a playboy-pig who lives in the all-american puritanical pig-sty...

however, hillary clinton is a demon-dissimulator - ready to deceive and to destroy.

she is the absolute arse-end of democracy...

who as elected president of america, can only constitute the dead dog-end of democracy, spitefully stubbed out on the coy unconciliated corpses churned from the constant commercial disassembly-line by klondike clinton's covertly co-ordinated coltan-rich congo chop-shop...

and presently being smoked, sardonically, by donald john trump, like one of her haggard old house-husband's havana cigars.

the horror

the horror

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

curtailed words

displayed here-below is the comment i yesterday attempted to enter in reply to ms juicy biceps mp's huffington post piece entitled it's socialism jean, but not as we know it, which, at this fraught time of rapidly impending american-inspired nuclear armageddon, was completely cyber-ghosted out of existence by the cia on apparent account of a fairly mildly expressed example of the indigenous anglo-saxon vernacular appearing within a moderate proximity of the hallowed phrase 'the white house'; may i at this point officially opine that, in the blogging-world, the huffington post - ignorant and immoral neo-conservative spawn of the daily telegraph - represents, as does, in the modern world, its mother-cuntry, the united states of america, the densely dunder-headed diplodocus, whose murderous mercantile meanderings cause its high imperialness habitually to crush clumsily under-foot all lesser forms of life in its dark, domineering, global quest to root out, ravenously, the most succulent earthly vegetational varieties of privileged political preference.

the offending article reads as follows:

"what a sulky subversive whinge from someone who sadly backed the wrong strand of political sentiment for the current anti-establishment british climate.
people aren't 'offended' by your feminism, my honourable madam - they're fuming because you're a cheap cia-sell-out and neo-colonial new-labour sychophant, who, as a 'progress'-flunky, clearly must hold values as far removed from true socialism as can possibly be imagined.

"no matter what the situation you are right and being right is more important than the safety of the group. she missed out the bit that says if things don't seem to be going your way, make sure you get jobs for all your mates so your way can be had."

sorry, but the above quote describes the typical self-serving blairite almost to a tee - the sort who, on a wafer-thin humanitarian pretext, barely disguising an ultra-extremist-christian agenda, would take his country into a futile neo-colonial war, regardless of the terrible cost to others, and purely for personal and professional gain.

"in my socialism, which is steadfast and lifelong, there is no point where your own personal socialist ideals are more important than delivering a better life for people who need it."

surely the socialist ideal is absolutely founded upon helping those in need - or is your 'personal' socialism about helping another group of people altogether? you seem confused.
you're not courageously speaking out, you're joining the crowd of condescending, brow-beating, self-righteous bullies who religiously suppressed all outspoken opposition to blair and his bloody oil-wars by systematically blacklisting his critics, and then maliciously ruining their lives and careers, whether in the professional political sphere or not.
under new-labour, most people who dared stand up for their rights got a swift kick in the teeth, not a generously salaried job in the poncy palace of westminster, as you rather slyly did, so don't play the poor defenceless female victim - when actually you hold a popularly appointed position of some considerable power over us, the common pleb, and right now weigh in the balance the lives of many already degraded syrian civilians, together with our own muddled, media-brainwashed british citizens - it just doesn't suit see man.
you suggest that jeremy corbyn may be slightly posher than you - is this why he's less prone to being bought off than you, or is that simply a matter of his upbringing?

stop wasting superjezza's bloody time - he's exceptionally busy saving the world at the moment, and can't be bothered with wet-nursing your emotional femino-brummie-centric insecurities, day-bleedin'-in day-bleedin'-out.
finally, if you still believe that everyone's equal, but that brown families deserve mega-tonnage of ordnance dropped upon them, ad infinitum, to satisfy the hardly heroic whims of the whatless wanker in the white house, le petit prat pathétique in paris, or the dutiful dachshund digging himself a hole in downing street, why not ask the royal air-force, ever so nicely loik, whether you might possibly be allowed to experience just one of those lovely ethical cruise-missiles exploding in your vicinity - but more importantly, before you vote to have angry arab and asian people assassinated, or to have non-christian civilians accidentally swept under the sandy syrian carpet into the next world, in the name of whiter-than-white western democracy, please take good deliberative time to read the following enlightened articles, in order for you all the better to appreciate the naff neo-con nursery-rhymes of our three next-to-butt-naked emperors:

how the west created the islamic state

levant report:
2012 defense intelligence agency document: west will facilitate rise of islamic state "in order to isolate the syrian regime"

insurge intelligence:
pentagon report predicted west’s support for islamist rebels would create isis:
isis coalition knowingly sponsored violent extremists to 'isolate' assad, rollback 'shia expansion'

the guardian:
west training syrian rebels in jordan

open democracy:
isis wants to destroy the 'grey zone'. here's how we defend it

levant report:
former dia chief michael flynn says rise of islamic state was "a willful decision" and defends accuracy of 2012 memo

global research:
us created the islamic state (isis) for sake of israel and military industrial complex: ex-cia contractor"

Monday, 9 November 2015

the eagle 'as landed...on 'er arse

once upon a time, in a past, unconscious, carefree life, when your blog-editor-in-chief was a humble, authority-fearing, civil-service clerk, one was bound by a personnel code, which, in lieu of a formal contract, enshrined one's terms-and-conditions of employment as a public-servant, and aside from getting caught with one's hands in the till, there then existed two sure ways in which one could seriously jeopardize one's continued career as a government-worker:

1. by falling into substantial debt, or
2. by taking part in any political or public activity which might compromise, or might be seen to compromise, one's impartial service to the government of the day or any future government.

now, on remembrance sunday, by publicly objecting to labour-leader, and long-time advocate of unilateral nuclear-disarmament, jeremy barnyard crowbar mp's personal vow never to deploy nuclear-warheads, and by further claiming that britain's policy of non-engagment in air-strikes against the islamic state in syria was "letting down" its allies, general sir john nicholas reynolds houghton gcb, cbe, adc gen, the chief of the defence-staff of the british armed-forces - or just general sir prick whore-tongue to his friends in cabinet - has in effect completely and deliberately desecrated this nation's holy day of commemoration, and ripped up the terms-and-conditions of his employment in the british armed forces, as contained within the queen's regulations for the army 1975 (amendment number 26).

indeed, through his illegitimate and ill-timed, war-mongering outburst in favour of mass-civilian-slaughter, general sir john nicholas reynolds houghton gcb, cbe, adc gen, the chief of the defence-staff of the british armed-forces - or just general sir prick whore-tongue to his friends in cabinet - who cannot be confirmed, or dismissed, as the serving army-general-source who recently threatened of "mutiny" in the british military should jeremy corbyn ever be elected prime minister, has, particularly if acting without due ministerial authorization, gravely breached the following comic constitutional catalogue of queen's regulations:

annex b to chapter 3

values and standards of the british army

total professionalism

paragraph 25:

"members of the army are not permitted to disclose service information or express views on official matters or experiences to any media organization without prior approval from the ministry of defence, sought through the chain of command; this includes leaking official information to the media. besides being contrary to regulations, it is unprofessional and can damage the reputation and interests of the ministry of defence and the armed forces and, whether intentional or not, undermines the army’s apolitical position."

chapter 5

unit command, control and administration

part 14 - political activities and electoral registration

political activities

paragraph j5.581:

clause a
"regular service personnel are not to take any active part in the affairs of any political organization, party or movement. they are not to participate in political marches or demonstrations."

clause b
"no restriction is to be placed upon the attendance at political meetings of such service personnel provided that uniform is not worn, service duties are not impeded, and no action is taken which would bring the service into disrepute." 

paragraph j5.582:

"all forms of political activity, including political meetings and speeches, are prohibited in service establishments. canvassers may visit, and motor cars used for carrying electors to the poll may call at, married quarters and families' hostels to which there is normal access direct from the public highway. where access is by service roads and there is no separate entrance, access to married quarters will be at the discretion of the commanding officer under such conditions as he may approve. information about party programmes or policies is not to be made available through service journals or information rooms; nor is any propaganda issued by or on behalf of a political party to be distributed in service institutions. no publicity is to be given in service establishments to meetings, fetes, or similar activities having a political association."

paragraph j5.583:

service facilities and speakers
"no service facilities, including service aircraft and motor transport, are to be used at, or in connection with, any function the purpose of which is to further the interests of a political party or an organization having controversial aims, nor are service bands to play at such functions. where requests are received from political groups for service speakers to lecture or give a presentation, these should be referred for action to the ministry of defence (adjutant general secretariat), who will reply direct to the group; if there is uncertainty about the nature of any organization, the ministry of defence should be consulted. (army only. see also chapter 12 annex a(j))"

candidates in local government elections

paragraph j5.586:

clause c
"serving personnel who are permitted by the ministry of defence to be nominated for election to any local authority may only stand as independent candidates. they are not to stand as candidates for any political organization, party or movement and, if elected, are not to involve themselves in any way in the affairs of any such organizations, party or movement."

trade unions

paragraph j5.588:

clause a
"regular service personnel may become members of civilian trade unions and professional associations in order to enhance their trade skills and professional knowledge and as an aid to resettlement into civilian life. they are not to participate in industrial action or in any form of political activity organized by civilian trade unions or professional associations."

chapter 5

unit command, control and administration

part 9 - dress

occasions on which the wearing of uniform is forbidden 

paragraph j5.368:

detailed instructions on occasions on which the wearing of uniform is forbidden are contained in army general administrative instruction 59. the following specific occasions on which the wearing of uniform is forbidden are to be noted:

clause b
"uniform is not to be worn by prospective or adopted parliamentary candidates at political meetings, or while canvassing, appearing in public or engaged in any other activities connected with their candidature. (see also paragraphs j5.581 – j5.583)"

clause e
"on occasions when the army’s reputation or political impartiality might be brought into question e.g. political protests, rallies, marches or demonstrations of any kind where a political, social or interest group agenda may be perceived as being pursued, or where disorder or affray might result, or appearing in the media to seek personal publicity."

chapter 5
unit command, control and administration

part 2 - personal conduct and efficiency

applications general

paragraph j5.079b:

clause d
commercial advertisements
"participation in commercial advertisements may have the potential to give the impression that the service endorse or have a view on a commercial product, service or political position. applicants must therefore provide the fullest details so that a commanding officer may consider whether:
(1) the individual would be identified as a serving member of the service.
(2) the service would be directly or indirectly associated with the advertisement.
(3) the individual’s participation might align him, or the service, with any political position."

clause f
trade dispute
"service personnel may become members of civilian trade union and professional associations in order to enhance their trade skills and professional knowledge and as an aid to resettlement into civilian life. they are not to participate in industrial action or in any form of political activity organized by civilian trade unions or professional associations where it is believed that a trade dispute is in progress, in order to safeguard the reputation of the service, commanding officers should not authorize, or should withdraw authorization given in respect of off-duty employment with that organization. where there is doubt about the existence of a trade dispute, the commanding officer should refer the matter through his chain of command, with full details and recommendations."

chapter 5

unit command, control and administration

part 15 - public and service (non public) funds

voluntary regimental subscriptions

paragraph 5.613:

clause a
"all soldiers may subscribe voluntarily to a regimental association as part of the day’s pay scheme, provided that the president and treasurer of the association are commissioned officers on the active or retired list, that the association is of a non political character and that a minimum of half the income is devoted to the benevolent assistance of reservists, ex soldiers and their families in need."

chapter 12

official information and public relations

part 2 - activities involving the use of official information or experience

(ministry of defence sponsor: director-general, media and communication)

paragraph j12.015:

general considerations
"this section sets out procedures for service personnel to seek authorization to communicate with the media. a number of considerations should be taken into account before doing so, including:
a. is it in the defence interest?
b. does the benefit justify the time, cost and effort?
c. is there a risk to operational security or of disclosure of classified information?
d. would this compromise service ethos?
e. are there any patent, copyright, collaboration security or international relations implications?" (see note 1 below)
(note 1: a politically controversial topic is one which is, has been, or is clearly about to be, a matter of controversy between political parties in this country)

paragraph j12.016:

"these regulations govern contact between all service personnel and the media, and for writing or speaking in public. these rules must be followed to ensure that operational security is upheld and standards of political impartiality and public accountability are met at all times."

paragraph j12.018:

clause b
"as in any organization, it is important that all ministry of defence personnel communicate in a manner that maintains and, where possible, enhances the reputation of the organization. all contacts with the media or public disclosure of information by members of the armed forces must be authorized in advance, where this relates to material or experiences gained in the course of official duties. engaging in such activities without obtaining authorization at the appropriate level may be a serious disciplinary or administrative matter which could ultimately lead to dismissal, as would the acceptance of payments in contravention of j12.024 below."

paragraph j12.019:

maximizing communications effect

clause a
"presentational aspects must be an integral part of all ministry of defence activity and decision-making. it is a core task of all personnel to consider how to portray their activities in an interesting and accessible way, for both the internal and external audiences, and how to support the ministry of defence's strategic communications aim - to enhance the reputation of the department and armed forces both internally and externally. everyone should look for opportunities to explain what defence is about to the public and other stakeholders. when personnel can make a contribution to knowledge on the basis of specialized information and experience obtained in the course of their official duties, in particular, professional, scientific and engineering personnel, they should be encouraged to do so, so long as policy, defence and commercial interests are protected."

clause b
"any such participation in public discussions or contribution to knowledge of this kind must, however, be such as will not:
(1) prejudice national security.
(2) put at risk collaboration security. 
(3) create the possibility of embarrassment to the government in the conduct of its policies.
(4) bring into question the impartiality of her majesty's forces."

clause c
"although these principles apply primarily to the disclosure of information and for the discussion of political issues, they apply with equal force to the public expression, in the press or elsewhere, of opinions which are or could be embarrassing to the government when given by individuals who are identified or are readily identifiable as service personnel."

clause d
"the director-general, media and communication has ultimate official authority for internal and external communications including all matters related to contact with the news media and communicating in public. members of the armed forces are to seek prior permission if they wish to write or speak or otherwise communicate in the public domain on defence or related matters, before entering into any commitment. personnel who are in any doubt about the need to obtain authorization are to take advice from the appropriate director-general, media and communication contact at j12.025 before committing to communication with the media or writing or speaking in public. director-general, media and communication has delegated some approval authority to command media operations personnel who should always be consulted before approaching director-general, media and communication.
contact details can be found at j12.025."

paragraph j12.020:

contact with the news media

clause d
"exceptionally, some service personnel will have a general authorization from d news personally to speak to the news media, which must be recorded in their agreed formal job descriptions or terms of reference. these individuals are to ensure they keep records and inform d news press office or the regional press officer of all media contacts and the information communicated. additionally, they are to avoid comment on issues of a politically controversial nature."

annex a(j) to chapter 12

procedure for seeking permission to speak in public, to lecture, or to write for publication

(paragraphs j12.016, j12.021, j12.022 and j12.023 refer)

note 1
"public speeches should be submitted for prior clearance under the procedures for lectures (para 4) if their text is likely to be published afterwards, or quoted by a broadcasting authority, newspaper or magazine, either in whole or in part if they contain scientific or technical data, or if they comment on procurement executive projects, so that they may be fully cleared in all respects, including crown copyright aspects."

note 2
"because service in the ministry of defence is likely to be regarded as conferring a special degree of authority or importance on statements made by an official speaker, ministerial approval will be sought by the director-general, media and communication in all cases concerning personnel serving in the ministry of defence."

note 3
"normally, permission to express views on politically controversial issues will be refused. for any exception to this rule, the director-general, media and communication will seek the prior approval of the secretary of state for defence."

my considered legal conclusion:

the procedure for seeking permission to speak in public, to lecture, or to write for publication, as set out in annex a(j) to chapter 12 is incredibly convoluted, but essentially, general sir john nicholas reynolds houghton gcb, cbe, adc gen, the chief of the defence-staff of the british armed-forces - or just general sir prick whore-tongue to his friends in cabinet - should have sought the prior approval of the secretary of state for defence, michael catheter-fallout mp, in order to express views on politically controversial issues.

however, general sir john nicholas reynolds houghton gcb, cbe, adc gen, the chief of the defence-staff of the british armed-forces - or just general sir prick whore-tongue to his friends in cabinet - clearly drove a ten-ton tory-tank through the historically entrenched queen's regulations, and must either resign with immediate effect or be summarily sacked by his boss, the secretary of state for defence, michael catheter-fallout mp, for bringing the british armed-forces into deeply dangerous disrepute.

moreover, if general sir john nicholas reynolds gcb, cbe, adc gen, the chief of the defence-staff of the british armed-forces - or just general sir prick whore-tongue to his friends in cabinet - did in fact seek the explicit prior approval of the secretary of state for defence, michael catheter-fallout mp, for his broadcast interview-comments, then obviously the secretary of state for defence, michael catheter-fallout mp, must also quit his cabinet-post forthwith, or be fired on-the-spot by prime-minister, david "the dachshund" cameron.

the crafty comrade, jeremy barnyard crowbar mp, has actually played a blinder here, because he has patiently waited for one of these mass-murdering, power-grabbing, mutinous generals to poke his head above the political parapet, and then pounced mercilessly, like a purring parliamentary panther; furthermore, dirty corby has cleverly inducted the majority of his labour-party enemies into his shadow-cabinet, with the rather sly result that these neo-fascist conservative-cock-sucking detractors cannot even contemplate plotting rebellion against their charming chippy chairman without appearing, to the mad massed corby-celebrating party-membership, to be treacherous beyond all democratic belief.

dirty corby has given his two-timing, traitorous colleagues enough rope with which to hang themselves, and by effectively condoning the actions of a homicidal, self-serving army-general and chief of the defence-staff, who has now criminally disrespected our british parliament by illegally intervening, in uniform, in the democratic process, in a manner tantamount to staging a totalitarian, tory-heavy military-coup, angela "double-headed" eagle, shadow secretary of state for defence, has simply been shamefully out-manœuvred by her strategically-savvy socialist leader, and will surely also be forced to resign in dictatorial disgrace, or be delivered her direct marching-orders, for showing her true, tory-turncoat colours.

oh gosh...and i really thought evil "edgy-the-eagle" angie was meant to be the ruthless razor-sharp, tactical chess-player, and comrade "corby" corblimey the dim-witted, communist dullard...

all that dry old legal tripe not much of a belly-laugh, you say?

well, i reckon it's a fucking hilarious bitta blogging...

this smarmy five-star sewer-git's broken every god-damned fucking rule in the book...

...and he's soon gonna be forced to walk the wibbly-wobbly whitehall-plank of no-return - hopefully on the über-solemn occasion he has now, thanks to his absolutely atrocious remarks, personally degraded unto armageddon day.

don't know how dave's dodgy despots in government will take it though?