Wednesday, 17 June 2020

black presidents matter

the city of minneapolis has historically declined to prosecute misconduct-cases involving law-enforcement officers, and so, following the killing of an african-american man by a seemingly psycho-cop in the long-term employ of this deeply corrupt democrat-municipality, protests against racially motivated police-brutality have erupted both in the united states and around the western world, however, since these black lives matter protests have featured significant actions of violent left-wing extremism, please forgive me for failing to appreciate that they are not just a barely concealed continuation of the persistent partisan political attacks which - due to trump's programme of troop-withdrawal from the middle-east, his reluctance to wage war on syria, and his personal push for peace-negotiations in afghanistan - have been insidiously mounted against his presidency by the democrat-deep-state of no-good neo-colonial genocide.

to be honest, george floyd's corpse was hardly cold before these black lives matter protests were, with the tacit blessing of prominent white democrats, deviantly transformed into a violent left-wing orgy of avaricious anti-trumpism, and yet in comparison with the previous white house administration - headed by president barack obama, vice-president joe biden, and secretary-of-state hillary clinton - has trump's administration actually presided over more black death by racist cops? has it instigated more illegal oil-wars? has it unlawfully armed al qaeda in order to overthrow sovereign states, such as libya and syria? has it deliberately created the islamic state in order to destabilize pro-russian governments in the middle-east? has it immorally waged an all-out air-war against an african country, in order, primarily, to depose a prominent pan-african leader? has it incarcerated more african-americans? has it deported more mexican immigrants? or indeed, has president trump condemned rioters and looters any more savagely than did obama?

that black demonstrators cannot apprehend the devious manner in which they are being used to effect an anti-democratic power-grab by the war-mongering washington establishment is a racial tragedy in itself - for ultimately, it is the innocent citizens of neo-imperially exploited african, arab and asian nations who, respectfully accorded the politically correct privilege of airborne-atrocity-upon-airborne-atrocity, will always suffer worst from the western neo-liberal élite's insatiable blood-mineral-ambition.

you see, much in the same way as black labour-voters in the uk have blindly supported the european emporium of blood-minerals, and thus have ignorantly validated the eu's hardcore neo-liberal policy of african economic enslavement, now their political cousins in the united states, black democrat-activists, have sadly also been hood-winked into sleeping with the western neo-imperialist establishment.

in fact, despite a resounding recent recapitulation, when populist british protesters bust democratically into downing street to seize power from the pro-eu neo-colonial globalists, black lives matter activists seem absurdly oblivious to the reality that it was the sulky neo-colonial establishment which, in 2016, was left languishing riotously outside the white house on the streets of washington, whilst populist american protesters broke inside democratically to form a government of revolutionary resistance.

why is it then that african-american democrats, much like their black british counterparts in the labour party, are cynically siding with the elitist neo-colonial establishment against the common people? why are they backing greedy globalist establishment-snobs against the redundant ranks of revolutionary populist plebs?

of course, whilst it is not my place to tell black people for whom they should vote, i nevertheless cannot for-the-life-of-me understand how healthy race-relations can ever be promoted where an entire ethnicity decides, almost exclusively, to back a repressive neo-liberal establishment against a desperately disenfranchized people.

moreover, whilst the general population is suffering from the devastating socio-economic effects of a neo-liberal lockdown-upon-humanity - which has been covertly orchestrated by a deep-state-democrat-establishment - what in foolish-fuckery's-name causes black - or white - left-wing activists ever to imagine that, by orchestrating even more death and destruction, they will succeed in garnering public sympathy?

revealingly, rather than join civilly disobedient african intellectuals such as bantu steve biko, nelson mandela chose, when under the kafir-cudgelling cosh of south african apartheid, to skin up with violent white communist extremists - producing the repression-reaping result that, save for the privileged few who purchased post-apartheid-membership of the corrupt political establishment, black south africans have since remained trapped in the direst homicide-interlaced poverty.

at present, western citizens are obviously beset with so many socio-economic problems that they simply do not have time to indulge deep-state-subsidized community-wreckers who aim to create ever more chaos - and who evidently wish to provide an already racially oppressive establishment with the gold-plated pretext for allowing the murder of ever more black citizens, be these serving police-officers or regular civilans.

indeed, when history instructs us that those evil-doers and fascists who see fit to burn down churches are predominately nazis, islamic extremists, or klu klux klan members, then who can truly blame donald trump for angrily grabbing the photo-opportunity which firmly framed antifa for the anti-christian act of arson against st john's episcopal church in lafayette square? i mean, seriously: even this puffed-up prejudicial president knows that an african-american would never torch a place of holy worship - it just ain't part of the culture, man.

the extremist middle-class protesters who tear down statues of historical racists are acting out of deep unresolved personal guilt - this gurgling latent guilt arising from their fanatical virtue-shrieking support of the neo-colonial european union, which, in its key-rôle as notorious neo-imperial recruiter of congolese child-soldiers and enslaved child-mine-workers for the brutal eu-licenced blood-mineral-industry, is in effect the bastard genocidal love-child of the bad old british empire and the criminally psychopathic cia.

jesus h fucking christ, not only do these guilt-riddled neo-slavery-deniers seek to expunge all record of historical white-crimes-against-humanity, but also yearn, in a freudian display of unconscionable cynicism, to divert attention from the equally horrendous crimes-against-humanity - including modern-day eu-precipitated slavery - which are currently being committed, under cover of a systemically corrupt eu-institutional infrastructure, throughout the african continent, and which - thanks to mummy and daddy's shady blood-mineral-shedding share-portfolios, fat-as-fuck blood-mineral-enhanced trust-funds, and criminally comfortable eu-financed careers in political correctness - in actuality keep these so-called socialist beasts of bourgeois barbarity in the self-righteous fucking style they conceitedly crave.

subconsciously, therefore, these power-obsessed demolishers of slaver-statues harbour the psychologically repressed desire to clamber atop these vacant plinths of neo-imperial power, in order - much as the european union has replaced the neo-colonial cluster of old european empires - to assume for themselves the traditional mercantilist rôle of slave-and-plantation-owner - in which they themselves can then impose their own intolerant neo-feudal ideology upon those populist 'plebs' whom they so ludicrously, and sanctimoniously, regard as moral and intellectual inferiors.

in fact, when you think about it, why would black lives matter protesters take their viciously anti-trump cue from democrats such as the clintons - who have been intrinsically involved in the african blood-mineral-wars and associated illicit trade - unless they intend to further the murderous agenda of a white neo-colonial establishment? why else would black lives matter protesters mindlessly allow themselves to be manipulated and encouraged by genocide-jolly deep-state-democrats whose only real goal is to prolong the neo-imperialist rape of africa and middle-east?

don't black lives matter demonstrators realize that, in order to incite nationwide anarchy and thereby undermine the republican presidency, deep-state-democrats - such as the clintons - are hoping-against-hope to trigger a race-war between far-right patriots and black civil rights activists - using white agent provocateur antifa infiltrators as the incendiary catalyst for this cataclysmic civil conflict?

in short, how can black lives matter activists ideologically endorse a neo-colonial european union, or democrat party, without likewise endorsing the implicit imperialist evils of eu - or democrat - facilitated genocide, slavery, and oppression in the blood-mineral-blessed kingdoms of cia-controlled africa?

the american democrats want to trash trump, and dump him from office, not because he has laxly tolerated the genocide of yemenis by saudi arabia, or lazily acquiesced in the drone-delivered slaughter of afghans by his own us military - nor indeed because he has condoned other ugly aspects of us foreign policy which double-think black lives matter democrats have consistently failed to criticize - but essentially because his name is spelt t-r-u-m-p...

and because he has ordered a comprehensive programme of troop-withdrawal from the middle-east...

and because of his fundamental reluctance to wage war on syria...

and because of his principled personal push for peace-negotiations in afghanistan...

and basically because, having accomplished their complete subversion of western democracy - through neo-liberal instigated lockdown spliced with racially divisive anarchy - and having thereafter finally grabbed back their deadly presidential dominion, these dangerous cia-submissive democrats firmly intend to continue their prosecution of the devastating neo-imperialist resource-war, right across africa and the middle-east, which their former afro-arabo-aggressive administration so cruelly, and despotically, initiated under president barack obama.

unfortunately, the hijacked black lives matter protests have merely proven to the world that black people are being unconscientiously hired, by ruthlessly unscrupulous democrats, to help bring about the undemocratic downfall of president trump - and that, contrary to the transient contemporary delusion of expedient fashionable belief, black people can be just as suasible, stupid, and violent as the white people they purport to hate.

yes, far from dismantling our history, black lives matter activists have proudly erected an historic monument to multi-racial stupidity; it's common knowledge that the cia habitually cultivates violent extremist factions in order to subvert foreign governments which refuse to do its criminal bidding - however on this occasion, having already sabotaged the entire western economy by means of a huge health-crisis-hoax, the cia has now cynically cultivated hothead-extremists in the black lives matter movement in order to subvert democracy in its own sacred country.

nevertheless, the true tragedy of this consciously schismatic episode remains that, in the wake of a dirty rotten democrat-inspired health-crisis-hoax, it was the needless consequent lockdown and unemployment of george floyd which ultimately induced this former petty crook's almost incidental return to crime, and thus his pointless death by psychopathically sadistic and democrat-employed cop.

therefore, having given appropriate consideration to this persecution-tolerant pantomime of racial duplicity which, over the past two-or-three democratically decadent decades, has deplorably, nay torturously, unravelled before our ethnically enlightened eyes, it just seems as plain as the snobby neo-liberal nose on both of barack obomb-a-brown-bastard's faces, that the next african-american president of the united states must, at any rate, be a real black man - or woman...

and notwithstanding the potential candidacy of candid kanye west - who originally gained my eternal respect by getting right up the nozzle of that nasty neo-imperialist nonny obama and by courageously exhibiting the obstinate mental emancipation to espouse conservative politics - i shall - with due discrimination in favour of common-sense-speakers, straight-talkers, and plain-truth-tellers - hereupon endeavour to make some generic suggestions for possible presidential - or maybe even prime-ministerial - contenders:

london protester: 'people have forgotten the real reason we're here'
george floyd death: ufc fighter jon jones confronts masked men after taking to streets to 'protect' his city
give this lady a nobel peace prize & a cabinet position in the white house
holy shi*t
must watch: woman gives powerful speech to looters on streets of nyc
chaziel sunz shares his views on the left, blm and political life of the black community
democrat satanist started the riots to protect hillary, obama & elites from court
pastor manning roasting black people
pastor manning to lord jamar: some blacks support white ideology
pastor james david manning - donkey of the day - 09.12.16
pastor manning back in full form with an anti-trump message of support to elijah cummings
lord jamar: i don't support black lives matter, it's not our movement
lord jamar on obama's presidency: he's a manager at mcdonalds not the owner
mike ringley: real talk
give this lady a nobel peace prize & a cabinet position in the white house

controversial and combative conservative candace owens is proposing a few carefully selected candidates too:

confession: #georgefloyd is neither a martyr or a hero, but i hope his family gets justice
“how did #blacklivesmatter become about lgbtq when blacks really really aren’t about that?...we’re conservative. we don’t support abortion. we’re not about feminism... i’m not voting for joe biden
since i’m trending i’d like to introduce you guys to the best video on the internet right now - nothing makes my spirit fly higher than a black american that is awake, educated, and not falling for the media’s narrative: let’s goo
black woman curses out a group of white #antifa members who handed a brick to young black kids and instructed them to use it - left-wing terrorists are awakening more black americans than i ever could to who our true enemies are
as i said: antifa thugs are behind most of the destruction and are using black people and george floyd’s death as a shield for their anarchy - this is flat out racist, and congratulations to this woman for calling these girls out for framing black americans
if you watch one video about these protests please let this be it - this made me cry; i have said since day one that this is nothing but a ploy by white liberals which will destroy another generation of black youth - these #antifaterrorists are targeting black kids & neighborhoods
there are millions of black people in america who know #blacklivesmatter is a terrorist group funded by white democrats; educated black americans want absolutely nothing to do with them, and we will never ever take the knee - i love this woman

of course, in contrast, there are also some - white - black lives matter 'protesters' who should never be allowed anywhere near a position-of-power:

rochester pd attempting to identify rioters who assaulted elderly couple
the rioters in portland savagely attacked a man for having an american flag, then brutalized a man who had tried to help him
portland: a man tried to help the man carrying a us flag who was getting beaten on the ground at yesterday’s antifa/blm riot - they chased him away and kicked him in the face when he was unconscious on the ground
portland: a man brought an american flag to the antifa/blm protest - later riot; he is confronted & then sucker-punched by a man wearing a "f-trump" shirt; the mob rushed in to beat him - he never let go of the flag; @portlandpolice did not help
atlanta fire department releases new photos of 2nd suspect in wendy's arson
washington state woman arrested, accused of setting 5 police vehicles ablaze in george floyd riots

well-i-never, an african-american presidency - which glorified the political assassination of osama bin laden, which waged an all-out air-war upon a sovereign african nation, which committed over 100000 us-troops to afghanistan in a genocidal military surge, and which, with the assistance of mad ma clinton's friends in al qaeda, armed the islamic state in order to overthrow libya and syria - has subsequently, yet inexplicably, given birth to a violent extremist black civil rights movement in america, alongside a blood-thirsty black gang-culture in london...

now, whatever might the connection be?

i bet obama supports black lives matter.

Thursday, 5 March 2020

reparations or respect?
boris de bombaclaat and dominant camp-tings show their true colours

bussing a few jamaican criminals back 'home' just constitutes a cheap political stunt by a pair of cheap political cunts.

i mean-to-say, after being provisionally - and extremely fortunately - gifted power by the great british public, is the unexpanded event-horizon of our pussy-popping prime minister's personal political ambition merely to deport the disenfranchized descendants of endemically enslaved africans back to the gulag-island which grotesquely made the barbaric british upper-classes rich beyond their dark 'n dirty little dreams?

besides, does boris backward-brain plan to dump these unwanted and uppity unfreed slave-sons without even observing the politically correct politesse of paying their perennially penniless countrymen those long-overdue reparations for three bloody centuries-worth of unbounded british ultra-brutalization?

in the final analysis - when calculated as an enslavement-period-multiplied-percentage of current british gdp - does boris de blunderbus bastard-fucking-bastard-bastard de bastard comprehend that market-value-reparations, owed to the afro-caribbean populations of former british slave-colonies, must, by double-dutch-jeopardy's redeeming definition, tot up to at least 10 trillion - if not actually tens of trillion - solid british sterling?

you know, i really don't believe the grinning great blond government-grappling-gorilla does understand the gob-smackingly gargantuan dimension of the british state's commercial liability towards the afro-caribbean-community - because this pathetic pair of poorly educated public school-boys both clearly possess an egregiously poor grasp of history, economics, and mathematics...

not-to-mention ethics.

oh bugger me backwards, if these two classic ignorant cunts haven't yet sussed that race-theory is, and always was, an evil mercantilist hoax - perpetrated by 19th-century anti-abolitionists in order to bolster crooked compensation-claims for tragic loss of slave-labour - then it's absolutely damned certain they'll never figure out that the bogus-scientific-theory of carbon-dioxide-driven climate-change is a whopping-great fucking hoax too.

blimey, instead of taking this god-given opportunity to broaden the fragile flaking support-base of the nationally hated conservative party, it appears that these two consummately thick cabinet-cunts are rather reckoning on irreversibly narrowing it - through a puerile policy-piss-stream of petty parochial racialism.

forgive me oh lord, but there's something simply incongruous - nay downright fucking obscene - about over-privileged and pampered little public school-boys who play big-bad-man political games with the democratically disposable lives of pass-poor jamaican prisoners - and who attempt to gain gutter-kudos by connivingly cargo-shipping these supposedly dangerous darkies back across the unabsolvent atlantic ocean, yet one more symbolically offensive time.

to be honest, it is embarrassingly evident that bungling boris and camp-tings are emotionally and intellectually divorced from the unfaced historical reality of unaccounted british slave-trading, and that, in the mean mawkish manner of anally retentive amateur hustlers, they are uncouthly seeking to utilize electorally expedient transatlantic transportation as a cut-price antediluvian distraction from the tawdry ten-trillion-dollar-truth.

oh crikey, if these two expensively educated chimps had any properly evolved grip either on modern-day mathematical reality or of british economical history, then they would - would they not - appreciate that - in accordance with the all-trumping supremacy of the croaky old rules of cricket and british fair-play-fuckuppery - british citizenship - together with its associated freedom-of-movement and access-to-justice - must necessarily constitute the inalienable right of all continuously oppressed peoples born bare-black-assed in bumper-bullion-britain's former slave or commodity-colonies.

moreover, in the improbable familial circumstance of their both being perchance blessed with some, let us pray, fleeting fluid fragment of meaningful - or even mercifully minging - moral consciousness, then it might transubstantially transpire that this afore-mentioned coked-up couple of moronic minted dunce-monkeys - swinging sub-primely intoxicated, in insentient bliss, from tory-toad-bearing beam to bolshie bourgeois banister, through the jingoistic jungle of number ten dogging street's narco-neurotic nurseries - would in fact - despite the european empire's illegitimate transitional suspension of the inviolable entitlements accruable to our brusquely brushed-overseas british citizens - also recognize the incivility of discontinuing any such incontrovertible dispensations, as were once lawfully and democratically afforded our darker-skinned commonwealth-contributors, save upon the full and final reparation - direct from the bulging british imperial inheritance - of all national, natural and notional financial losses illegally incurred by those erstwhile, but still unduly impoverished, imperial citizens.

in conclusion, and vis-à-vis the question of commonwealth citizens, it behoves boris bollock-brain de bodger-bastard-fucking-bastard-bastard de bastard and his bad-ass whitehall-bog-cleaning-buddy, domestick canings to come - if they are in any wanky-way capable - to a swift ethical decision:

either our neo-colonially corrupt british establishment - along with its double-dealing conservative government - must respect the inhabitants of former british slave-or-commodity-colonies - by automatically granting them full de facto rights associated with british citizenship...
or alternatively, if the british establishment is neither emotionally nor psychologically capable of granting due respect to the economically side-lined citizens of our former colonies, then it must ensure that all commonwealth-members receive full reparations for the material exploitation suffered as a consequence of british participation in colonialism, neo-colonialism, slave-trading, and in slavery itself.

of course, if neither of the above resolution-mechanisms is acceptable to our british blood-mercantile-establishment, then so-be-it:

commonwealth citizens will therefore be obliged to pursue class-actions for reparations against all britain's financial, academic, governmental, and professional institutions which - whether public or private - have historically profited from colonialism, neo-colonialism, slave-trading, or from slavery itself.

Friday, 7 February 2020

clipped words: when dr kelly died on harrowdown hill, scientific objectivity died with him

discourteously cold-shouldered and side-lined by eco-edgy-torial extinguishers of the truth - but now re-presented for your extra-sensory environmental emancipation - here-below is my comment upon stuart basden's medium-article entitled extinction rebellion isn’t about the climate:

"interestingly, this article reveals a great degree of consciousness, but sadly, stuart, you fail to recognize that the extinction-rebellion-movement is simply a shibbolethic showcase of cia-manipulated hysteria - cynically designed to distract attention from current epidemics of western neo-colonial genocide, and associated resource-rape, in non-white countries such as afghanistan, somalia, congo, syria, iraq and libya.
tellingly, it is those eu-imperialists prone to peddling co2-driven-climate-change-propaganda - such as perennial paid-off perpetrators of the anthropogenic-global-warming-hoax the clintons, the blairs, and other malicious meddlers in the neo-liberal establishment - who, at the same evil stroke, wage - or covertly collude in the prosecution of - perpetual race-war against inhabitants of non-white continents - and avariciously commit this afro-and-arabo-atrophic atrocity purely in order to profit from ruthless regional robbery of valuable mineral resources. 
moreover, whilst acting as a politically correct diversion from cia-orchestrated neo-colonial resource-rape and genocide, the extinction-rebellion-movement simultaneously serves as a devious dumbed-down distraction from authentic climate-science - which, contrarily, grants true empirical weight to the natural influences upon our terrestrial environment, both of space-weather and the variable solar activity which regulates local space-weather.

for further information regarding the terrestrial effects of space-weather and solar activity upon our climate, please read the following two articles:

new climate model:

of additional interest:

biblioteca pleyades:

national aeronautics and space administration - goddard institute for space studies:

national center for biotechnology information:

beyond landscheidt:

climate audit:


Wednesday, 5 February 2020

curtailed words: the bark of bagpipe-racism from scottish euro-vision

whilst i can attribute to simple scientific ignorance his unshakeable socio-religious belief in the climate-change-hoax, for a man with such high-level comprehension of the western establishment's endemic neo-liberal criminality and corruption, i am rather surprised that pro-lapsed civil servant craig murray - former british ambassador to uzbekistan - continues to suffer from such a socially elitist blind-spot regarding the irredeemably neo-colonial nature of the european union - however, given that once a first division snob, always a first division snob, i should, i suppose, as a mere rank-and-file clerical grade pleb myself, have expected nothing less than complete official exclusion from his blog-site's comment-playground.

unfortunately, on arse-aching account of the unconscionable jock-injustice to which, as a consequence of mr murray's incoherent national social censorship policy, i have been unduly, and most unreasonably, subjected, i am therefore compelled here-below to publish the gently critical comment which - on the eve of our bonnie wee kingdom's 2019 general election - i originally attempted to post in reply to his absurdly over-optimistic opinion-piece entitled the largest vote swings in british general election history censored out by the bbc and mainstream media:

"there are two kinds of grammar-school-boys, mr murray: those who drop-out of class, and those who sell-out their class...

"for every racist dullard voting for johnson’s dog whistle racism, there is an urbane tory in wokingham or similar towns refusing to vote for him for the same reason"

having become acquainted, through your blog-site's comment-threads, with certain of your pro european union prejudices, i am compelled to wonder whether the 'dog-whistle racism', to which you somewhat casually allude, is in fact a thinly disguised, but direct, reference to boris johnson's flag-ship eu-exit-policy for the uk, or rather, whether it is a specific reference to his party's plans to end freedom-of-migration into the uk for eu-citizens?

however, since the british are of predominantly white european extract, i cannot comprehend how the discontinuation of freedom-of-movement into the uk, for other predominantly white europeans, can in any manner be considered 'racist'...

and since the ideological question of 'leaving europe' is purely one of sovereignty, nor furthermore, can i perceive any 'racism' inherent in boris johnson's wish for the uk to exit the european union.

there does, i must stress, nevertheless exist a deeply racist undertone to the core-eu-principle of denying freedom-of-movement to africans, asians and arabs - especially those hailing from british commonwealth countries, who, prior to the united kingdom's membership of the common-market, were historically entitled, as british citizens, to automatic freedom-of-movement within the british empire, including into britain itself.

now, i realize that, as an ideological european unionist, you habitually regard as 'racist' those who, upon ideological opposite grounds, wish to quit the european union, yet as a nationalist, how, for instance, would it feel to be yourself mindlessly labelled 'racist'on account of your legitimate ideological desire to achieve full scottish independence from the united kingdom?

moreover, indeed, how would a liberal such as yourself feel if summarily branded 'racist', either due to the liberal-democrat party's ideological collaboration in the coalition-government's 'hostile environment' for immigrants, or perhaps due to that same party's political support for the notorious neo-colonial bombing of libya?

to be absolutely precise, the european union, as a political entity, is but the functional perpetuation of the british empire - conveniently congregated with other former european empires - under the high-church cia-protectorate of american neo-imperialism.

given the ideological predominance of its ultra-protectionist customs-union, and its complete acquiescence in the west's neo-colonial oil-wars, the european union clearly possesses only one real political purpose: to facilitate, on behalf of its unholy united states warlords, the total economic oppression and exploitation of africa and the middle-east.

to be fair, the devastating wave of migration caused by western neo-liberal genocide in libya, syria, iraq, somalia, yemen and afghanistan would almost certainly have created an unpleasantly unethical backlash in any hard-up host-population, anywhere - and therefore, in protest, why-on-earth would democratically disenfranchized citizens not wish to tear up their rogue-establishment's disgustingly elitist membership of a nasty corrupt neo-colonial club, which has not only failed to implement binding end-to-end conflict-free-certification of euro-traded minerals, but has also impenitently facilitated genocidal blood-mineral-operations in africa?

tragically, it's not the privileged members of our pampered neo-liberal establishment who are actually forced to live the multi-cultural-wet-fucking-dream, which - thanks to conflict-compounded migration - their blithely sanctioned, but brutal, neo-colonial race-wars have imperiously imposed upon a socially scum-bagged british pleb-class, living arse-to-cheek in seriously over-crammed crumby public housing.

why, for our supra-national hegemonizing betters, should we brits crave the bad company of a barbaric bunch of blood-emblazoned political bully-bastards, whose inhumanly immoral european empire so liberally licences blood-mineral-merchants and the boom-boom-bonanza of their big-blood-bankrolled-business?

why should decent british citizens ignore keith harmon snow's forensic examination of our eu-establishment's multi-million-man-murder-spree in congo?

there is no ethical excuse for european union membership.

for your information, please read:

toward freedom:

dissident voice:

Sunday, 2 February 2020

clipped words special:
retrospective-montage of the long 'n-chequered back-route to brexit
- featuring the pickled parliament

ignorantly deleted by neo-colonial euro-centric cunts in february 2019 - but now finally re-presented for your eternal eclectic edification - here-below are two more of my comments upon the hackney citizen article entitled ‘corbyn before country’: council slammed for people’s vote ‘fudge’ as it prepares to ‘firmly reject’ no-deal brexit:

"the pickle-people - bennett opie's - are based in kent, so, in the highly likely event of a 'no-deal'-brexit, there should be no problem, next christmas, sourcing pickled walnuts in the uk - however, european union leaders may have to grow their own in future...
a 'no-deal'-brexit is almost certain, given the massive electoral advantage this outcome will afford theresa may.
preparations for a managed 'no-deal'-brexit are obviously well-advanced, as are current negotiations with the eu on trade-and-customs-issues - meaning that the impact of a 'no-deal'-exit from the eu can and will be swiftly mitigated.
mrs may appears very relaxed and confident at the moment, and her position as leader secure, therefore she must secretly have promised hard-line brexiters the insurance of a 'no-deal'-backstop - which, as prime minister, she is constitutionally empowered to push through parliament, regardless of any, non-binding, vote.
indeed, in common with any mp for a 'leave'-constituency, neither may nor corbyn, wishes to be seen as the traitor who stopped the brexit-countdown-clock.
despite the short-term economic risk of a 'no-deal'-brexit, standing up to the eu can only be politically advantageous for mrs may, and the conservative party, in domestic terms.
having treated mrs may and the uk with such contempt, and having rudely bullied us into an 'accidental' 'no-deal'-brexit, the childish eu-leaders are now going to have egg all-over their faces - meaning that, in the event of any subsequent eu-economic-instability, they could soon be deposed by the political pressure of very angry eu-businessmen and their employees.
the dup might well be covertly colluding with the conservatives on the 'no-deal'-plan, and, until such time as trade-and-customs-agreements are reached with the irish government, will probably agree to temporary self-imposed customs-checks in the irish sea, in order to avoid any necessity for a hard uk-irish-border on the island of éire - where, to the ultimate chagrin of leaders in brussels, the eu's backdoor-to-britain would, in the eventuality of a 'no-deal'-brexit, be left flapping wide-open.
a 'no-deal'-brexit will force eu-leaders to negotiate like grown-ups, and agreement on trade-and-customs-issues will no doubt be reached in double-quick-time.
following a 'no-deal'-brexit, the eu may be forced to become a free-trade-area, or 'common-market', rather than remain the protectionist afro-arabo-suppressive trade-bloc which, as a cia-controlled neo-imperialist entity, it currently comprises.
labour clearly needed to to back mrs may's business-and-cia-friendly brexit-deal, or else be cast into 'no-deal' electoral oblivion, however, in order, in the national interest, to grant mrs may a stronger hand in eu-negotiations, mr corbyn might in fact have co-operatively led labour to vote down the uk-subjugating - and eu-imposed - brexit-deal - and might well, therefore, in his capacity as a true english gentleman, also be party to this huge parliamentary charade, alongside hard-line brexiters and anti-brexiters alike...
whatever-the-case, mrs may has obviously heeded the sound advice of her good friend, mr trump - author of the art of the deal.
dreaming of a 'no-deal'-christmas"
*       *       *
"looks like there's gonna be a snap general election at the end of february...
and the enthralling prospect that, as its main manifesto-policy, the conservative party will offer the option either of prime minister may's brexit-deal or a 'no-deal'-brexit, whilst the labour party will offer the option either of its own customs-union-based deal - which would leave the uk hostage to eu-regulations - or the profoundly hated status quo - which would trap the uk into remaining within the protectionist pallisade of the neo-colonial european empire, for all eternity.
looks like this time around the labour party has been comprehensively out-manœuvred by crafty cunning old mrs may...
because this time around the general election will inevitably be decided entirely on the question of brexit - and although desperate for the opportunity to fight an early general election, the labour party must be extremely careful for what it truly wishes...
check-mayte, methinks."

ok, so that's a piece of past-its-sell-by-guess-work from back-then...

but to mark the uk's official divorce from the european union, spark up! today presents, for your sub-satirical amusement, a homage to crap jon holmes sound-soup, which, if you are not a radio 4 initiate, is an arse-achingly avant-garde art-form - strangely suggestive of an extended-play-introduction to spy-thriller homeland, but with added sergeant pepper squeaks and sod-all comic sketches.

all right then...

during the great brexit-debate, i have encountered the propositions that:

  • british social democracy would benefit more from a soft corbyn-style-brexit - rather than from reversal-of-referendum and return to the european union.

  • the european union's 'four freedoms' represent the gateways to austerity - not to peace and prosperity.

  • in order for the british - and european - left to rediscover the nation state and reinvent a social democracy fit for the 21st century, it must - notwithstanding single-currency-reform and re-negotiation of the lisbon treaty - replace the european union's 'four freedoms' of laissez-faire-capitalism - comprising the free-movement of people, services, goods, and capital - with franklin d roosevelt's 'four social democratic freedoms' - comprising the freedom-of-speech, the freedom-of-worship, the freedom-from-want, and the freedom-from-fear.


freedom-of-speech, freedom-of-worship, freedom-from-want, and freedom-from-fear should be fundamental to any democratic society...

however - through the feed-back-pressure of mass-migration - the principles of free-movement and free-trade allow us to experience, domestically, the social consequences of our military actions abroad, and thus can act as crucial counterweights against the temptation - for our war-mongering neo-conservative western governments - to bomb the bloody-fuck-out-of black and brown people.

of course, halting the west's smash-'n-grab neo-conservative wars would negate the necessity for mass-migration...

and yet, instead of the british establishment curtailing these immoral migration-instigating wars of racial oppression and exploitation, it has instead continued to promote - from whites-only fascist police-states such as cia-subservient poland - the politically targeted recruitment of cheap neo-conservative labour - and cia-subservient voters - who, by corruptly convenient coincidence, are all ideologically inclined to sanction the unethical participation, in these illegal neo-con race-wars, of our own cia-government.

in reality, the european union offers 'freedom' only to those contained within its anti-humanitarian protectionist fence - in much the same manner which, within its own imperial boundaries, the british empire once offered 'freedom-of-movement' to all subjects.

in cruel contrast, however, those living outside the european empire's borders are systematically exploited and oppressed by its evil endemic neo-colonialism...

and are only free to go jump in the sea.

unfortunately, if one curtails freedom-of-movement for people, services, goods and capital - as did the communist soviet union - then the inevitable consequence, when corruption causes socialist policies to fail, is mass-starvation - as all those who live beyond the eu-empire's remorse-proof fence of consciousness can comprehensively confirm.

indeed, not only did the soviet union starve-to-death millions of ukranians during the holodomor - through its communist policy of removing the freedom-of-movement for people, services, goods and capital ...

but the genocidal british empire also created serial famines in both ireland and india - together with violent rebellion in kenya - through its own repressive enforcement of either protectionist economic policies - such as trade-barriers and tariffs - or interventionist economic policies - such as extortionate taxation and prohibition of hoarding - any combination of which could equally produce conditions consistent with removing freedom-of-movement for people, services, goods and capital.

notorious examples of british empire induced famine and rebellion include:

moving forward...

[with an indecently irritating interpolant squawk]

there is a widely held theory that those who settle in this country can, or should, 'integrate'...

however, one feels humbly obliged to point out that, in ten thousand fucking years of history on these isles, the british have never integrated - we just fucking love fighting each other too much.

you see, it woz the celts wot started it - about 2500 years before brexit:

'briton' derives from the welsh word 'brython' - meaning 'tumultuous' or 'warrior', or perhaps just plain 'rowdy' - and in fact, the welsh were the original britons - their prehistoric settlement of these islands pre-dating, by several thousand years, the celtic invasion, which took place around 500 bc.


ok, so maybe it woz the welsh wot started it...

[cue: freaky fuzzy fade-out]


spark up! is an in-principle-supporter of brexit - provided it maintains freedom of movement for humans, goods and services - however, one may be assured that, so long as the corrupt home office permits anyone, anywhere in the world, to obtain a dodgy uk passport, no form of brexit will ever reduce immigration.

to be absolutely precise, the united kingdom's entire spectrum of public services are currently corrupt to the core, and as a result, the home office's immigration-department has become akin to a bucket which cannot catch any water - due to the bloody great hole in it...

[cue: the intro for "all you need is love" by the beatles]

on the subject of economic viability, there are those well-heeled middle-class scare-mongers who incessantly opine that brexit will hurt the working-class more than anyone...

but to be frank, this is bollocks, because brexit will most probably hurt the eu-subsidized bottom-line of big-bourgeois business more than anyone - and after all, why should the democratically disenfranchized working-classes care about brexit-triggered collateral damage, when actually, they've been well-and-truly fucked-over already?

let's be completely clear: brexit is a pleb-revolution against the euro-snobs - for in truth, only stuck-up establishment-arse-lickers support the eu.

by returning a conservative government at the 2015 general election, the british people implicitly voted for an eu-membership-referendum - as specified in david cameron's manifesto.

the british people explicitly voted to leave the european empire in the 2016 eu-membership-referendum.

by invoking article 50 of the treaty on european union in 2017, the uk-parliament voted to withdraw from the eu.

by voting overwhelmingly for ostensibly pro-brexit parties at the 2017 general election, the british people implicitly voted to leave the european union.

the british parliament is democratically accountable, and in light of the above public polls, must therefore deliver brexit at no matter what cost to the uk-economy and city of london financial institutions.

british democracy must be upheld, else we submit to the great anti-democratic eu-thumb of cia-totalitarianism.

nevertheless, one has to admit that, in strictly legal terms, the eu-membership-referendum was non-binding - rather like the european version of democracy...

but fortunately, election-results in pro-brexit constituencies were still binding, and those electorates were just waiting for any of their anti-democratic cia-controlled mps to 'make their day'.

so to rewind...

[with atonally ambient squawk]

we here at spark up! are ideologically opposed to the eu, because it constitutes a neo-colonial empire - created and manipulated by the cia - however, on principle, we are not opposed to freedom-of-movement, and recognize that immigration-control is no more feasible than a vain attempt to reverse the incoming tide.

unstoppable mass-immigration is caused by illegal cia-oil-wars, in the middle-east and africa, and by neo-imperialist oppression of the third-world - whilst uk-immigration is exacerbated by a successful economy and the eu's exploitation of cheap eastern european labour from eu-indentured states.

when watching tv, you will notice that pro-european-empire politicians comprise exclusively of cia-sell-outs from the wealthy middle-classes - they are betraying the world's working-class to the gangster-cia-establishment, which pays them off royally and silently promotes their bogus political careers.

inevitably, therefore, britain's anti-immigrant working-class will suffer peremptory betrayal...

and specifically because, in the mind of the british establishment, brexit has never been designed to end freedom-of-movement, but rather to facilitate, for the city of london's financial institutions, expedient evasion of the european union financial transaction tax - a proposed eu-levy on big-fat-banking.

if not done already, as soon as the city of london's financial institutions and the eu have struck a deal which allows british banks duty-free post-brexit access to eu financial markets, then the british working-class, along with its lofty aspirations of uk sovereignty and low immigration, will be sold swiftly down-the-river of corporate greed...

in fact, the 2016 eu-membership-referendum, itself, was only ever envisaged, by the british establishment, as a summarily staged display of anti-eu domestic discontent - a trans-euro-trouble-making-exercize cynically calculated to dissuade the eu from levying a financial transaction tax upon the city of london's unbridled banks...

unfortunately for the uk-parliament, however, matters got rather out of hand when, in the heat of the this referendum-campaign, the revolting disenfranchized plebs fatefully resolved to leave the evil european empire, lock, stock and fucking barrel...

and what a continental-sized barrel-of-laughs brexit has actually proved to be.

yes, white working-class-brexiters may fairly be portrayed as narrow-minded and parochial - a description equally valid of working-class-people the-world-over, including those hailing from ethnic minority communities in inner-city-london...

the european union, on the other hand, is undoubtedly a racist neo-colonial vampire.

[cue: excruciating scribble-scratching effect]

we all know that the - recent - 'hostile environment' for immigrants was conceived by tony blair and his new labour government; tony blair won three elections on the basis of being hostile to immigrants, and rather considerately laid the pseudo-ethical foundations for theresa may's demented drive, beginning in 2012, to deport as many black people as humanly possible from the uk . it was quite evident, from its very inception, that this despicable home office initiative had the 'unintended' effect of unlawfully targeting british citizens from the west indian windrush-generation, nonetheless, for fear of being viewed as overly pro-immigrant, even labour's own members of parliament failed to call out the disgraceful deportations of west indian born british citizens - and shockingly, it was not until 2018, after a guardian-newspaper-journalist had finally broken the shameful story to the nation, that questions were at last raised, with the prime minister, in the house of commons.

oh dear, sometimes you reap what you sow:

in blind pursuit of power, the labour party has now attempted to ditch british democracy in favour of remaining in the neo-colonial european empire - but without the voice of democracy, where would the uk's ethnic minorities, the under-privileged, and the vulnerable stand?

'labour' is now a party run by diverse middle-class-snobs for the sole benefit of the rich white upper-classes and the buy-to-let-bourgeoisie.

'labour' has totally betrayed the vast majority of working class people in the uk and, as residents of pseudo-socialist boroughs, such as hackney, have found to their great cost, it now only serves the wealthy powerful few - with friends in the town-hall.

as we are now well aware, any parliamentary decision to hold a labour-supported second, or 'confirmatory', eu-membership-referendum - without even acting upon the result of the first - would immediately and inevitably have been superseded by a general election - in which labour would have lost, to either the brexit or conservative parties, all marginal constituencies where, in the 2016 eu-membership-referendum, the electorate had already voted to leave the european union.

do not believe cia-opinion-pollsters such as yougov: they have always been lying about the uk-electorate's views on eu-membership; as we now fully recognize, the pro-eu labour party would always have struggled to hold 200 parliamentary seats in a general election, were such an election to have been predicated upon the ideological choice between the conservative's 'no-deal'-brexit and labour's 'confirmatory' eu-membership-referendum.

our british ancestors died in the fight to establish the democratic rights which we theoretically enjoy today, and, as evidenced by the 2019 general election, the uk's many impoverished and underprivileged, pushed to the cliff-edge of european civilization, are now ready to fight and die for democracy once again.

in the 2016 eu-membership-referendum, the british people voted to leave the european union, and because the refreshingly pro-black, anti-war mr corbyn did not, in the event, back brexit, and did not therefore respect democracy, he would, whatever other policies he had proposed, have definitely been dumped by the electorate - more seriously, however, if he had actually succeeded in thwarting the democratic will of the british people, he would have risked serious civil conflict, and the loss of democracy altogether.

the labour party must learn to play by the democratic rules, for, if there are no longer any rules, foreign-controlled opportunists, who exist - both on the political right and left - within the cia-infected british establishment, will seize their despotic chance to dismantle democracy for 'good'.

when the ignorant and immature labour party was deservedly wiped out at the recent general election, i laughed, not at the demise of committed anti-war socialist corbyn - an essential british buffer against american neo-imperialist brutality and a life-long campaigner against inequality - but at the indignantly dethroned and deselected pseudo-socialist snobs, who, alongside their traitorous conservative-counterparts, so arrogantly believed themselves to be above democracy.

spark up! conclusion: for true peace and prosperity in an increasingly totalitarian europe, the only way is no-deal.

[cue: notationally inverted squawk-rich sun-ra-jazz-sample played backwards]

contrasting with our response to youth-murders, in the case of corbyn's visit to a mosque in seven sisters, we do not ask why he was egged - since we all know that, by reneging on a promise to deliver brexit, and therefore failing to honour the result of the 2016 eu-membership-referendum, he was not only disrespecting democracy, but was also inextricably mired in the process of selling out the british working-classes.

anyhow, what can one say: shoulda worn a burqa, shouldn't he?

finally, on the subject of the current inner-city crime-wave, it may only be surmised that endemic youth-violence in the uk is due to the obama-effect; for 8 years, the western establishment celebrated a black american president who, en route to ripping off arab oil-wealth, slaughtered many innocent civilians - and the establishment was therefore guilty of creating a catastrophic rôle-model for our inner-city youth.

[cue: recording of the classic dino shafeek cover-version of "land of hope of glory"]

Friday, 24 January 2020

clipped words:
right-of-passage for europeans flipside of sea-green graveyard for africans

ignorantly deleted by neo-colonial euro-centric cunts in february 2019 - but now finally re-presented for your eternal eclectic edification - here-below is another of my comments upon the hackney citizen article entitled ‘corbyn before country’: council slammed for people’s vote ‘fudge’ as it prepares to ‘firmly reject’ no-deal brexit:

"it's now abominably evident that the neo-colonial european empire has considerably less regard for the lives of refugees than does mexican-wall-mad president trump.
i also understand that, in the event of a 'no-deal'-brexit, the european empire will insist on the ideological establishment of a hard-eu-border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland.
when, in accordance with its stated core-principle of freedom-of-movement, will the european empire place the preservation of - non-white - human-life above its own ultra-racist-and-protectionist ideology?"

through their obsessive thirst for blood-minerals - and for the wrongly derived white-hot-wealth which drips delinquently down from those 'civilization'-subsidizing rocks - eu-supporting neo-colonialists, who, since the post-world-war fall-of-empire, have been worming themselves voraciously into the comfy core-value-accommodation of western establishment-positions, are, without doubt, morally responsible for the genocide of many millions in africa, and a further multitude in the middle-east.

billed by franklin "four freedoms" roosevelt as the social democratic sticking-plaster for a dangerously war-prone-europe - the conflicted character of which he himself had personally and perversely fostered - the european union is actually the spiritual home of white racism - and i sincerely doubt whether black people are even allowed to clean the bloody bogs in its brussels-hq.

the eu's sole political purpose is to ensure the economic exploitation of africa and the middle-east, via textbook neo-colonial oppression; fulfilling the rôle of american accessory- or client-empire, the european union exists as an ideological cia-construct - a para-militarized parasitic oil-rig, sucking africa dry not only of minerals, but also of human resources, and black-blood, spilt in dirt-cheap, and unholy, white-sacrifice.

the eu is the bastard-progeny of the british empire and guilty of the same crimes-against-humanity; following in the slaughterous slave-trading footsteps of the royal africa company, the eu exists to licence the unchecked participation of europe's merchant-élite in the blood-mineral-trade, and in any inevitably associated genocide required to facilitate such crimson-edged commerce.

the eu-customs-union is nothing but a neo-colonial weapon of expedient economic oppression against africa and the middle-east - no wonder therefore that the customs-union has been so cynically supported by the fascist deniers-'n-destroyers of democracy in the sold-out british labour party, and by fashionable 'left'-wingers in the pseudo-socialist establishment, all of whom, in desperation to protect their own unethical middle-class interests, have been deep-harbouring a distasteful desire to arrogantly abrogate due democratic process, and in so doing, deny common british people their historic right to reject institutional immorality-and-corruption-euro-style.

only nasty nest-feathering neo-imperialists and bent bourgeois businessmen backed the feverish fascistic fantasy of staging a second eu-membership-referendum before having bothered to action the result of the first - and anti-democratically wished thereby to fraudulently force british people to remain sickly sequestered within the neo-colonial eu-empire of economic extortion and ethnic extermination.

without even the notional voice of democracy, what political insurance would black people, minority groups, and the socially disenfranchized members of our demeaned minimum-wage-workforce really possess in the effectively unregulated eu-exploitation-colony of groundhog-britain?


the guardian:

the parliament magazine:



the unz review: an alternative media selection:

e-international relations:

clipped words: dig in heels for democracy - or dig a dyke against humanity?

ignorantly deleted by neo-colonial euro-centric cunts in february 2019 - but now finally re-presented for your eternal eclectic edification - here-below is another of my comments upon the hackney citizen article entitled ‘corbyn before country’: council slammed for people’s vote ‘fudge’ as it prepares to ‘firmly reject’ no-deal brexit:

"president trump is right:
taking the 'no-deal'-brexit-option 'off the table' will undermine our negotiating position with the eu - and is tantamount to raising the white flag, then allowing the uk to be forced into remaining within the european union.
if there is the political will to execute it, a 'no-deal'-exit from the european union should be perfectly manageable by the civil service - after all, it's for mind-bendingly labyrinthine jobs like this that we employ civil servants for chrissakes.
a 'no-deal'-brexit will force the european union and the uk government to negotiate like grown-ups, and thus expedite the agreement of a trade-deal which would otherwise be dominated and dragged out by the eu for many years - probably leaving us pretty much trapped in the protectionist eu-trade-bloc forever. 
it is simple scare-mongering to state that a 'no-deal'-exit from the eu will lead to disaster, and any such assertion clearly forms part of the cia's 'project-fear' - 'no-brexit' on the other hand will definitely represent the death of british democracy, and be very, very dangerous - both politically and constitutionally...
and i am not joking about this.
jeremy corbyn desperately wants to remove the 'no-deal'-brexit-option, because he knows that, should theresa may successfully deliver genuine 'brexit' via the 'no-deal'-route, she will then be credited for standing up to an intransigent european union, and considered to be standing up for british democracy. the inevitable effect of theresa may successfully executing a 'no-deal'-exit from the eu will be to attract millions of conservative votes at the next general election - and to consign to the dirty great dustbin of history any real short-term chance of the labour party returning to government.
for mrs may, a 'no-deal'-stand-off, in the name of democracy, is a matter of political principle well worth upholding, whilst ironically, for mr trump - who correctly advized mrs may to pursue the 'no-deal'-brexit-option - his own 'no-deal'-stand-off for the sake of funding a divisive mexican border-wall is, in strictly ethical terms at least, valueless, since, in common with the introduction of any form of immigration-control, the construction of such a politically motivated barrier can only cause misery for millions, restrict freedom, and diminish human-rights."

clipped words: national cannon-fodder says "no-deal" to neo-colonialism

ignorantly deleted by neo-colonial euro-centric cunts in february 2019 - but now finally re-presented for your eternal eclectic edification - here-below is one of my comments upon the hackney citizen article entitled ‘corbyn before country’: council slammed for people’s vote ‘fudge’ as it prepares to ‘firmly reject’ no-deal brexit:

"surrendering the uk's 'no-deal'-brexit-option is highly dangerous, because such a rash move could lead to the uk remaining trapped within the european empire, against the democratically expressed will of the british people.
there are, in the uk, thousands of battle-hardened afghanistan and iraq war-veterans, many of whom fervently desire to excise themselves from a terminally corrupt european empire which has vampirically disenfranchized, and impoverished, both their families and their communities. therefore, should the democratic will of these british war-veterans not be honoured, but instead derided, and their country's democracy left undermined - or effectively dismantled - then naturally, we cannot expect such ex-servicemen to shy from confronting the british state and its police-force - in much the same way as incensed british miners, threatened by the enforcement of state-nationalized redundancy, did not shrink from taking on margaret thatcher's conquistadorial conservative government in the 1980s.
now, without wishing to sound affectedly over-dramatic, i reckon these british war-veterans find themselves in a similar situation to that of the mau mau rebels in british colonial kenya, who, after close-of-play against the japanese army, in burma, 1945, returned home, bloodied and battered in the great-and-glorious name of the british empire, to find their families not only evicted from traditional tribal farmlands, but being forced, by the oppressive colonial authorities, to work, on minimum-wages, for the selfsame immigrant european settlers to whom their own previously expropriated lands had been corruptly transferred.
unsurprisingly, there ensued in 1950s kenya a gruesome guerilla-struggle - fought by mainly kikuyu tribespeople - which, cruelly countered by systematic british colonial genocide, released a reverberating revolutionary shock-wave throughout the african continent - and now even euro-centric history demonstrates that the pan-african ripple-effect of the mau mau rebellion consequently inspired kenyans, alongside the citizens of many other colonized african countries, to freely fashion their - ostensible - political independence from the decadently disintegrating hulk of the british empire.
of course, just as today we must first establish, metaphysically, whether the european empire really exists outside the vacant liberty-stalking-and-shrinking heads of murky merkel, big-macwrong-un, tusk-tusk, va-va-vodka, and dear old pollyanna spew-briquette - before we can determine whether we actually need to leave das dumme metaphorische ding - it's also evident that - before we can make sense of the struggle for african independence, and determine whether it truly succeeded - we have first to decide whether the british empire ever actually existed, at all - or whether, indeed, in the malevolent manner of some malignant metaphor for common murder, it was merely the power-projection of some perennial political hoax, cruelly perpetrated by a abominably behaved bunch of colonial-era skin-scam-artists.
clearly - in order to peddle the contiguous, yet rather paltry and patronizing, political mirage of african independence - the inceptual heads of 'independent' african nations must, at that time, have invested emotionally in the grand old myth of the preceding british empire. on the contrary, today in the uk, my own suspicion is that millions of uppity bruppity brits do not even believe in the existence of the grand old joke of the european empire, and probably never did in the bleedin' first place...
...but then why should we, ze pesky britische plebejer, ingratiatingly indulge in the balmy bourgeois luxury of supporting central tenets of european unison, such as the high-flown-'n-fancy 'freedom of movement', when, in reality, we do not have enough pissin' spondoolicks in our poor little ole pockets-o to indulge in even simple short-haul european travel...?
mumumumumumung...and thus, i suppose, it becomes increasingly irrelevant - unless we acknowledge offizielle receipt on mainland-middle-english-soil of 'ne europäische-union-existenz-affirmin' vergeltungswaffe-2 - whether the deep-fried european onion-ring has officially decreed us to have quit the ploppity-plot, or not - for, in truth, its lächerliche loony-'liberal' leadership seems already to have got the general minging message, laut und klar.
therefore, do not, i repeat, do not underestimate the will and determination of british war-veterans who voted, in the largest democratic exercize in british history, to leave the repressive, corrupt, and anti-democratic european empire."

clipped words: la crim de la crème

ignorantly deleted by neo-colonial euro-centric cunts in february 2019 - but now finally re-presented for your eternal eclectic edification - here-below is my other reply to jamesmcn's stimulating comment upon the hackney citizen article ‘we’ve gone back decades’: unions urge politicians to tackle alleged culture of bullying at hackney council:


i would like to take issue with you upon the veracity of a couple of points:

  • since his donald-driven departure from the cia-directorship, on 20th january 2017, john brennan is no longer in a proper position to wield state-power within the usa.
  • i would not class james comey as a card-carrying functionary of the deep-cia-state - since, as former director of the fbi, comey clearly unearthed, from a rogue-computer-cache of missing clinton-office-e-mails, certain ultra-damning, yet publicly undisclosable, evidence of hillary clinton's criminal collusion, as former secretary of state, in treacherously orchestrating the creation, finance and armament of isis, and also since, as a true american citizen possessed of this nemetic nation-sinking intelligence, he did thenceforth, in chaotic catastrophe-containing concert with julius da scrounga and at least one billion other clinton-corruption-suffering earth-dwellers, duly and patriotically proceed to put the big, fbi, boot into evil ma clinton's cia-master-minded presidential election-campaign - and indeed i would even go so far as to conjecture that mr jimmy cogney and his pale-faced washington-establishment-colleagues were, at that crucial point in unravelling democratic developments, so completely horrified, at the cataclysmic prospect of the united states of america becoming ideologically controlled by an isis-influenced-and-infiltrated white-hot-administration, that they did themselves all feel officially obliged to rig the 2016 american presidential election in favour of madam "cuckoo" clinton's anarchic self-advertizing ass-hole of an adversary, "mr down-hold" trump, and then blame the entire resultant federal fraud upon good old conveniently self-selecting suspects, the russians: simple."

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

clipped words:
barry's birth to black civil-rights-royalty, bad old british trail
& brexit-special-brew-ha-ha

ignorantly deleted by neo-colonial euro-centric cunts in february 2019 - but now finally re-presented for your eternal eclectic edification - here-below is my reply to jamesmcn's stimulating comment upon the hackney citizen article ‘we’ve gone back decades’: unions urge politicians to tackle alleged culture of bullying at hackney council:

"obama, if i recall correctly, was credited with being the 'first' african-american president of the united states, and just over midway through his first term in office, also acquired the darkly dubious accolade of being the first american president to engage in full-scale, overt war against an african country - that country of course being libya.

naturally, i was disgusted with obama's power-mad prosecution of the libyan war - which his wacky secretary of state, hillary "rob 'em" clinton, precipitated by covertly arming al qaeda rebels, à la arab-spring, against the oil-rich dictator colonel gadaffi - however, nowadays, with the strong and wizening passage of time having eroded the rather ruder edges of my ragged criticism, i readily confess that my visceral view of the first african-american muppet in the white house has mellowed to such a considerable degree that i now simply regard him as his former sick sanctuary of hate's democratically disposable wet-wipe.

now, some may coyly conjecture that the slinky slime-balls from the cia-recruited barry gobama whilst a lowly onanizer in betty fiddler's new york bath-house, and some suppose that he was ghosted off on a snowflake-flaccid-trip to mushroom-manic-moscow during a memory-gap-year at colombia university, but the deadly dull-and-dreary truth remains that it was a certain mister frank "marsupial" davis - knick-named after his priapically prolific bed-hopping marathon across white-picket-fence america, and variously rumoured to be lobomba's bio-brown-sugar-daddy and a red-hot luvva under ze racially pure-white bed-sheets - who was the real mandingo from uncle responsible for radicalizing young barry white-ass with wonky black 'performance' poetry, and who, despite being placed under the dour drudge of continual domestic surveillance by the federal biro of indignation, was, ultimately, the real whizz-kid wize-ass charged, by local law-enforcement officers, with ingeniously crafting the bunnin'-nu 'black-man' identity which - unbeknown to "sperm-tank"-frank, a bad-ass soul-mate of commie d-man reichard mf pricker - would carry barry all the way to the privileged presidential pique of the new world's political pecking-order.

yes, it's a sad indication of the level of subconscious cia-indoctrination within the british political left that the vast majority of labour party activists are now morally lobotomized cia-brainwashed bourgeois snobs who blindly support the cia's pet neo-colonial project - otherwise known as the great afro-suppressive european empire - and see absolument bugger-all amiss with watching, for a leering spot of limpid light-early-evening entertainment, on their ultra-high-definition widescreen organic-led four-k smart-thinking plasma-drinking tellies, the pathetic flailing wailing figures of arabs, africans and asians doggy-paddling for their dear bloody unwhite lives across the deep mean-blue med - the murderous modern marine reincarnation of the iron-caste-curtain - in victim-class flight from unwhite countries bled bone-fucking-dry of their super-valuable mineral resources, by the raging rockethead-ravages of eu-backed neo-conservative wars of crass criminal exploitation, and top-rank racial repression.

indeed, given that the grand-central pinko-prank of 'liberal' and left-wing ideology comprises the creativity chillin' concept of social-control, the involuntary strait-racket-religion of state-imposed communism therefore creates a pretty much pitch-perfect breeding ground for creepy crypto-cia-totalitarianism - in contrast, naturally, to the true free-will faith of personal communism, adopted as an uncoerced co-operative lifestyle-choice.

cue social nationalization: cue emotionally crushing queues of down-trodden travellers at tawdry ticket-offices, sourly served by the miserable old-man-face of union-controlled gangsterism.


if the silly cia-sell-out-slappers in the british establishment bloc brexit...

if civilly subversive cia-sell-out-snobs-and-slags in the british establishment, insensitively secure in their anti-democratic enclaves of socially superior complacency, decide to derisively disregard the common electorate, as if it does not even exist....

there will be 'trouble'...

much more 'trouble' than could ever possibly be caused by the hypothetical problem of maintaining the, in any case, mutually desired, frictionless land-border between the irish republic and the uk on the island of ireland, which can easily and sensibly be negotiated...

and the 'trouble' will spread from the disenfranchized districts of the dangerously dumped-upon north, right through to the duplicitously degraded working-class domains in the remainder of repressed england, including the seemingly safe, pro-eu, areas of london-town, such as here, in socially cleansed hackney, where, regardless of the local result in the 2016 eu-referendum, there exists the identical underlying reason for growing general hostility towards the uncaring, self-serving british establishment and its multi-homed middle-class metropolitan élite - namely that the 'many' put-upon impoverished plebs have been crudely shut out of the lawfully laid-down democratic process by the arrogant university-educated wealthy 'few'...

and, much as i abhor mindlessly mounted class-war-campaigns of mob-violence, i fear that the socially blasé bijou bistros will burn, the bourgeois cocktail-bars will be busted, and the hip lifestyle-outlets will be lustily looted, leaving the socially dispossessed to nosh heartily on an eclectic range of exquisite euro-delicacies, the like of which they would never normally be able to afford in the cash-strapped course a long lousy lifetime...

and unfortunately, as an old unvalued unemployed onlooker, i will be utterly powerless to prevent this politically incorrect, gratuitously unethical, nay environmentally unfriendly, 'carnival against elitism', which will inevitably erupt city-wide, and will probably shake down the houses of parliament, whitehall, the biased cia-broadcasting-corporation, together with cia-flannel-four too.

however, in the hysterically happy event of a democratically satisfying 'no-deal' brexit, the irony of events will undoubtedly emerge along the european empire's imaginary irish land-border, where, rather than leave its buckstopped backdoor flip-flapping wide-open, it will not be the british, or the irish, but in fact the big ideologically obsessed bourgeois bastards in the lying eu-leadership who will, at the end of the undemocratic day, demand their ironclad ideological curtain be solidly stretched between the uk-administrated north, and the eu-colonized south...

and therein lies the rather ridiculous rub, my friend...

so would it not be just inherently more sensible for the seriously stuck-up cia-establishment to play by the democratically agreed rule-book, for a change...?"